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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Sept. 26

2356 - Officer stopped when he saw a vehicle parked on the grass at Third Street. Owner of the vehicle was an older woman unloading her groceries and will move the vehicle when she is done.

Sept. 27

0059 - Verbal warning given to MARIAH LEIGH RALLO at Third and Van Buren Streets for speed.

0843 - Seward Marketplace requested an Officer for an individual that was refusing to leave. Officer responded and made contact with RAYMOND CHAVEZ who was Criminally Trespassed from Seward Marketplace indefinitely. Advisement entered in APSIN.

0927 - High School requested and Officer reference (JUV) may be creating a disturbance. Officer responded and made contact with JUV at Seward and Sea Lion and provided transportation back to the High School.

1247 - RP requested a welfare check on subject at Phoenix. Officer responded and advised seeing a male put the dogs out, but not answer the door.

1330 - Officer performed civil standby at 4th Avenue.

1330 - 911 open line from the area near AVTEC Dorms. No sounds of distress. Officer advised.

1345 - Seward Court and Utility Counter called reference a male in City Hall creating a disturbance by yelling profanities and talking to himself. Officer responded and made contact with subject outside City Hall.

1730 - Verbal warning given to EUGENE TAYLOR at Dimond Blvd for failure to yield.

1741 - Citation issued to KENNETH WALLACE at 4th Ave and Madison St for speed.

1831 - Verbal warning given to TREVOR HOWARD at Seward Highway and Port Ave for speed.

1910 - Citation issued to KAY SHOEMAKER at Seward Highway for speed.

2030 - RP reported that there was a woman yelling at his wife and it looked like it could get physical at 3rd Ave. While RP was on the phone he stated that the woman had slapped his wife. Officer responded spoke to the witnesses present and also STALEY’S husband who was also assaulted. Officer arrested KOSTINIOSHAN STALEY for assault IV and assault IV DV.

Sept. 28

0606 - Parking warning issued to STACY SMITH at 5th and Adams for parking against flow of traffic. Warning was left on the vehicle.

1625 - Verbal warning given to KALA MCCANNA at 3rd Ave and Railway Ave for expired registration after she showed the Officer that she already had a ticket and stated she was getting it fixed tomorrow.

1627 - RP reported that a vehicle with license plate KAJ916 had passed her on the Seward Highway near Hemlock St heading south and had pictures. An Officer saw the vehicle parked at Suds N Swirls and issued a citation to HAN HE for passing in a no passing zone.

1839 - Citation issued to TIMOTHY SCHEURER at Church St and 4th Ave for driving the wrong way down a one way street.

1905 - A 911 call was received from the TYC and the caller stated that he accidently hit the 911 button no sounds of distress was heard. Information given to Officer.

2214 - AST requested an agency assist at Meridian Ave for report of a DV. Officer responded and AST arrested AMY STEVENSON for DV assault.

Sept. 29

0350 - Verbal warning given to KATRINA ANDERSON at Nash and Salmon Creek Rd for speed.

0807 - Verbal warning given to ROSANNA CONSUELO at Seward Highway and Sealion Ave for driving without headlights on.

1107 - RP requested a welfare check for a friend who had made a suicidal comment on social media. Officer responded and spoke to the individual and determined everything was fine and they were just getting ready to go to work.

1653 - SAST advised they received a 3rd party report of a vehicle that hit a backhoe at mile 3 with unknown injuries or status. SVAC and SVFD was dispatched with officer. SVFD advised it was just a broken down vehicle on the bridge and SVAC was canceled. Vehicle was moved out of traffic.

1720 - Ambulance requested to No Sweatt parking lot. SVAC and SVFD dispatched with officer assist. Patient refused ambulance transport, and an officer transported them to his residence.

1741 - RP requested a welfare check on his children (JUV) and (JUV) because he hadn’t heard from them in a week. He stated they were at Marathon Drive with the mother. Officer spoke with the mother and found them all to be okay.

2214 - RP reported a power outage at Great Bear Circle. On call electrical and water was notified.

2247 - RP reported someone had slapped the bartender at the Alehouse, and that he was currently pinned down by some people. Officer arrested KEVIN VANKLEECK for PTRP and Drunk On Licensed Premise and transported him to SCJ. The bartender did not press charges, but instead trespassed VANKLEECK from the Alehouse. VANKLEECK is also being charged for Resisting Arrest and Assault On A Police Officer X 2.

Sept. 30

1038 - RP reported that a brown building on Lowell Canyon Rd past the fence had a window busted out on it. Officer responded and determined that the wooden shutter had been torn off the building and the safety glass had been broken. The on call water department was notified.

1347 - RP reported that someone had parked in front of her house at 6th Ave and was blocking the driveway. Officer responded and found that the vehicle had already been moved.

1444 - RP turned in a credit card found in front of the Harbormasters Office. The property was logged into lost and found.

1625 - RP reported woman in their 30’s had made threatening remarks when they were setting up their tent at the Tent Campground near the playground. RP stated she seemed mentally unstable and was concerned about her health. An officer interviewed RP, and contacted a woman matching the description near the hospital. She refused to identify herself. Officer determined she was stable enough to take care of herself.

