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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

July 28

0749 - RP requested an Officer to assist with two individual sleeping in the back of his KFT bus. Officer responded and made contact with them and advised they were cleaning up their mess and leaving.

0951 - ACO requested case numbers for a dog tied to a railing and lunging at people at J Dock and for 5th and Madison for a dog running in the road.

1306 - RP reported a silver Isuzu Rodeo, unknown plate, that was travelling northbound at Mile 5 Seward Highway almost hit him and was forced off road. SAST advised.

1418 - Starbird Studios requested an officer to check on a group of people loitering in front of the store. Last night they were there also and broke some of the plants out front and their presence inhibits customers from entering the store.

1654 - RP reported that subject was showing indecent photos of her around town. Officer spoke with subject who agreed to not contact the complainant and to stop showing the pictures.

1740 - Verbal warning Issued to ROBERT MICHAEL ATKINSON, AK OLN, while driving at Seward Highway and S Harbor for failure to stop at a stop sign.

1820 - A Michigan driver’s license was found on the docks and turned in to the Police Department.

1829 - Verbal warning Issued to TOBIAS WOGGON, a German National, while driving GVG731 on Seward Hwy at Coolidge for speed.

2032 - Vessel is taking on water and sinking fast. They were calling for the Harbor Master for assistance but were intercepted on the radio by the Coast Guard. Another boat got the people off and the boat started sinking between the Sea Life Center and the Boat Harbor. They were able to get it in tow and were taking it to the harbor.

July 29

0734 - RP advised that a white Chrysler driving south bound past Hemlock and Sea Lion was passing on double yellow and speeding. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

0747 - Parking warning issued to DPR939 for parking against the flow of traffic at 135 4th Ave.

0916 - A citizen reported an injured duck on Seward Highway just north of Nash Rd. Sea Life Center notified

1400 - RP reported that his neighbor at First Ave left the garage door open. No one was home and a note was left on the door.

1550 - SAST requested that an Officer check the local bars for subject and to retain him if contacted. Officer patrolled the downtown area, but was unable to locate him.

1720 - Citation issued to JERRY HAACK, TX/OLN, AK/LIC GZD700 for speed at Third and Monroe.

1750 - Verbal warning given to CHENG HUANG, of Taiwan, AK/LIC JDR816 for failure to stop at a stop sign on Railway Ave near the ASLC.

1934 - Verbal warning given to KELLEY SMART, AK/OLN, AK/LIC OP9NO2 for speed at Seward Hwy and Airport Rd.

1944 - Trooper arrested NOLAN OGLE-ENDRESEN, AK/OLN at mile 4.5 Seward Hwy for DV Criminal Mischief IV and Harassment I, and transported him to SCJ.

1952 - Citation issued to WILLY SHELTON, AK/OLN, AK/LIC GWC989 for speed at Seward and Lierer.

2128 - Citation issued to ANDRIES MICHAEL ZYLSTRA, WA OLN/, While driving KAA234 in the South parking lot of Bayside apartments for speed.

2223 - Received a 911 call from (911)***** located in the harbor area. No sounds of distress were heard. Unable to call the number back. Information given to Officer.

2227 - SAST advised of a REDDI heading southbound from the Y. The vehicle is described as an old Izuzu Rodeo with a broken out back window, and was swerving and driving on the wrong side of the road. Officers advised.

2234 - RP advised that he lost his brown buffalo skin wallet in the downtown area. Information given to Officer.

2236 - Received a 911 call from (911)***** located in the harbor area. No sounds of distress were heard. Unable to call the number back. Information given to Officer.

2346 - RP requested an Officer to the Parks Pl cul-de-sac for a report of loud partying in the woods. Officer was unable to locate anyone making noise.

July 30

0624 - Verbal warning given to TERRY ZIEMER AZ/OLN, GZN693 at Seward and Coolidge for speed.

