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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Sept. 19

1647 - RP reported people speeding around the Elementary School on 4 wheelers and bikes. Officer found no vehicles matching the description.

1733 - RP reported seeing smoke from Dairy Hill. Fire officer advised a burn permit was reissued from 9/19 to 9/21 on Vista Avenue.

1919 - A verbal warning was given to GREGORY FREDERICKS for speed at 3rd Avenue and A Street.

2055 - A 911 misdial came from the downtown area with no sounds of distress. On callback a voicemail was left, and subject called reporting that everything was okay. Officer advised.

2130 - RP reported a hit and run that happened at the Hotel 360 parking lot. RP was unsure of the time it occurred today. He stated it was minor damage with a couple deep scratches and a dent. Officer interviewed RP.

2147 - RP reported a black bear trying to get into his shed at Lowell Canyon. Officer used a cracker shell and the bear ran off to the back. The cubs stayed inside the shed. Officers advised RP to stay inside and let the cubs come out on their own.

Sept. 20

0029 - RP reported a black bear that keeps butting up against his garage door. RP states he has chased the bear away three different times when he went outside to smoke. The bear has strewn trash in the area. Officer advised RP to wait until morning before attempting to pick up the trash.

0030 - RP reported loud noises coming from apartment. Officer heard shouting upon arrival but no one would come to the door. RP confirmed that the occupant was female. Officers shouted through the door that the occupants need to be quiet for the rest of the night.

0128 - RP reported that “RAY” was going through the trash and is now in the laundry room at North Harbor Street – Breeze Inn. RP states he has been trespassed from all Breeze Inn properties. Officers located RAYMOND VINCENT CHAVEZ in the hotel and arrested him for criminal trespass. CHAVEZ was advised that he is trespassed from Icicle Seafoods, All City properties including but not limited to all campgrounds, campground bathrooms, pavilions, Harbor Master bathrooms and all public use areas. CHAVEZ was remanded to SCJ.

0148 - An open 911 call was received with no identifying number. One male and one female could be heard yelling at each other. The location showing was Third Avenue. Officer made contact with subject at Fourth and Madison. Subject states he has not made any 911 calls and he has been at the bars for the last hour and has not talked to his wife.

0214 - RP reported a disturbance in front of Tony’s Bar. Upon arrival officer found the altercation had resolved itself. Several people were waiting on cabs.

0501 - SAST requested the fire department for a search and rescue of a 71 year old female with Alzheimer’s that went missing 1 ½ hours ago from Seward Highway. Troopers issued a silver alert. BCVFD/SVAC/SVFD

0505 - SAST Dispatch requested an agency assist at Nash Road for a disturbance. Troopers arrested KEVIN VANKLEECK for probation violation. VANKLEECK was remanded to SCJ after he was medically cleared.

0705 - Female was found 1 block north of Metco on the bike path headed north BCVFD/SVAC/SVFD

0755 - HMO requested to speak to an Officer reference the HMO Restrooms being vandalized at night. Officer spoke with HMO.

0833 - RP reported she had a small electrical fire at Ballaine and the fire is out, but would like someone to check on it. D81 responded.

1023 - RP reported his boat trailer, AK LIC/2671SP, stolen and was last seen at Raibow Fiberglass in 2014. Officer spoke with RP. Trailer entered stolen in APSIN/NCIC

1230 - PSMC requested an ambulance to Mountain Haven. SVAC dispatched.

1446 - D81 issued a burn permit to the Transfer Facility until 09/23

1834 - RP requested a welfare check on a man slumped over his steering wheel in the Safeway Parking Lot. Officer responded and spoke to the man and he stated that he was waiting for a friend to get out of the store.

1911 - Citation issued to SCOTT PETEREIT at Seward Highway and Nash Rd for speed.

2020 - Verbal warning given to MATTHEW HUBBARD at 4th Ave and Van Buren St for driving with taillights off after dark.

2034 - Harbor 360 Front Desk accidently called 911 when trying to dial out. There were no sounds of distress heard and an Officer was notified.

