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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

June 12

1104 - P&R requested an Officer to the shower room at Resurrection Campgrounds for possible tampering with coin machine. Officer responded.

1133 - D80 issued a burn permit to Hemlock till Wednesday, 06/14.

1154 - 911 pocket dial from Glacierview Apartments. All ok. No sounds distress. Officer advised.

1213 - PSMC requested an ambulance to meet LifeMed at the Airport. SVAC dispatched.

1333 - SVFD will be at Preachers Pond doing pump testing today.

1400 - Monitoring center advised of smoke alarm sounding at Oak Street. SVFD/SVAC dispatched when alarm center called back advising it was a false alarm and to cancel. D80 responded.

1407 - Officer assisted subject who had a flat tire at Napa.

1430 - Officer assisted cruise ship member about resigning from the cruise ship and to get his identification. Officer responded to Cruise Line Agencies with RP.

1653 - RP requested to speak to an Officer about vandalism on her vehicle at Pacific Park Apts. Officer spoke to RP and determined no criminal action was committed.

1914 - RP requested an Officer for a fight in progress at the Marina Motel. Officer responded and found two subjects fighting but no one wanted to press charges and Officers provided transportation for one subject to the Van Gilder Hotel.

1953 - RP requested an ambulance to the Seward Brewing. SVAC/SVFD responded and SVAC transported the patient to the hospital.

1956 - RP requested an Officer at 4th Ave for report of a loud pop that could have been a gunshot. Officer responded and talked to a tenant in the building who did not hear anything.

2352 - RP reported that he was selling AK/LIC FDY436 to his sister. She stopped making payments and RP was coming down to retrieve the car from Resurrection campground. Officers advised parties to contact the courts as it is a civil issue.

June 13

0142 - Ambulance needed at Phoenix Road

0200 - Officer advised that the street lights in the downtown area are out. There are lights on in the businesses. On call electrical advised.

0517 - Ambulance requested to meet Guardian Flight at the airport at 0600.

0615 - A parking warning was left on KAE278 at 221 Fifth Avenue – Seward Hotel for parking against flow of traffic.

0624 - Ambulance requested to Abigail Circle. SVAC and BCVFD dispatched. Forms sent.

0931 - KPB Maintenance will be working on the sprinkler system at the Elementary School.

1320 - RP called 911 stating that the swing at the playground near the culvert broke and wanted to know where P&R was after they take their child to get checked out at the ER. RP refused an ambulance.

1405 - RP reported possible illegal campers camping inside the fenced area where the aircraft are at the Airport. Officer responded.

1425 - Verbal warning given to MARIA JACKSON while driving at 3rd and Madison for fail to stop at stop sign.

1430 - Officer advised driver parked at 3rd and Van Buren not to park on roadway while at Red’s.

1641 - RP reported an intoxicated male on the beach near Ballaine Blvd. Officer provided transportation for subject to his residence.

1754 - RP reported that a trailer camper he had stolen from Anchorage was at Alice Campground. Officer responded and found no vehicles matching the description.

1953 - RP reported that the camper at Airport Rd had moved outside the fence but was still camped in a no camping zone. Officer left a notice on the vehicle informing them that there was no camping allowed there.

1954 - A woman waved down an Officer and requested assistance with a dispute at Citizens Ballfield. Officer responded and resolved the issued.

2039 - Citation issued to YIMIN GU at Bear Dr and Seward Highway for speed.

2133 - Spring Creek requested an ambulance. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

2314 - RP reported a burglary at 5th Ave. RP reported that subject took a case of beer from his house without permission. Officer was unable to reach subject.

June 14

0037 - Citation issued to MEGAN MARIE MCDONALD at Third Avenue for failure to carry insurance, verbal warning given for speed.

0119 - RP reported a male subject in his garage that wouldn’t leave. Officers were unable to locate anyone on the premises.

0128 - RP reported that his tent, three sleeping bags and a black jacket were taken from Resurrection Campground, between 6/6 and 6/11/17. RP was advised to contact Parks and Rec to see if they have his property.

0142 - Citation issued to TYLER HUNTER WIETFELD at Seward Highway and Bear Drive for speed.

0602 - Verbal warning issued to SEVERIN BUCHER at Third and Jefferson for speed.

0637 - A parking warning was left on MT/LIC BVF308 at Fifth Avenue for parking against flow of traffic.

0637 - A parking warning was left on MT/LIC BVD710 at Fifth Avenue for parking against flow of traffic.

