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'Captain's Mast' - Aug. 27, 2015


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Aug. 2

11:30 - Caller reported a Great Alaskan Holidays motor home passing on double yellow with oncoming traffic when it was inbound to Seward.

12:59 - 911 caller reported a male and female in a physical altercation at Fourth and Port Avenue. The male struck the female and she went down. When they separated the male headed down the Seward Highway and the female down Port. Officer met with the reporting party who said that the couple met again and went into the Holiday Inn Express. Officer contacted two subjects. Neither party was injured and denied assault. Stated that one of the parties fell due to mild intoxication. Verbal only.

13:50 - Individual found an ATM card in the machine at First National Bank.

13:51 - Individual requested his 9mm pistol be placed in safekeeping while he visited at Spring Creek Correction Center

15:33 - A moose and her twin calves were between Sea Lion and Hemlock near Forest Acres. Tourists were crowding her and the caller was afraid someone would get hurt. SAST notified to let wildlife officers know. Officer cleared the area.

17:59 - Cruise ship terminal employee requested an ambulance to the cruise ship.

17:59 - Individual reported a vehicle aggressively tailgating her.

18:20 - Individual reported that her roommate was threatening her life. Officer responded and was told that the residence is in trooper jurisdiction.

19:02 - Individual reported that were two individuals who appeared to be sleeping in the area of Alice Drive and Phoenix Road. Officer contacted two subjects, who were both intoxicated and took them to Icicle Seafoods.

19:21 - Individual reported a Mountain Haven resident accidentally pulled a fire alarm in Fireweed Lodge. SVFD responded.

20:47 - Verbal warning for speed given at Safeway parking lot.

21:35 - Citation issued for speed to David Schepps at Mile 2.5 Seward Highway.

21:35 - Troopers requested an SPD officer to assist at Salmon Creek for a disturbance.

22:41 - Troopers requested an SPD officer to the hospital to watch a suspect being medically cleared.

23:58 - SAST requested an officer to assist trooper with a possible domestic violence assault involving a weapon on Caines Head Road. Officer responded with trooper. Officer took Amber Stackhouse, who had a warrant, to SCJ.

Aug. 3

02:06 - Individual reported losing his black Gucci wallet the night before somewhere near Icicle Seafoods. It contained two identification cards, credit cards, cash and a pay check. Another individual who was with the first individual the night before also reported loosing his iPad somewhere in the same area, probably near the bike path.

02:07 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Erwin Frye at Sixth and Monroe. Verbal warning for expired registration.

Aug. 4

00:54 - While doing a security check of the bike tunnel, officer contacted two subjects and gave them a verbal warning for open container and disorderly conduct. Also advised them of their revoked/suspended driver’s license status.

02:37 - Individual flagged an officer down at Benson and Swetmann to report he was looking for his Shepard who had gone missing four hours prior.

02:48 - Officer noticed a garage door open at Bear Drive even though no one appeared to be present at the residence. Officer attempted to contact the residents in person or by phone but was unable to. Officers entered the residence through the open garage door in order to clear the house, contacted the residents who said everything was OK and they forgot to close the garage door.

09:59 - Wallet found in the bay and taken to SPD.

11:24 - Individual reported a vehicle parked in the right of way at Third and Adams. Reporting party said the vehicle had been parked there for several days and not moved.

11:27 - Individual reported an accident at the boat launch area involving two vehicles. Officer, SVAC and SVFD dispatched. SVAC reported no injuries and SVFD could stand down.

13:55 - Individual received three bills from insurance companies for a vehicle involved in accidents. The reporting party did not own the vehicle.

14:07 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Seward Highway and Port Avenue. SVAC and SVFD dispatched. SVFD reported the correct location Seward Highway and Resurrection.

14:22 - 911 caller from SCCC requested ambulance and AST. The caller was not able to give further information. SVAC, SVFD and AST dispatched.

Aug. 5

00:33 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Third and Van Buren.

00:50 - Verbal warning issued for speed at Third and Jefferson.

