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By Jim Doepken
Seward United Methodist Church 

God's music


October 13, 2016 | View PDF

I have always been a music lover. Ever since I was in the elementary school choir and since I played with friends down in the basement of our home, with what is now classic rock music blasting from the 8-track player. I’ve loved music since I watched my dad sing in the church choir with his deep bass voice in back and as my mom listened to Broadway classics in the car. I never had the patience to really learn an instrument, although many people have assumed I played the guitar. (I always said I wanted to play like Eric Clapton, but I assumed Eric Clapton practiced). However, I’ve always been involved in music. I love the sounds, I love the beat, I love the harmonies, and, I guess I love the noise.

We’ve raised our kids to appreciate music as well, whether it’s classic hymns in the pews, great guitar riffs or, close, folk harmonies. And so they’ve all participated in music in school to some degree and have been, shall we say, “instrumental” in a couple Seward programs as well. And as the kids get older and move on and out, our home has gotten quieter. We still have our moments, for sure. But there’s no doubt it’s quieter. Music isn’t heard quite so much.

But there is another song that comes at us all the time if we listen. And it’s one that God, who must love music as well, has a hand it. You don’t have to go far up any of our trails to hear some of the finest instruments ever created. You hear the screeches of eagles, the cawing of ravens, and the rustling of birds in the brush. You hear the thunder of waterfalls, the trickling creeks and the pitter-patter of raindrops. Under it all you hear the wind blowing through the dry leaves, providing some backing. It’s a whole symphony, with our God conducting away. And with Alaskan nature what it is, it’s often accompanied by an awesome light show.

Why? Well, perhaps because of what is says in Psalm 148 (among other places):

Let every created thing give praise to the Lord, for he issued his command, and they came into being…Praise the Lord from the earth, you creatures of the ocean depths, fire and hail, snow and clouds, wind and weather that obey him, mountains and all hills, fruit trees and all cedars, wild animals and all livestock, small scurrying animals and birds (148:5, 7-10).

It’s one giant song of praise to our Creator and we, creatures that we are, get to join in the mighty chorus. No matter how quiet our home may get, the music is all around us.

May you find some of God’s music in your days. And may you add your unique voice to the praise.


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