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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Aug. 31

0949 - NTWC reported an earthquake with magnitude of 5.3 located 65 miles NW Kodiak. No tsunami expected.

1001 - Officer delivered Juvenile Intake Form for (JUV) at Beach Drive for Criminal Mischief and Disorderly Conduct.

1101 - RP, reported flooding on Dieckgraff Road. PW and D80 advised.

1346 - State DOT advised that the main runway at the Airport is closed until 6pm tomorrow due to flooding.

1415 - RP reported a blue gray Nissan pickup truck passed her in the no passing at a high rate of speed traveling south from Seward and SeaLion. Officer advised.

1424 - Verbal warning to Israeli National ROY DELGANI while driving at 3rd and D Street for speed.

1526 - Public Works advised of a vehicle blocking the alley between 1st and 2nd Avenue and Jefferson and Madison. Officer advised. No vehicle found.

1558 - Officer was unable to locate the vehicle from case 17-2508.

1603 - Citation issued to MONICA WITT at Mile 2 Seward Highway for speed.

1815 - Citation issued to AMBER SCHOFF at Seward Highway and Coolidge Rd for speed.

1911 - Citation issued to ALEXANDER WALT at Seward Highway and Airport Rd for speed.

2001 - Citation issued to NICHOLAS ROPER at Seward Highway for speed.

2119 - Verbal warning given to French National at Seward Highway for driving without headlights on after dark.

2140 - Verbal warning given to RAMA SREE at 3rd Ave and Monroe St for speed.

2315 - Citation issued to MEGAN WHIPPLE at 3rd and Van Buren for operating a vehicle with expired registration. Verbal warning given for speed and taillight out.

Sept. 1

0019 - Citation issued to GABRIEL GIOFFRE at Mile 1 Seward Hwy for operating vehicle with expired registration. Verbal warning given for speed.

0059 - Ambulance dispatched to Tressler Ave. SVAC/BCVFD dispatched.

0854 - Verbal warning given to AUSTIN CHAPMAIN at Seward Highway for following too closely.

1007 - RP requested and ambulance at K-Float. SVAC and SVFD were dispatched. SVAC transported patient to the Hospital.

1028 - RP request and ambulance at Dimond Blvd. SVAC and SVFD were dispatched. SVAC transported the patient to the Hospital.

1131 - RP reported a black bear and 2 cubs were spotted on Olympia Dr. Information was given to Officer and the Officer notified the schools.

1228 - RP reported that her ex-boyfriend was trying to pull her kid out of class at the Elementary School. Officer spoke to all involved parties and they agreed that no one was being pulled out of school.

1351 - RP reported a grey Toyota Camry passing in a no passing zone and speeding heading down Nash Rd. Officer and SAST was notified.

1501 - RP requested an Officer at the Harbormaster Bathrooms for the report of 3 males that had locked themselves into the shower and were drunk and arguing. Officers spoke to three subjects and determined that there was no alcohol involved and they were just arguing loudly.

1538 - RP reported that a woman had verbally assaulted calling her names at 3rd Ave and Jefferson St and was possibly on drugs. Officer was unable to locate person matching the description.

1630 - RP requested a case to be opened about possible abuse of his child (JUV). Officer interviewed RP. (JUV) current lives with her mother. RP also reported the situation to OCS.

1741 - RP reported an intoxicated female near the Brew House at 4th Avenue and Washington Street. Officer contacted subject and transported her to the hospital.

1812 - RP reported someone had backed into his car in the Safeway parking lot. RP reported he did not see the accident, but two people left notes on his vehicle with contact and vehicle information. Officer was busy with another case so they were instructed to fill out PAR forms online.

1838 - Ambulance requested to Thorn’s Showcase. SVAC and SVFD dispatched. Patient was transported to the hospital by SVAC.

2013 - Officer transported two dogs to the animal shelter. A voicemail was left on the owner’s cell phone, and the ACO cell.

2019 - RP reported a suspicious person at the airport with a gas can and hose. Officer was advised.

Sept. 2

0010 - Citation issued to NITEESH KUMAR at Mile 1 Seward Hwy for speed.

0019 - Verbal warning given to YU SHI at 3rd and Madison for speed.

0042 - Officer arrested RAYMOND HARLESS at Mile 1 Seward Hwy for DUI. Verbal warning given for speed.