01:22 - After FSTs, Joshua Cozby arrested for DUI in the south parking lot of Bayview Apartments. Subject taken to SCJ.

03:35 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Third and Monroe.

04:28 - Individual reported that his intoxicated cousin ran away from him in the area of First and Jefferson around 2 a.m. and had not returned back to where they were staying on Second. Officer did not contact with anyone matching her description while on patrol.

04:52 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

04:54 - 911 caller requested two ambulances. SVAC/SVFD transported the subjects to the hospital.

05:30 - Individual reported a disturbance at the apartments he owns above Tony’s Bar. Officer contacted two subjects who were given disorderly warnings.

06:47 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Third and Van Buren.

09:13 - Individual reported a vehicle had been parked in the same space for weeks on Madison between Second and Third. Also said SPD had placed a sticker on it. The sticker was removed. The reporting party said the vehicle was close to her lawn, she could not completely mow it. Officer put an abandon vehicle sticker on it.

11:02 - Individual reported he lost his wallet the day before and was unsure where it was lost.

12:02 - Individual reported a female on a recumbent bicycle feeding birds in front of the Branson Pavilion and causing a nuisance.

12:22 - Reporting party believed someone tampered with her vehicle overnight because of some damage around the hood.

13:16 - Individual lost the keys for her vehicle. A key would made in Anchorage due to it being a specialty key with a microchip inside. The reporting party said the vehicle should be moved by Friday afternoon.

16:28 - SAST requested an officer to assist at Victor with Dean Lohman who was at a residence from which he was trespassed. He is also 10-99 for a misdemeanor, $300, FTA warrant from SAST. SAST advised again of our policy. Trooper was coming from Cooper Landing. Lohman was gone on officer arrival but was located and arrested by troopers

16:35 - Individual from Lithia Auto Sales requested extra patrol in their car lot by Safeway after 20:00.

18:51 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance given to Melody Shawn Storie on Seward Highway at Sea Lion. Verbal warning for speed and failure to carry registration.

22:01 - Individual from the Oaken Keg reported a male refusing to leave. Several 911 calls reported three to six males were vandalizing the store and had assaulted the clerk. Subjects got into Greg’s Taxi heading north on the Seward Highway. Officers arrested Philip Yei and Goanar Thok Buon, and charged them with criminal mischief and assault, and interviewed a third subject during a traffic stop on Greg’s Taxi. Oaken Keg wanted to press charges as the store was destroyed and the subjects tried to come over the counter at the clerk.

22:37 - 911 caller from Bear Mountain where she was with a male named Jay who was intoxicated and refusing to come down. The caller said she was capable of coming down even though they were at about the tree line but the male was off the trail and refusing to cooperate. Rescue was paged and a discussion held with the troopers who determined that there would not be a night rescue and that they could not force the male to come down. The female was proceeding down and would call from time to time to let SPD know her progress.

23:36 - 911 call reported a fight in progress at the Yukon. Officers found two males who had an altercation but neither was injured or wanted to press charges.

Aug. 6

00:47 - Individual requested assistance at the Yukon with a male who refused to leave. Officers contacted the subject who had already left the bar and was getting into a taxi.

06:17 - Subject was contacted to confirm she made it off the mountain safely. She said she decided to spend the night on the mountain since it was too dark for her to safely descend and that she was half way down the mountain and did not need assistance. She was going to go check on her male companion who went off trail the night before and would call Dispatch back if he had not yet returned home.

07:21 - Individual reported a charter company left a lot of trash, including plastic bags, on the dock in front of their slip.

09:49 - Glacier Family Medicine reported a call in which the caller sounded like they were having difficulty breathing or an asthma attack.

10:31 - Individual reported a suspicious male with dreadlocks wearing all dark blue clothing and on a skateboard. The reporting party said the first time she saw the male he was headed to the skate park and not carrying anything. The second time he was carrying a bag.

11:05 - Individual reported Isaiah Hubbard and another subject in the ditch with beer cans around them near the city shop’s north end. Hubbard was charged with MCA, Criminal Trespass I and Theft III. The other subject was free to leave the scene.

