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Holiday season brings a welcome surprise


November 23, 2017 | View PDF

Normally, holidays are a busy time around our place. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Made-Mad gets into the holiday spirit every year about the end of April and begins planning this and that. Like most men, I simply nod my head in agreement when she tells me she is going to make this and bake that. I know how to work the TV remote ... anything outside of that and I am lost.

SWMNBMM plans for Halloween, giving each of her children plenty of advice on what to do, and where to take the grandchildren to get the most candy. I’m pretty sure she stalks the other people in the neighborhood to find out who is giving out what.

“Be sure to go to Mrs. Abbott’s house,” she tells the kids. “Or go by the Kostihas.”

Most of the time our son-in-law looks at her as if she is crazy, saying, “You know I don’t know where these people live.”

“Just ask the kids on the street – they’ll tell you,” she says.

In case you were wondering, we live in a small town. No one really knows street addresses. They just know where you live.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are much the same for SWMNBMM, who as I said is a regular whirlwind of activity around the holidays. If someone could bottle that energy, we would not have to worry about an energy crisis in America.

She plans the dressing.

She plans the table setting.

She plans the ornaments on the tree ... and what time the Christmas tree can be set up the day after Thanksgiving. To be honest, most of her planning doesn’t happen at the very moment it is supposed to ... you see, her labor force –me and our boys - are time challenged.

However, there was one thing SWMNBMM could plan this year. A few weeks before Thanksgiving, she received a call out of the wild blue that shook her world.

In a very good way.

She was a “Mimi” again.

As fate would have it, on October 22, her second grandson, Rhysen, was born. The little tyke, the first child for our oldest son, Bubba, immediately got a super dose of affection from “Mimi.” She took a ton of photos so she could brag to all of his sisters, and to show her granddaughters, Mallorie and Jewels, and her other grandson, Dominic.

So, as you can see, we have a new reason to be thankful this holiday.

Welcome to the party, Rhysen.


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