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The 31st annual Diaper Derby was held at AVTEC Gym on April 15. Nine babies registered for the fun event. Some of the categories included Happiest Baby, Elmer Fudd Award (Baldest), which was won by Kodi Ivy; Best Dressed Girl (0-12 months) Hadley Harris and (13-24 months) Bailey Lunardi. The floor events included a Creeper race won by Lynx McClure and Crawler race won by Rory Groom. The royalty (shown at right) – as chosen by the audience - was Charlie Kinney as King and Queens Bailey Lunardi and Hadley Harris. Above, the volunteers judges were Melissa LaRow, Gloria (Glo) French, Cassie Warner and Katie Cornwell. Teen Council members who volunteered were Sully Hauze and Tia Miranda

Courtesy photo


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