0849 - 911 abandoned call from SCCC. Callback revealed no fire/medical/law enforcement emergency. Officer advised.

0935 - RP requested speak to an Officer at City Hall reference a civil issue between a landlord/tenant. Officer spoke with RP.

1320 - Breeze Inn spoke to an Officer to have PATRICK WILLIAMS JR criminally trespassed from all Breeze Inn Property. Advisement entered in APSIN.

1320 - Parking warning placed on AK LIC/GWX570 at 4th Avenue at the Chattermark

1323 - RP turned in a Wells Fargo Debit Card. Info entered in Lost/Found

1326 - Parking warning left on AK LIC/JEB136 at 5th and Hotel Seward.

1356 - RP reported an intoxicated pedestrian at 3rd and Madison travelling southbound. Officer responded and unable to locate the individual.

1527 - RP reported a male sleeping in a red Ford Explorer behind AVTEC 1st Lake Facility and advised it looked out of place while there was a juvenile day camp going on there. Officer responded and made contact with subject who is waiting for the owner of the vehicle to show up.

1547 - Citation issued to KEVIN WORRELL at 3rd Ave and Church St for parking within 8 ft of roadway.

1909 - Citation issued to TUYEN THAI at Seward Highway for speed.

1925 - Verbal warning given to NEIL RUSSELL at Seward Highway for improper use of the turning lane.

2019 - RP called to report double parking in the Safeway Parking Lot and was told that it was private property and to inform manager. Manager at Safeway, requested an Officer at the Safeway Parking Lot for the report of a group of men arguing about parking. Officer responded and group had already dispersed.

2223 - RP requested an Officer to Nash Rd for report of a gun threat. Officers responded and found several males arguing with RP. Officers found no guns were presented and both parties settled the dispute.

June 15

0036 - Verbal warning given to WAYNE KODAMA at Seward and South Harbor for speed.

0052 - AST requested and Officer to assist with a physical altercation at the RBS bunkhouse. Trooper gave both parties disorderly conduct warnings. Troopers later requested further assistance and arrested DAVID RODRIGUZ for harassment.

0823 - Parks and Rec requested DAVID MYLES CHANEY be criminally trespassed from all city campgrounds for one year.

0842 - Citation issued to LISBETH KATHERINE CONRAD at Seward and Sea Lion Avenue for speed.

0902 - Citation issued to MICHAEL L BERNICO at Seward and Sea Lion Avenue for speed.

1117 - RP from Icicle Seafoods accidently dialed 911 by mistake. Laughing was heard, no sounds of distress. Upon call back subject stated he was parking his car.

1125 - RP reported that an older green Explorer with a dash mounted shot gun followed him out of the Safeway parking lot, down Port, Fourth and then drove away headed South on Seward Highway. Officer advised.

1149 - RP filed a lost/stolen report for a set of Toyota keys with mini AK license plate with “SHELLY” on it.

1343 - University of Alaska Fairbanks police department reported a zone fire alarm at Third Avenue. The fire chief responded and found there had been no alarms in the last few days. It appears to be a communication problem.

1426 - A 911 call came in and was abandoned; on call back caller stated they didn’t call 911.

1430 - An anonymous caller reported kids on motorized dirt bikes on the upper Two Lakes trail. Officer and Parks and Rec advised.

1524 - SAST Dispatch reported a grey Toyota Camry weaving in and out of traffic that almost ran a motorist in the ditch at mile 12 headed south. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle out to three bridges.

1553 - A citation was issued to CHRISTOPHER SHEFFIELD for speed at the intersection of the Seward Highway and Hemlock Street.

1554 - A parking citation was left on vehicle, GZE934, at 1st and Monroe Street for parking where posted prohibited.

1627 - RP reported that subject was possibly driving intoxicated into town from South Fork Road on the Seward Highway. An officer was advised and was unable to locate the suspect vehicle in the area.

2002 - A written warning was left on an orange marmot tent at the end of Airport Road for camping in a non-designated area. Officer contacted another camping group and advised them they could stay the night but needed to leave in the morning.

2011 - Citation was issued to JASON GOUW for speed at the intersection of 3rd Avenue and C Street.

2025 - RP turned in a passport found on the Caines Head Trail. Item logged into lost and found.

2128 - Spring Creek Correctional Center requested an officer to respond to the hospital for a combative inmate. Officer responded and there was no fight in progress. Officer stayed on scene until there were a total of four correctional officers on scene.


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