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'Captain's Mast' - May 8, 2014


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

April 28

00:05 - Verbal warning for speed given on Third between Jefferson and Adams.

03:14 - Individual at the Breeze Inn requested an officer for two people in a room who had been screaming and refused to talk to him. Officer spoke with the reporting party before approaching the room with him. Officer contacted Clarence Itta. Itta was arrested for DV Assault IV and DV Criminal Mischief IV and taken to SCJ. The victim was given a disorderly conduct warning.

09:43 - 911 pocket dial.

10:02 - 911 open-line call.

11:01 - 911 open-line call.

13:21 - Individual reported that a maroon vehicle had been parked on the street leading to Pacific Park Apartments for a couple days.

15:43 - 911 open-line call.

19:47 - Individual requested a civil standby at Kimberly Court Apartments so she could retrieve several of her items. Officer conducted the civil standby.

20:50 - Breeze Inn bar requested an officer in reference to a guest payment. Officer contacted the subject. The subject was advised that he was trespassed from the Breeze Inn bar for one week.

23:53 - Verbal warning given for speed, illegal U-turn and expired registration.

23:53 - Officer responded to a request to speak with him at Kimberly Court Apartments about an earlier case.

23:54 - Individual requested an officer to just outside of the Alaska SeaLife Center, advising that he was intoxicated, just fell off of his bike and could not get home. Officer responded and advised that he was able to care for himself and that he would continue to ride his bike to his residence at the Resurrection Bay Seafoods bunkhouse.

April 29

00:16 - Individual requested a police escort to his residence at Resurrection Bay Seafoods bunkhouse. He said that he fell off of his bike and that he was unable to ride or walk the bike. Officer contacted the reporting party, with PBT .168. He was placed into protective custody and taken to SCJ, where he was placed on suicide watch after he said he wished to kill himself. The subject was also in possession of a stolen bike.

00:25 - Caller reported that her bike was stolen from outside the Yukon about two hours before. The bike was taken by the subject in the previous case. The bike was returned to the owner

01:39 - Verbal warning for speed given on D in the alley between Second and Third.

07:56 - 911 pocket dial.

09:07 - Seward Elementary advised they were getting ready to conduct a fire drill.

12:48 - Individual with North Star Health Center turned in medications for destruction.

13:17 - Multiple parties called informing SPD that the railroad arm crossing at Nash Road was malfunctioning.

14:52 - Individual reported that a vehicle hit another at Safeway, had not stopped and left the scene. Officer contacted the damaged vehicle’s owner. Officer made contact with the bus and driver at the high school.

18:00 - Two individuals requested a civil standby on Adams while they exchanged several items with each other. Officer conducted the civil standby.

18:16 - Individual reported two females behind the Seward Fire Department who might be intoxicated. Officer contacted the subjects who said that they were just stopping for a smoke break and that all was OK.

19:08 - Safeway requested an officer to help remove a male from the store. Officer contacted the subject and took him to his residence.

April 30

10:35 - Individual requested an officer to Bayside Apartments for a welfare check on a resident. Officer responded and requested an ambulance for an 83-year-old woman who was found responsive but had been lying on the floor for an undetermined amount of time. SVAC and SVFD responded.

14:30 - Fire officer issued burn permit to the dump for the next day only.

15:10 - Fire officer responded to a CO alarm in the 1800 block of Phoenix.

16:27 - Individual reported a dark colored truck with a light camper and Oregon plates playing loud, vulgar rap music in the campground across from Bayview Apartments on Sixth.

16:57 - Guardian Security reported a fire alarm at Glacier View Apartments. Maintenance called immediately to say that it was a false alarm.

17:54 - Individual found a bike on the trail near the slough before the public baths at the waterfront. He left the bike on the trail and it had been there for several days. An officer located the bike.

21:09 - Individual reported a male on a bicycle in the campground north of the pavilion who was intoxicated and urinating in the campground. No clothing description was available. The subject was advised that he was trespassed from Three Bears for a year and also a residence on Salmon Creek Road. He was also advised not to urinate in public.

22:08 - Individual requested an officer to check a vehicle parked across from Bay View Apartments playing loud music. Officer contacted the subject and who said that he would not play music any more that night.

22:15 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to the 34000 block of Seward Highway for a patient with high blood pressure. SVAC was cancelled.

22:52 - 911 caller reported underage persons in a vehicle at Safeway possibly getting ready to leave the scene. Officer found that they were not impaired or underage.

22:51 - SAST advised that an intoxicated person was walking down the highway inbound to Seward from the Pit Bar. Officer did not locate anyone.

22:37 - Earthquake: Magnitude 6.7, Loyalty Island region. No tsunami danger.

23:41 - Verbal warning for headlight and taillight requirements issued at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

May 1

04:49 - Individual reported two intoxicated males, who were being loud, sitting under the eaves at the Orca Building. Officer reported that the two subjects were leaving for the night.

15:30 - Parks and Rec received a call from the high school advising that some juveniles might be trying to kick in the door at the concession stand at the ball park. Officer gathered information for the SRO the next day.

16:00 - Caller reported a slow moving vehicle headed inbound from Nash Road.

16:20 - Individual reported that she lost a white mobile computer device near the start of the Iditarod marker.

16:20 - A Harbor employee advised that an individual was trespassed from city harbor property until he gets the proper insurance and has permission to return.

16:40 - Citation for speeding issued to Robert Dale Heise, Jr. on the Seward Highway between Sea Lion and Hemlock.

