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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

May 5

1715 - RP advised that Resurrection Rentals water tank truck was using the fire hydrant near Sea Lion and Dimond and did not turn the water off. Officer turned off the water and contacted owner who advised he would take care of it.

1724 - Ambulance requested to Mountain Haven. SVAC dispatched.

1743 - D80 requested a single engine from SVFD and a single tinder from BCVFD for a brush fire at the Waste Transfer Facility. SVFD/BCVFD dispatched.

1803 - D80 requested an Officer to the Waste Transfer Facility referencing a patron refusing to leave after hours. Officer contacted subject who agreed to leave the area.

2057 - RP advised that someone entered her room and stole her wallet. RP called again advising that she had misplaced her wallet. Officer contacted her.

2101 - RP advised he is repossessing a vehicle at 4th Ave.

2148 - Requested an Officer to the Yukon Bar to assist with a patron refusing to leave. Officers advised MICHAEL AVIRETT that he is trespassed from the Yukon Bar.

2151 - RP advised that an intoxicated female walked into her house. She was able to get the female out of her house and then witnessed her walk into her neighbor’s house. Officers contacted STEPHANI BRUCE at Ballaine Blvd and left her in protective custody at the hospital.

2244 - RP advised that three intoxicated subjects where in the roadway near Chevron. RP advised that the male was pulling his pants down in the road. Officers were unable to locate the subjects.

2317 - Fire response requested to Lawing Dr for a house fire. MPVFD/BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.

May 6

1731 - RP requested to speak with an Officer about subject possibly abusing her dog. Officer was unable to witness any activity.

1959 - RP reported a power outage on Merlin Dr. Electric company notified.

2310 - RP requested an Officer drive by the 6th Ave alley because of dogs barking. Officer was unable to locate.

2025 - A 5.2 magnitude earthquake occurred at 2025 40 miles north of Homer. No tsunami danger from this earthquake

2324 - RP requested a non-emergency transport from Oak St to Seward Providence Hospital.

2337 - Officers discovered the door to Seward Brewing Company unlock while on foot patrol. The owner was contacted and responded.

May 7

1659 - RP advised that someone was drinking in a van outside the Yukon. Officer located the van at Safeway. Verbal warning given to COLIN FLYNN for open container.

1659 - Seward Providence Hospital requested a transport for the flight crew to the hospital.

2120 - RP requested an Officer to 4th Ave to assist with subject. Officer transported subject to Old Nash Rd.

2246 - 911 open line received from (989)-******** near Dieckgraeff Rd. No sounds of distress. No answer on callback. Information given to Officer.

May 8

1545 - SAST dispatched MPVFD near Mile 56 Seward Highway. Cooper Landing Ambulance also dispatched.

1614 - Citation issued to ROBERT CROSBY at mile 2.5 Seward Highway for speed.

1653 - RP requested an Officer to 4th Ave for a disturbance. Officers arrested JORDAN GETZ for reckless endangerment, reckless driving, driving with suspended license, driving with no insurance. Citation issued for failure to register vehicle.

1744 - RP requested an Officer to the Citizens Ballfield for suspicious activity. Officer advised a group that they could not use ballfield without Parks and Rec permission. P&R gave permission for the use of Citizens Ballfield.

1849 - Truck was reported to be blocking roadway at Madison St between 3rd and 4th Ave. Officer did not see any road obstruction.

2338 - Citation issued to SEON YOUNG HAM at 3rd Ave and Madison St for speed.

2355 - Citation issued to TANYA ROCHELLE SHOBER at Fifth and B Street for failure to carry proof of insurance, verbal warning given for inoperable headlight.

May 9

0059 - NTWC reported a 5.1 earthquake 60 miles SW of Adak Alaska, no tsunami is expected.

0417 - Verbal warning given to JASON TIMOTHY AIGELDINGER at Seward Highway and Bear Drive for inoperable headlight.

0435 - Verbal warning given to SANDRA MARLENE PELISCHEK at Jessie Lee Drive and the ballfield road for inoperable headlight.