0107 - RP advised that an intoxicated male drove away from the Ale House in GYS740 heading south on 4th. The vehicle was last seen turning onto Washington St. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

0200 - Officer was flagged down near the Pit Bar and advised of an intoxicated female who drove away from the area and into a ditch. The vehicle was JBY781. Officer searched to woods in the area for the female who left the vehicle on foot after driving into the ditch. Officer remained on scene until Troopers arrived.

0205 - RP advised that her roommate WINDI SKINNER AK/OLN was acting crazy and she wants her out of the apartment. Officer gave SKINNER a disorderly conduct warning and advised RP that she has to officially evict SKINNER.

0306 - Trooper advised that he saw the white truck heading out of town. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

0321 - SAST advised of a disturbance at the Mount Alice campground on Nash Rd. Officer contacted ARCHIE SERJEANT AK/OLN and SHELLY TUTTLE AK/OLN in AK/LIC 8SMTHN. Both parties advised that nothing happened and were given disorderly conduct warnings.

0954 - A pocket dial was received from 310-*****. No sound of distress was heard and a female caller advised that the call was accidental and that there was no emergency.

1145 - A welfare check was done on the residents of Cedar St. Subject advised that yesterday a tall, white male carrying a very large back pack entered their home and just stood there. He asked to use the phone but did not say anything and then ran off. Officer responded and spoke with the resident. Extra patrol requested.

1220 - SAST requested that contact be made with subject who has been talking to SAST dispatch and feels she needs to have a mental evaluation. Officer responded and spoke with her at length. She informed the officer that she was not suicidal.

1329 - Parking authority contacted SVFD reference a propane furnace that kept attempting to ignite.

1347 - RP lost her Alaska driver’s license and her Alaska Airlines VISA either at Safeway or in the Harbor area.

1428 - A burn permit was issued at LaTouche Cir.

1615 - RP turned in a military ID and a ring which were found in various campgrounds. Items logged into Lost / Found.

1758 - Citation issued to JEFFREY DOVE, MO/OLN, AK/LIC GZY469 for speed at Seward and Sealion Ave.

1831 - Verbal warning given to CARSON DIEMER, AK/OLN, AK/LIC DXY344 for taillight requirements at Mile 1 Seward.

1840 - Citation issued to ABHIJIT RAY, MO/OLN, AK/LIC GYR543 for speed at Seward and Sealion.

1852 - Citation issued to DANIELLE DUSO, NY/OLN, AK/LIC KAK156 for speed at Seward and Bear.

1902 - RP advised of a urinal malfunction in the public restroom on X Float Rd. The on call for the harbor department was dispatched.

1915 - Received a 911 call from (907)****** located at Sixth and Adams. No sounds of distress were heard. Message left upon callback. Information given to Officer.

2004 - Citation issued to SABRIETA HOLLAND, AK/OLN, AK/LIC 2NDMAR for speed at Seward and Coolidge.

2022 - SAST advised of a 911 abandoned call received from (907)*****. The number was traced and Officers responded to the residence and requested an ambulance. Response form sent.

2229 - SAST requested an Officer to Seward and Sealion to assist a Trooper who is conducting FST’s. Officer responded.

2249 - Verbal warning given to KENNETH HEAPS JR, AK/OLN, AK/LIC GXK112 for speed at Third and Monroe

2258 - Verbal warning given to SOPHIE LITTEE, AK/OLN, AK/LIC GKR565 for speed on the Seward Hwy near Safeway.

2304 - Verbal warning given to SAMUAL STAUBLE, AK/OLN AK/LIC EAQ319 for taillight requirements at Seward and Sealion.

2357 - Verbal warning issued to AMY C KLINK IL/OLN while driving AK/LIC FDC515 at Third and Madison for tail light requirement.

July 31

0045 - Citation issued to TYLER KAICHI CHRISTENSEN AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC GKY212 at Third and Jefferson Street for failure to carry proof of insurance and verbal warning for expired registration and speed.

