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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Aug. 22

0032 - Wells Fargo Security reported a network failure alarm at Third Avenue – Wells Fargo. Officers responded and found the building secure with no one inside. Multiple attempts to contact bank manager and other personnel were made with no contact. Officer noted a GCI truck doing work across the street near Van Buren Street, which could be the source of the network failure.

0055 - Verbal warning given to ALANA D TRAUB at Third and Railway for speed.

0142 - GCI is working on the phone/cable systems near Van Buren Street for about another hour. Current work is affecting phone and internet systems throughout town.

1603 - Simplex Grinnel reported a fire alarm going off at 3rd Ave. SVFD and SVAC were dispatched. SVFD reported no fire and to have SVAC stand down.

1815 - RP reported 2 men outside Ace Hardware smoking pot. Officer responded and could not find anyone matching the description given.

1817 - RP reported that there was a drunk man yelling at people in the harbor area and was last seen in front of the Kenai Fjords National Park Building heading south. Officer responded and could not find anyone matching the description in the area.

2010 - RP request a civil standby at Marathon Dr. so subject could get his stuff out of her garage. Officer responded.

2259 - The Bartender at Thorn’s reported a man, by the first name of “RAY”, had come in and stolen 20$ off the counter and ran out. Officer spoke to all the bars in the DTA. Thorns, Yukon and Tony’s requested that person be permanently trespassed. Officer was unable to identify RAY.

2349 - Citation issued to JOSHUA ANDREW ESTES at Third and Jefferson for failure to carry proof of insurance, verbal warning given for speed.

Aug. 23

0109 - RAYMOND VINCENT CHAVEZ was advised by officer of his criminal trespasses from Tony’s, Thorn’s and the Yukon Bar indefinitely.

0129 - Officer advised two subjects that they need to move off airport property and not park at the end of the runway.

0645 - Ambulance requested to Fourth Avenue. Forms sent.

1012 - Ambulance requested to Bayview Apartments. Officer, SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1033 - Verbal warning given to JAMES AKANA III, while driving at Seward and Breeze Inn for fail to stop at stop sign.

1104 - Bag of climbing equipment was found near the ballfields. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

1252 - DAKOTA BENNET was also charged for Driving While License Revoked. Advisement entered in APSIN.

1258 - 911 open line at the Breeze Inn. No sounds of distress. Officer advised.

1911 - LAURIE QUIGLEY has been advised she is trespassed from the Air Force Recreation Camp.

2102 - RP reported a silver 4 door driving on the wrong side of the road on 2nd, running a stop sign, and turning up on 3rd heading north bound. Officer was advised.

2109 - Suspect was reported to have been using a stolen credit card at the Russian store. Officer requested a locate for suspect. Victim will meet with an officer Friday.

2126 - RAYMOND CHAVEZ needs to be advised that he has been criminally trespassed from the Alehouse.

2212 - RAYMOND CHAVEZ was arrested for fraudulent use of access device and criminal impersonation and transported to SCJ.

2306 - A 911 misdial came from subject at 3rd Avenue. She stated everything was okay, and there were no sounds of distress heard. Officer advised.

Aug. 24

0825 - No Valid Operators License Summons issued to (JUV) while driving at High School.

0918 - AMANDA TOMLINSON was issued a Summons for Allowing Unauthorized Persons to Drive for allowing (JUV) to drive without a license.

0959 - P&R found a bike at Forest Acres Campground. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

1108 - P&R reported a break in at the woman’s shower room at Resurrection Campgrounds.

1144 - Officer provided transportation for (JUV) from Aspen Street to High School.

1447 - Chief advised of a possible REDDI in a black GMC pickup leaving the Post Office. Officer responded and made contact with driver, CARSON DIEMER who was not intoxicated and was on his phone. Officer gave DIEMER a verbal warning for distracted driving.

1503 - SAST requested an ambulance to Phoenix. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1605 - Officer assisted subject who had a disabled vehicle at Seward Highway and Sea Lion Avenue. The vehicle was removed from the highway with a tow truck.

1608 - (JUV) reported he lost a gray backpack at the skate park with his name on it. Inside would be a phone with a blue case.

1643 - The electric department reported the power was going to be out between 1st and 2nd Avenue, and Monroe Street and Bear Mountain for about an hour.

