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'Captain's Mast' - July 31, 2014


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

July 5

03:01 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Third and A.

03:02 - 911 caller reported a man at the Yukon who was not alert and needed medical assistance. Unknown cause. Officers were dispatched and SVAC/SVFD code black. Officers reported it was alcohol related and subject took a taxi home.

03:07 - Reporting party from previous missing person case called 911 to report that her missing friend returned to their hotel room

04:15 - 911 caller reported that she and her family were camped in a tent at the Iditarod Campground and that there were several intoxicated individuals being loud in the area and she felt threatened. Officer patrolled the area but found that all was quiet at the time.

05:08 - Ambulance requested by AST for female in Moose Pass who had been trying to hitchhike to Anchorage all night but was cold and had diarrhea. SVAC/MPVFD responded and transported the patient to the hospital.

07:02 - Verbal warning for inoperable tail and brake lights, no bumper and obstructed windshield issued in Bayside parking lot.

08:31 - Verbal warning for speed given to at Third and A.

09:09 - Officer contacted the owner of a vehicle parked in the street in the 400 block of Fourth to move the vehicle.

09:18 - Verbal warning for speed and failure to stop at a stop sign given in the Safeway parking lot.

09:43 - Individual reported a window and side door at Woody’s Thai Restaurant was open and no one appeared to be there. Officers found a work crew starting the day.

12:15 - Individual reported campers partying on a lot in the 200 block of Second. The reporting party said that the individuals had open containers and had been playing music at all hours of the night for the past five days. The six subjects were asked to break camp.

12:41 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to the 10400 block of Bear Paw Drive for a 73-year-old male not breathing well.

13:39 - Officers placed a parking warning on a vehicle parked at the end of the Mount Marathon Race trail and advised them that there is no camping.

13:47 - Individual reported a backpack laying next to a fire hydrant at Second and Adams.

14:37 - Troopers arrested Peter Basargin at Mile 51 Seward Highway on warrants and took him to SCJ.

14:53 - Individual turned in a ring that was found.

14:56 - Officers found an unattended fire in the SMIC area. Fire Chief put the fire out.

15:38 - Verbal warning for failure to carry proof of insurance and registration given on Seward Highway north of Sea Lion.

16:20 - Verbal warning for expired registration given on Seward Highway near Sea Lion.

18:00 - Individual reported that her purse was stolen. Purse was located in lost and found.

18:09 - Verbal warning for speed given on Fourth near the Breeze Inn.

18:42 - Verbal warning to not stop in the middle of the highway to wait for someone given on Seward Highway near Sea Lion.

19:05 - Troopers arrested Pastell Stough on a $250 SAST failure to appear warrant.

19:14 - A bank card was found in the ATM First National Bank Anchorage.

20:26 - Verbal warning for speed given on Ballaine and Adams.

21:45 - 911 caller reported that he might be having a stroke and having trouble breathing at Bear Creek Trailer Park.

21:13 - Verbal warning for improper turn and brake light out given at the Chevron.

22:31 - Verbal warning for speed given in the Terry’s Tire lot.

23:49 - Individual requested an officer to the skate park about to a loud group of people.

23:50 - Verbal warning for failure to illuminate head lights given at Leirer Road and Seward Highway.

23:58 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and Dairy Hill.

July 6

00:02 - SAST requested medics to Stoney Creek RV Park for a patient submerged in water with traumatic head injuries. SVAC, BCVFD and SFD responded.

00:24 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to use signal given at Phoenix Road and Seward Highway.

01:04 - Verbal warning for failure to illuminate head lights after dark given at Fourth and Jefferson.

01:17 - 911 callers requested an officer to Thorn’s Showcase Lounge for a fight in progress. Officers contacted seven people. Ambulance responded for a patient with a dislocated shoulder. All involved parties were given disorderly conduct warnings and left the area. No charges were filed as it was mutual combat.

01:22 - Individual requested an officer to the Edgewater Hotel for people walking around on the roof.

02:31 - Individual requested an officer to the elementary school for teenagers in the playground. Officer advised the group to return to their campsite.

05:05 - Verbal warning for failure to illuminate head lights before sunrise given in Safeway parking lot.

05:10 - Verbal warning for failure to illuminate head lights before sunrise given at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

05:44 - Individual requested an officer to the Hotel Seward for a man who started a campfire in the parking lot.

09:41 - Troopers arrested Cole Harren for DWLR at Port Avenue and Seward Highway, and took him to SCJ.

13:31 - Public Works placed road closure signs from Railway to Jefferson and Adams to Washington for cleaning.

13:46 - Individual reported that four prescriptions were stolen out of his vehicle in the Safeway parking lot.