0130 - RP advised that subject was attempting to steal one hundred dollars from him. Officer contacted both parties.

0240 - ER staff requested an Officer to assist with a combative patient.

0908 - A 911 pocket dial was received from 907-****** in the Harbor area. Upon callback the caller stated that he was not in distress and it was a pocket dial. There were no sounds of distress and an Officer was notified.

0959 - RP reported that there was a brown bear and 2 cubs that had gotten into his trash last night and was still in his yard and he could not scare them away with an air horn. Officer responded and determined the bears were in the tree eating berries causing no one harm and trash was in a bear proof container.

1012 - RP reported a man had come into the Sea Bean and stolen money from the tip jar on the counter. Officer spoke to BUDDY HALL and the owner of the Sea Bean. Officer determined HALL did not take anything from the tip jar but was indefinitely trespassed from the Sea Bean.

1014 - Officer pulled over vehicle HBV640 at Napa Auto Parts and gave a verbal warning to a woman having a bathroom emergency to slow down.

1200 - RP reported that subject had threatened to hit an employee at the Breeze Inn Hotel. Officer spoke to the involved parties and was unable to locate the individual.

1316 - RP reported that there were a couple people camping on the Fourth of July Beach in the no camping zone. Officer responded and left notices on the vehicles.

1348 - RP reported that there was an intoxicated woman at 3rd Ave and Monroe St sitting on the ground. Officer responded but could not find anyone matching the description in the area.

\1440 - A power outage was reported on Johnson Rd and Nash Rd. On call electric was notified.

1446 - A 911 pocket dial was received from 828-*********. No answer on callback and no sounds of distress were heard. Officer was notified.

1456 - Verbal warning given to VIRAJ MODAK at South Harbor St and Seward Highway for speed.

1508 - Citation issued to LIU HAN at Mile 2 Seward Highway for speed.

1859 - RP reported an intoxicated male walking on the bike path near Safeway. Officer found no one matching the description.

2217 - RP reported a sow with two cubs going through trash at her residence. Officers found no bears on the property.

2224 - RP reported seeing an intoxicated male get into a car and attempt to drive away. Officers arrested STEPHEN BOUILLON for DUI and transported him to SCJ. Officers spoke with witnesses.

Sept. 3

0014 - RP at Chevron advised that RAYMOND CHAVEZ entered the building and took a fountain soda without paying for it. Officers were unable to locate the subject. Charges pending.

0231 - ER staff requested an Officer contact the husband of a patient who was not answering the phone. Officer contacted the man.

0242 - RP called 911 requesting the phone number to the ER.

0242 - Ambulance requested to the Van Gilder Hotel. Officer contacted subject to verify legitimacy of ambulance request.

0442 - AST requested an Officer contact subject near the Benny Benson Memorial. Subject had apprehended a male suspect who entered his house on Herman Leirer Rd. The suspect exited his vehicle near the Lagoon. Officer was unable to locate the suspect. AST took over the investigation.

0534 - Officer contacted LEOBARDO BOJORQUEZ-GONZALEZ at Chevron who was harassing the Trooper and entering the store after being told not to. Subject was trespassed from Chevron for the next 24 hours.

0612 - ER staff requested an Officer contact the same individual from case number 17-2547 again.

0634 - Ambulance requested to the airport to transport the flight crew.

Sept. 4

0003 - RP reported his girlfriend took off from Resurrection campground after they both returned from the bars approximately 45 minutes ago. RP states she is extremely intoxicated. Officers checked downtown bar areas and were unable to locate her. Officers located subject in the campground area in AK/LIC JEG547 and transported her to the hospital.

0015 - Verbal warning given to MOHAMAD YASSER ASWAD BIN HAIDIR at Third and Adams street for speed.

0446 - Citation issued to KEISHONNA CARTER In the South 72 hour lot for failure to register vehicle.

0532 - Ambulance requested to Port Avenue. SVAC/SVFD. Forms sent.

1021 - Verbal warning given to German National at 3rd Ave and Washington St for failure to stop at stop sign.

1202 - Citation issued to BYRON YANG at Seward Highway for inoperative taillight.

1231 - Verbal warning given to TRAVIS ERICKSON at Seward Highway and Hemlock Ave for speed.

1305 - NTWC recorded a 4.2 magnitude earthquake 70 miles northwest of Seward. There was no tsunami danger from this earthquake.


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