0819 - Transfer Facility requested an Officer for a naked man that is walking up to their door. Officer responded and made contact with subject and provided transport to meet with a counselor to contact PSMC.

0929 - Verbal warning given to CONNOR TAYLOR and MEGAN COPPOCK for illegal towing of vehicles at Seward and Safeway. Vehicles were parked at Chamber of Commerce till they could get a tow truck.

1000 - RP reported that someone took his mail that had his license plates, AK LIC/JHF271, from the Post Office. Officer spoke with RP.

1202 - Ambulance requested to the end of Munson Court. BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1220 - Ambulance requested to Seward and Nash. AST advised. BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1243 - Citation issued to VICTORIA BUSTAMANTE while driving at Seward and Hemlock for failure to register vehicle and verbal warning for speed.

1243 - AST reported BOLO on silver Chrysler Sebring, AK LIC/GJB938 with a suicidal male travelling from Soldotna to possibly Seward. Officers advised.

1537 - 911 misdial from City Hall. Unknown exact location. Officer advised.

1617 - RP turned in a driver’s license found at Railway Ave.

1617 - RP advised of a van with no taillights and no working blinkers driving southbound on 4th Ave in the downtown area. Information given to Officer. Unable to respond at the time.

1754 - Harbor 360 Front Desk requested an Officer at 4th Ave for a report of vandalism on a car. Officer spoke with the victim.

1915 - RP requested an Officer at B St for report that someone broke into his tent. Officer spoke to victim. RP requested patrol’s in the area.

2001 - RP requested an Officer to Seward Highway for a disturbance. Officer arrested ROCKY AHLEFELD for disorderly conduct.

May 10

0000 - NTWC reported a 6.0 earthquake 80 miles SW of Adak Alaska. No tsunami is expected.

0806 - RP requested an Officer to Marathon Drive for a male refusing to leave the residence. Officers responded.

0930 - P&R turned in a Visa Card. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

1000 - KFNPS will be doing flare exercises from 1430-1530 today at SMIC.

1133 - NTWC reported a 5.0 earthquake located 85 miles SW of Adak. No tsunami expected.

1427 - RP reported that her vehicle was keyed at the Day Spa. Officer spoke with RP.

1703 - An ambulance was requested to Spring Creek Correctional Center. The patient was transported to the hospital.

1735 - AST requested assistance to Nash Road for a possible domestic disturbance involving a firearm. Officers responded and backed up AST.

1932 - Citation issued to KURTIS WOOLERY for speed at the Safeway parking lot.

2003 - An ambulance was requested to the Seward Harbor at D Float. The patient was transported to the hospital.

2018 - A citation was issued to JERRY DIRKS at the Seward Highway and Airport road for speed.

2035 - A verbal warning was given to GARRETT HANSEN for speed at 4th Avenue and Ballaine Boulevard.

2129 - RP reported that there was a suspicious individual near the Icicle Seafoods dock that was peering into cars and was carrying a knife. Officers responded and were unable to locate anybody matching that description in the area.

2156 - A verbal warning was given to MARGARET HEDGES for headlight requirement at the Seward Highway and South Harbor Street.

2317 - RP reported that there were vendors by the corner of 4th and Washington Street that were playing music very loudly. Officer responded and made contact with the vendors and they agreed to turn the music down for the night.

2353 - RP dorm attendant requested an Officer at 3rd Ave for a report of a party happening down Exit Glacier Rd. Officers forwarded information to AST.

May 11

0553 - Parking warning left on vehicle at 4th Ave for parking against flow of traffic.

0710 - Officer transported subject from Adams St to the Hospital.

0842 - RP turned in expired medications for destruction at City Hall.

0845 - Seward Resort turned in expired medications for destruction at City Hall.

0855 - RP called 911 stating she was coming to the PD to speak to an Officer reference restraining orders. Officer spoke with RP and requested no case.

1154 - Citation issued to TANACHAI TESAPAD while driving at Seward and Airport for speed.