13:53 - 911 caller reported that a male had a 4-inch knife on his hip when inside the playground on Ballaine.

14:06 - Officer conducted a civil standby at Safeway for two females collecting their paychecks.

21:56 - Verbal warning for speed given at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

22:07 - Individual requested an officer to his vacant lot on Chiswell in reference to a group of trespassers. Officers contacted six people and trespassed them indefinitely at the request of the owner.

23:50 - Caller requested an officer to Fifth near the Legion for an intoxicated male lying on the sidewalk. Caller said that someone was trying to help him up, but was having trouble. Officer responded and advised that the male was walking and with four people from his campsite, who said they would care for him.

July 7

00:55 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and South Harbor.

01:18 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Emilie Marshall at Third. Verbal warning given for speed.

03:22 - Caller reported a tree blocking Lowell Point Road about a half mile before the waste facility.

04:46-05:25 - Citations for parking where prohibited left on 12 vehicles on Fourth and on Washington.

04:29 - Earthquake: Magnitude 7.1, depth 17 miles, near the coast of Chiapas, Mexico. No tsunami was expected.

10:01 - Burn permit issued for 100 Dairy Hill Lane for the day only.

11:57 - Patrol request received from Parks and Rec for a young man who was asking for food at Branson Pavilion.

11:40 - Guardian Security requested an officer to the 1200 block of Hulm Circle for burglar alarm activation.

12:20 - Individual reported a dead sea lion at the McDonald’s’ property at the fishing hole. NOAA advised and would look into the report.

13:02 - 911 caller requested officers to the 500 block of Fourth for a 15-year-old girl threatening to commit suicide. Officers dispatched and SVAC/SVFD staged code black. SVAC/SVFD cancelled.

14:45 - Individual reported she lost her brown and tan Loius Vutton wallet in the downtown area the day before.

20:28 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to the 2200 block of Oak Street, Mountain Haven, Lupine Lodge for a non-emergency transport to the ER.

21:25 - Tyco Integrated Security reported a fire alarm in Zone 1 at 301 Railway, Alaska SeaLife Center.

22:57 - Officer contacted an individual after he witnessed him crash on his bicycle on the Seward Highway near Shoreside. Biker advised he was OK.

23:16 - Individual requested an officer to the skate park about a loud group of people.

23:48 - Verbal warning for speed given in the Chamber of Commerce lot.

July 8

00:20 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and Bear Drive.

01:37 - Individual requested an officer to the 200 block of Third for loud neighbors.

01:53 - SAST requested an SPD officer to the Pit Bar after a 911 call reporting of two males threatening to beat and kill the bartender. Officer contacted Kyle Lackey and David Miller III. Lackey and Miller were given disorderly conduct warnings. The officer then fought with Lackey. After Lackey was detained, the officer pursued Miller who ran south down Seward Highway while the officer was detaining Lackey. Miller was located at SAK Town Liquor and taken back to the Pit. Trooper arrived on scene. Miller was arrested for Escape IV, Drunk on License Premises and Disorderly Conduct and taken to SCJ. Lackey was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Drunk on License Premises and taken to SCJ.

06:36 - Caller from Seward Ship’s Chandlery reported that someone broke into the building during the night between 20:00 and 06:30 and stole approximately $1600 worth of goods.

06:44 - Earthquake: Magnitude 5.0, depth 78 miles, 35 miles northwest of Amchitka. No tsunami was expected.

08:45 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and North Harbor.

09:29 - Individual requested an officer for a subject who was being disruptive to other guests.

10:24 - A Samsung Galaxy 3 mini was turned in to the SPD.

10:51 - Individual requested to speak with an officer.

11:56 - Individual requested an officer to the 200 block if Sixth for a young female who was screaming as if in need of assistance. Officer contacted the subject and advised everything was OK.

13:24 - Individual reported that there was a bicycle in the dumpster behind the apartments between the American Legion and Post Office.

13:31 - Individual reported her white framed specialized Rock Hopper bicycle with Music Fest stickers on it was taken from the bike path area.

13:31 - Individual requested an officer to the 200 block of Third for a male, who was not an employee, using the laundry facilities.

13:36 - Individual reported his Black 19-11 HAWG 7 Pistol was stolen from the Williams Campground area. Reporting party advised pistol was found.

14:40 - USCG was heard attempting to obtain a location and information for a Mayday vessel in distress.

15:57 - Caller reported a white van weaving all over the Seward Highway, inbound from Exit Glacier.

16:35 - Citation for speed given to Robert David Ottum on the Seward Highway at Dieckgraeff Road.

16:27 - Coast Guard Sector Anchorage requested the height of SPD’s antenna. With that information and a triangulation with other antennas they can regulate their search area for the missing vessel. They also requested that the on-call for the Harbormaster’s office be contacted to see if they heard any Mayday call in the afternoon.

