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'Captain's Mast' - April 17, 2014


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

April 5

23:37 - Caller reported a sickly looking eagle near the side of the road on Lowell Point. Caller said the bird was near the train in the Silver Salmon Derby campsite. Reporting party was provided the number to the Alaska SeaLife Center hotline.

April 6

00:25 - 911 misdial.

00:58 - SAST transferred a 911 call from a woman who fell into the riverbed just past The Pit as she was walking home. SAST said a trooper was en route. Officer and SVAC responded. Trooper contacted the patient at Mile 4. She reported no injuries and SVAC was canceled at her request. Trooper took her to her residence.

06:37 - Caller reported a sickly looking eagle in the middle of the road near the one lane bridge on Lowell Point Road. ASLC was contacted and they said that they would respond. Reporting party called back soon after and said that the bird had died. ASLC was updated and they said that they would still respond and collect the bird.

08:23 - ASLC reported that they were unable to locate the eagle on Lowell Point. Reporting party called to say that the eagle flew into the power lines at the curve to Silver Salmon Derby camping area. SAST was notified. ASLC caller requested that the power company be notified that the eagle was stuck or tied somehow to the power line near pole LP20-1-10. Electric Department called to say he was on scene and saw the ASLC people leaving. He was going to take the eagle down and requested they return to pick it up.

09:00 - Earthquake: Magnitude 4.1, 55 miles northeast of Iliamna. No tsunami was expected in our area.

11:53 - Individual reported that there were boulders on Lowell Point Road near where the road department put out caution signs. Approximately 1/4 of the road was covered and there was debris all the way to Storm Chasers.

12:02 - Caller reported that she lost her wallet the night before. She visited the Yukon and Alehouse, and rode in a cab. The wallet was a gold Coach wallet containing her driver’s license and a debit card.

14:03 - SAST reported that they received a call that there was another slide on Lowell Point Road.

14:25 - Thomas Arthur Buchanan turned himself in on a warrant issued from Soldotna AST

15:27 - Individual reported three males were wrestling in the cul-de-sac near the airport. Reporting party said that one of the males had a rifle, and that two of the males pushed the third male to the ground. Officer contacted three high school males who said that they were just playing around.

17:48 - Individual requested a civil standby at residence on Bear Drive. Officer attempted to contact the resident by phone to coordinate the standby. Resident later advised that he would coordinate a different time for the standby.

18:24 - Individual reported vehicles leaving Spring Creek/SMIC area driving at high speed headed towards the Seward Highway.

21:01 - 911 caller, AVTEC dorm attendant, requested an ambulance for a 20-year-old female who was not responsive. Officer contacted the female who was taken to PSMCC ER.

23:34 - 911 misdial.

23:49 - Earthquake: Magnitude 5.4, depth 19 miles, 95 miles west of Attu Island. No tsunami expected.

April 7

00:29 - 911 misdial.

01:12 - Individual from the Breeze Inn requested an officer to the hotel for man who refused to leave the property. Officer contacted Adam Magnussen who left the property and was advised that he is criminally trespassed from the location indefinitely.

06:11 - Verbal warning for failure to maintain own lane on Bear Drive near Essential One.

09:15 - Officer requested a case for criminal mischief.

10:00 - 911 misdial.

10:49 - Officer requested a case for possible neglect family (child). OCS submitted a report of harm.

11:08 - Wells Fargo Security advised of a hold-up alarm triggered at the Seward location. Officer made contact with the manager who said all was OK and the alarm was hit in error.

12:07 - Caller reported a possibly intoxicated pedestrian staggering in and out of the roadway by AVTEC on Fourth. Officer made contact with the subject and provided him transportation to his residence.

12:32 - Individual turned in meds for destruction.

13:55 - Stop work order advisement issued by the State Fire Marshall to City Express for immediate halt of construction and work on the premises.

15:08 - 911 caller reported rocks fell from Lowell Point Road and hit the a vehicle. Officer provided information and a case number for his insurance company.

15:19 - 911 misdial.

15:52 - 911 open-line call.

20:08 - Individual reported a puppy running around Jefferson and Ballaine.

April 8

03:36 - SAST requested medics to Mile 26 Seward Highway after receiving a call from APD advising of a vehicle accident in the area involving three people. Exact location was unknown and contact with the reporting party was lost. There was report of at least one serious injury. SFD was requested for mutual aid. MPVFD searched the highway up to Mile 68 and was unable to locate wreckage.

05:53 - Citation for speed issued to Michelle Wilson at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

06:16 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Jacob Howard at Third and Jefferson. Verbal warnings were given for speed, failure to carry registration and failure to obtain an Alaska driver’s license.

08:01 - 911 pocket dial.

13:36 - Individual from Holiday Inn Express requested an officer come to check on a female who had been sitting in their lobby who appeared to be under dressed for the weather and seemed to have no place to go to. Officer contacted the subject who said she was waiting for a ride.

14:35 - 911 pocket dial.

15:50 - 911 caller reported horses running on Resurrection Boulevard.

21:38 - David Miles remanded himself to SCJ on a warrant.

22:31 - Individual reported a dog had been barking for the previous hour in the 200 block of Marathon Drive. Reporting party said that the dog barks throughout the night.

April 9

22:56 - Trooper arrested Maurice Kvasnikoff for driving with no valid operators license at Third and Van Buren. Kvasnikoff was taken to SCJ.

00:40 - Verbal warning for speed and window tint given at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

11:39 - 911 hang-up call.

13:48 - 911 misdial.

03:09 - Officer came upon a fuel pump in the middle of the road on Port Avenue near the Seward Highway. On-call public works was contacted to assist in its removal. Photographs were taken of damage sustained to the sidewalk from the pump. Carlile employee contacted the officer on scene and advised that the pump was his. He assisted in the cleanup of the diesel which leaked from the pump.

