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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Aug. 2

1600 - Citation issued to PORFIRIO ZAMORA JR. at Third and B Street for operating electronic devices while driving.

1606 - A citizen brought in a bicycle left on his property on Nautical Drive.

1705 - A caller wanted to know if someone had turned in his driver’s license. He was instructed to call DMV tomorrow morning.

1803 - Officers located subject that left the hospital and returned him to the hospital.

2233 - RP reported an intoxicated man stumble to his vehicle, a F350, then got in vehicle and started to drive away. Officer stopped the vehicle matching the description over at 4th Ave and Ballaine Blvd. Officer arrested JAMES SEY for DUI. Citation issued to SEY for open container.

Aug. 3

1003 - RP requested an officer at Fourth avenue on the Adams Street side for a white van that hit the pole. Officer found no damage.

1352 - A citizen reported that she lost her debit card possibly on the Two Lakes Trail.

1515 - RP requested to talk to an officer regarding a suspicious male asking the whereabouts of his juvenile niece.

1542 - Verbal warning given to OLIVER IWAO KUNITAKE on Lowell Point Road for failure to maintain lane.

1715 - A guest from the Breeze Inn dialed 911 by mistake when she saw her red message light blinking. No sounds of distress.

1745 - Unkanuzit reported a male with shoulder length brown/gray hair with ball cap driving an older maroon Bronco type vehicle with tire and a bike on the back, headed toward Police Department. Suspect was dumpster diving. Caller gave a partial plate of AK/ GY****. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

1840 - An anonymous caller reported JGU342 in the Chinooks parking lot, blocking her in and wouldn’t move. Vehicle has his turn signal on. Officers made contact with witnesses on scene who state that it seemed like road rage between the two vehicles. Caller was not on scene when officer arrived.

1914 - Verbal warning given to FELIX S ZILBERSTEIN at Seward Highway for speed.

1937 - Verbal warning given to JACOB NOVAK at Mile 1 Seward Hwy for speed.

1943 - Citation issued to BRYAN SMITH at 3rd Ave and A St for speed and passing in no pass zone.


Verbal warning LANE PELLETIER at Mile 2 Seward Hwy for speed.

2113 - SAST requested an agency to the Salmon Creek trailer court. Troopers arrested BRITTNEY FATTORE for assault IV DV.

2213 - Ambulance dispatched to the Seward City Jail.

2213 - Officers assisted the jail with a prisoner.

2231 - Officer escorted the ambulance with a prisoner to the hospital.

2254 - RP requested an Officer across the street from the Yukon and hung up the phone. Officers contacted an intoxicated HENRY GATES. Officer told GATES no more bars for the night and sent him to his hotel in a taxi.

2326 - RP requested an Officer to Resurrection campground for a camper running a loud generator after quiet hours. Officer contacted the owner who agreed to turn the generator off for the night.

2338 - RP advised of a shoplifter at Chevron. Officer contacted subject who was transported to the hospital for mental evaluation.

Aug. 4

0007 - Greg’s Taxi was reported to be parked in the fire lane at Bayside Apartments. RP later called again to report the taxi had moved.

0107 - JARED MCGUIRE was arrested for DUI and MIW IV at Sea Lion Avenue, and transported to SCJ. JARED MCGUIRE refused to give a breathalyzer test.

0206 - A 911 misdial came from the harbor area. No sounds of distress were heard, and a voicemail was left on call back. An officer was notified.

0512 - An ambulance was dispatched to the cruise ship. Subject was transported to the hospital by SVAC.

0650 - RP reported three intoxicated campers at Alice Campground being loud and causing a disturbance. Officer found no individuals making a disturbance.

0704 - The hospital reported that subject was being uncooperative and kicking the door inside the psych room. Officers responded to the scene.

0843 - Officer left parking warning on vehicle parked in front of cookery for backing into a diagonal parking spot.

1011 - Front Point Alarm reported a general fire alarm at Beach Dr. LPVFD, BCVFD, SVAC dispatched. Registered owner of residence contacted admin line and reported that it was just burn popcorn that set off the fire alarm and canceled call.

1153 - RP turned in 2 driver’s licenses at the police department after not being claimed at the harbormaster.

1154 - Seward Jail requested an Officer keep an eye out for an individual recently released that left their medication in the jail. Officer was unable to locate the individual.

1228 - RP requested an ambulance at 4th Ave. SVAC and SVFD were dispatched. SVAC transported the patient to the hospital.

1439 - RP reported a red Subaru Forrester was driving erratically and squealing tires at the intersection of Port Ave and Seward Highway and then turned north. Officer was unable to locate a vehicle that matched description. AST was notified.

