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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Nov. 2

0653 - 911 call was abandoned at City Hall. Information given to Officer.

0829 - 911 hang up from City Hall. Checked cameras and different offices. No sounds of distress. Officer advised.

1250 - Investigative stop on two juveniles while driving at Afognak. Officer advised they were having lunch.

1352 - Ambulance requested to the ASLC for a 9 year old male that hit his head last night and is now complaining of a headache and nausea. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1616 - RP requested a welfare check on her son in Seward. Her son is homeless and the RP is concerned for his safety. An officer made contact with him in front of the Alaska Shop and he was given his mother’s contact information.

1650 - RP reported that an orange Patagonia backpack with an I-pad air2 was stolen out of his vehicle in front of Safeway at 1907 Seward highway, between 3-4pm today.

1905 - Abandoned 911 call from City Hall elevator. No reports of distress in the building. Officer advised.

1929 - Verbal warning given to driver at Seward Highway and Aspen Lane for headlight requirements.

2108 - Verbal warning given to driver at mile 2.5 of the Seward Highway for speed.

Nov. 3

0141 - RP advised that someone may be trespassing in her yard on Evergreen St. Officers were unable to locate anyone in the area. Officers spoke with the RP.

0354 - RP at the Harbor 360 Hotel requested assistance with a possibly intoxicated male sleeping in the lobby. Officer transported PATRICK WILLIAMS to his vehicle near Gateway Apts. Officer reminded WILLIAMS of his trespassed status from the Harbor 360.

0706 - 911 hang-up received from 410 Adams St. Officer advised.

1627 - RP reported a blue and white Yamaha dirt bike that was not street legal going across driveways and back onto the road headed south from Fourth and A street. Officer was unable to locate the bike.

1814 - Ambulance dispatched to Bruno Road for a 66 year old male that was non-responsive and not breathing and became responsive after caller did chest compressions.

1834 - RP ROBERT GARNER reported that MELINDA MADDOX was stalking him at 1807 Seward Highway, Essential One, by taking pictures of him while at work. Officer interviewed both GARNER AND MADDOX and determined there was no crime committed. Trespass advisements entered for MADDOX from Essential One indefinitely and GARNER is trespassed from 11539 Eagle Lane and 2021 Dora Way indefinitely.

1850 - Verbal warning given to a juvenile at 1607 Seward Highway for passenger not wearing a helmet and verbal warning for no M2 endorsement.

1913 - 911 hang up received from 410 Adams Street. Officer advised.

2253 - Hospital requested a flight medical crew transport at the airport. SVAC dispatched.

Nov. 4

0251 - SAST advised that the stolen vehicle was recovered. Stolen status was removed from APSIN/NCIC.

0458 - RP requested an Officer to the Swan’s Nest Inn to assist with a subject sleeping in the common area. The subject was gone before Officers arrived.

0714 - 911 hang-up received from City Hall. Information given to Officer.

1301 - RP requested a welfare check on her sister and niece. Officer didn’t find anyone at home but left a message on the mother’s cell phone to contact dispatch. Officer found evidence of regular traffic to and from the home.

1440 - Verbal warning given to a juvenile on the bike path at Seward Highway and Nash Road for operating a motorized dirt bike on the bike path.

1519 - The mother from the earlier call made contact with dispatch and will call her daughter. Everyone is okay.

1653 - RP reported $1,200 worth of heating fuel was stolen from her residence at 2nd Avenue and her property at Madison Street. She stated it could have happened anytime in the last few weeks. Officer interviewed the RP.

1907 - A verbal warning was given to driver for inoperable taillights at Seward Highway and Iron Drive.

1916 - A fault caused the city hall elevator phone to set off the 911 console then disconnected. Call was cleared and officer advised.

2003 - RP at Safeway advised they had a backpack at their lost and found they’ve had since yesterday, and asked if an officer could pick it up. The bag was determined to belong to a local citizen and an officer delivered the property to the owner at their address.

2024 - Troopers arrested ROBERT BODO on a $50 warrant and transported him to SCJ.

