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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Aug. 26

1430 - A caller reported a red pit bull in the Ukkanuzit. He is friendly and the animal control officer impounded him.

1627 - A citizen came to the Police Department to report a male and female in Benny Benson Park being intimate with each other. Officers contacted subjects. Each party was given a transport to their residence.

1856 - Citation Issued to SEAN NORTHOVER, GA OLN While driving GFA233 at Mile 1 Seward Hwy for expired license and failure to provide proof of insurance and verbal warning for speed.

1909 - RP requested an ambulance to Seward Hwy and Bear Lake.

2016 - Citation issued to CHUNG K TAK CA/OLN, While driving on Seward Hwy at Sea Lion for speed.

2030 - RP reported a REDDI inbound to Seward FBB177. Officer stopped vehicle at Marina Motel. No intoxication.

2114 - An insulin blood testing kit was found at the Once In A Blue Moose and was turned in to the Police Department

2331 - RP SAST forwarded a Reddi report involving a blue or gray Oldsmobile crossing the center and fog lines and varying speeds. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

2340 - Verbal warning given to TYLER WALLER CA/OLN, DWR791 at Essential One parking lot for failure to stop when entering a roadway.

2341 - Citation issued to YARROW FARRIS AK/OLN, JBL447 at Seward and Coolidge for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning for driving without headlights after dark and failure to carry valid operator’s license.

Aug. 27

0124 - Citation issued to ALEXANDER LAKEY AK/OLN, GTA839 at 3rd and Madison for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning given for speed.

0218 - RP AVTEC DORMS ATTENDANT advised of an intoxicated male causing a disturbance at 3rd and Madison St. Officer arrested ARTHUR ASKOAR AK/ID for disorderly conduct.

0736 - RP advised that subject drove from the store south bound and appeared intoxicated. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

0757 - RP advised that she found a lost dog at Williams tent campground. Officer transported the dog the animal control.

0809 - RP advised that someone in a blue Dodge Dakota assaulted him in his vehicle, DPR335. RP claimed the subject hit his vehicle in the rear and pushed it about 30 feet. Vehicle located in alley behind Bear Dr. and impounded through Glacier Towing.

1514 - The Ale House called for an ambulance. Then cancelled prior to dispatch.

1516 - Verbal warning issued to FERNANDA ROCHA, CA OLN, while driving FRB510 at 3rd and A for speed

Aug. 28

0140 - Citation issued to WEIKAI SHI TX/OLN while driving AK/LIC JEX902 at Third Avenue and B street for speed.

0215 - Verbal warning issued to AIDEN SMITH AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC 3344DK at Seward Highway and Coolidge driving for inoperative headlights.

0525 - Two ambulances requested to the cruise ship dock at aprx 0530.

0959 - An ambulance was requested to Stoney Creek.

1010 - Spring Creek Correctional Center requested that our officer detain a red Jeep Compass with tag JEM357 with a female driver for transferring contraband into their facility.

1215 - Summer Breeze Gift Shop called to report a vehicle that has been parked in front of the store since before they opened at 0900 with two large dogs inside that appear to be distressed. FBH983, a red Dodge Nitro. Owners came back to the vehicle.

1228 - A pocket dial was received from 808-******. No one was on the line and there was no sound at all. On call back no one answered and there was no voice mail.

1340 - SAST reported a REDDI on Seward Highway from Nash Rd. GLC680 is a while Chevy Flatbed heading into town. Traffic stop made at 4.5 Nash Rd. Negative impairment.

1520 - An ambulance was requested to the Pedestrian Tunnel.

1653 - Received a 911 call from PSMC. The staff advised that the call was accidental. Information given to Officer.

1714 - Officer was requested to the Safeway parking lot in reference to a road rage incident.

1716 - RP advised of a party at First Lake. Officer responded and contacted the party who provided proof of valid permits for use of the area.

1747 - Officer requested a case number for Fraudulent Use of an Access Device.

1855 - RP turned in a cellphone. Item logged into Lost / Found.

1950 - Ambulance requested to the cruise. Response form sent.

2045 - RP advised of two young boys ages 10-13 who were breaking off tree branches near the skate park. RP had confronted the boys and was told to go away. Officer responded and contacted the two boys, who were advised not to climb trees and to respect their elders.

2101 - Officer arrested JEFFERY WELCH, OR/OLN, AK/LIC GLC686 for DUI at Chamberlain and Van Buren and transported him to SCJ.

2147 - RP turned in a wallet. The owner, was notified via phone.

Aug. 29

0139 - Officer advised subject parked in AK/LIC GYF830 at the end of the airport road that he will need to find another place to camp as the airport is government property.

0335 - Parking warning left on AK/LIC KAC905 for parking against flow of traffic.

0514 - Ambulance needed at the cruise ship dock

1600 - Elementary school turned in a bag of expired medications for destruction.

1611 - RP called advising of the Zudy’s Café van, which had been speeding, passing in no pass zones, and passing on blind corners on the way into Seward. Officer contacted Zudy’s and located the driver, who admitted to passing in no pass zones. Officer gave him a verbal warning.

1612 - Received a 911 call from (907)******* located on Phoenix Rd near Bear Dr. No sounds of distress were heard. Message left upon callback.

1652 - Received a 911 call from (907)******* located at the end of Northwestern Crcl. No sounds of distress were heard. Message left upon callback.

1652 - RP came to the dispatch window and advised of two men having a verbal dispute in front of City Hall. Officer responded and contacted both subjects. Officer mediated the dispute and had the two parties separate.

1655 - RP called 911 requesting an Officer to the back side of Captain Jack’s reference a motor vehicle accident involving AK/LIC JBU473 and OR/LIC D49958. PAR forms were issued.

