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December 15, 2016

The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Dec. 5

0625 - RP called from WA state to request a welfare check on his four children. Officer advised and spoke with RP.

0712 - Ambulance requested for an 87 y/o/m with difficulty breathing.

1055 - D80 issued a burn permit for SCCC through Friday, Dec 9th.

1345 - Burglary alarm sounding at 32273 Old Nash Road. SAST advised.

1715 - An LG cell phone was turned in to the Police Department. It was found by the ATM at First National Bank. Returned to owner.

2008 - Verbal warning issued to driver in Safeway Parking Lot for speed and improper display of tags.

Dec. 6

0339 - The Edgewater Hotel has a broken water pipe.

0818 - USFS will be doing a prescribed burn between Mile 37-42 Seward Highway. AST advised.

0840 - SCCC will be doing a burn permit today.

1004 - 911 pocket dial at SMIC. No sounds distress. Officer advised.

1314 - Seward Middle School requested an Officer for a student that was creating a disturbance. Officer responded.

1354 - RP requested an Officer reference a theft. Officer responded.

1400 - RP accidentally dialed 911. No sounds of distress. Officer advised.

2124 - Chief Athey advised dispatch that there is an alarm going off inside the Seaman’s Mission. He checked all around the building and found nothing suspicious. Dispatch left messages on all phone numbers available for the Seaman’s Mission and the answering machine advised that they would be closed until January 10, 2017. Unable to locate anyone.

Dec. 7

0020 - RP requested a welfare check on a female as he had been trying to reach her since 1700 hours. RP called back a few minutes later and the female had called in the interim.

1113 - Elementary School did a scheduled fire drill.

2103 - RP reported of an individual who he believed to have been homeless and was staying in the Post Office. An officer responded and contacted a male who said that he would leave once he finished his dinner.

Dec. 8

0155 - Citations issued to driverat 3rd and Jefferson for driving without valid license and failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warnings given for driving right of white line and obstructed drivers view.

0738 - RP ANONYNOUS advised of a female that looked in distress walking near the Breeze Inn. The female looked underdressed for the weather. Officers contacted a female and learned she had been taken against her will and assaulted. Arrest warrants have been issued for the offender.

0839 - An earthquake occurred with a magnitude of 8.0 near the Solomon Islands. No Tsunami Expected.

0840 - Fairbanks Trooper noticed an audible alarm coming from a residence in Old Mill Subdivision. There was no sign of fire and there was a note taped to the door giving the name and number of the resident. Bear Creek Fire Chief was notified. Owner is out of the country but called and is aware.

1009 - Burn permit issued to Alaska Waste at the transfer site for today and tomorrow. Normal conditions apply

1023 - A 911 call was received from the ORCA Building elevator. The automated system did not allow dispatch to speak with the occupant. SVDF notified. A second call was from the elevator repair man who said there was a problem with the phone.

1052 - A citizen came to the Police Department to turn in medication for destruction.

1417 - A 911 call was received from the OTIS Elevator repair man at the ORCA Building. The phone was repaired and this was a test call.

1850 - RP reported an attempted theft from her vehicle while she was still in the vehicle at 225 3rd Avenue. STEWART reported that she believes the suspect to be her neighbor at her apartment. An officer responded and attempted to contact the individual. There was no contact made with the suspect.

1920 - SAST reported an individual wearing dark clothing walking in the road southbound on the Seward Highway at mile three. An officer responded and found no-one walking in the road in the area.

2114 - RP called to report that he found someone siphoning gas out of a pickup truck. RP advised that when he saw the individual, the suspect took off in a dark blue sedan and left all of the siphoning equipment. Officer responded and contacted the owner of the pickup. Four gallons were siphoned out of the vehicle. Officer was unable to locate the suspect.

Dec. 9

0847 - RP requested an Officer to the High School for a parking issue. A vehicle was parked in an illegal parking space. Driver moved the vehicle

1010 - An earthquake occurred with a magnitude of 6.9 near the Solomon Islands. No tsunami expected in our area

1135 - SVFD responded to a home for a strange odor in the home. Nothing was found and the resident was advised to call his landlord.

1150 - MARK QUINN was arrested in the Police Department lobby on a Felony warrant. He was processed in the SCJ.

1545 - A citizen reported of a medium sized husky mix dog that was near the south side entrance of City Hall. Seward Community Shelter was called and an ACO responded and the dog wasn’t in the area.

1544 - SGT from Spring Creek Correctional Center requested an ambulance for a 31 year old male who was having a seizure who had a history of seizures. SVAC and SVFD responded. SGT called back and reported that responding units can stand down per their medical team.

1617 - RP reported of an older individual who was walking on the side of her property by her propane tank. When asked what he was doing, he told the RP that he was looking for Steve. The suspect left in a vehicle with another individual. An officer responded and didn’t make contact with the suspect or the vehicle. Officer spoke with RP.

1756 - Citation issued to a driver for driving with expired registration at the Safeway parking lot. Verbal warning for inoperative taillight.

2041 - Citation issued to a driver for failure to carry and provide proof of insurance at the Seward Highway and Iron Drive. Verbal warning given for headlight requirements and improper display of tags.

2102 - RP reported a tan SUV driving without taillights northbound on the Seward Highway from Three Bears. An officer responded and no vehicle was found matching the description.

Dec. 10

0318 - Ambulance requested to Mountain Haven for a 72 year old male with a G.I. bleed. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

1057 - RP reported that she lost her black canvas wallet and multicolored tote bag at the Seward Post Office. An officer was notified and the property was logged in lost and found.

1134 - An employee at the Seward Post Office reported a found small brown suede purse. There was no identification in the purse and has been logged in lost and found.

1215 - RP reported that he lost his white iPad that was in a black case. It is unknown where and when it was lost. The lost item was logged in lost and found.

1217 - RP reported that there was a boy around the age of 12 that was with another woman, and the boy’s boots were tied together with climbing rope. The two got into a Ford Explorer. An officer responded and contacted the parent and confirmed that nothing was out of the ordinary and that the child was playing around with rope.

1842 - Verbal warning issued to driver for expired registration at Third and Van Buren. Verbal warning given for inoperable headlight. Driver was also advised to switch her registration and driver’s license over to Alaska.

1932 - Verbal warning given to driver for inoperable headlight at Third and D St.

Dec. 11

0844 - PSMC requested an ambulance to transport a flight crew.

1855 - Citation issued to driver at 3rd and Van Buren for failure to carry driver’s license and failure to provide proof of insurance. Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign.

2011 - An ambulance was requested at Bayview Apartments D5 for a 42 year old male with a diabetic reaction


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