2109 - RP reported a suspicious person in the alley between 3rd and 4th Avenue. RP stated as he was driving down the alley the person tried to hide in between two buildings, and was described to be wearing dark clothes with a hood on. Officer found no one matching the description in the area.

Nov. 5

0155 - Verbal warning given to driver at Coolidge Dr. and Seward Highway for failure to carry driver’s license and failure to dim lights.

0931 - RP reported a man punched him in the eye and grabbed his girlfriend by the throat at 430 Fourth Avenue #4. Officer separated parties and spoke with the man and legal occupant of the residence, who stated he was breaking up an argument between the RP and his girlfriend at the time of the incident and had been assaulted first. The legal occupant requested the other parties be trespassed from the residence. Officer located them at the hospital and left contact information to contact PD.

1016 - RP reported that she didn’t want another female in her apartment anymore. RP states the other female has possessions belonging to the RP. Officer made contact with the RP and determined that the other female was not at the residence and the issue of the possessions is a civil matter.

1038 - RP from Seward Ships Chandlery, requested an officer to Leirer Road for an attempted burglary with $500 in damages to front door.

1127 - An anonymous RP reported a male slumped over the steering wheel in the South parking lot behind Captain Jacks in a grey Chrysler. Officer made contact with the driver who states he just purchased the car and hasn’t had time to register the vehicle in his name. The driver was sleeping in the vehicle.

1153 - RP called 911 for her juvenile son that was stuck in the leg rest of an arm chair in her residence. While on the phone her son was extricated from the chair and the RP no longer needed assistance.

1206 - NTWC reported an earthquake of 4.6 at 0903 approximately 70 miles NE of Iliamna Alaska. No tsunami generated.

1456 - Troopers requested an agency assist at 11570 Eagle Lane to serve a warrant and restraining order. Troopers arrested MATTHEW LORNE MOOTER on a $50 failure to appear warrant and remanded him to SCJ.

2341 - Verbal warning given to driver at 3rd Ave and Adams St for failure to use signal.

Nov. 6

0120 - RP reported that her house was on fire at Stoney Creek Ave. BCVFD , SVFD, and SVAC were dispatched. BCVFD arrived on scene and stated that it was a 3 story house with multiple stories filled with smoke. BCVFD and SVFD extinguished fire.

0430 - Citation left on vehicle at 4th Ave and Washington St for failure to register vehicle.

0930 - D81 issued a burn permit to 100 Dairy Hill and one on the top of Vista until 11/08.

1250 - Seward Marketplace requested to talk to an Officer reference criminal trespass. Officer responded and advised that DEVIN LOOMIS and CHARLOTTE DAVENPORT need to be Criminally Trespassed from Seward Marketplace.

1341 - Student accidentally pushed the emergency button in the High School Elevator. All ok. Officer advised.

1356 - High school requested an Officer reference a juvenile punching walls. Officers responded and the student was charged with Disorderly Conduct.

1744 - RP reported to an officer she trespassed PATRICK WILLIAMS from all AVTEC properties.

1826 - 911 hang-up from the elevator. Number was called back and cleared. Officer advised.

1947 - Officer assisted a citizen who was locked outside of his apartment.

2143 - RP reported an individual tried to get into her passenger door when she was in the driver’s seat parked at the library. He then asked her for a light outside of the car and she said no. Officer was advised.

Nov. 7

0326 - AST requested an Officer at Salmon Creek Trailer Park for the report of 3 males dressed in black with baseball bats banging on a trailer door. Officer assisted AST.

0914 - PSMC requested extra patrols in the area as one of their vehicles had fuel siphoned. PSMC did not request a report, but would like extra patrols. Officer advised.

1323 - Ambulance requested to Seward Mountain Haven Eagle Lodge for a male with difficulty breathing. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1329 - SAST reported an MVA unknown injuries at Mile 3.5 Seward Highway. Trooper responded. BCVFD/SVAC dispatched. OC with BCVFD cancelled all units.

1337 - NTWC reported a 6.6 earthquake near Papua New Guinea. No reports of tsunami.


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