19:13 - Troopers arrested John Mark Regan two counts of MIW 5. He taken to the SCJ

19:19 - Citation for speed given to Daniel Alexander Malmer at Third and C.

19:37 - Verbal warning for speed given on Seward Highway at Aspen.

20:25 - Coast Guard Sector Anchorage advised that they were suspending the search for the distressed vessel until more information was received.

21:00 - Individual reported that a friend texted her and told her that a 5 or 6 year old had a BB gun and was pointing it at cars at Pacific Park Apartments. It was unknown if he was shooting the gun. Officer did not see anyone with a BB gun but located a toy gun in the yard.

22:10 - Coast Guard Sector Anchorage advised that they have suspended both distress call searches after a thorough effort was exerted by three separate groups.

July 10

02:04 - Verbal warning for speed and inoperable head light given in the Chevron parking lot.

08:13 - Individual turned in a cell phone that was found on Lowell Point Road.

09:08 - Burn permit issued to Seward Transfer Facility for the day.

13:03 - Individual reported a vehicle ran through a stop sign at a high rate of speed in front of him at Bear Drive and Phoenix Road.

14:48 - Parks and Rec turned in a Razor Scooter they found at Lowell Canyon.

18:16 - Citation for speed issued to James Fallgatter at the Chamber of Commerce.

20:49 - Three Bears requested an officer to assist in removing a customer for an undisclosed reason. Officer contacted the clerk and found it to be a misunderstanding.

21:34 - Verbal warnings for speed and failure to carry operator’s license given to at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

July 10

00:01 - Individual reported receiving a text message a half hour before from a woman stating she was in trouble and he had been unable to reach her since. Officer contacted the woman’s son at her residence who advised his mother was fine and had just taken the dog for a walk. Officer contacted the woman who also said she was fine.

09:39 - Individual requested to speak to an officer about theft of fuel from his boat.

10:28 - Woody’s Thai Kitchen reported a vehicle with a small boat trailer was parked in an empty lot across from them for several days.

12:02 - Individual requested an officer to the 1000 block of Second for her ex-husband at the residence. Officer was unable to locate anyone in the area.

17:08 - While an officer was at Safeway he was asked by the staff to assist in having a subject removed from the liquor store. The subject was intoxicated and attempting to purchase alcohol. The subject was advised that he was trespassed from Safeway Liquor Store until he was sober. At 18:03 Safeway reported that the subject returned to the liquor store and attempted to buy alcohol.

19:01 - Verbal warning for speed given on Aspen Street.

22:17 - Received several reports of a rock slide on Nash Road.

July 11

01:01 - 911 callers reported a fight in progress outside the Yukon between six to eight individuals. Officer contacted a subject who was involved in the fight and gave him a disorderly conduct warning for the night. The rest of the subjects involved dispersed when the officer arrived but the bar said they would call if any of them returned.

01:54 - Officer contacted several individuals at the Pavilion south of the lagoon because they were being loud and told them to quiet down.

03:12 - Individual reported a man lying on the sidewalk in the rain who looked like he was praying for the last hour at Third and Madison. Officer found the subject to have a PBT of 0.176, took him into protective custody for the night and took him to SCJ.

03:64 - Individual reported someone using power tools near Sixth and Railway.

15:40 - A complainant reported that a blue pickup truck was parked in the alley behind Seward Brewing Company.

18:17 - Trooper Miller called in black Lincoln inbound passing Essential One. Weaving from center to fog almost causing a couple of head on crashes. Contact was made with the driver on Railway.

20:01 - Citation for speeding issued to Ahla Taki Sharman Oates on the Seward Highway near Safeway.

21:07 - Troopers arrested Nicolai Alexander Pedro Bultron for DWLR and took him to the SCJ.

21:12 - Caller reported a blue Subaru inbound on Fourth going approximately 35 miles per hour. The caller said that this vehicle cut her off but she lost contact with it and had no tag information

21:27 - Individual from SCCC reported that he was allowing several vehicles to park at the prison while the occupants hiked up to the glacier behind the prison to check on several people who are all ready up there. He said that it is not an emergency and no one is in danger at this time. He was not allowing these vehicles to drive up to the dike.

21:44 - Troopers picked up an individual and took him to SCJ for protective custody.

23:09 - Individual reported an intoxicated pedestrian. Officer contacted female who was assisting the subject near the 400 block of Fourth. The subject was taken to the hospital due to extreme intoxication. He was then placed in protective custody and taken to SCJ where drugs were found on his person and he was arrested for MICS VI.

23:55 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and Hemlock.


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