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Primary Election Candidates - U.S. Representative (Two-year term)

Election 2012


On the Ballot

Alaska Republican Party

Terre Gales (R)

Don Young (R)

John Cox (R)

Alaska Democratic Pary

Alaska Libertarian Party

Alaska Independence Party

Sharon Cissna (D)

Matt Moore (D)

Doug Urquidi (D)

Frank Vondersaar (D)

Debra Chesnut (D)

Jim McDermott (L)

How do you plan to serve the people of Alaska?

Matt Moore
Democrat • Anchorage

Dear Alaskans-

My plan to serve the people of Alaska is simple: I will continue to visit your communities, see how you live, where you work, and how you work. I will be quiet and listen to your concerns, share your thoughts, address your issues, embrace our differences and treat every Alaskan with respect, not just because I am your representative but because I too am an Alaskan. I must understand our federal issues with a local, regional, and statewide perspective. I will be the strong advocate Alaskans deserve, and I will put Alaska’s needs before mine and before any political party.

I will rely on the citizens input and seek assistance from experts when needed to achieve our goals. We will determine answers to complex problems like why our salmon are not returning to our rivers. I will use a common sense approach to problems and work hard and smart on every project. Any community that is involved or affected by development/project, will have a voice regarding the process and the project.

We must make affordable energy available to Alaskans now and in the future. It is imperative that we move away from diesel fuel generated electricity and move towards cleaner, affordable alternatives that can be counted on for decades to come. I will secure funding to make this a reality. We must have jobs to realize our potential and jobs to build an economy.

I will not forget who and what I am. I am an Alaskan, an American, a father, a husband, a business man, a geologist, and a hunter. My values will remain unchanged and my morals will remain intact when I am representing you in Washington. You won’t have to worry about what I will say or how I will act. We share a dream, a vision of what Alaska should be. I will work hard with you to make that dream a reality while preserving the Alaska that is so hard to define but so easy to love.

I will also serve our state by being at work, on time, every day while in Washington. I will not have one of the worst voting records in Congress, rather I will have one of the best. Any day absent from work is a possible missed opportunity for Alaska. When we combine attendance with the fact that Alaska has only one representative, missing a vote is not an option for us. I will seek assignment to these House Committees that directly impact Alaskans:

• Appropriations

• Natural Resources

• Energy and Commerce

• Armed Services

• Veteran’s Affairs

• Small Business

• Education and the Workforce

I am very good at forming long term relationships, identifying issues, prioritizing goals, building consensus, and bringing diverse groups together to implement active solutions. I know that we cannot accomplish much if we work by ourselves. I also know that great things can be done when we work together.

I appreciate your vote in the primary and look forward to serving as your representative.


Matt Moore

Don Young
Republican • Anchorage

Anyone who knows me knows that my tenacity and commitment to serving Alaskans – all Alaskans – is my best asset. I am often asked why I still want to be the Congressman for all Alaska and the answer is simple - my motivation today is as strong as it was four decades ago when I first ran for Congress. I want to continue fighting for Alaska and make this state a better place, not only for my daughters and grandchildren, but for all Alaskans.

Over the years, although we have had many accomplishments such as the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, protecting our important fishing industry and ensuring that seniors have access to health care, I believe that we are at a critical point. We have a President who is hell-bent on locking up Alaska through over-regulation and stopping or delaying almost all resource development. And we have countless federal bureaucrats who don’t understand Alaska and believe that they know how to raise our children better than we do.

If elected, I plan to once again, go back to Washington D.C. and do what I’ve always done – stand up for what’s right and fight on behalf of Alaska. This means holding federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Park Service accountable when they attack Alaska’s economy and Alaskans’ right to use our land. The federal government has grown far too big and far too bureaucratic. Quite frankly, most federal agencies have lost sight of who they serve – the American people.

As you know, Alaska is not a one-size-fits-all state and throughout my career I have strived to represent not just one region, but the entire state of Alaska. Whether it’s defending each and every Alaskans’ right to keep and bear arms or continuing to fight for the development of Alaska’s natural resources – my number one priority has always been to stand up for Alaska.

There is no doubt in my mind that this administration’s policies are to blame for America’s staggering unemployment rate, skyrocketing deficits and outrageously high gas prices. As Alaska’s lone Congressman for 40 years, I have been your voice in the U.S. House of Representatives and with your support this fall, I look forward to continuing to work on behalf of Alaska.

As you head to the voting booth this fall, keep in mind that Alaska has only one Member of the U.S. House of Representatives. That fact makes it all the more important that our state has someone experienced serving them in the House who can go toe-to-toe with other delegations, many of which have many more members. With the continued support and encouragement of Alaskans, we can continue to move Alaska forward.

