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Police Log—Dec. 1, 2011


Editor’s Note: The bulk of the Police Log in the Nov. 24 was missing due to an error at the print shop. That Police Log follows.

Nov. 12

Editor’s Note: The remainder of the Nov. 12 Police Log ran in the LOG on Nov. 17.

02:48 - Individual reported that an intoxicated Native male adult in a camouflage coat was walking in the middle of Seward Highway near Safeway. Officer responded and contacted subject. Subject agreed not to walk in the roadway anymore.

06:31 - 911 caller reported that she and a friend had asked a male subject to leave a residence at Taroka Inn but he refused and yelled loudly at them. Officers responded and contacted the subject as well as two female subjects. Male subject was removed from the residence and transport was provided to the old AVTEC dorms on Third. Male subject also given a Disorderly Conduct warning for the night. PBT .156.

Nov. 15

09:00 - Individual from Mountain Haven stated that their fire alarms will be out of service for testing. At 11:09 the reporting party notified Seward Police Department that the alarms were back in service.

11:53 - Verbal warning for No Trailer Lights issued at Bruno and Teakwood.

14:15 - 911 caller reported a male on the ground having a seizure next to the SMIC Dry Dock, Alaska Logistics area.

14:31 - Officer requested a case number for an agency assist.

14:42 - Public Works reported that road signs were up on Fourth and Fifth from Railway to Jefferson.

18:51 - Verbal warning for Speed issued by the high school.

19:31 - Oriental Gardens reported they lost their power approximately ten minutes prior to calling. They did not know where to check for the outside breaker box. Electric was contacted.

Nov. 16

01:51 - Individual reported that the metal roofing on St. Peter’s Episcopal Church was flapping in the wind. At 03:46 an individual called an said that a 20-foot piece of metal blew off from the roof. Officer advised.

01:55 - Individual reported sparks flying from the transformer at Seward and Nash. Electric and Wastewater advised.

04:01 - Individual reported a line down with no power in the 1000 block of Second. Electric crew notified.

07:00 - Verbal warning for Speed issued at Seward and Hemlock.

07:05 - Individual from SVAC reported a tree in the road on Cedar and Evergreen.

07:32 - Several anonymous individuals reported trees down on the Seward Highway just north of the Pit Bar that were blocking the southbound lane. Reports of trees down and power out on Wilma, Amber and Old Exit Glacier Road. State DOT and Electric advised.

08:08 - 911 caller reported a truck on fire at Harborview Road.

08:46 - Individual from UAF reported the power was out at Alaska SeaLife Center. Electric advised.

09:21 - Individual from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church reported major damage to the church. Stated that it was very dangerous for people walking by.

10:29 - Individual reported a vehicle swerving all over the road from Exit Glacier Road to Sea Lion. Officer advised and was unable to locate.

16:40 - Anonymous caller requested an officer to LBMA for fighting. Officers arrived and contacted subjects who were having a verbal altercation. No police assistance necessary.

18:15 - The sister of Tom Boren reported that she had not spoken him since June. An officer went to his last known address and someone else was living there. A locate was placed in APSIN to contact SPD if he is located.

Nov. 17

02:23 - Individual reported that a man in an apartment at LBMA seemed to be intoxicated and was yelling, screaming and beating on the walls. Officer responded and was unable to contact anyone in the apartment He also advised that there were no longer any loud noises coming from the apartment.

09:11 - 911 misdial from Ballaine. Officer advised.

13:41 - Individual from the Electric Department reported that power has been restored to all.

13:45 - Individual reported a brown tarp on the power lines in the alleyway between Fifth and Sixth on A. Electric advised.

20:42 - Individual reported a vehicle driving ahead of him on Third near the Breeze Inn driving very slowly and swerving in lanes. Officer stopped suspected vehicle and contacted the driver. She was not intoxicated and all OK.

Nov. 18

00:03 - Individual from the Alaska SeaLife Center reported that there was a red light flashing near the door on one of the UAF buildings near the center that she had never seen before. UAF contact was advised.

12:44 - A boat was damaged while docked in the Small Boat Harbor.

13:37 - An ambulance was requested to 300 block of Adams for a male having a possible heart attack. SVAC and SVFD responded. The subject refused treatment.

15:45 - Citation for Proof of Insurance issued to Cristan Fry at Third and A. Verbal warning for Failure to Stop at Stop Sign.

17:59 - Individual advised of a truck that was driving very slow coming into town and crossed the center line at least six times. Officer contacted the vehicle at Fourth and Jefferson. Driver stated she was having difficulty seeing the lines on the road.

20:10 - Verbal warning for Not Having Headlights On issued at Third and South Harbor.

23:11 - Officer advised the 35 mph sign at Mile 1, Seward Highway had blown away. Monday morning day shift asked to call the city shop and let them know.