23:15 - Individual from Safeway reported that one of the employees witnessed a male jump inside the dumpster on the side of the building. He was wearing coveralls, and had some Safeway bags and a flashlight. The officer did not make contact with anyone in the dumpster or in the area.

April 10

06:38 - 911 misdial.

09:45 - Individual reported yellow/orange smoke from the Harborview/Lost Lake area. A trooper advised he saw the smoke and drove to the southern fork location where the brush fire was. AST stated no assistance was needed and the property owners were clearing their land.

10:15 - PSMCC advised they would be testing their security alarms.

12:35 - AVTEC advised they would be conducting training exercises at the SMIC area involving flares and smoke.

17:45 - Caller reported that at F53 a hose was running. The harbor on-call was contacted and a message left. Harbormaster was also notified and he advised that it ran all the time as an overflow to keep the water from freezing.

20:07 - 911 caller requested an ambulance at 400 block of Second for a female who was semi-responsive with low blood pressure.

21:05 - Troopers arrested Charles Joshua Petty for motor vehicle theft, providing false information, MIC6. Also arrested was Rozlynne Dallas Demoski for Criminal Mischief V and MIC charges. Both subjects were taken to SCJ.

22:13 - Individual reported he saw an old beat up pickup driving on the grass at the playground. It was shining its lights on the skateboard area. Officer made contact with the subject who was advised to leave since it was too dark.

23:08 - Caller reported that a dog in the 200 block of Marathon Drive had been barking for hours and it was the fourth night in a row that it had been barking. No contact with owner.

April 11

00:08 - Individual reported that the dog reported in the disturbance earlier in the evening in the 200 block of Marathon Drive had been left outside for the last four days and they suspected neglect. Officer gained access to the yard and found that the dog did not have food or water. Officer attempted to catch the dog in order to take it to animal shelter but was unsuccessful. He left food and water for the dog, and information concerning case was left in ACO box.

09:08 - A burn permit was issued to Afognak Logging property for Friday and Saturday with a cease order for high winds.

10:57 - Caller requested an officer to the Seward Post Office for a man who urinated in front of the building. Officer contacted the subject.

11:00 - Individual requested to speak to an officer regarding a motor vehicle accident with damage. Officer advised that due to location it would be a AST case.

11:32 - Individual requested a welfare check on her daughter who was staying at Bayside.

13:38 - Earthquake: Magnitude 6.6, depth 93 miles, near the coast of Nicaragua.

12:55 - Individual reported a male wearing a red hoody, black backpack with a skateboard who was riding in the traffic and displaying rude gestures to drivers.

12:56 - Caller reported a vehicle was swerving between the lanes and turned west at Seward Plumbing. Officer contacted the vehicle at AVTEC and advised negative DUI.

13:40 - Alaska Regional Flight requested SVAC to the airport for a medical transport.

17:19 - SAST requested a unit to back up a trooper at Mile .5 Nash Road. Trooper was on a traffic stop and doing FSTs. Trooper arrested Falani Solomona for DWLR and MIC VI.

18:04 - Individual reported that she went kayaking, left her cart unattended and someone took it. She posted on facebook about the theft and someone responded and said they knew who took it.

18:10 - 911 misdial.

18:34 - Verbal warning for speed given on Seward Highway near the airport.

21:47 - Caller complained about the noise coming from an apartment in the 1000 block of Fourth. She said they were being very loud and she heard a woman scream and then crying. Contact was made with Christopher Glenn Zeutzius, a female victim and a male. Christopher Glenn Zeutzius was arrested for DV Assault IV. Zeutzius was trespassed from Bayside Apartments.

April 12

00:20 - Verbal warning for white light to the rear issued at Seward Highway northbound and Van Buren.

01:35 - 911 caller reported a black hatchback four-door vehicle was driving with no lights on and swerving heading northbound on Seward Highway near Nash Road. AST notified.

04:29 - Caller reported that she had nowhere to sleep for the night. Officers contacted the reporting party at Third and Van Buren, and furnished transport to her back to her residence on Fourth.

09:46 - ACO responded to the 200 block of Marathon Drive and picked up a dog and took it to the shelter.

10:09 - Caller reported that his wife threw something at him and left a mark on his back. His wife left the residence at Salmon Creek Trailer Park. He was referred to SAST.

11:48 - Guardian Security advised of an alarm at the Teen and Youth Center. They had just stopped by the police department to get the keys. While on the phone with Guardian Security, they received a cancel.

12:55 - Caller, a DV advocate, said she witnessed a female being pushed across the street by a male in the 400 block of Fourth. Contact was made with the parties involved.

13:35 - Individual reported that his mother was threatening suicide. She had called her relatives and said she wanted to end it all by jumping in the bay.

05:26 - Caller reported a dog that had been barking every night for a week in the 200 block of Marathon Drive. Officer attempted to call phone number for the owner listed in the phone book but the number was disconnected. Officer drove by the residence but was unable to make contact with anyone. Information was again forwarded to ACO.

12:15 - Earthquake: Magnitude 7.6, 21 miles deep, Solomon Islands No tsunami was generated.

15:45 - Individual turned in a wallet. Owner collected the wallet.

19:50 - Female was placed into protective custody and taken to SCJ.

22:47 - SAST requested an officer to Grouse Street to assist a trooper conduct a consent search. Officer contacted Alexandra Elkins, Richard Hulslander and Jenifer Cummings in a vehicle. All three parties were issued misdemeanor complaints for MICS VI.

23:53 - Verbal warning for speed given at Mile 1 Seward Highway.


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