1. Purpose:
To outline the principles and procedures followed by The Seward Phoenix Log to ensure the accuracy and credibility of the information we disseminate.

2. Definition:
Fact-checking refers to the process of verifying and ensuring the accuracy of statements, data, and claims presented in our content.

3. Responsibility:
Every member of The Seward Phoenix Log team, from journalists to editors, is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the content they produce or oversee.

4. Primary Source Verification:
a. Information will, whenever possible, be gathered from primary sources.
b. Primary sources might include official documents, direct interviews, or live broadcasts.

5. Cross-Verification:
a. Claims, especially those that are significant or controversial, will be cross-verified with multiple credible sources.
b. We refrain from using anonymous sources as the sole basis for any news story.

6. Expert Consultation:
a. For complex topics, experts in the relevant field will be consulted to ensure accuracy.
b. Experts’ credentials will be verified, and any potential conflicts of interest will be disclosed.

7. Transparent Corrections:
a. In the event that an inaccuracy slips through, a correction will be issued promptly.
b. Corrections will be clear, concise, and easily accessible, ensuring readers are aware of the rectified information.

8. Use of Social Media and Unverified Platforms:
a. Information sourced from social media or other platforms that haven’t been vetted will be treated with caution.
b. Such information will only be published once it has been verified through reliable and independent sources.

9. Training:
a. Journalists and editors will undergo regular training sessions on fact-checking tools, techniques, and best practices.
b. We encourage our team to stay updated with global fact-checking standards and methodologies.

10. Feedback Loop:
a. We invite our readers to point out any discrepancies or inaccuracies they come across.
b. Dedicated channels will be established for readers to report errors, ensuring an added layer of post-publication verification.

11. Transparency on Sources:
Whenever applicable, we will provide our readers with information about our sources so that they can understand the basis for our reporting.

The Seward Phoenix Log believes that accuracy is the cornerstone of journalism. By adhering to this fact-checking policy, we aim to build and maintain the trust of our readers and ensure that we remain a reliable source of information in the community.