Sharon M. Cissna
Democrat • Anchorage

I started as a volunteer soon after coming to Alaska on a two-week vacation. Immediately volunteered to take on office work at the Air National Guard. They were in high gear responding to the August 1967 floods in Fairbanks where I had landed just two weeks before. The beginning of ‘coming home’ introduced the challenges that Alaskans face no matter where we live.

Through the years I have worked steadily with Alaskan communities. My work was early with high risk youth, small companies, corporations and individuals statewide self-employed in a 27- year publication business. I went back for advanced training years later and worked with families and individuals as well as youth. Again, was introduced to issues across the state. That work drove me to the State Legislature. I have served for 7 terms (14 years.) I started focused on health, then education, then found as I worked in a quietly key committee: Community and Regional Affairs, that every department in state government held a very large role in health.

After surviving cancer in 2003 I pledged to focus on key issues. Following are findings of Legislative Health Caucus, which I founded and have been the co-chair for the past nine years.

Lessons learned the importance of careful partnering with the Federal programs that impacts eight State departments in major costly ways:

• Local energy options that impact health outcomes can be developed through Community and Regional Affairs if funding and oversight are not used.

• Corrections Departments’ steady increase in the number and treatment needs of severely mentally ill in prisons must stop to allow appropriate and successful help to those with neurological and behavioral illnesses

• Education: Health literacy and physical education are need in public schools to pave a path to existing jobs unfilled in health, and to build a healthy workforce for locally developed

• Environmental Conservation: Safe water, environmental safety impacts on health weaken communities needed to partner for the promises of Alaska’s future

• Health and Social Services: Children in need of aid occur as funding is cut to travel to communities, to understand though working closely with each, to identify the best strategies to strengthen families

• Labor: Health workforce development across the service sectors can increase jobs, while new workers create an environment for community-wide success

• Department of Safety: Domestic violence and sexual assault grows when governments do not remember the importance of maintaining Constitutional values

• Housing for the homeless stops the impacts the many without a place to live and how that affects their immediate families, communities and governments

• Legislative Committee/Finance Structure often does not give a comprehensive view of complex issues cutting across traditional program and service boundaries.

The state has almost 300 communities spread across the state. I began visits to what now equals 70 Alaskan communities. It is an ongoing introduction of the wealth of human resources in our highly diverse state.

• The oath of office required by all Legislators, to uphold the Constitution, I’d taken seven times prior to my shocking TSA 2011 event at Sea-Tac Airport.

John R. Cox
Republican • Anchor Point

Let me start by saying how proud I am to live in our great state. We have the most beautiful land and hardest working people, which is why I choose to live here and why, as an elected official; I will do everything in my power to help our state thrive. I will do this as a representative for the citizens of our state, not as a politician promoting his own personal interests.

Many fellow Alaskans have shared their concerns and most of us are in agreement on what our state needs. We need a leader who can help boost our local economy, control the Federal Governments budget, offer new solutions to energy and oil production, and re-align our school systems. We need a leader who has principles and values, and who can work well with those in Washington D.C. to effect change without sacrificing my moral values.

Like many Alaskans, my values are conservative. I believe in keeping Alaska free of statewide income sales tax. I would like to facilitate business investment in Alaska by developing energy and technology infrastructure. I would like to create jobs and decrease the bureaucracy that prevents development, and advancements in our economy as well as the quality of life. We can do this by opening up exploration, development, production, and commercialization of Alaska’s resources with the help of NPRA, OCS and ANWR. We have all the resources we need under our feet to enrich our state. I would like to allow for more timber harvesting. I believe in upholding a person’s right to work by opposing card checks. I would like to reinstate trade programs into our school systems and offer advanced technology training to our children so they’re more connected to and prepared for the outside. On a broader scale, I believe in protecting 2nd Amendment rights, and supporting the pro-life movement, and oppose the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) and any other involvement that the UN wishes to impose on the United States that would intrude on our Nations sovereignty.

I’ve worked on community development projects in Alaska in the past, like working to install a natural gas line. So far I’ve spent my life protecting our great nation and I willing to do it once again if given the chance once again.

I truly believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and not red tape, rules or the governments over reaching authority. Let us move towards greatness once again with the control of the government by the people, and not control of the people by the government. It’s time our government restore confidence in America. If elected I will dedicate my time and effort toward upholding those fundamental principles on which our great nation was founded. August 28th I am asking you for you vote. Allow me the opportunity to prove to all Alaskans that I have what it takes to make our State and Nation strong once again.