2205 - A citation was issued to BENSON LEWIS for expired tags at Essential One.

2216 - RP reported that his toddler accidentally called 911. No sounds of distress were heard, and he stated everything was okay. Officer was advised.

2246 - A citation was issued to SHELBY BURMAN for failure to carry proof of insurance, and verbal warning for speed and failure to carry proof of registration at Seward Highway and South Harbor Street.

2246 - Multiple calls came from down town area reporting loud banging noises. Some people reported it sounded like gunshots while others reported it was fireworks. Officer was advised.

2314 - A citation was issued to TROY HILL for speed at 4th Avenue and North Harbor Street.

Oct. 1

0105 - Officer stopped subject at Safeway. Subject advised the Officer that his license was suspended. The officer conducted an investigation for controlled substances. The Officer reported shots fired. SVAC/SVFD dispatched. Both the Officer and the subject were transferred to the hospital. AST was dispatched to conduct the investigation.

0120 - RP advised that a male subject was banging on the apartment door downstairs from her at Brownell St Apt. No Officer was available to respond due to case 17-2852. See case 17-2853 at the same location at 0301 hours.

0301 - RP requested an Officer to Brownell St Apt to assists with subject who was refusing to leave her apartment. Officer spoke with subject who agreed to leave.

1030 - RP reported that he had lost his wallet near 4th Ave and Adams St. Information entered into lost and found.

1138 - AST requested and ambulance to Winterset Circle. SVAC and BCVFD were dispatched. AST canceled medic call.

1159 - RP reported a light blue Subaru was parked near a sign and the driver looked like he was trying to hide something behind the sign. Officer responded and determined that nothing criminal had taken place.

1530 - RP reported a young moose running around near the Uplands Parking Lot. Officer responded and helped herd the moose out of the harbor area.

1617 - RP reported an intoxicated pedestrian near Safeway walking northbound. She stated she was concerned he might fall or pass out. Officer found no one matching the discerption from Safeway to Nash Road.

1623 - RP misdialed 911 from his boat on E dock. No sounds of distress were heard, and officer was advised.

1638 - A verbal waring was given to JAESEUNG YANG for speed at Coolidge Drive and Seward Highway.

1806 - RP misdialed 911 from the Harbor Lights Condos. No sounds of distress were heard, and officer was advised.

1852 - Ambulance requested to SCCC. SVAC and SVFD dispatched. Patient was transported to the hospital by SVAC.

2351 - RP reported a male at the Alehouse causing a disturbance by yelling and hitting things. RP had him leave the bar with his two friends. He stated he last saw them walking northbound. Officer contacted JUSTIN PAUL CERTEZA, ERIK ORTEGA and JARRETT SHAQUELLE SPENCER and all three were told no more bars for the night. All three left in a taxi going to Icicle Seafoods.

Oct. 2

0707 - Verbal warning given to RICHARD JAMES ADLEMANN at Fourth Avenue and South Harbor Street for failure to use turn signal.

0805 - Verbal warning given to STEPHANIE HIGGINS while driving at Seward and Diary Hill for inoperative taillight.

0809 - Verbal warning given to MICHAEL REEDY while driving at Safeway for tail lights of before daylight.

1112 - Ambulance requested to Gateway Apartments. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1216 - Wells Fargo called 911 stating a female in a maroon Hyundai SUV, unknown, plate, was parked in the employee parking lot and when confronted, female almost hit manager with vehicle as they sped off, unknown direction of travel. Officer responded.

1309 - Citation issued to THOMAS MURTHA while driving at 3rd and Jefferson for failure to carry proof of insurance, and verbal warning for failure to stop at stop sign.

1739 - State DOT advised the main runway at the airport is closed until 9 AM tomorrow.

Oct. 3

0606 - RP reported that there was a man sleeping in front of the doors inside the post office and was blocking the entrance so no one could get inside. Officer responded and provided transportation for subject to the harbor area where he stated that he had a friend who was living on a boat.

0940 - Adventure 60 North reported seeing RAYMOND CHAVEZ walking around Resurrect Art Gallery. Officer responded and made contact with CHAVEZ. Officer advised the owner of Resurrect Art Gallery wanted him criminally trespassed. Advisement entered in APSIN.

1138 - RP reported a male throwing trash on 4th Avenue and then threatened to fight RP. Officers responded and unable to locate the male.

1324 - KPB did test of 911 phone in the High School Elevator

1602 - RP reported people speeding on Dora Way up to Olympia Road in the early mornings. A patrol was requested in the morning hours to deter people from speeding up the hill.

1744 - RP reported a possible intoxicated driver swerving in and out of the lane. Officer stopped JOANNE HOOGLAND for matching the description of the vehicle, and was given a verbal warning for failure to maintain lane.

Oct. 4

0118 - Verbal warning given to KRISTEN HANNIGAN at 3rd Ave and Van Buren St for speed.

0705 - Verbal warning given to COLT SNAPP at 3rd Ave and C St for speed.

1154 - D80 issued a burn permit to the Transfer Facility until 10/08.