1457 - Burn permit was issued to Seward Highway through the 6th of August.

1510 - RP reported she had lost her wallet near 4th Ave and had all of her credit cards and driver’s license in it. RP needed to make a police report because she was flying out of AK on Wednesday and needed to get through security. Officer talked to RP at the police department.

1756 - Providence Hospital requested an Officer to help with subject at the hospital who was upset after speaking to a representative from Seaview.

1812 - The radar trailer has been set up north of Van Buren St in the southbound lane of Seward Highway.

1836 - RP requested to speak to an Officer about some strange circumstances. Officer spoke to RP and determined that this was a civil issue and answered some questions for her.

2113 - Citation issued to DONNA ALLEN at the Safeway parking lot for speed.

2131 - Verbal warning given to MARVIN AVILES at Seward and Airport for speed.

2304 - Troopers arrested DEVIN LOOMIS and CHARLOTTE DAVENPORT on separate warrants.

2346 - Citation issued to BRIAN LEVINE for speed at Seward Highway and North Harbor Street.

Aug. 5

0204 - Citation issued to FRANK BELLIDO for speed and verbal warning for tail light requirements at Seward Highway Mile 1.

0912 - Citation issued to JANESSA ANDERSON at 3rd Ave and Railway Ave for failure to provide proof of insurance and verbal warning given for failing to stop at stop sign.

0935 - RP reported her neighbor was burning plastic in his yard at Camelot Dr and requested someone from BCVFD come and talk to him. BCVFD Fire Chief was notified and spoke to the neighbor.

0940 - Verbal warning given to GEORGE NEWMAN at Seward Highway for speed.

1436 - RP requested an Officer at Polar Seafoods for the report of a disgruntled employee that wouldn’t leave. Officer responded and was told subject had left before the Officer had arrived.

1502 - RP reported that people were parked on Lowell Point Rd ocean side next the signs that say no parking. Officer responded and no one was parked next to signs.

1629 - RP reported a man and woman were yelling at each other in front of Bear Mtn Apartments and the woman had slapped the man. Officers responded and spoke to 2 subjects and determined no crime was committed.

1730 - Officer advised JOLYNN LUND and BRUCE LUND at 4th Ave that they were trespassed from the Military Resort for an earlier incident that was brought to the Officer’s attention by Military Resort Staff.

1811 - Verbal warning given to MERITXELL FLAVIA at Port Ave and Northwesten Circle for speed.

1823 - Citation issued to REBECCA DANIELLE at 3rd Ave and C St for speed and verbal warning given for failure to provide registration.

1832 - Verbal warning given to VIRGINIA FRIZZELL at 4th Ave and Madison St for obstructing traffic.

2115 - Citation issued to DAVID LEIFERMAN at 3rd and B St for speed.

2116 - RP at the Seward Resort advised of an MVA at the Resort. Officer spoke with the driver and contacted the owner of the other vehicle. Both parties exchanged insurance information.

2137 - Citations issued to CHERYL HURD at the Chamber of Commerce parking lot for speed and failure to provide proof of insurance.

2242 - RP advised that a group of campers were smoking marijuana outside in Boulder field campground. Officers were unable to locate anyone smoking outside. Officer spoke with P&R staff who did not witness any illegal activity.

2304 - Verbal warning given to LANDON LESCHPER at Seward and Nash for failure to maintain lane.

2310 - Citation issued to MOLLY DEBOWER at Seward and Airport for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning given for speed.

2336 - Troopers arrested TAB CAHILL at Mile 63 Seward for DUI. CAHILL was transported to the SCJ.

Aug. 6

0106 - A 911 misdial came from the Lowell Point Road area. No sounds of distress were heard, and on callback a voicemail was left. An officer was notified.

0157 - RP reported a hit and run outside of the Yukon bar. Officers spoke with the victim on scene. Officers stopped the vehicle matching the description at 4th and Port. BRANDON RITCHEY was arrested for DUI and transported to SCJ.

0157 - RP reported a hit and run outside of the Yukon bar. Officers spoke with the victim on scene.

0332 - Officers responded to an agency assist request from Troopers to the Pit Bar for an ongoing fight. Troopers arrested WAYSON DUDOIT and transported to SCJ.

1615 - RP reported that subject stole family heirlooms in Anchorage eleven years ago. RP was advised by an officer to seek a civil case.

1839 - RP reported that she lost her wallet from the Breeze Inn to the bike path. The wallet was later found at Marathon Campground and an officer returned the wallet.

1929 - Two subjects met an officer outside PD and advised another subject had backed into their car. The owners of both vehicles decided to only involve them and insurance.