0055 - Verbal warning issued to ANDREA K BAJIC UNKNOWN SWISS/OLN while driving AK/LIC GUF288 at Fourth and North Harbor Streets for driving with headlights off after dark.

0233 - RP reported loud obnoxious noises coming from site in Williams Campground on Ballaine Blvd. Officer made contact with three subjects in campsite and advised all about quiet hours. All three stated they were going to bed.

0254 - SAST dispatch requested assistance in locating female driving AK/LIC P90XI. She told her husband at 1500 she was in Seward for the day but would pick him up at the Anchorage airport this evening, but hasn’t shown up. Officer patrolled the Seward area but was unable to locate the vehicle or the wife. SAST called back to state husband took a cab home and found the wife at home in Palmer.

0553 - RP reported that there was an intoxicated male being verbally and possibly physically abusive to a female and trying to drive off in AK/LIC GYA213. Officer responded and made contact with two subjects at Williams Campsite. The male gave the car keys to the female and agreed to take a walk and cool off.

0755 - SIMPLEX-GRINNEL reported a fire alarm at Seward Fisheries. Activation showed office and cannery and personnel are evacuating. Plant manager cancelled response and advised that a fork lift hit the sprinkler system.

1050 - A purse was turned in at the Police Department. An attempt was made to contact the owner but the number was no longer in service.

1107 - A pocket dial was received from 715-******. No one was on the line and identifiable sound could be heard. On call back a message was left on voice mail.

1143 - A pocket dial was received from 907-*****.

Subject advised that she meant to dial 411 and dialed 911 by mistake. No sound of distress was heard.

1341 - Parking Authority reported that someone had threatened him in the uplands area. Subject left in a Ford F150 pickup and headed South Bound. Officer made contact with subject. It was a verbal argument only and he will not park in that area for now.

1437 - RP flagged down an officer and requested a welfare check on his daughter who is camping out near the Old Country Store on Old Nash Rd. Unable to locate.

1604 - RP advised of an intoxicated male leaving the station in AK/LIC GZM9**. The vehicle was heading southbound on the Seward Hwy. Officer responded, but was unable to locate the vehicle.

1629 - DRP, AK/LIC GVP560 requested an Officer to the X Float boat launch in reference to a motor vehicle accident. Officer responded and contacted the RP and advised him that it is a civil matter due to the low damage cost. The suspect vehicle, AK/LIC FMF547 was unoccupied and the RP left a note on the vehicle.

1656 - RP ANONYMOUS turned in medication for destruction to an Officer while he was on patrol.

1659 - RP requested to speak to an Officer reference theft of services. RP advised that PAULA PLUSH, AK/OLN has been using her private dumpster. Officer contacted PLUSH and advised her she cannot use the dumpster and is trespassed from the property located at Phoenix Rd. Advisement entered.

1718 - RP advised of a male who is passed out in the ditch behind the Marina Motel. Officer responded and contacted two subjects. Officer provided them with transportation back to the Icicle Bunkhouse.

1917 - Verbal warning ggiven to KENNETH BALOG, PA/OLN, AK/LIC GYH558 for speed at the Safeway parking lot.

1948 - RP called 911 from outside of J Dock advising that her husband is having a mental breakdown before disconnecting. Upon callback RP advised that an Officer will make the situation worse and disconnected again. Officer located RP and her husband outside of the Harbor 360 Hotel. The pair advised that they are tired, but everything is okay, and that they just need to find a place to stay.

2011 - RP requested a welfare check on his daughter, who he has not heard from in two weeks. RP believes his daughter is in an abusive relationship and is worried for her safety. Officer contacted AST and with a Trooper, checked an area on Nash Rd where he was advised she may be staying. Neither the daughter nor her boyfriend, were in the area, but a man there advised that the two are staying there in a tent. Officer entered a locate on the daughter.

2147 - RP called advising that he has located his daughter and is at Safeway. Officer met with RP at Safeway before contacting the daughter and boyfriend inside of the store. The daughter advised that there is no abuse happening, and that she is okay. They were advised that their vehicle cannot leave the parking lot until there is a licensed driver to move the vehicle.

