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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Oct. 27

0939 - Court requested a welfare check on a citizen at Glacierview Apartments. Officer responded.

1032 - D81 issued a burn permit to 1412 Vista until 10/29.

1104 - RP reported a male on a 4 wheeler that was yelling at himself on the bike path near the Airport. Officer responded and unable to locate anyone in the area.

1143 - Citation issued to citizen while driving at Seward and Sea Lion for expired registration.

1216 - RP requested an Officer to the SMIC Boat yard reference a burglary on his vessel. Officer responded.

1606 - Officer requested a case number for suspicious circumstances.

1748 - 911 hang-up received from at 410 Fourth Avenue. Message left on call back to central voicemail system.

2018 - While at Safeway officer saw COLE ROBERT HARREN in the store. HARREN left the store and entered a white Dodge Durango driven by JENNIFER LYNNE HARREN. Officer followed the vehicle to Phoenix Drive and began a foot pursuit requesting an agency assist from AST. HARREN was arrested and remanded to SCJ on two each $2500 felony warrants and two each $500 misdemeanor warrants.

2018 - JENNIFER HARREN was arrested at Gateway Apartments for Hindering Prosecution and transported to SCJ.

2134 - En route to locate suspect from above case Troopers arrested JONATHAN FRAZE at Resurrection Blvd and Seward Highway on a $250 misdemeanor warrant and remanded him to SCJ.

Oct. 28

0112 - RP advised that ARTHUR ASKOAR is intoxicated and causing a disturbance at Bear Mountain Apts. Officer arrested ASKOAR for disorderly conduct. ASKOAR was taken to the hospital for medical clearance where he provided a PBT of .258 and then transported to SCJ.

0558 - 911 hang-up received at 410 Adams St. Connected to a general message on callback. Officer advised.

1324 - RP reported someone camping in the Rotary Pavilion at Second Avenue and Van Buren Streets. Officer made contact with a female who stated she was there to get out of the rain. No camping equipment was observed.

1453 - RP reported an MVA-D on Fourth Avenue between his parked car and a motorhome. Officer observed there was approximately $600-$700 damage to the vehicles. Parties exchanged information and PAR forms were issued.

2034 - Troopers arrested MICHAEL RAMIREZ for Assault IV DV and transported him to SCJ.

2316 - A citizen reported hearing an alarm at the NAPA store. Officer also heard the alarm while driving around, and contacted a NAPA employee who stated it was just a false alarm.

Oct. 29

0017 - Citations issued to driver at 3rd and Madison for failure to carry proof of insurance and operating a vehicle with expired registration. Verbal warning given for speed.

0049 - RP LIFELINE requested an ambulance for a welfare check on an 87 year old female. Lifeline called back cancelling the request.

0121 - Verbal warning given to driver at the Breeze Inn parking lot near North Harbor St for speed.

0344 - RP at the AVTEC dorm officer requested an Officer to assist with an intoxicated student causing a disturbance. Citation issued to the student for MCA. The student was transported to the hospital for mental evaluation after commenting about hurting themself.

0618 - 911 hangup received from at 410 Adams St, City Hall. Connected to a general message on callback. Officer advised.

0934 - 911 called from 410 Adams street from inside the elevator. The elevator was stuck and buttons were not working from the inside. Officer was able to get elevator to move to the ground floor from outside buttons.

1236 - A young swan flew into an electrical line and was killed. A citizen from the road kill list was called and meat was salvaged.

2006 - RP with PJ’s taxi turned in a wallet. RP stated the owner was an AVTEC student so the dorm attendant was contacted, and officer delivered the wallet to the dorms.

2033 - RP at the Breeze Inn reported a van that was in the parking lot with people inside of it for hours. She stated it seemed suspicious and requested an officer investigate. Officer contacted the van and they left, and RP was advised to give dispatch a call if it came back.

2248 - A citizen reported that his son’s vehicle was stolen. RP described it as a white Ford Ranger. Officer spoke with the RP and the vehicle was recorded as stolen, with the last date it was seen on 10/28/2017.

