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Port City Players to stage 'Church and State' this weekend


November 9, 2017 | View PDF

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Skyler Davis (left to right), Mark Stoneburner, Linnea Hollingsworth, and Danielle Rabinovitch will star in the production "Church and State" this weekend at the Rae Building.

The Port City Players of the Seward Arts Council are bringing the RKP production to Seward for two performances at the Rae Building.

Seward's Linnea Hollingsworth has been driving to Anchorage twice a week for rehearsals for the spirited, thought-provoking production that deals with what to do with the gun-violence problem in the United States. A candidate is running for the Senate and has presented himself to his voting constituents with an opinion. But he is shocked, confused, and challenged by yet another mass shooting, including one in Las Vegas.

Dialogue between the candidate and his wife and campaign manager is heated, emotional, tender and often funny-a real slice of life.

It would seem that Hollingsworth, who plays Charlie's wife, Sara, and the would-be senator, played by Mark Stoneburner, were really married to each other, the way they go back and forth between arguing and kissing. And when Sara gets tipsy, well, that's not a scene to forget.

Charlie's campaign manager, Alex, played by Danielle Rabinovitch, captures well the difficulty of dealing with a candidate who considers changing course in the middle of a campaign.

There is only one other actor, Skyler Davis, who plays several parts-and you aren't even aware they are really the same person.

Artistically directed by Dick Reichman, the play is well-cast, fast, gripping and with enough comic relief to balance such a serious subject.

Following the 75-minute performance is an optional discussion of guns in our society, what to do, if anything, to reduce or eliminate mass shootings, homicides and suicides.

"Church and State," which recently finished a run of shows in Anchorage, plays on Saturday, November 11, at 7 p.m., and on Sunday, November 12, at 3 p.m.


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