2200 - RP called back after finding a card left on his door. He advised that his in-laws were staying at the house and left the garage door open, and that everything is fine.

Aug. 1

0900 - RP turned in a white Charles Schwab Bank visa debit card which was found in the ATM machine at First National Bank.

0900 - DMV requested an Officer to assist with driving tests.

0948 - Officer requested a case number for motorist assist after assisting a disabled vehicle owner in the Safeway Parking lot. Officer helped the owner get in contact with a local auto shop.

1055 - RP turned in three bottles of medications for destruction.

1252 - RP called 911 requesting an Officer to the Coffee Cup in reference to his wife who is blocking his vehicle and attempting to break into his mother’s motorhome. Officer responded and contacted the involved parties. The wife left the scene and Officer advised the argument was over where the motorhome would be parked.

1332 - RP requested an Officer to speak to the tenants at Fourth Ave in reference to loud music. Officer responded, but the landlord was already on scene handling the complaint.

1429 - RP advised of five pellet gun shots she heard at the corner of Ballaine and Railway. RP believes that someone was shooting at the Seagulls. Officer drove around the area, but saw nothing unusual.

1447 - RP requested an Officer to Mountainview Sports reference a theft of a $54 Carhart Hoodie. Officer responded and spoke with the RP.

1501 - Verbal warning given to ANDREW BILLINGS, AK/OLN, AK/LIC GMH442 for speed at Second and Monroe.

1532 - RP called advising that someone rifled through his vehicle, AK/LIC EYY872 yesterday between 1530-2330 Hours. RP advised that everything was strewn throughout the vehicle, and a $10 socket wrench was stolen. The vehicle was unlocked at the time.

1625 - An earthquake with a 4.3 magnitude occurred 30 miles SE of Talkeetna, Alaska. No tsunami is expected.

1655 - A 911 call was received from Brownell St. A female reported that BRUCE ALLEN SLEDGE, AK OLN was pushing her around. Officers responded to the residence. Sledge was arrested for DV Assault IV x 2

2009 - Citation issued to JASHWANTH KUMAR PANNALALDOSHI, CA OLN, while driving WA AZV9489 at 3rd and Jefferson for speed.

2029 - An ambulance was requested at the Edgewater Best Western

2100 - A 911 call was received from subject advising that his wife KASHEENA RADNER, AK OLN, was pounding on the door and screaming at him. Officers responded and she was not there. Officer checked slip and trespassed her from the bakery property.

2139 - Verbal warning Issued to TRISTON ROBERT GELLER, AK OLN, while driving “PULLIN” for speed, window tint and anti-spray device.

2310 - A 911 caller reported a vehicle fire at City Express at Seward Hwy. No SAST on duty this evening. Caller did not know if the vehicle is occupied. Property owner got the fire under control.

Aug. 2

0005 - Citation issued to MICHAEL PATRICK MURPHY ID/OLN while driving AK/LIC JDE970 at Third and B streets for speed.

0043 - While on patrol officer noticed an open door at the High School – north entrance. Officer didn’t locate anyone in the unsecured area of the building and secured the building upon departure.

0145 - Citation issued to BRADLEY KEVIN SNOWDEN AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC 8733CH at Railway and Fifth street for improper turn.

0147 - Verbal warning issued to MICHAEL A ZAMPELLA NJ/OLN while driving AK/LIC GZF517 at Fifth and Adams street for speed.

0428 - RP clerk from Essential one requested an officer for a person sleeping in their car behind the car wash. Officer responded and made contact with AK/LIC GVM546. Occupants agreed to relocate to a campsite.

0435 - Verbal warning given to MARGARET LISA MINKIN AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC KAUGRL at Seward and Sea Lion drive for speed.

0521 - Verbal warning issued to MARTIN ROY PATTERSON KS/OLN while driving AK/LIC GYZ550 at Safeway for speed.