2235 - RP reported that subject was inside Safeway and was trespassed from the property. Officers responded and determined that it was KEITH AMBACHER and he had attempted to steal something but was stopped and left the store before the Officers arrived. Officers were unable to locate suspect. The Officer applied for a warrant for criminal trespass and concealment of merchandise. Advisement was entered into APSIN of trespass.

Sept. 21

0013 - RP advised of a dying bear in his yard at Dimond Blvd. Officer responded to the scene and found the bear dead. AST contacted charity to respond for the carcass.

0142 - Officer arrested DARYL ILANO at 3rd and Van Buren for DUI. Citation issued for operating with expired registration. Verbal warning given for speed.

0743 - RP advised that a white truck is seen multiple times a day driving on the bike path from the High School ballfields to Sea Lion Dr. The caller advised the plate number. Information given to Officer.

0832 - RP requested an Officer to the F/V Caroline at the Icicle Seafoods Dock for a civil standby. Officer responded.

0841 - RP reported a male chasing a black bear at the lagoon near Reds. RP stated male was in a silver Toyota Tacoma, unknown plates. Officer responded and unable to locate the bear or a vehicle matching the description.

0948 - Ambulance requested at Bear Paw Drive. BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1115 - RP turned in expired medications to be destroyed at city hall.

1627 - RP requested a welfare check at Lowell Canyon Rd for the report of a woman possibly suicidal. Officer responded and spoke to the woman and she stated that someone was looking after her already.

1809 - RP reported that there was crying at Glacierview Apts and also said that people were possibly dealing drugs in the building. Officer was notified.

2014 - Citation issued to MUHAMMAD FAHAD at Seward Highway for speed.

2029 - Seward Library Staff turned in a license to the Police Department. The license was put in the DMV box per Officer instruction.

Sept. 22

0252 - Ambulance dispatched to Spring Creek Correctional Center.

0544 - RP requested an Officer to assist in scaring a bear from the alley near Monroe St. The bear had left the area before the Officer arrived.

0545 - RP requested to speak with an Officer regarding a possible theft of her property at Glacier View Apts. Officerspoke with RP who did not wish to press charges. RP called again ready to press charges against subject. RP advised approximately $350 worth of items are missing.

0704 - RP brought a light colored husky to the animal shelter. The dog was found on the highway near Seward and Nash.

1020 - 1st National Bank advised that RAYMOND CHAVEZ was loitering and being belligerent to staff and then left and want him criminally trespassed from their property. Officer responded and made contact with CHAVEZ at the Library and advised he is criminally trespassed from 1st National Bank property indefinitely.

1136 - Citation issued to HILARY CAMERON while driving at the Mormon Church for speed.

1259 - Verbal warning given to MIRANDA SCHACHINGER while driving at Essential One for expired registration and inoperative headlight. Officer advised driver was cited earlier for the violations and had the citation with them.

1853 - The patient requested and ambulance at Lowell Canyon Rd. SVAC and SVFD were dispatched. SVAC transported the patient to the hospital.

2147 - RP reported that she did not want to press charges on subject regarding a case from last night. RP was informed that she already told an officer last night, and no charges are pending against subject. Officer advised.

2329 - RP reported an intoxicated female at Ballaine Blvd and Madison Street. Officer was unable to locate the subject in any of the campgrounds.

Sept. 23

0021 - AST Trooper arrested JOSHUA LONG for DUI.

0035 - Officer advised RAYMOND CHAVEZ that he is trespassed from the Seward Music and Arts Festival for the weekend. Advisement entered into APSIN.

0156 - Verbal warning given to JOSEPH SWETT at Seward and North Harbor for speed.

1559 - The manager of Chevron reported a possible relay problem at their pumps. On call electrical stated it did not sound like an issue they would fix, but called the manager back to gather more information.

1704 - RP reported a MVA damage only in the Safeway parking lot. Officer issued notices of financial responsibility to drivers. The estimated damage is $600 to one vehicle.