Oct. 30

1027 - Officer requested a case number for theft from Seward Bus Line.

1308 - RP turned in expired medications for destruction.

1814 - RP wasn’t sure if he needed an ambulance for his friend at Salmon Creek Road. RP stated the friend wasn’t responding to him earlier, but that he could have been asleep and was responding now. Friend stated he did not need an ambulance. Troopers were advised.

1835 - Elevator set off 911 consoles for a second and disconnected the call. Number was called back. Some fault in the system is setting it off.

2006 - A verbal warning was given to a driver for speed at 3rd Avenue and C Street.

2137 - Officer requested a found item form for a bike found at 2314 Afognack Avenue in possible relation to a previous vehicle theft case.

2204 - RP reported hearing a gunshot sound near the Japp Creek water tower on top of Dora Way. Officer found no one in the area causing a disturbance.

2320 - Soldotna Dispatch tried to transfer a 911 call, but the caller hung up. Soldotna called and stated the only information they had was the caller was a female located downtown who stated she did not mean to call 911, and she was trying to figure out how to get her phone out of 911 mode. They also stated they could hear a male voice in the background. Officer listened to the recording, and there were no sounds of distress.

Oct. 31

0829 - 911 misdial from SCCC. All OK, no sounds of distress. AST advised.

1022 - Abandoned 911 call from City Hall. No reports of distress in building. Officer advised.

1057 - SAST dispatched MPVFD to Mile 41 Seward Highway for a semi that was jackknifed with injuries.

1432 - Kenai Probation requested an Officer to check on a probationer. Officer responded and advised that there was no answer and no vehicle parked outside.

1811 - RP ANONYMOUS reported seeing the stolen white Ford Ranger at Bayview trailer park unoccupied, and that the suspects might be getting ready to drive somewhere. SAST was advised, and they stated they didn’t have a Trooper that can respond, and were not going to do a callout.

1824 - NTWC recorded a magnitude 6.8 earthquake near the Loyalty Islands. No tsunami is expected for the U.S. West Coast, British Columbia, or Alaska.

1843 - Elevator set off 911 consoles for a second and disconnected the call. Number was called back. Some fault in the system is setting it off.

1849 - RP ANONYMOUS reported seeing four or five guys trying to get into a stolen white Ford Ranger at Bayview trailer park. The caller was transferred to SAST. SAST advised they are not going to do a callout.

1915 - RP reported two kids taking turns riding fast on dirt bikes near the Alaska Railroad, and was concerned they would get hit by road traffic. Officer found a juvenile riding a dirt bike near the Cruise Ship Terminal, and charged him with reckless driving. Other juveniles were interviewed. The mother was contacted. The owner took possession of the bike after.

1927 - RP reported someone told her the stolen vehicle at Bayview trailer park was leaving, and her husband was driving in the area but didn’t find the vehicle. She advised the vehicle could be at 4th of July beach. Officer was advised.

2023 - Ambulance requested to Mountain Haven Fireweed Lodge for a non-emergency transport of a male. Patient was transported to the hospital by SVAC.

2339 - The Bartender of the Alehouse reported a group of people were loitering on the sidewalk down the street drinking alcohol outside. Officer responded and determined no one was drinking alcohol and they were waiting for a cab home.

Nov. 1

0803 - SAST advised that vehicle left the area approximately 5-10 minutes ago. No Trooper in area. SAST believes vehicle may be heading north.

1050 - Report of a single vehicle rollover just south of Afognak on Nash Road. RP advised that appeared no injuries and they were working on up righting the vehicle. Officer advised and requested Public Works to be notified. PW advised.

1136 - RP reported a black male was walking southbound at the 3 Bridges talking to himself and wearing a blanket. Officer advised.

1206 - Officer requested a case for criminal mischief at the High School.

1246 - RP reported a vehicle parked in front of the Mt. Marathon Gate where there is a No Parking sign. Officer responded and parking warning given to a white Honda Civic and a white Dodge Caravan. The vehicle reported by the RP was gone.

Nov. 2

0653 - 911 call was abandoned at City Hall. Information given to Officer.


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