23:32 - Citation issued to Ebonystarr Johnson on Third between Adams and Jefferson.

23:45 - Betty Anderson arrested for DUI at Mile 6.5, Seward Highway and transported to Seward Community Jail.

Nov. 19

01:59 - Individual reported that her vehicle, a green Ford Taurus, was just stolen by an adult male from in front of the Alehouse on Fourth. Last known direction of travel was westbound on Washington. Officer located the vehicle with one occupant at Bear Mountain Apartments. Kenneth Moto was arrested for vehicle theft, DUI, MICS VI, DWLR, and probation violations and transported to the Seward Community Jail.

10:47 - Officer picked up a stray small light brown dog in the downtown area. The dog was released to the Animal Control Officer at the animal shelter.

13:52 - Verbal warning for Failure to Stop issued on Seward Highway near Sea Lion.

19:59 - Citation for Proof of Insurance issued to Cynthia Boyett at Teen Youth Center. Verbal warning issued for Brake Light Out.

20:03 - Individual on Second reported that the culvert to the north of his residence was frozen, and the creek was running over to the road and freezing. Public Works contacted.

21:24 - Individual from TYC requested an officer to check on a jacket that one of the boys came in with that smelled of marijuana. Subject allowed officer to search his jacket and nothing was found.

22:09 - Individual from the Seward Resort reported smoke and water coming from the bathroom at the RV park at the back side of the resort. It was steam from a broken pipe.

Nov. 20

23:45 - Verbal warning for Speed issued at Chevron.

00:28 - SAST requested officer to assist for break in at Wilma reported on 911. Trooper and officers responded. Reporting party reported that Melissa Salgado had broken in. Salgado was arrested for Criminal Trespass and transported to Seward Community Jail.

01:01 - Seward Alehouse reported a fight in progress in front of the Alehouse. Officers responded and made contact with subjects.

01:40 - Joseph Deer arrested at Tony’s Bar for Probation Violation per on-call parole officer and transported to Seward Community Jail.

02:34 - Verbal warning for Failure to Stop at Stop Sign issued at Third and D.

02:57 - Juvenile arrested for DWLR, DUI, MOCA, BTR and MCA at Three Bears and transported to Seward Community Jail. Juvenile was also cited for Failure to Stop at Stop Sign, Speeding and PBT Refusal. Glacier Towing impounded vehicle. Passenger Brett Campbell cited for Minor Consuming.

09:23 - Individual reported that from her window she saw a taxi hit her parked car on Third. Officer responded and contacted subject driving for Mike’s Taxi. He was unaware he had struck the vehicle. Victim was not pressing charges. The two parties would work out the matter between them. There was minimal damage.

11:19 - Individual called to report that Clifton Hayes, Jr. was missing. She stated that he fishes and leaves town a lot but always calls. Her family had not heard from him since Aug. 22. She also stated that she had contacted his girlfriend in Fairbanks and that he was supposed to travel there in September and never arrived. Officer advised.

16:02 - Verbal warning for Headlight issued by the Pit Bar.

17:37 - 911 caller requested medics for a person having a seizure at the Marina Motel. Patient refused treatment.

18:32 - Individual advised that while driving southbound she observed what looked like something exploding in the air about a mile north of Grayling Lake by the railroad tracks and there were three bonfires from it. Info given to SAST.

Nov. 21

11:19 - Citation for Expired Registration issued to Bryan Higbee on Railway next to Alaska SeaLife Center.

13:10 - Verbal warning for Speed issued at Essential One.

13:24 - 911 open-line call from Oak Street, Providence Medical Center, Mountain Haven, Eagle Lodge. Line still in use on call backs. Officer advised and contacted Eagle Lodge. All was OK.

13:42 - Individual requested a welfare check on a subject at Taroka Inn. Officer contacted subject and all was OK.

15:58 - Verbal warning issued for No Front License Plate at the Chamber of Commerce parking lot.

17:57 - Verbal warning for Headlight Out issued at C and Fourth.

19:25 - Individual reported she backed into a vehicle at Third and Washington causing minimal damage.

21:53 - Verbal warning for Speed issued on Third by Integrity Realty.

Nov. 22

00:45 - Individual advised that he backed into a rock while doing security checks at the South Harbor jetty area. Officer met reporting party at the scene.

08:10 - Verbal warning for Inoperable Headlight issued at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

08:22 - Verbal warning for Failure to Stop at Stop Sign issued at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

09:48 - Earthquake, magnitude 6.7, reported at 15.5 degrees South, 65.2 degrees West in central Bolivia. Depth 344 miles. No tsunami was expected.