0531 - Verbal warning issued to KIANA JO CLEMENS AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC GLC696 at Seward Highway and Dieckgraeff Road for speed.

0716 - A 911 caller hung up. No sounds of distress were heard. Upon call back the cell phone message box was full so a message couldn’t be left.

2202 - Citation issued to DAVID MICHAEL HENDERSON, AK OLN, While driving GFY680 on S Harbor off Seward Hwy for speed and verbal warning for failure to carry registration.

2349 - RP requested an officer to check the alley behind Harbor View Inn and the Nazarene Church for two male subjects. Officer didn’t find anyone in the alley.

Aug. 3

0100 - Citation issued to JACOB DENNIS KACYNSKI MI/OLN while driving AK/LIC GCA601 at mile 1 of the Seward Highway for speed. Verbal warning for driving without tail lights.

0119 - Citation issued to JANSEN CHARLES MELVIN AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC EKW182 at Seward and Bear Drive for speed.

0131 - Verbal warning issued to JOSEPH HENRY FADDEN CA/OLN while driving AK/LIC GYW457 at Seward Highway and South Harbor Streets for speed.

0134 - Officer stopped AK/LIC GCA601 and told them to put their hazard lights on while they are trying to fix the tail lights. This vehicle was stopped earlier.

0152 - Verbal warning issued to NICOLE ANN BOZZUTO CT/OLN while driving AK/LIC JEJ301 at Seward Highway and South Harbor Streets for speed.

0158 - Citation issued to STEVEN MARK LAWSON AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC JDN492 at Seward and Sea Lion for speed.

0225 - Citation issued to NICHOLAS OWEN PLESS AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC FTC828 at Third and Adams Street for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning issued for failure to maintain lane.

0440 - RP stated that THOMAS PEARCE AK/OLN was intoxicated at the culvert bridge yelling, getting violent and verbally abusive toward female. Officers responded and made contact with PEARCE and female. A taxi was arranged to take them to Exit Glacier Road. PEARCE was issued a disorderly conduct warning.

0512 - A parking warning was issued to AK/LIC KAC117 at Fifth Avenue for parking backwards.

0535 - RP reported a person sleeping in the women’s shower at Resurrection campground South. Officers responded and advised subject that she cannot sleep in the shower. She cleaned up her cigarette butts and left the area.

0605 - RP Resurrection North Campground host reported two subjects fighting in the showers. Officers responded and made contact with AMANDA GUILLEMETTE AK/OLN and CHRISTOPHER TONIOLLI AK/APSEN. GUILLEMETTE and TONIOLLI issued citations for violating conditions of release and both are trespass advised that they are criminally trespassed from all Seward area campgrounds for the rest of the season.

0708 - Earthquake measuring 4.1 40 miles N of Yakutat, no tsunami.

1050 - RP turned in a leather wallet that was left on the shuttle bus. Wallet contained owner’s OLN and bank cards.

1059 - An ambulance was requested at Bell Of The Woods B&B.

1406 - A pocket dial was received from 907-*****. No one was on the line and someone could be heard walking on gravel. On call back a message was left on voice mail.

1411 - OCS requested a welfare check on a baby at Kimberly Court. Report was unfounded.

1421 - Citation issued to CHRISTINE RENEE JONES, AK OLN, While driving JCA665 at 3rd and Jefferson for failure to carry proof of insurance and verbal warning for speed.

1609 - Verbal warning issued to MELVIN LEE NOBLES AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC GQB713 at Third and Madison for failure to yield to a pedestrian at a cross walk.

1620 - RP reported that she lost her phone at the Harbor Master bathrooms approximately 1430 to 1500 today.

1641 - Parks and Rec reported two loose dogs in Marathon Campground, one is a mastiff that looks like it bites. Animal control officer was contacted. Both dogs returned to owner.

1830 - DAVID ALAN BARTLEY AK/OLN was arrested while driving AK/LIC GTX413 at mile 1.5 of the Seward Highway – Safeway parking lot for driving while license revoked. Passenger RILEY DELANEY MARIE OREAGAN AK/ID was advised of her revoked license status.

