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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Dec. 12

0733 - A citizen reported a vehicle straddling the fog line at mile 3.5 of Nash Road. An officer responded and found it to be not completely in the road. A flare was set by the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle was notified. They claimed that the vehicle had run out of gas and is getting gas to move the vehicle around noon.

0857 - An elevator call was received from the Orca Building as they were testing the 911 elevator function. An officer responded. An employee called to report that it was a test and that everyone was fine and that there was no emergency.

0920 - SAST dispatched Moose Pass Fire Department for a smoke in motorhome call in Hope. Hope Fire EMS and Cooper Landing Fire Department were also toned out.

1742 - RP called 911 to report that her house at was full of smoke possibly from the wood stove.

1835 - A dog was found near 2500 Dimond Blvd and was brought to the shelter. It is a Pit-Mix. A male called and advised the dog was his and he would pick it up tomorrow.

2026 - A female called 911 to request an ambulance for back pain.

Dec. 13

0233 - An ambulance needed at Seward Mountain Haven for a female that fell and has a possible left hip fracture.

0439 - The State DOT snow plow driver reported a vehicle parked in the roadway over the fog line on Stoney Creek Bridge at mile six of the Seward Highway. Attempts to contact owner met with disconnected numbers. Vehicle owner is revoked. Information forwarded to SAST dispatch.

0526 - A female reported that a male had sexually assaulted her. She was calling from outside city limits. Call forwarded to SAST dispatch.

0951 - PSMC requested an ambulance to transport a flight crew.

1025 - Guardian security called regarding a commercial smoke alarm at 139 4th Avenue, the Seward Brewing Company. The alarm was determined to be a false alarm triggered by cement work in the basement and the Fire Chief responded to the building to reset the alarm.

1545 - RP reported a theft. Suspect is the RP’s daughter and took various items belonging to the complainant.

1728 - An ambulance was requested to Seward Mt Haven Raven Lodge for a non-emergency transport to the hospital

2043 - SAST requested medics for an assault victim. An 18 year old ran to the neighbors advising that his parents assaulted him.

2053 - A citizen requested patrol in the area of Resurrection and the Kenai Fjords housing reference a noise and a strange odor. Officer patrolled the area and found a box truck at the Marina Motel that was retrofitted as a metal work shop.

2122 - Verbal warning issued to a driver on Seward Hwy at Sea Lion for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Dec. 14

0941 - An ambulance was requested by PSMC to transfer a flight crew.

1723 - Given to driver for crossing the center line near 6th and Adams.

Dec. 15

0549 - Ambulance requested for a 74 year old female with chest pain and trouble breathing.

1258 - Ambulance requested to Safeway for a male having a seizure. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

1341 - 911 pocket dial from the Senior Center. No sounds distress. Officer advised.

1402 - D80 responded for report of sprinkler alarm at the High School. D80 advised KPB Maintenance were working on the sprinkler system setting off the alarm.

1435 - RP called wanting to know the non- emergency number to speak with an Officer. RP spoke with Officer.

1611 - Ambulance requested to for a 55 YOA female who burnt her hand on a pan. Response form sent.

2255 - RP requested an Officer to in reference to her caretaker, whom she said is abusive. Officer responded and contacted the RP and the caretaker. Officer advised that the incident had been reported in the past and is unfounded.

Dec. 16

0756 - Seward Middle School is having a scheduled fire drill at 1323 today.

0823 - RP reported of a medium sized black dog that was walking with a limp behind the Jesse Lee Home and Kimberly Court Apartments. An officer responded and no dog matching that description was found in the area.

0842 - A verbal warning was given to a driver for driving without headlights on when dark on the Seward Highway and Hemlock Street.

0928 - A verbal warning was given to a driver for driving with an inoperative headlight on the Seward Highway and Coolidge Street.

1020 - RP with the State Police Barracks out of Uniontown, Pennsylvania called in regards to finding a firearm registered to a Seward resident. An officer was notified and no contact was made at the residence.

1626 - RP requested an Officer to Safeway after someone turned in three bank cards belonging to three different people. Contact information was unavailable for the owners. The cards were entered into Lost / Found.

1722 - RP advised of a door to a city utility room which was left open at 4th and Adams. Officer responded to shut the door, but advised he could not secure it. The Parks and Rec manager was notified.

1829 - Ambulance requested to a house near Three Bears for an intoxicated 52 YOA male who is not completely alert and fainting. Officer assisted and the patient refused transport.

Dec. 17

0605 - 911 call received. Call hung up before saying anything. AST dispatch advised that a woman said she was having trouble breathing. Officer contacted the caller at her residence. She advised that she was feeling better and did not need medical assistance.

1110 - RP reported that she had backed into an electrical box on 417 1st Street. She claimed that the green box had been damaged, but no wires were exposed. The on call lineman was advised.

1308 - RP called regarding a driver who was driving erratically and nearly hit two pedestrians in the Essential One parking lot. An officer responded to the area and the vehicle couldn’t be located in the area.

2154 - Verbal warning given to owners of a vehicle that was parked in the street at 3rd and A Street. Owners came out and moved the vehicle.

Dec. 18

0047 - An earthquake measuring 6.5 occurred near the western Carolina Islands, southwest Pacific Ocean. A tsunami may be generated in the source region. Updates hourly.

0053 - Verbal warning issued to a driver on 4th Avenue at the Breeze Inn parking lot for driving without lights on.

0235 - The previous earthquake near the western Carolina Islands is no longer a tsunami concern.

1705 - A citizen, who refused to give his name, reported two young males wearing dark clothing, shooting at road signs with a BB gun near AVTEC on 2nd Ave. Officer responded and was unable to locate the subjects.

1924 - GREGORY CHILMAN was arrested by the State Troopers for DUI and transported to the Seward Community Jail. Subject was cited and released.

2009 - Verbal warning issued to a driver in the Chevron parking lot for driving with headlights off after dark.


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