2304 - Troopers arrested MADELYN SCHMITT for DUI and transported her to SCJ.

Aug. 25

0127 - Verbal warning given to HAIOU JIANG at 3rd and Jefferson for speed.

0559 - Verbal warning given to ERIC NEWCOMB at 3rd and Van Buren for speed.

0700 - Hotel Seward staff called about a subject fainting. The manager brought him to the hospital.

0745 - RP wanted to talk to an Officer reference a civil issue with loaning subject two vehicle batteries. Officer spoke with RP.

0836 - RP requested an Officer to 4th Avenue for a disturbance with his roommate. Officer responded and provided transport for the RP to Bayside.

0857 - Officer requested a case number for Indecent Viewing/Photography.

0918 - Senior Center requested an Officer for an MVA-D that occurred in front of the Senior Center on 3rd Avenue. Officer responded.

0943 - D81 issued a burn permit to the Transfer Facility till 08/27.

1231 - Verbal warning given to CRISTAN MCLAIN while driving at Seward and Hemlock for not displaying plate on vehicle.

1257 - 911 open line from Hotel Seward. Nothing heard on line. Callback to hotel advised no distress. Officer advised.

1321 - High school requested an Officer for a combative student that was punching holes in walls. Officer responded and made contact with student, (JUV), parent and Principle. Officer advised minor damage but school does not wish to press charges.

1355 - RP reported someone had broken into his apartment at 4th Ave and had taken something. RP stated that no one was in the room and he would not touch anything. Officer spoke to the RP who stated he did not see who had broken in and nothing was taken.

1436 - RP reported someone had hit his car in front of the Alehouse on 8-24-17. Officer spoke to RP who stated he did not know who hit his car. Officer noted the damage to vehicle.

2032 - Citation issued to JENNIFER PERRY at Seward Highway and South Harbor St for speed and verbal warning given for failure to carry registration.

2123 - An open door was located at Flyin Skein. Officer secured the building and the owner was contacted.

2347 - RP advised that her husband was threatening to commit suicide. Officers found no indication of suicidal actions or thoughts besides the RP statement.

Aug. 26

0101 - Verbal warning given to ROBIN ECHOLS at 3rd and Jefferson for speed.

0134 - Verbal warning given to SIMONE DOSSENA (Italian national) at Mile 1 Seward for failure to maintain lane.

0152 - Verbal warning given to JUSTIN CERTEZA at Seward Hwy for speed.

0648 - Verbal warning given to KATERINA PYCHOVA at Seward and Airport for following too closely.

0651 - RP requested an ambulance to Resurrection Blvd. Officer dispatched to scene after the patient stopped responding to questions.

0840 - RP turned in a purse found at Tony’s Bar. Officer logged items into lost and found.

1401 - RP requested an Officer at Polar Seafoods for the report of finding drugs on the premise. Officer spoke to the RP and subject who departed the premise as requested by the RP, and drugs were seized for destruction.

1627 - A MVA Injury was reported on the Seward Highway in front of Safeway by multiple parties. Officers, SVAC, and SVFD all dispatched. There were three vehicles involved and the drivers were CHRISTOPHER BLACKMON, and two other subjects. One patient was transported to the hospital by SVAC. Citation was issued to BLACKMON for driver to exercise due care to avoid collision.

1744 - Troopers arrested CHRISTOPHER JONES for a warrant and DUI and transported him to SCJ.

1800 - Ambulance requested by the Coast Guard to F float. SVAC and SVFD dispatched, and patient transported to the hospital by SVAC.

1827 - Ambulance requested to Mill Street. SVAC and SVFD dispatched, and patient transported to the hospital by SVAC.

1840 - Ambulance requested to the. SVAC and SVFD dispatched, and patient transported to the hospital by SVAC.

1917 - RP reported a hit and run in front of Brown and Hawkins. Officer contacted EUNIQUE REESE who was the driver of the hit and run, and passenger. Citation was issued to REESE for NVOL and failure to carry proof of insurance.

2018 - NTWC recorded a magnitude 6.6 earthquake in the Admiralty Island region. No tsunami expected.

2109 - Ambulance requested to the airport to transport a flight medical crew.

2111 - RP reported three males yelling in Forest Acres Campground. Officer found no one causing a disturbance.