1741 - RP requested an Officer meet him at the animal shelter to take in a sickly stray cat which was found near Benson Dr. Officer responded.

1808 - RP advised of a male in his early to mid-twenties smoking marijuana at the skate park next to the playground. He was described as having short, dark hair, and dressed in a blue shirt and jeans. Officer was unable to locate the subject.

1830 - RP called 911 advising of dense white smoke in the area of Abigail Crcl in the Old Mill subdivision. On call BCVFD Officers investigated and found the source. A burn permit was issued to Rainforest Crcl for today only.

2014 - Ambulance requested to the Benny Benson Memorial. Officer responded with the medics.

2046 - RP advised of a bonfire on the creek bed near Stoney Creek RV park. The on call fire Officer investigated.

2149 - RP called 911 advising of an intoxicated male who just left the Alehouse on foot after making several threats to people. Officers attempted to locate the described male, but were unsuccessful. Advisements were entered into APSIN that the male, later confirmed to be WALTER MILTON, AK/OLN is to be criminally trespassed from the Alehouse and Thorn’s indefinitely. A third trespass was entered for the Yukon Bar for the duration of 30 days.

2357 - RP reported threatening messages and racial slurs from a subject. Officer spoke with both parties and determined it was a civil matter.

Aug. 30

0023 - Verbal warning issued to SEBASTIAN ROBERT SANDOVAL AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC KAH949 at Seward Highway and North Harbor Street for speed.

0032 - CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL TONIOLLI AK/APSIN was arrested on $1500 SAST cash only bail warrant for failure to appear at Second and Van Buren during an investigative stop.

0120 - Citation issued to ROSS MURDOCH BAILEY CA/OLN while driving AK/LIC KAJ922 at Third and Jefferson for speed.

0139 - An anonymous caller stated that female was intoxicated and had been beaten up by her boyfriend RICHARD ALAN DAYTON AK/ID. Officers responded and found female at the Chevron station and provided her transportation home. Officers found DAYTON across the street at the Benny Benson Memorial intoxicated and unresponsive. Officer took DAYTON in protective custody.

0219 - RP requested an officer patrol by her home at Fifth avenue as her previous roommate is no longer allowed to be there.

0428 - A 4.0 earthquake was reported 25 miles SE of Anchorage, no tsunami expected.

0643 - Parking warning issued to EGS796 in front of the Hotel Seward.

0643 - Parking warning issued to GZN228 in front of the Hotel Seward.

1108 - RP reported that subject was driving all over the road travelling southbound past Safeway. Officer advised.

1138 - Officer provided transport to PSMC.

1148 - Officer responded to Pacific Park Apartments for an animal complaint.

1409 - RP requested an Officer to try an locate her daughter and make sure everything is ok. Officers advised.

1438 - E4 reported that AK LIC/ERS805 is listed as stolen and was reported to be seen in Seward. Officer advised.

1506 - General fire alarm reported at St. Pete’s Episcopal Church. SVFD/SVAC dispatched. D80 advised it was a false alarm.

1519 - 911 call for a female that fell in front of the KFNP Building at the SBH and had a dislocated elbow. Caller advised that they were going to go POV and request no ambulance.

1556 - RP TYCO advised of a commercial fire alarm sounding at Second Ave. The on call fire officer cleared the alarm.

1609 - RP requested a welfare check on her ex-boyfriend who is sending her suicidal text messages. Officer located subject and transported him to PSMC for evaluation.

1716 - RP reported approximately $1,000 worth of Snap-on tools stolen from the F/V Orca Song. Officer spoke with RP.

1728 - RP approached an Officer with a found wallet. Officer left the wallet with the owner’s neighbor at Lowell Canyon Rd.

1756 - RP TYCO advised of a commercial fire alarm sounding at Second Ave. The on call fire officer cleared the alarm.

1901 - Verbal warning given to JOE SHELDON, TX/OLN, TX/LIC GPM4712 for driving on the side of the roadway. SHELDON had advised he has a tire issue, and was trying to drive through traffic slowly.

Aug. 31

0018 - An anonymous RP called to report loud noise coming from several campsites in Resurrection Campground South. Officers responded and found the RP was moving his camper to another site and other campers were up watching northern lights.

0043 - Citation issued to JOHN PATRICK COFFEY AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC GPW159 at Seward Highway and Sea Lion Drive for tail light requirement, verbal warning for head light.

0454 - RP requested an officer patrol the area of Pacific Park Apartments as subject is driving in and out of the area. Officer responded and didn’t locate subject near Pacific Park Apartments. Officer made contact with him at Three Bears and he agreed to go somewhere else for the night.

1045 - RP reported two dogs running loose on Dieckgraff Rd. ACO responded.

1325 - Wells Fargo requested an ambulance. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1349 - Ambulance requested next to the foot bridge. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1353 - RP, reported seeing smoke at the top of the Jeep Trail. SVFD advised.

1440 - RP reported that someone had shot his dog with a BB gun on L float on 08/15/16.

1622 - SAST requested an ambulance to Southfork and the Seward Hwy. SAST requested LifeMed.

1820 - Verbal warning Issued to EVANDRO L DE OLIVERA LIMA, A Brazilian national, While driving JEK571 on Seward Hwy at S Harbor for speed.

1831 - Citation issued to LINDA FORD RAKE, AK OLN, while driving JBT706 on Seward Highway at S harbor for speed

2016 - Citation Issued to RICHARD RAMSEY MACK, AK OLN, while driving DRY953 at the Air Force Rec Camp for failure to provide proof of insurance. Verbal warning for trespass on Air Force Rec Camp Property

2328 - RP requested a welfare check on her property. Her motion lights are coming on and she can hear someone outside. Officers were unable to locate anyone.


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