1456 - ACE Hardware requested an Officer to patrol Leirer Road in reference to the AVTEC students driving too fast. Officer responded.

1520 - RP reported two juvenile girls were fighting a juvenile boy outside the TYC. RP stated that the fighting stopped and all went into the TYC. Officer responded and advised that they were just playing.

1538 - 911 misdial from City Hall. No sounds of distress. All ok. Officer advised.

2347 - Verbal warning given to GABRIEL IMLACH at 3rd and Van Buren for speed.

Oct. 5

0510 - AST advised that an anonymous caller advised that a white van may be being driven by an intoxicated driver near Wolf Trail Lane. Officer advised.

0748 - RP advised that a green 4 door car has a loud muffler at Bear Mountain Apts. Officer responded and unable to locate the vehicle in the area.

1445 - RP reported hearing a loud bang at 4th Avenue and no answer at the door. Officer responded and no answer at the door. Officer advised neighbor next door did not hear anything.

1551 - Senior Center Elevator button accidentally pushed. No sounds of distress. All ok. Officer advised.

1616 - RP reported BRIAN LEE MORISSETTE was hitting a female at North Resurrection campground. Officer interviewed several subjects. MORISSETTE was arrested for Assault 3 DV and remanded to SCJ after injuries were treated at PSMC.

1922 - RP reported that he backed into a street sign and bent it, located at the Branson Pavilion at Ballaine Blvd. Officer took photos of the damage to the sign. Officer made contact with RP and filled out form 12-200 and provided him with the city accident form.

1950 - RP (JUV) reported a suspicious male matching the description of PATRICK WILLIAMS, came into Subway, and had a menacing look about him then left and was pacing back and forth and cursing in the 72 hour lot behind Subway. The Subway employees request he be trespassed indefinitely from Subway property. Officer was unable to locate WILLIAMS. He needs to be advised and it was entered into APSEN.

Oct. 6

1621 - A-F Floats and boardwalk businesses from Harbor Masters to J-Dock Seafoods.

1741 - Troopers arrested ERICK ANTRIM at Woodrow Street for assault 3 and transported him to SCJ

1743 - RP (JUV) reported that subject was in Subway after being criminally trespassed. Subject left prior to the officer’s arrival. RP did not want to press charges.

2204 - Officer contacted subject in an investigative stop at Airport Road. Officer stated he was in the vehicle on the side of the road with his lights off. subject was found to be okay.

2237 - A citation was issued to WOUTER DITO for failure to carry proof of insurance, and verbal warnings for speed and failure to carry registration at Essential 1.

Oct. 7

0149 - Verbal warning given to MARIA GACEL at Safeway for speed.

0543 - RP GUARDIAN SECURITY advised of a burglary at Napa. Officer secured the exterior of the building and waited on scene until the key holder arrived.

0959 - SAST requested an officer assist at Bear Lake Road to clear the residence. Officers found no one in the house.

1240 - Verbal warning given to TRACI LYNN BAUMGARDNER at Third and Jefferson for speed.

1249 - RP reported she was exercising her dog at Washington Street near the community gardens when a black lab attacked her dog and left three puncture wounds to her dog’s chest. RP stated there was no vet available on the weekend and wanted the ACO staff to look at her dog. RP tried calling the ACO cell and got no response. Dispatch called alternate cell phone to have ACO staff meet RP at the shelter. Officer advised.

1326 - An officer was flagged down by subject at Seward and D Street near Wells Fargo. She stated that her black and white dog was hit and then ran off. She left her phone number in case anyone reports finding her dog.

1618 - RP reported a verbal and physical altercation between her husband and JOHN LUEDECKE. RP reported she was pushed during this incident and could not get up with her hip in pain. Officer separated the husband and LUEDECKE. SVAC requested a second ambulance and RP and LUEDECKE were transported to the hospital. SVFD and a Trooper assisted. The husband is pressing assault charges on LUEDECKE. Charges to be forwarded to the DA for review.

1636 - RP reported a verbal dispute going on at the Marina Motel room with female and male. Officer interviewed subjects. Officer contacted witness at Essential 1. None of them wished to press charges. The Marina advised the people in room to leave in 20 minutes.

2321 - Troopers arrested BRETT MICHAELS for DUI and transported him to SCJ.

Oct. 8

0745 - Ambulance requested to pick up Guardian Flight at the airport for transport. SVAC dispatched.

1010 - RP who resides at Second Avenue wanted the phone number to the hospital to contact his wife who had been taken up the previous evening. Number given and officer advised.

1123 - Citation issued to NATHALIE YASMINE KAROUNI at Port Avenue and Seward Highway for speed.

1601 - RP reported two friendly black dogs wandering around Olympia Road. He tried calling the number on the tags, and he stated he had them on leashes. Officer transported the dogs to the animal shelter.

1706 - RP reported a baby black bear up in a tree near the Qutekcak building. Officer stayed on scene to make sure people did not interfere until it left heading toward the mountains.

2120 - A verbal warning was given to an Indian national VIJAY VENKATRAMANI for speed at Seward Highway and Resurrection Boulevard.


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