Massachusetts Teen Died After Participating in ‘One Chip Challenge’, Autopsy Reveals

By Mason Carter
Photo: GoFundMe

A 14-year-old Massachusetts teenager, Harris Wolobah, died of cardiac arrest after attempting the “One Chip Challenge,” according to an autopsy report issued on May 16.

The social media fad, famous throughout the United States, requires consuming a single tortilla chip coated with a blend of Carolina Reaper and Naga Viper peppers, both known for their extreme heat.

The autopsy report stated Wolobah’s death in September 2023 was caused by cardiac arrest prompted by consuming a large dose of capsaicin, the prolific factor in chili peppers. In addition, it was reported that the young man had an unusually huge heart, which may have led to the lethal response.

Additional media reports have surfaced that give further details of other cases related to the challenge. In California, three young people were taken to hospital while in Minnesota, seven others suffered from a dare.

Paqui, the manufacturer of the chip has responded to these disturbing developments by stating that “One Chip Challenge” is designed only for adults. The company is also proposing “reimbursement on the unconsumed single-serve 2023 Paqui Carolina Reaper + Naga Viper Pepper One Chip Challenge”.

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