2116 - Verbal warning given to JOHN SPIERS for failure to stop at a stop sign at 4th Avenue.

2131 - A 911 misdial came from subject at Icicle Seafoods. The caller stated it was an accident and that everything was okay. An officer was notified.


- RP reported a subject with a warrant was at Chevron. Officer and Trooper responded, but could not find the vehicle matching the description.

2141 - RP reported that the trash outside of the apartments on 3rd Avenue and Washington Street was overflowing. An officer was notified.

2215 - Verbal warning given to PAUL BRAYTON for failure to signal at Seward Highway Mile 1.

2223 - Subject was looking for a lost wallet. They were advised the wallet had been turned in.

2240 - RP reported that she heard loud noises and saw two young individuals with spray paint near the high school. Officers responded and contacted the high school football coach who said they were working on the fields.

2257 - Citation issued to BRENDA XU for speed at Seward Highway and South Harbor Street.

2331 - Ambulance dispatched to the Sea Life Center. Officer arrived to assist.

Aug. 7

0528 - An ambulance is requested to the cruise ship dock.

0548 - A parking warning was left on GZM309 across from the Seward Hotel for parking against flow of traffic.

0657 - Citation issued to ROBERT O LILIEDAHL at Third and Van Buren for speed.

0803 - Ambulance requested to the Nauti Otter Inn. BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.

0838 - Kimberly Court Apartments requested an Officer for ANDREW COURSER being on property and has been trespassed. Officer responded and made contact with COURSER at Apartment 7 and issued a Summons for Criminal Trespass II.

0919 - Ambulance requested to the Hotel 360. SVFD/SVAC dispatched. Officer responded.

1010 - Safeway requested and Officer to criminally trespass WILLIAM GAGE. Officer responded and advised GAGE had left the store. Officer responded to subject’s and made contact with GAGE and advised he was criminally trespassed from Safeway for 6 months.

1147 - Verbal warning to KYLE BENNETT while driving at 3rd and Wells Fargo for speed.

1220 - RP heard an explosion and the power went out at her residence at Benson. Electric and on call water personnel advised.

1539 - KPB tested the Elevator at the High School

1613 - RP turned in a sport and commercial fishing license. A voicemail was left for the owner.

1823 - On duty electrical called out to Lancelot Drive for a power outage. On call fixed the outage.

1928 - Ambulance requested to Gateway Apartments via Life Line. Patient transported to the hospital by SVAC.

1947 - Officer responded to a MVA damage only at the Cruise Ship Terminal. Driviers were both issued PAR forms.

2016 - Officer responded to a MVA damage only at the Seward Military Resort. Subject was issued a PAR form, and the other PAR form was left on the unattended vehicle with contact information.

2021 - RAYMOND CHAVEZ was advised by an officer that he was trespassed indefinitely from the Yukon and Pit bar, and that he had a revoked or suspended license.

Aug. 8

0629 - Verbal warning given to MARGARET L STARR at Seward and South Harbor for speed.

0634 - Citation issued to ELIZABETH CATHERINE CASTLE at Third and Jefferson Street for speed.

1552 - RP with the Campgrounds advised they will be evicting RV vehicle GWC705 from Alice Campground site 911 tomorrow at 1600. Possible police presence required.

1637 - RP reported a grey and red Dodge truck with a topper swerving and speeding on the Seward Highway and turning into the Safeway parking lot. Officer found no vehicle matching the description.

1638 - RP reported a burglary at her apartment in Pacific Park. Officers and interviewed RP. Subject later reported that he did not steal anything, and that RP had physically hurt him. Officer interviewed subject.

1649 - Ambulance dispatched to Seavey’s kiosk in the small boat harbor. Patient was transported to the hospital by SVAC.

1923 - Citation issued to TIMMY ALIMONTI for expired registration and driving without a valid license, and verbal warning for failure to stop at stop sign at 4th Avenue and Port Avenue.

2051 - RP with Resurrection Taxi on admin line, and RP on 911 both reported the same intoxicated pedestrian on 3rd Avenue having trouble standing and walking. Officer transported subject to his apartment.

2144 - NTWC recorded a magnitude 5.3 earthquake 30 miles Southwest of Nikolski, Alaska. No tsunami expected.

2153 - NTWC recorded a magnitude 5.1 earthquake 25 miles Southwest of Nikolski, Alaska. No tsunami expected.

2305 - RP reported hearing a verbal fight outside of the AVTEC gym, and hearing one of the parties drive off. Officers found no one in the area.

Aug. 9

0121 - The night auditor from the Hotel Seward reported AK/LIC JDV548 with its lights on across the street and wanted to make sure that the vehicle owner was not having a problem. Officer found no one in the car.