Doug Urquidi
Democrat • Eagle River

As your Congressman, the buck stops here. I will put Alaska First! I believe that Alaskans should expect from their only Congressman... honest service with loyal, faithful, interested, and unbiased service to All Alaskans. He should not be in it for self-enrichment or be part of any fraud or corruption.

I am tired of government wasting money on studies after studies. That money must be used to put you to work. The lower 48 has a vast infrastructure, but we in Alaska, do not. We must build new roads opening up Alaska. In 1974, Governor Hickel built the Hall Road and opened a truck route to the Arctic. Without it, the Alaska Pipe Line would not exist today. This was the last major road project in Alaska.

I am a Blue Color worker, have BA in Project Management, and am Journeyman Electrician. Am an average guy who wants to help the people of Alaska.

Alaskans First: Creating more good paying jobs, Improving the school system, advocating Women’s Rights, will Introducing a bill to aid DV victims, and military members with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I will fight for more funding for Alaska Military, Alaska is strategic for National Defense.

As an Alaskan, I want to be sure that I am representing all Alaskans; I believe each and every Alaskan deserves to share in the resources and wealth of Alaska. I will work to open Anwar. It’s time we start thinking outside the box. We will tap the oil under Anwar by selling leases for horizontal drilling, and start putting that oil in the pipeline to increase it to a million barrels per day.

A way to create more jobs in Alaska is to expand the development of Alaska natural resources. On the North Slope, there are thousands of cubic feet of natural gas being burned off daily. If we were to expand the existing power plant, diverting the gas being burned off to this larger power plant, that power plant can then generate a vast amount of electricity, which can be sent underground to the power grid at a reasonable cost. This would turn the North Slope natural gas into a cheap source of power for Alaskans. This additional power can help offset the overall cost of electricity in the state and this power could be delivered to the grid within a year. This will create thousands of high paying jobs for Alaskans.

We Alaskans are very independent people and are very proud of our way of life. I consider myself to be a moderate Democrat. I will listen to ideas and work with constituents. As a Congressional candidate, I have a bill ready to help Alaskans, therefore, when we get to Washington, we hit the ground running. I plan to work close with Senator Mark Begich get bills passed, creating jobs for Alaskans.

Tuesday August 28th Vote Doug Uquidi, Alaska’s key to the future. Not a politician, just an ordinary guy for a unique State. For more information visit

Jim C. McDermott
Libertarian • Fairbanks

I’m presently working for the University of Alaska, Fairbanks as a business instructor. I am presently the faculty adviser for the Associated Students of Business, SCORE small business counselor. Prior to these responsibilities I worked as the Director Small Business Development Center. I have taught at Wayland Baptist University and for Axia College. I was a student advisor for the UAA & an Educational Advisor and college recruiter for DeVry University. I have a best friend & wife named Janet. We have a blended family consisting of seven children, and many wonderful grandchildren.

I believe that supporting competition in health care is government’s best role. Additionally, allowing Insurance companies to sell insurance across State lines will most likely lead to the free market having a positive impact on lowering consumer costs on a national basis.

My approach is for a fiscal common sense approach, we need a national budget that we can adhere to and we need to ensure a positive cash flow for our Nation. Still, one of the most positive ways to increase our national revenue is to encourage small business growth via less government intrusion and to stop the practice of “Big Government & Big Business” crony capitalism.

I haven’t met an Alaskan yet who doesn’t enjoy clean air & water but the vast majority also believe we can be responsible environmental caretakers while responsibility harvesting our natural resources. I actually live in Alaska year round and I understand the incredible high cost of natural gas & oil here within the Interior of Alaska and within many of our Bush communities. Responsible harvesting of our natural resources presents Alaska with a potential economy boost and hopefully elevates the cost of energy to Alaskans.

As a retired USAF military member I do see a real value of not only America’s “AK Top Cover” but also as a great military launching point to much of the globe. If we need to make cuts in the military why not close bases overseas or significantly reduce our military presence around the world. Today’s technology allows us to quickly launch from a platform here in Alaska.

My opinion about coal-fired power plants: I’m a Alaskan and to think of the mothballed Healy coal plant since the 1990’s while I’m paying incredibly high energy bills here in the dead of a Fairbanks winter which is enough to make me upset. Our AK coal is clean, our technology allows us to operate dramatically more improved emission system, and EPA officials need to spend one 6 months long winter here in Fairbanks Alaska.

If & when crony capitalism is indentified then the government needs to stop this unethical behavior.

I would like to see much of federal control of Alaskan land put under the authority of Alaskans. Let Alaskans decide how our land will be protected and utilized. Get much of the federal government controlled lands into the hands of Alaskans.

Jim McDermott, M.S.

AK Libertarian for US Congress


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