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Vote No on 2 

Big Marijuana. Big Mistake. Vote No on 2.



July 21, 2014 (Anchorage, Alaska): The Big Marijuana. Big Mistake. Vote No on 2 campaign enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the Anchorage business community about the impacts legalized marijuana would have on their companies and community. This much is clear, Big Marijuana. Big Mistake. Vote No on 2 has the facts on their side. The debate was sponsored by the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce at the Egan Center and centered on ballot measure 2, which would legalize the use, commercialization and industrialization of marijuana, edibles and concentrates in Alaska.

Throughout the debate, campaign spokesperson Kristina Woolston reiterated the reasons why so many Alaskans are alarmed and upset about the language found in ballot initiative “Many Alaskans now realize what this will mean to our state: tremendous increases in social and health services costs, increases in public safety training, loss of local control for our villages and communities, advertising and public promotion and extreme dangers from child-friendly edibles and potent concentrates that have led to explosions,” said Woolston. “This initiative is not of Alaska design, and it is being forced on us by outside financial interests that, according to their spokesperson, will do whatever it takes to win.”

The opposition kept trying to deflect the arguments against legalized marijuana by bringing up the topic of alcohol as a comparison. “It is only a distraction. This tactic might have worked for them in Colorado and Washington, but that is not going to work here in Alaska,” added Woolston after the debate.

Big Marijuana. Big Mistake. Vote No on 2 is a grassroots effort to protect Alaska from commercialized and industrialized marijuana. Led by community members from around the state, the group works to defeat ballot measure 2 and educate the public about the social and economic costs of marijuana in Alaska.


Reader Comments

Hmmmm writes:

Seriously, alcohol is a lot worse of a drug than marijuana. How often are the victims of domestic violence beaten by an intoxicated person? There are large corporations who don't want marijuana legalized. It's a weed and grows faster than trees used to make paper and cotton used to make clothes.

Hawk writes:

Big Marijuana. Big Mistake should change their name to Big Fraud. Woolston is VP of one Corporation funding Big Marijuana. Big Mistake, and owns the other corporation backing the campaign. She is paying herself to campaign while claiming to be a volunteer. lol What a joke.

JustinHale writes:

What a bunch of losers these Cannaphobes are. They say that the comparison alcohol/merrywanna will not work in Alaska,why?,does logic stop at the border?

freedom writes:

The prohibition against marijuana was nothing but a political ploy to control resources and the market, read Hearst with paper and DuPont with plastic. This article smacks of the same sort of sensational fear based rhetoric. Marijuana can be grown and consumed without the governments involvement, alcohol is taxed at a high rate. Is that the conflict? We could save millions by reducing the prison populations in this country. If I had edibles in my home, they would not be available to kids!

BrianKelly writes:

There is absolutely no doubt now that the majority of Americans want our politicians to provide us safe, legal access to Medical Marijuana Nationwide. Our numbers grow on a daily basis. The prohibitionist view on medical marijuana is the viewpoint of a minority of Americans.. It is based upon decades of lies and propaganda. Each and every tired old lie they have propagated has been thoroughly proven false by both science and society. Their tired old rhetoric no longer holds any validity.


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