2141 - Verbal warning issued to WEIWU LI NY/OLN while driving AK/LIC KAH695 at Fourth and Washington for improper tab display – missing year.

2148 - Verbal warning issued to WOUTER PIETER NICOLAAS DITO CA/OLN while driving AK/LIC JEY192 at Fourth and Adams for failure to yield.

2230 - RP reported that he lost his black fanny pack containing his passports and drivers’ license. He thinks he lost it at Millers Landing or Wells Fargo. A call to Millers Landing found the fanny pack and Millers Landing will bring it to the PD. Owner will pick up the fanny pack in the morning.

Aug. 4

0048 - Verbal warning given to MATTHEW NELSON AK/OLN, GZJ190 at Seward and Phoenix for headlight requirement.

0530 - Citation issued to JOHN GORDINIER AK/OLN, GCX609 at the Chamber of Commerce parking lot for speed.

0552 - Verbal warning given to CHRISTINE OMALLEY WA/OLN, KAE348 at 2nd and Monroe for speed.

0608 - Parking warning left on 8733CH at 5th Ave for parking backwards.

0610 - Parking warning left on JDH503 at 5th Ave for parking backwards.

0756 - 911 pocket dial from (907)****** at the SBH. No sounds distress. Officer advised.

0858 - Ambulance requested to ACE Hardware. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

0913 - RP requested an Officer to 4th and Jefferson for an RV that is blocking part of 4th Avenue. Officer responded and advised that CA LIC/7NYM235 was unoccupied.

0915 - ACO requested a case number for a Lab/Shepard mix that was impounded at the Animal Shelter on 08/03 and was missing on 08/04.

1452 - KFT reported a male that has been sitting at the bench in front of Terry’s Fish and Chips all day and has not moved and requested an Officer to check on them. Officer responded and made contact with subject and advised that everything was fine.

1550 - Citation issued to DAVID LESLIE GAUD, AK OLN, While driving JAB423 at Seward Hwy and Airport Rd for speed and verbal warning for expired tags.

1711 - Library personnel brought several miscellaneous items to the Police Department that they had in their lost and found.

1714 - Officers responded to a complainant in Williams Tent Camping. ANTHONY DALTON, AK ID, was found at that location and he had been trespassed from all city campgrounds on 07-07-16. He was arrested for criminal trespass and transported to the SCJ.

1806 - Motor Vehicle accident occurred earlier today in the Kenai Fjords Tours parking lot while the owners were on a cruise. PAR forms issued.

1946 - Citations issued to SHELDON SHOJI KELII CARVALHO, AK OLN, While driving HIKINO at Seward Hwy and Sea Lion for speeding and failure to provide proof of insurance.

2016 - Citation issued to MICHEL BENJAMIN PULIDO, CA OLN, While driving GYN287 on Seward Hwy at Nash RD for speed.

2030 - Citation issued to AMANDA MURELINE VIKDAL, AK OLN while driving GDG986 on Seward Hwy at Hemlock for speed.

2312 - RP advised that someone entered his vehicle and stole his garage door opener. RP spoke with an Officer.

Aug. 5

0020 - Citation issued to JILL BISPELS MD/OLN, JDU488 at 3rd and Madison for speed.

0030 - Officer advised ANTHONY LEE AK/OLN GJA628 at the end of Airport Rd not to camp in the area. LEE agreed to leave in the morning.

0159 - Officer stopped subject, driving JDE536 at Providence Hospital. Driver advised that a juvenile was having a medical emergency. Officer advised her to call 911 in the future.

0506 - Cruise Ship Terminal, requested and ambulance

0557 - Verbal warning given to MARVIN MOSER AK/OLN, GRB411 at 3rd and N. Harbor for speed.

0650 - Officer investigated a death on board the cruise ship Radiance of the Sea. Rescue responders pronounced the death after the ship was docked.


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