11:38 - Officer reported a dog loose at Essential One.

14:01 - Individual requested to file a police report for fraudulent charges on his credit cards.

14:15 - Officer requested to be advised if campers from William’s campground report their alcohol being stolen.

14:48 - Individual requested at the campgrounds near Bayside Apartments. A subject appeared to be smoking marijuana and intoxicated. Officer responded and no contact with subject made.

15:08 - Individual reported an intoxicated male blocking the bicycle pathway by the bay.

15:28 - Individual reported that a subject was calling them and making false statements about an owner of the inn who killed himself.

15:51 - Ambulance requested at the airport to transport the flight crew to the hospital

16:35 - Troopers arrested James Morgan for DWLR and driving on a limited license. He was taken to SCJ.

17:00 - Individual reported meeting a man at the post office who said he lost his wallet and asked if she had any work he could do. She answered that she did and took him to the residence. After doing so, she became afraid that she should not have done it.

18:38 - Caller reported a RV and a SUV blocking the alley near the temporary Lithia car lot near Safeway. The alley was clear on SPD arrival

19:15 - Individual from the Holiday Inn called again to report that the subject continued to call about the owner’s death and the death of others which was false information. He was also threatening the general manager and left messages the reporting party wanted the officer to hear.

21:18 - Citation for speed and for expired registration issued to Vinod Kodivattil Pathrose at Mile 2.5 Seward Highway.

21:19 - Individual reported that while he was in a restaurant someone hit his rental vehicle. Driver of the other vehicle left a note with his information on the reporting party’s vehicle.

22:06 - Individual complained about the parking lot at Safeway being cleaned after 22:00 quiet time.

Aug. 7

08:28 - Individual reported an accident with two vehicles at Fifth and Adams. Reporting party’s vehicle received minimum damage.

10:37 - Individual turned in a found Oregon driver’s license.

11:23 - Individual reported she lost her Illinois license.

12:01 - 911 medical call from Icicle Seafoods. SVAC and SVFD responded.

12:39 - Detour notice to Seward Mountain Haven at the intersection of Oak and Hemlock. It would be closed to traffic Aug. 8 and 9 due to construction.

13:11 - Individual requested a welfare check on his brother who had been on a drinking binge. Officer, SVAC and SVFD dispatched.

16:30 - Individual reported she lost her cell phone with a life-proof case at the second hand store.

16:51 - SAST requested an agency assist at Metco for a male screaming in the parking lot. The subject was living in a storage unit. Trooper was en route from Crown Point. The subject was pulled over at Third and Van Buren, and a verbal warning given for following too close.

17:47 - PSMC called about a subject. He was taken to SCJ for protective custody. PBT .208

18:01 - Caller reported a driver in a white sedan passed her in the turn lane. The vehicle turned down Exit Glacier Road and the call was given to SAST dispatch.

18:24 - Individual reported that squatters were camping in a space that the reporting party paid for. Parks and Rec notified and crew was en route. The squatters had previously been evicted but had not moved out.

18:45 - Individual found a tablet at the laundromat.

18:46 - Individual from Polar Seafoods requested that Mary Elizabeth Moore be trespassed from Polar Seafoods. She was arrested for Violation of Conditional Release and taken to SCJ with a PBT of .138

20:06 - Caller requested an officer to Spring Creek Campground about a go-cart that was parked close to the caller’s camper. He was afraid it might roll into his vehicle and he also reminded SPD that go-carts are not allowed in the campground. Go-cart was not operable.

20:46 - Individual reported a camper in Forest Acres Campground was burning signs. Parks and Rec handled the situation.

22:33 - Individual reported skateboarders on Fourth across from the fire department weaving in and out of traffic.

22:53 - 911 caller reported a male lying on the corner of Monroe and Jefferson. Subject was placed in protective custody with a PBT of .193

23:11 - Individual reported her purse was stolen from the Holiday Inn laundry room between 8 and 9 p.m. It was pink and gold with an “L” on it. It contained $300 and an iPhone 5. Reporting party called to say she found her purse.

