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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Oct. 9

1340 - D81 issued a burn permit to Vigor until 10/11.

1437 - RP reported a blue 4 door sedan, unknown plate, was speeding down Ash Street. Officer advised.

1450 - 911 hang up misdial from 6th Avenue. RP, was trying to call a 491 cell number. All OK. Officer advised.

1653 - RP reported a crowd starting to form around a bear in a tree near the Qutekcak building. Officer made sure people kept their distance until the bear left heading toward the mountains.

1854 - Officer found a wallet on 3rd Avenue near the Qutekcak building. Wallet was placed in safekeeping.

Oct. 10

0003 - Citation issued to ELENNAH CAMP at 3rd Ave and Van Buren St for speed.

0012 - Verbal warning given to CARSON DIEMER at Seward Highway and Hemlock St for crossing the fog line.

0059 - Verbal warning given to Korean National at 3rd Ave and Jefferson St for speed.

0658 - Citation issued to MARK QUINN at 3rd Ave and D St for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning also given for driving with no headlights on after dark and failure to carry registration.

0742 - RP requested an Officer to the AVTEC Dorms for a student that was intoxicated. Officer responded and made contact with REGINA HARRY and was issued a citation for Minor Consuming.

0814 - Verbal warning given to AIDAN RUDE while driving at 3rd and Van Buren for driving with no headlights on.

1029 - Ambulance requested to Glacierview Apartments. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1100 - RP dialed 911 to report he hit a parked vehicle at Mountain Haven. Officer responded and made contact with RP and issued PAR Forms

1108 - D81 issued a burn permit to the Transfer Facility until 10/12.

1116 - SAST requested an ambulance to Mile 14 Seward Highway. SVAC/BCVFD dispatched.

1217 - RP reported an intoxicated pedestrian staggering on the side of the road near Napa. Officer responded and unable to locate the pedestrian in the area.

1246 - Forest Service will be burning near Mile 25 Seward Highway. MPVFD and AST advised.

1607 - RP reported a power outage at Seward Plumbing and Heating. On call electric and water were notified. Power was restored.

1615 - Officer left a parking warning on the vehicle DXJ911 parked backwards against the flow of traffic in front of the Sea Bean.

2030 - RP reported a restraining order violation and wanted to speak to an officer. Officer interviewed RP.

2045 - RP reported someone had stolen her keys at Seward Market Place. Officer reviewed the security cameras and found a male with two others had taken them from the counter, and later setting them down on a store shelf after someone confronted him. RP wished to press theft charges. Officer checked Icicle, RBS, Yukon, Alehouse, Thorn’s, harbor area, and down town area but found no one matching the description. Seward Market Place was notified to give Seward PD a call if they come back; all three need to be advised they are trespassed indefinitely and one of them issued a summons for Theft IV.

Oct. 11

0352 - RP requested an Officer at the Breeze Inn for the report of an individual that appeared to be intoxicated making noise and playing the piano in their lobby. Officer responded and spoke to JONATHAN WALDEN. WALDEN was given a disorderly conduct and escorted to his room in the hotel.

1205 - Officer found a German Shepard and Lab near the Marina Motel and contacted the owner who responded and picked them up at the Benny Benson Memorial.

1240 - Officer requested a case number for an MVA-D that occurred a month ago.

1240 - RP reported a fuel spill at O Float. Unable to contact any HMO personnel. D80 responded. HMO responded and advised USCG and DEC.

1314 - Anonymous RP turned in a brown wallet near the Seward Senior Center. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

1402 - RP wanted to report a theft. Officer spoke with RP.

1408 - DMV requested an Officer for a customer that could not get his ID back due to alcohol requirements. Officers responded and made contact with subject outside City Hall.

1615 - Officer requested a case for a bike found. A 16” bike spray painted black.

1638 - RP accidentally dialed 911 from SCCC. No sounds of distress were heard. Officer advised.

