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Mason Carter is the Editor-in-Chief at The Seward Phoenix Log. He has over ten years of experience in journalism and editing.
Email: [email protected]
Jordan Mitchell
Breaking News Reporter
Jordan Mitchell is a Breaking News Reporter at The Seward Phoenix Log. He specializes in covering local and world news stories as they develop. Jordan joined TSPL in 2022.

Riley Stratton
Breaking News Reporter
Riley Stratton is a Breaking News Reporter at The Seward Phoenix Log. She focuses on reporting urgent news events in real time for TSPL. Riley previously worked as a freelance journalist and interned at a major metro newspaper before joining The Seward Phoenix Log in 2023.

Brielle Rodriguez
Health & Wellness Contributor
Bridging her nutrition background with journalism, Brielle decodes medical research and offers diet and fitness insights.

Ethan Carter
Technology Editor
Ethan demystifies the tech world’s complexities, focusing on innovations and trends.

Naomi Foster
Culture & Lifestyle Columnist
Naomi’s pieces reflect modern American life, from music festivals to art showcases.

Leo Thornton
Lead Entertainment Correspondent
Leo brings the latest from Hollywood and theater, backed by his vast network in the entertainment industry. 

Clara Bennett
Lifestyle Editor
Clara guides readers through the latest lifestyle trends, from decor to culinary arts.

Dr. Alex Reid
Health Advisory Columnist
Dr. Reid blends medical know-how with journalism, offering invaluable health insights. 

Gabrielle Lawson
Current Affairs Analyst
Gabrielle decodes politics and international relations, providing readers with profound insights. 

Dominic Fisher
Special Features Writer
Dominic covers unique, often overlooked stories, adding depth to our news offerings.