23:09 - 911 caller reported an intoxicated driver in a tan Ford Bronco. Just as she called the driver pulled into a driveway just past Scott Lake Road.

23:54 - Verbal warning for head light requirement given in the Essential One parking lot.

Aug. 8

00:13 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Jacqueline Erle-Galdos at Seward Highway and Sea Lion. Verbal warning for no tail light.

01:57 - Individual reported the man in the apartment above her was being loud. She was complaining about constant stomping and general noise. She believed it was purposeful. Officer gave a disorderly conduct warnings to two subjects.

02:36 - During a security check at Japp Creek water tower, officers advised a subject that there was no camping in the area. He agreed to move in the morning,

06:00 - Officers kicked off the Silver Salmon Derby at the Mariner’s Memorial.

06:42 - Citation for speed issued to Ryan Beisel at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

07:05 - Public Works advised that the intersection of Hemlock and Oak would be closed for construction.

11:10 - Earthquake: Magnitude 5.1, 55 miles southwest of Nikolski. No tsunami expected.

13:31 - Individual reported a crow with a broken wing. SeaLife Center hotline was called and a message left.

13:52 - Verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign given at Third and C.

15:37 - Individual found a cell phone.

15:45 - Assistance manager of Ace Hardware reported that one of the railroad cars that were used as privately-owned storage had the door open and people had been coming and going from it. Officers found the car empty. Ace provided a new lock and secured it.

16:24 - Individual reported she lost her black wallet with a gold zipper somewhere in the vicinity of Saltwater Safari’s office.

16:14 - A female boater in the harbor called to report she got into a verbal argument with another boater. Nothing was damaged and no threats were made. Officer informed her it was a civil matter.

18:12 - Individual went into SPD and claimed her lost cell phone.

19:15 - Verbal warning for open container given to two subjects in the bike tunnel. Advisement that they could not loiter in the tunnel.

20:02 - Individual reported his dog was taken from outside of Safeway where he left it tied up and was possibly at the animal shelter, according to bystanders. The reporting party checked the shelter with an officer but his dog was not there. Officer obtained the name and address of the person who took the dog from Safeway and contacted her at her residence. She was advised by officer to call the police the next time she suspected a dog of being abandoned. Officer transported dog back to owner.

22:00 - Citation for speed Issued to Travis Glenney-Tegtmeier at Mile 2.5 Seward Highway

22:04 - Individual reported that a subject was outside of this room at Icicle mods, making threats of physical violence against him. The watchman intervened and when officers arrived they contacted the reporting party, watchman at the mods and the subject at his room in the outbuilding on Alameda. Subject was given a disorderly conduct warning.

Aug. 9

00:22 - Citation for speed issued to Mahendra Kakadia at Third and A.

01:09 - Citation for open container issued Phillip Whitley at Seward Highway and Dairy Hill Lane. Verbal warning for speed and failure to carry driver’s license.

01:49 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Matthew Summers at Second and C. Verbal warning for white light to the rear.

02:02 - Three 911 callers reported a fight in progress in Thorn’s parking lot at Fourth and Washington. Trevon Zyskowski arrested for Assault IV and taken to SCJ.

07:04 - Individual reported medical waste was left in the parking lot of the church at Fifth and Washington. Officers found no medical waste. Officers contacted Michael Luby sleeping in a vehicle with the engine running. Luby was arrested on DUI charges. Luby was a witness from the assault in the last entry and was intoxicated when interviewed by police earlier. Officers took him to SCJ.

08:10 - An ambulance requested at the cruise ship terminal.

12:33 - 911 misdial. An individual pocket dialed 911. No one was on the line and no sound was heard. On call back, a message was left. Dispatch has received 95 911 calls from the number. Officer did a welfare check at the residence and the husband said that when his wife goes into the freezer at work, her phone dials 911.

13:48 - Caller reported a muffler in the middle of the Seward Highway between the two bridges.


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