1950 - Officer issued a summons to MARTIN A RIOS at the Lowell Point Resurrection Bay Seafoods bunkhouse for theft 4. RIOS and KENNETH JEROME WOODARD are both trespassed from Seward Market Place indefinitely.

2254 - Verbal warning issued to SCOTT WILLIAM NORRIS at Third and D Street for speed.

Oct. 12

0101 - Ambulance dispatched to the Spring Creek Correctional Center.

0148 - Verbal warning given to KEVIN TWING at Mile 1 Seward Hwy for speed and failure to carry proof of insurance.

0930 - RP reported a red Toyota pickup that has been parked at the Mt. Alice Trailhead parking lot for last 5 days. Officer responded and left an Abandoned Vehicle Notice on the vehicle.

1304 - 911 pocket dial from the AVTEC Dorms. No sounds of distress. Officer advised.

1330 - Citation issued to JEREME ALTENDORF while driving at Seward and Seward Marketplace for speed.

1431 - Subject came to the police department to retrieve his wallet.

1821 - RP requested a welfare check for a male in all dark clothing, barefoot and glasses sitting in the entry way of the AVTEC Diesel Mechanics shop on Alameda. Officer couldn’t locate the individual.

1856 - An anonymous RP reported an Arisocrate Winnebago parked near the waterfall at Lowell Point road. Officer made contact with subject who agreed to move the vehicle to a legal camping spot.

1920 - RP came to the police station requesting an officer remove drugs from her car which her boyfriend had used without her permission while he was in Anchorage. RP retrieved her car from Anchorage and found the drugs in the center console. Officer took possession of the drugs for disposal.

1925 - RP turned in a flashlight to the police department that she found at her home Third Avenue from a previous case.

2107 - RP called 911 from the elevator at Adams street. The elevator locked up and wouldn’t let him out. Officer opened the elevator.

Oct. 13

0047 - Verbal warning given to JAMIE AULETTA at 3rd and D St for speed.

0120 - RP advised a male subject was acting strangely and speaking about nuclear bombs in the Safeway entryway. Officer transported subject from the Seward Marketplace to the hospital for evaluation.

0523 - RP advised that two male subjects were fighting in entryway of Bear Mountain Apts. Officer attempted to contact ARTHUR ASKOAR. ASKOAR opened the door and closed it without speaking with the Officer. Officer was unable to contact anyone else involved in a fight. RP called again stating that the two were still fighting. Officers made entry into the apartment and contacted JASON HOUSLER and ASKOAR. ASKOAR and HOUSLER were given disorderly conduct warnings.

0937 - RP called 911 to talk to the Chief of Police. She was given the non-emergency phone number to call back.

1038 - Troopers arrested JOB URIAH TAYLOR at mile 38 of the Seward Highway for vehicle theft and leaving the scene of an accident. TAYLOR was transported to the SCJ.

1148 - RP reported that his High Field dingy was stolen from the roof of his sundeck on the vessel “My Little Bonnie” on the transient “F” float, sometime in the last two weeks. Officer made contact with RP and they found his dingy had been blown off his vessel during the last storm and it was south of his vessel. Dingy was returned to the vessel.

1214 - Officer requested a case number for information.




An individual came into the police department to give information and ask questions regarding the case.

1233 - RP requested an officer at N Harbor Street, Gateway Chevron, for a female that was yelling at her store clerk. The store clerk took a picture of her and officer identified her as RHONDA WAUGH. WAUGH left prior to the officer arrival. Officer advised WAUGH of her criminal trespass at her residence.

1424 - RP requested an officer to meet with him at Safeway at 4pm to review tapes with the store manager. RP believes he left his wallet at the check stand and is trying to find out who picked it up. Officer called RP to tell him that his wallet had been turned in on 10-9-2017

1438 - An individual found a cell phone in the Safeway parking lot and brought it to the Police Department.

1500 - RP’s reported a dumpster fire at Icicle Seafoods Port Avenue. SVFD/SVAC dispatched. Forms sent.

