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Police LOG — April 12, 2012


March 31

01:08 - Individual reported a bark colored truck swerving all over the road just south of Three Bears on the Seward Highway. Officers responded and contacted driver in the Breeze Inn parking lot. Subject given a verbal warning to get her license renewed the next morning.

02:40 - Individual from Thorn’s reported several people playing around the equipment at Fourth and Washington. Officer responded and spotted a group of people waiting on the other side of the street. All was OK.

04:33 - Caller reported that her 9-year-old son was possibly having an allergic reaction at Salmon Creek Trailer Park and would like an ambulance. Caller was contacted and informed that the ambulance en route. Caller stated that the child was fine and they did not need and ambulance. Reporting party was having issues with her ex and would like to talk to an officer. She was put in touch with State Troopers.

14:48 - Markel Basargin arrested at Mile 51 Seward Highway on Dillingham Trooper warrant for Failure To Appear with $250 bail.

14:56 - Avalanche reported on Lowell Point and the on-call Public Works crew was called out.

19:18 - Individual from Idaho reported that a subject had been calling, and harassing her and others down there. Officer contacted subject at Christo’s and issued a verbal warning not to contact the subjects in Idaho.

19:38 - Reporting party, On Star, advised that a driver was stuck in the snow blocking both lanes of traffic at First. Vehicle was moved with the help of officer and another motorist.

20:29 - Verbal warning for Speed issued on Seward Highway between Sea Lion and Hemlock.

20:52 - Individual advised the wooden gate to the horse corral was down. She was concerned the horses might get out. Notified owners.

April 1

00:26 - Individual requested an ambulance for an 80-year-old male with breathing problems.

02:00 - Individual from the Yukon Bar requested an ambulance for a 61-year-old male who fell, and hit his head and hands. Officers responded and contacted individual. Officers waited until the ambulance arrived.

02:56 - 911 open line call with lots of talking and noise in the background. Could not get anyone on call back. Information given to officers.

07:49 - Verbal warning for Basic Speed issued north of the Holiday Inn Express.

09:13 - Traffic hazard reported on Dora Way. A vehicle slid from the driveway into the road. Officer responded and made contact with the owner of the vehicle who moved it back into the driveway.

11:23 - Water problem reported at the new Coast Guard building by X float. Water Department was advised and responded.

11:51 - Verbal warning for Speed issued at Mile 3.25 Seward Highway.

11:58 - Verbal warning for Speed issued at Seward Highway and Sea Lion.

13:35 - Providence Seward Medical Center called and advised that a dog bite situation had occurred in Questa Woods. They were given the number to Trooper dispatch.

18:31 - Extremely large hole in the road on Sea Lion just off the highway. Water had eroded and washed away the road surface. Day shift asked to advise Public Works. There were also several large holes on Fifth that were deep.

17:10 - Resident at Lowell Canyon Road advised that a power line was down in the yard. Electric Crew was advised and responded. They were unable to fix it that night and the residence would be without power for the night.

17:27 - Caller advised that he was having an issue with getting information about a staff member at the Holiday Inn Express in regards to an item that was missing from the room they stayed in. He did get to speak with the manager and the item that was missing was reportedly found in the trash but he advised that it smelled like clean laundry and was returned to him. He requested this be logged for information.

22:55 - 911 caller reported that someone stole her rear license plate sometime that night while she was parked on Chamberlain. Officer spoke with reporting party.

23:34 - Troopers dispatched MPVFD to stage for Troopers for an Assault that occurred near the Moose Pass Post Office. SVAC dispatched. AST cancelled MPVFD for no injuries. SVAC also cancelled. Arrest was made for DV Assault IV, Interfere with Report DV and subject was transported to Seward Community Jail.

April 2

12:10 - Verbal warning for Speed and Headlight requirement issued on Seward Highway near Sea Lion.

12:25 - Caller advised that there were two males at the Saltwater Safari Lodge that he believed should not be there. Officer responded and contacted two subjects outside the building. The officer advised them to move to a different location.

16:44 - Transport provided for an individual to Eadsville after a call about an intoxicated person in the downtown area. PBT .055.

17:30 - Operator of FedEx vehicle called and advised that he had clipped the mirror on another vehicle on Lowell Point Road by RBS due to narrow roadway and berms. Given a PAR form. The other subject would be in to get one in the morning.

18:58 - Disoriented subjected reported to be knocking on the door of residence on Third. The male subject had no shoes and stated that he wanted to go home. Family made contact and took him home. Contact information posted in case he wanders away again.