14:38 - Verbal warning for Driving with Only Parking Lights Illuminated issued at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

15:59 - Verbal warning for Failure to Stop at Stop Sign issued on Seward Highway next to the Air Force Rec Camp.

17:18 - 911 caller stated a female fell on the ice and was in a lot of pain on Second.

18:44 - Verbal warnings for No Front Plate and Not Licensed in Alaska after Being Employed for More Than 10 Days issued at Alice and Resurrection.

19:32 - Citation issued to Tyler Wallace for Speed at the Chamber of Commerce parking lot.

19:56 - Gina Cordova arrested for DUI on Third by Terry’s Tires. She was also cited for Speed.

Nov. 23

00:16 - Investigative stop at Third and C.

08:51 - Verbal warning for One Inoperable Headlight issued on the Seward Highway by North Harbor.

08:39 - Individual reported a window in his vehicle was broken during the night at his residence on Bear Paw. SAST advised.

14:18 - Juvenile was referred to Juvenile Justice for MICS IV.

14:18 - Case issued for MICS IV. Stephen Faigel listed as defendant.

18:32 - Verbal warning for Failure to Use Headlights issued on the Seward Highway at Three Bears.

Nov. 24

00:48 - Verbal warning for Inoperative Taillight issued on Phoenix near Bear Drive.

08:38 - Individual advised that they found a golden retriever with no collar on the highway. Animal Control Officer advised. The reporting party found the owner and the dog was returned to them.

21:14 - Tony’s Bar requested that an officer remove an intoxicated female with no ID who refused to leave. Officer responded and placed the female in protective custody. She was transported to Seward Community Jail. 22:09 update: subject identified at Rashawn Sagoonick. She was cited for Minor Consuming Alcohol and Minor on Licensed Premises.

22:13 - Officers received information about a possible underage party located at the Taroka Inn and responded. Chad James and David May were contacted, and cited for Minor Consuming Alcohol.

Nov. 25

11:45 - 911 caller requested an ambulance meet him at the Bear Creek Fire Department. He was driving southbound to Seward and his passenger was having trouble breathing with nausea. SVAC and BCFD responded.

20:23 - Individual stated a black Suburban was in the ditch across from Storm Chasers with people moving around inside. Unknown injuries. There were no people in the area upon arrival of SVFD. (SVAC was on another call). SAST arrived on scene and met with the owner of Storm Chasers to make sure the building had not been entered.

21:03 - Individual stated that two vehicles almost hit them while walking on Dimond. One vehicle was a dark Subaru and the other a white Ford Escort. Information given to officers.

Nov. 26

15:06 - Citation for Expired Registration issued to Bruce Schutter on Third near the Breeze Inn.

15:51 - Individual reported she noticed her vehicle had a dent in the back left side after she had been in Safeway.

16:29 - 911 misdial from 900 block of Second. Caller was dialing a 491 cell phone. Everything was OK.

21:07 - 911 caller from the Breeze Inn Motel stated that she was in fear for her life. Officer spoke to her regarding her options.

Nov. 27

13:13 - Public Works Department posted signs for road closures on Fourth and Fifth between Jefferson and Adams.

17:41 - Individual reported an older male with a long white beard and brown coat riding his bicycle on the bridge northbound near the Pit Bar. No reflectors on the bike. Information given to SAST.

19:55 - Citation for Proof of Insurance issued at Seward Highway and Sea Lion. Verbal warning for Brake Light Out and Crossing the Fog Line. Negative DUI.

Nov. 28

09:56 - Verbal warning issued for Operating a Vehicle with an Expired Registration in the Essential One lot.

11:06 - SVFD issued a Burn Permit to Alaska Waste, 3200 Diamond St. Permit was dependent on wind conditions dying down. If wind died down the permit would be valid for Nov. 29 and 30.

14:29 - Individual reported that his vehicle broke down in the Safeway parking lot. He contacted Glacier Towing and they would be working on the vehicle the following morning. Reporting party stated that he had notified Safeway and was given permission to leave the vehicle there for the time being.

15:53 - 911 misdial from Mountain Haven, Eagle Lodge, 203 Oak St. All sounded OK in the background.

20:58 - Command 1 would be en route to Anchorage and returning Wednesday night.

21:43 - SAST advised of a three-vehicle motor vehicle accident with entrapment and multiple injuries. FC requested LifeGuard to stage at the hospital. BCVFD requested SVFD also assist. Road was closed for SAST for at least two hours.

22:06 - Verbal warning issued for No Front Plate and Expired Tags issued at Seward Highway and AFRC.

22:30 - 911 abandoned call from the Railroad Terminal. Called back and spoke with an employee on the coal train working for the railroad. He was dialing 9 to get an outside line. Everything was OK.

22:33 - SAST requested an officer respond to the hospital to get a blood draw from two subjects involved in the above motor vehicle accident.


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