2134 - RP reported a vehicle passing multiple vehicles on 3rd Avenue. Officer gave a verbal warning to MARISSA KEILSON for passing in a no passing lane.

2354 - NTWC reported an earthquake magnitude 4.2 occurred 55 miles NW of Homer Alaska, no tsunami is expected.

Aug. 27

0147 - A 911 call came in from an unknown location. No sounds of distress were heard. Upon call back a message was left for Tonya Davis. Officer notified.

0149 - Verbal warning given to RACHEL ANN LAURIE at Seward Highway and Bear Drive for inoperable taillight.

0205 - The manager of Van Guilder hotel requested an officer for 10-20 people in front of the hotel being loud. RP was concerned that they were about to fight. When officer arrived, the group had dispersed.

0459 - RP reported and intoxicated female that is sitting on the railroad tracks across from ACE Hardware. Officer responded and made contact with subject and provided transportation to Kimberly Court Apartments.

0525 - Verbal warning given to JESE EDWARD ANDERSON at Seward Highway and Nash road for inoperable tail lights.

0914 - RP reported that his neighbors were yelling and fighting at Bear Mtn Apts. Officer spoke to subject at Brownell St. She reported that she had a verbal with another subject that spilled into the street and there was small altercation but no one was hurt.

1053 - RP reported that a MVA had occurred at Essential 1 involving her daughters Subaru and a BMW. Officer issued PAR forms

1111 - RP requested an ambulance at Railway Ave. SVAC and SVFD were dispatched. SVAC transported patient to the Hospital.

1122 - Verbal warning given to NOY EYAL at Seward Highway and C St for speed.

1320 - RP reported someone in a black and maroon vehicle stole tools from him while he was working on the air pump at Essential 1. Officer spoke to RP and reviewed the footage but could not get a plate from the footage. Officer was unable to find the vehicle. RP estimated the value of the tools to be 600$.

1403 - RP reported the shoplifter from previous case was back in Safeway. Officer responded but the suspect had already left the store. Officer was unable to locate the suspect matching the description in the area.

1444 - RP reported that the tools were returned to Essential 1 by subject who stated that he took them thinking they belonged to the car that had driven off in front of him and tried to chase them down to return the tools.

1523 - SAST requested an Officer to Salmon Creek Rd for help with subject who was not cooperating with a Trooper. The Officer responded and the Trooper had subject in his vehicle.

1653 - Troopers arrested KAREN STURTZ for Assault III and transported her to SCJ.

1710 - Ambulance requested to Lowell. SVAC and SVFD dispatched. Patient was transported to hospital by SVAC.

1800 - RP reported a vehicle GCL166 on 1st Avenue having a history of speeding when leaving their residence. Officer was notified.

1915 - Fire alarm response requested by Rapid Response to Beach Drive. BCVFD, SVAC, and LPVFD dispatched. LPVFD determined it was just a false alarm and canceled all responders. Rapid Response gave the wrong address initially, and they were called back to get the right address.

2142 - RP reported that he lost his black DK backpack at Safeway and that it was possibly stolen. Officer was notified, and RP was told to contact Safeway.

2313 - Safeway reported that they found the back pack in the store. Arrangements were made for owner to pick up the back pack in the morning.

2338 - Citation issued to EVAN LEE WILSON at Fourth and Madison for speed.

Aug. 28

0130 - Citation issued to RYAN JOHN RELLAFORD at Fourth and Adams for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning given for rapid acceleration through a turn, failure to use turn signal and passenger tail light out.

0149 - RP requested an officer for an intoxicated, unresponsive male on the rocks near the boat ramp at the Sea Life Center. Officer responded and requested an ambulance after it was determined the subject was unresponsive to painful stimuli. Ambulance transported patient to the hospital. Forms sent.

0419 - A parking warning was issued for AK/LIC JDW197 for parking against flow of traffic at Third and Adams Street.

0421 - A parking warning was issued for AK/LIC JDP185 for parking against flow of traffic at Third and Adams Street.

0448 - Citation issued for failure to register vehicle was left on AK/LIC EHK833 at Third and Madison Street.

0705 - The radar trailer was placed at Seward and Sea Lion Drive in the southbound lane.

0729 - Verbal warning issued to DOUGLAS TAYLOR MACNAIR at Seward Highway and Hemlock for speed.


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