19:11 - A citizen advised that there were two subjects on Mount Marathon about half way up who seemed to be resting. Wanted to let someone know in case of problems.

April 3

09:26 - A resident in the 300 block of Third advised that a vehicle was blocking her driveway. Officer responded. Officer contacted vehicle owner and gave her a verbal warning for Blocking A Driveway.

15:17 - Vehicle reported on Fourth with a possible intoxicated driver. Officer responded and made contact with the vehicle across from City Hall on Fifth. Steven Reiber, was arrested for DUI and DWLR. He was transported to Seward Community Jail.

15:49 - Ambulance requested to the Chamber of Commerce for a female having a seizure. SVAC and SVFD responded.

18:07 - Soldotna Trooper dispatch advised of a blue Tahoe that was southbound from Mile 11 that had passed in a no-passing zone and was driving erratically. Officer was advised but was unable to locate the vehicle.

18:16 - Verbal warning for Speed issued at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

20:24 - Injured moose reported in the area of 200 block of Swettman. Officer checked and it was getting around and eating.

April 4

01:15 - While doing a security check at Metco, officer made contact with a subject whose vehicle was broke down. Subject advised that friend was en route to assist. Officer advised subject to get his license renewed before he drives.

02:08 - 911 call from Commons Room Alarm at Seward Mountain Haven. Officer responded. Providence Seward Medical Center advised and would call maintenance.

06:53 - Individual reported that the Alaska Railroad crossing gates were down at the crossing at Seward Highway and Nash Road, and there was no train in the area. Alaska Railroad advised. Troopers advised and they will not have a Trooper respond.

07:00 - Citation for Fail To Carry Proof Of Insurance issued to Glen Burkhart at Seward Highway and Levee Road. Verbal warning issued for Speed.

09:25 - The Fish House reported that a male had attempted to steal items from the store. He fled after being seen and headed north on Fourth. Officer responded.

11:11 - Caller reported that a subject was tailgating him on Third and that she had been harassing him. Reporting party drove to City Hall to have an officer meet with both parties. Reporting party and passenger were advised that they should consider applying for a restraining order against the subject.

13:39 - An officer requested to SeaView for an employee threatening to harm another employee. Officer responded and contacted parties involved. Unless the problem escalates, this will remain a civil issue.

14:24 - Verbal warning issued for Parking On The Sidewalk in the 100 block of Fourth.

17:27 - Individual reported the smell of smoke from Mount Marathon Apartments at Fifth. SVAC/SVFD dispatched and were unable to locate the source.

19:14 - Individual requested an officer to the Mount Marathon apartments for unruly and loud tenants. Officer made contact with four subjects. One was given a verbal warning for Disorderly Conduct.

22:23 - Yukon Bar called to request an officer for a male subject who would not leave the bar. Officer arrived and subject had already left the premise.

23:43 - Verbal warning for Taillights issued on the Seward Highway at Three Bears.

April 5

07:15 - Individual requested an ambulance at Olympia Road for a male possibly having a seizure.

12:46 - An avalanche was reported to have come down on Lowell Point blocking the road. Public Works was notified and they reopened the road.

19:28 - A Forest Acres resident on Birch reported that where the Public Works crew quit for the day was creating a route for the water directly to his yard/house and causing flooding. The on-call Public Works person assessed the problem and spoke with the reporting party. They agreed it could wait until the morning. Reporting party was told if it started leaking into the garage to call back.

20:37 - Verbal warning for Headlight Requirements issued at Third and Madison.

2056 - 911 abandoned call received from the Ash Street tower and no answer upon call back. Information given to officer.

21:09 - Verbal warning for Speed and Following Too Close issued on the Seward Highway at the three bridges.

April 6

08:09 - An ambulance was requested to the AVTEC auto center at 1917 Leirer. SVAC and SVFD responded.

09:24 - A moose was reported to be dead near the railroad tracks at Stoney Creek Road. Troopers advised so they could notify the next person on the on-call list.

11:15 - An ambulance was requested to Seward Senior Center for a female feeling faint. SVAC and SVFD responded.

12:57 - Verbal warning for Expired Tabs was issued at Wells Fargo.

13:59 - Individual reported that a subject had been contacting her, violating his conditions of release. Officer spoke with reporting party and advised.

19:11 - A concerned neighbor reported that he thought his neighbor’s oil tank was leaking due to a strong odor of fuel near 500 block Second in the alley. Information given to SVFD.

20:56 - Patrol requested to Murphy’s Motel for a couple young girls climbing on the backside of the balcony. Officer was unable to locate subjects.

21:38 - Verbal warning for Speed issued on the Seward Highway at Sea Lion.


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