1536 - Ambulance requested to the high school SVAC/SVFD responded and transported to the hospital. Forms sent.

1548 - RP turned in expired drugs to be destroyed.

1835 - A fire alarm at the Seward High School was reported by Kenai General Alarm. SVFD and SVAC dispatched. Fire officer on scene determined it was a false alarm and canceled all units.

1951 - RP stated that a student reported there was possibly someone in the student dorms that shouldn’t be there. RP requested an officer accompany her to contact the room. Officer assisted and found no one.

2221 - RP reported a loud explosive sound near 1st Avenue. Officer patrolled the area and found no disturbances.

2330 - Verbal warning given to DALE BIVINS at Seward and South Harbor for speed.

Oct. 14

0001 - AST arrested KEITH AMBACHER on multiple warrants and transported him to the SCJ.

0459 - AST requested and ambulance to Moosehorn Dr

0508 - AST requested an Officer to assist with a suicide case.

0728 - RP requested a welfare check on his neighbor at 2nd Ave. RP heard a loud thump and is concerned. Officer contacted subject who was fine.

0847 - SAST requested an officer provide next of kin notification for an accident that happened at mile 56 of the Seward Highway.

1027 - RP reported that she was concerned for subject’s welfare.

1149 - Subject from above called to self-report that she was alright and back at home.

1608 - Guardian Security reported a burglar alarm at the TYC. Officer found no evidence of a break in, and made sure the building was secure. A voicemail was left for the TYC manager.

1613 - RP reported a dead cat at 4th Avenue and A Street. Officer disposed of the cat.

1936 - RP reported dirt bike passing him on the Seward Highway. Officer visited the suspect residence at Ash Street. No one admitted to the act.

2105 - RP at the AVTEC dorms requested an officer to give ALFRED OLANNA an MCA citation for blowing over the limit. Officer issued a citation.

2128 - RP reported that subject was supposed to bring his groceries to his apartment at Glacier View Apartments. Officer spoke with both subjects and could not verify either of the stories.

2233 - RP reported that he picked up a hitchhiker when driving back to Seward, but was refusing to leave the vehicle at the Safeway parking lot. RP stated she was possibly intoxicated or having mental issues and had nowhere to go. Officer transported the female suspect to the hospital for protective custody.

2258 - Troopers requested an officer to assist them in a DV related incident, and to meet with them at City Express. When officer arrived on scene the trooper already spoke with the individuals and determined it was verbal only, and everything was okay at that time.

Oct. 15

0002 - Verbal warning given to JASON ANDRUS at Seward and Hemlock for speed.

0038 - RP requested a welfare check on a male subject in the Safeway parking lot. RP advised that the man has been hanging around the parking lot most of the day. Officer contacted subject who advised he was searching for some lost money.

1156 - RP called 911 to speak to an officer that was in her building for a non-emergency issue. RP was given the non-emergency land line number. Officer advised.

1245 - Troopers arrested KEITH GILBERT AMBACHER at Bayview Trailer Court on Nash Road for driving while license revoked and failure to stop at the direction of a police officer and remanded him to SCJ. AMBACHER was also issued a citation for speeding.

1334 - The electrical department called to inform dispatch that the electricity in the SMIC area from mile post 4 of Nash Road to include SMIC would be out of service for maintenance and repair starting at 1345. Dispatched notified SCCC, Vigor and Polar Seafoods of the impending outage. The electrical department will call when power has been restored.

1422 - Power restored at SMIC industrial area.

Oct. 16

0055 - RP reported that someone was playing very loud reggae music at Gateway Apts but could not give a room or building number. Officer responded and could not hear any loud noises or music anywhere around or in the building.


- Anonymous reported that people were yelling and slamming things at Brownell St. Officers responded and spoke to subject and provided transportation to 3rd Ave and Adams St.

0328 - RP requested an Officer at Madison St for the report of yelling and slamming. Officer responded and spoke to two subjects. Officer provided transportation for one to 410 Adams St.


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