2013 - Ambulance requested to Mt. Haven. SVAC transported patient to the hospital.

2123 - A citation was issued to KAITLIN VADLA for failure to carry registration, and verbal warning for speed and improperly displayed tags at 3rd Avenue and Jefferson Street.

2223 - RP reported she had a physical altercation with her boyfriend in their apartment at the Breeze Inn bunkhouse. RP stated she was no longer in the apartment, but wanted to retrieve her belongings and was afraid to confront the Officers dropped RP off at the Branson Pavilion to wait for someone to pick her up.

Sept. 24

0002 - Ambulance dispatched to the hospital

0020 - Officers arrested KENNETH GRANT at 5th and Monroe for DUI and MIW. Verbal warning given for speed.

0057 - Citation issued to KALA MCCANNA at Essential One for operating with expired registration. Verbal warning given for speed and inoperable taillights.

0139 - RP advised that subject asked several male subjects to approach and threaten him at 3rd Ave. Officers spoke with RP.

0224 - RP advised of an intoxicated female sleeping on the bench outside the Orca building. Officer was unable to locate anyone.

0248 - Spring Creek Correctional advised of a power outage. Electric Department on call notified.

0719 - Verbal warning given to GARRETT KAVANAUGH at Seward and Coolidge for headlight requirement.

1613 - RP wanted to speak to an officer about a past case. She was given the non-emergency number and advised to call us there. Shewas transferred to the officer’s voicemail.

1715 - A verbal warning was given to DAVID BUSHRE for speed at 3rd Avenue and Coolidge Drive.

1732 - RP reported a driver who was possibly intoxicated passing Chevron northbound. Officer found no vehicle matching the description from Chevron to Metco.

1936 - RP reported that he wanted two people trespassed at 4th Avenue apartment who were staying in there and not on the lease. Officer interviewed RP and couldn’t make contact with the individuals. RP stated he would come up with a different plan of action.

2003 - RP with Resurrection Taxi reported a pit bull that was injured and lying in the middle of the road in front of Metco. Officer found no dog.

2050 - RP reported a black bear trying to get into her house through the window. She stated the bear ended up running into their back yard and heading east. Officer interviewed RP and stated the bear tore off the window screen. Later another RP reported the bear was in a tree in his back yard at Marathon. Officer put the bear down. Subject from the road kill list salvaged the bear, and was advised to turn trophy items over to the Troopers.

Sept. 25

0033 - Ambulance dispatched to Seward Mountain Haven Fireweed Lodge.

0704 - Citation issued to KENNETH DWAYNE DEARING at Seward Highway and Van Buren for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warnings for speed and tail light requirements.

0728 - A 911 abandoned call was received from Spring Creek Correctional Center. Upon call back correctional officer stated there was no emergency.

0853 - Verbal warning given to JAMIE MALONE while driving at Chamber of Commerce for speed.

0918 - Verbal warning given to WILLIAM NYE while driving at Port Avenue for plate being obstructed.

0924 - Electric Department requested to speak with AST reference a theft. AST advised.

0940 - Hotel 360 requested an Officer reference subject that was there and harassing customers. Officer responded and subject was gone on arrival.

0950 - Icicle Seafoods requested an Officer reference subject was there. Officer responded and subject was gone on arrival.

1525 - KAREN STURTZ was arrested for SAST Warrant 3SW17177, $500, Obstruct Court Order, OC NVOL at Nash Road and transported to SCJ.

1544 - A citation was issued to SAMANTHA GORDON for speed at Seward Highway and Sea Lion Avenue.

1751 - Ambulance requested to Lowell Canyon. SVAC and SVFD dispatched. Patient transported to the hospital by SVAC.

2020 - NTWC reported a magnitude 6.5 earthquake south of the Fiji Islands. No tsunami danger for the U.S. West Coast, British Columbia, or Alaska.

2022 - A verbal warning was given to SHERELLE HOLMES for driving without taillights on after dark at 3rd Avenue and Church Street


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