17:05 - Caller reported a cobalt blue older model vehicle on the Seward Highway outbound going about 2 miles per hour.

May 2

00:20 - Verbal warning for failure to dim bright and failure to carry valid license issued at Seward Highway and Bear Drive.

01:01 - Verbal warning for driving with revoked license issued. Officer advised the subject that he was not to drive again until he got the issue taken care of. Subject was also issued a verbal warning for unsecured load because he lost a pallet off the back of his vehicle and for expired registration.

02:29 - 911 caller reported that a passenger in his taxi had just exited his cab at .5 Mile Lowell Point Road and was threatening suicide. Officer responded. During the call, the subject jumped off the roadway into the bay. SVAC/SVFD dispatched. Officer assisted the subject in getting out of water and walking back up to roadway. SVFD/SVAC took the subject to the hospital.

09:51 - Frontier Fire advised they would be testing the fire alarms at the UAF building.

10:54 - Burn permit issued to 100 block of Dairy Hill for the day only.

11:47 - Individual at Breeze Inn requested an ambulance for a male in his 60s who was grasping for air and had lost bladder control. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

12:04 - 911 pocket dial.

14:23 - 911 emergency alarm: Subject accidentally hit the emergency alarm in the 300 block of Third. She remained on the line and said nothing was wrong and no assistance was needed.

15:32 - Individual reported a disabled vehicle on Caines Street.

16:32 - 911 misdial.

19:15 - 911 caller reported a fire across the main highway from the Holiday Inn. It was a controlled burn.

19:16 - A possibly intoxicated male in tank top with a backpack headed was headed southbound at Third and Madison. Contact with the subject was made at Third and Jefferson. He was able to care for himself and advised to stay out of the road.

20:15 - A warning for parking against the traffic was left on a vehicle near Seward Brewing Company.

21:19 - Verbal warning issued for failure to carry driver’s license.

20:31 - TYC notified SPD of a fire alarm at the center. The heat detector in zone one had been activated.

20:38 - Verbal warning issued for failure to carry driver’s license.

20:54 - 911 misdial.

21:50 - Citation for speed issued to Gerbie Paguirigan Alejandro near Three Bears. A verbal warning was given for wearing headphones while driving.

22:03 - 911: A 31-year-old male fall victim was bleeding from the back of the head across from the Seward Ale House.

22:08 - Fire officer requested an engine to the transfer site for a fire. Engine 4 was dispatched.

23:05 - 911 open-line call.

23:55 - 911 caller requested an officer to the Seward Highway near Napa Auto Parts for a male wearing dark clothing walking southbound in the middle of the roadway. Officer who was already in the area reported that he was unable to make contact with anyone fitting the description.

May 3

00:08 - Individual reported that a dog with a bell around its neck was creating a noise disturbance in the alleyway behind Christo’s Restaurant.

00:24 - Verbal warning for speed and for driving without carrying a license issued at Fourth and A.

00:32 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and South Harbor.

00:57 - Earthquake: Magnitude 5.3, near Kotzebue. No tsunami was expected.

01:10 - Verbal warning for taillight requirement issued at Seward Highway and Bear Drive.

01:14 - Verbal warning for speed and improperly displayed tags issued at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

01:48 - Verbal warning for speed and breaking curfew issued at Third and Jefferson. A juvenile passenger was found to be intoxicated with a PBT of .091 and was issued an MCA. Subject was released into the custody of her father.

01:52 - 911 misdial.

01:51 - Earthquake: Magnitude 5.1, near Kotzebue. No tsunami was expected.

03:22 - Motion detector alarm sounded in the 200 block of Third. Emergency contact for the building was called and had already been notified about the alarm. She said that it was a system malfunction but requested an officer to be present as well. Officer met with emergency contact and established that all was OK.

04:04 - Jason Beckman arrested for DUI at Ballaine and Adams after failing FSTs and having a PBT of .320. Officer transported Beckman to the SCJ, then to the hospital before taking him back to SCJ.

10:20 - Alaska State Troopers requested an SPD officer to Resurrection Bay Seafoods bunkhouse on Lowell Point for a subject who was making suicidal statements. Officer contacted the subject and transported him to PSMCC ER.

13:31 - Individual reported three males skate boarding down the sidewalk on Fourth.

14:18 - Individual reported that three males and one female were fighting in the South Parking Lot next to the Small Boat Harbor. Officer contacted several groups of kids playing with skate boards and bikes, and was unable to locate the group that was fighting.

15:40 - 911 misdial.

16:40 - 911 caller advised that her mother would not take her to her appointment at API. She said she was walking to the ER and wanted an officer to meet her there.

20:26 - Citation for expired registration issued to Wayne Douglas Morris near Safeway

20:44 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at stop sign given near Fourth and Railway.

20:59 - 911 caller reported her neighbor, who had gone up a tree after her cat, fell out of the tree and was unconscious.

21:20 - 911 caller reported a possible intoxicated driver who was inbound to Seward. Officers did not locate the white van.

22:59 - Verbal warning for failure to signal given near Marina Motel.

23:11 - Citation for not carrying proof of insurance issued to William Joseph Spiers near Essential One. Verbal warning given for failure to dim brights.

and friend were located in Bear Creek Trailer Park by Officer Brockman. The juvenile was released to her sister for the night and the friend was picked up by her grandmother and taken home to Moose Pass. OCS contacted.

21:00 - Earthquake: Magnitude 4.5, 40 miles northwest of Seward. No tsunami was expected.


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