1255 - PSMC heard a report of a small plane that was upside down at the airport. Officer responded. SVFD/SVAC dispatched. Officer advised one person injured that went to ER via POV. NTSB, Kenai Flight Service and State DOT advised.

1626 - RP reported that there was a Jeep that’s parking brake went out in front of the Orca Building on Third Avenue, and struck another vehicle in front of it in the parking lane. An officer responded and found that there wasn’t any visible damage to either vehicle and left notes on both vehicles.

1655 - A magnitude 4.5 earthquake occurred at 1655 AKDT 75 miles south of Kodiak, Alaska. No tsunami is expected to occur.

1830 - (JUV) called 911 to report that his mother was intoxicated and was being verbally abusive. Officers responded and made contact with the mother and another subject. JUV was left in the care of a friend who lived in the same unit and was sober.

1927 - All waterfront campgrounds, parks and pavilion.

2058 - Officer with Coast Guard Sector Anchorage reported that subject has passed away at sea while on a commercial fishing boat.

2107 = A citation was issued to ALEXANDER TSIRIGOTIS for speed at the Seward Highway and Airport Road.

May 12

0541 - Citation issued to GARY PAUL BADER at Fourth and Van Buren for expired registration.

0938 - AST responded to X Float to meet with the F/V for the death investigation.

1054 - Officer assisted AST with Death Notification

1110 - RP, came to SPD to talk to an Officer about Fraud. Officer spoke with RP.

1430 - AST requested additional manpower for lifting at X Float. SVFD dispatched.

1435 - HMO requested an Officer to the HMO for intoxicated pedestrians. Officer responded.

1736 - A welfare check was requested at Dimond Boulevard. SVAC and SVFD were toned out for policy and were then told to stand down as a neighbor was able to assist.

1745 - RP reported that there was a hit in run at the Safeway parking lot between a white truck and JGM687, a Toyota Camry. The truck left the Safeway parking lot and headed southbound on the Seward Highway towards town. The Camry was estimated to have about $250 worth of damage with a broken taillight. Officer was unable to locate the suspect vehicle.

1904 - RP reported that he had lost his wallet.

2031 - RP reported that her roommate was driving and was believed to be intoxicated as she was day drinking throughout the day. Officer responded and was unable to find the vehicle.

2138 - A verbal warning was given to AMANDA BARKER at 3rd Avenue in front of Terry’s Tire for speed.

2141 - SAST requested an ambulance to 26 ½ mile Seward Highway for an MVA. Both patients were transported via Lifemed to Anchorage for medical treatment.

May 13

0132 - Ambulance requested to Bayview Trailer Court. 911 caller then reported patient had been picked up by another party and cancelled the ambulance. Response forms sent.

0345 - Ambulance requested to D Float. Patient is out of the water. SVAC/SVFD responded and forms sent.

0420 - NTWC reported an earthquake mag 4.0 35 miles NW of Homer Alaska, no tsunami expected.

0531 - NTWC reported an earthquake mag 4.2 60 miles NE of Palmer, Alaska, no tsunami expected.

1149 - AST arrested TIMOTHY KRETSINGER at 16 Mile Seward Highway for DUI Drugs. KRETSINGER was transported to Seward Community Jail.

1308 - RP reported that a lab mix dog that was blonde in color was running around on the beach near the culvert. ACO was advised and responded to the area and spoke with the complainant.

1600 - Officer requested a case for public appearance for the bike rodeo held today at the police department.

2016 - RP dialed 911 by mistake when trying to dial 411 for information.

2036 - Caller reported that the electrical yard gate near SBS was left open. On call electrical notified to close the gate.

2117 - Ambulance requested to Fourth Avenue. SVAC/BCFD responded and forms sent.

2255 - Troopers requested agency assist at Nash Road for a possible shooting.

2258 - Ambulance requested to stage code black at Preachers Pond for a possible shooting at Nash Road. Ambulance cancelled by troopers.


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