0422 - RP reported that subject died at Fifth Avenue. Officer responded and notified the Medical Examiner as there was not a comfort one or advanced directive in place. The medical examiner released the body to the family.

0857 - DMV advised of a gray Toyota pickup, unknown plate, was driving on the wrong side of the road at the Airport while they were doing a road test. Officer responded and saw a gray Toyota pickup travelling southbound on Seward Highway and advised vehicle was driving fine.

0919 - Verbal warning given to DEAN REIMERS while driving at 3rd and Port for fail to stop at stop sign.

0930 - Verbal warning given to RHYLEE GERBER while driving at Seward Fisheries for fail to stop at stop sign and driving left of center.

0937 - Citation issued to RICKY GANT while driving at 3rd and B Street for speed.

1118 - RP reported seeing a male in a suit changing a ARR Track sign at the Airport crossing. ARR Dispatch advised and confirmed that was the conductor changing it.

1200 - 911 pocket dial from the SBH area. No sounds of distress. All ok. Officer advised.

1213 - 911 pocket dial from Icicle Seafoods. No sounds of distress. All ok. Officer advised.

1305 - Verbal warning given to BRENDAN RYAN while driving at 4th and Port for fail to stop at stop sign.

1345 - 911 pocket dial from DTA. No sounds distress. Officer advised.

1515 - TelAlaska reported an intoxicated female outside of the Peking Restaurant. Officer responded and made contact with Female. Officer transported subject to PSMC for Protective Custody.

1520 - RP called asking about notary service after hours. RP advised to use non emergency number.

1543 - Officer arrested AGNES TOMMY at First Ave for disorderly conduct and assault on a police officer x 2.

1625 - RP reported a red truck had almost hit her and swerved into a ditch near the intersection of 4th Ave and South Harbor St. RP reported the driver looked fine and gave her a sign that he was ok. Officers arrested TIMOTHY PIVONKA at Mile 1 Seward Highway for Assault III, DUI, and Reckless Driving.

1625 - Officer responded to a 911 call in case 17-2187 and documented damage done to property by TIMOTHY PIVONKA. Glacier Towing towed the vehicle with license plate JEV134.

1834 - RP reported that someone had hit the right rear panel of his daughter’s Ford Fiesta, license plate GRL828, sometime between 8/5/17 and 8/9/17 but was not sure where it occurred. Officer spoke to RP and determined that $1000 of damage was done to right rear door of vehicle.

2120 - RP reported a black S10 doing circles and speeding around the block then pulling into No Sweat Auto. Officer responded and talked to subject who denied doing anything wrong and the Officer asked if he could drive carefully and not disturb his neighbors.

Aug. 10

0810 - RP reported his gray Specialized bike being stolen from his residence at 4th Avenue.

0848 - PW reported two vehicles are parked on Van Buren by Red’s causing traffic congestion. Officer responded and the owner of one of the vehicles responded to scene and was issued citation for parking/standing on roadway. The other vehicle AK LIC/JAW839, was impounded by Glacier Towing.

0910 - Yukon Fire will be testing at AVTEC Culinary Arts

0926 - 911 misdial from the freight elevator at Safeway. No sounds distress. Officer advised.

1010 - Citation issued to JUDITH VAUBEL while driving at 3rd and B Street for speed.

1013 - Citation issued to BRIAN WRIGHT while driving at Resurrection for fail to stop at stop sign at Bear and Seward.

1023 - Verbal warning given to PAUL MCDONNELL while driving at 3rd and C Street for speed.

1033 - Verbal warning given to WAYNE HUMBERT while driving at the Smoke Shack for fail to stop at stop sign.

1034 - Verbal warning given to DOUGLAS STUDANSKI while driving at KFT for fail to stop at stop sign at 4th and Port.

1034 - Parking warning left on vehicle at 3rd Avenue for parking against flow of traffic.

1055 - Citation issued to LEO MCCORMICK while driving at Sewad and North Harbor for speed.

1315 - Verbal warning to JACOB BRIDGES while driving at Tesoro for fail to stop at stop sign.

1522 - 911 pocket dial from 4th Avenue. No sounds of distress. Officer advised.

1705 - RP reported that his daughter (JUV) had been bitten 3 times by a dog on Marathon Trail. The ACO was notified.

1728 - Citation issued to JOHN FAVARA at 3rd Ave and Monroe St for failure to register vehicle and verbal warning given for speed.

1750 - RP reported a Volkswagen Bug was on fire at Mile 12 of the Seward Highway just past the overlook on the southbound side. BCVFD and SVAC were dispatched. The fire was extinguished by BCVFD.

1759 - Verbal warning given to Chinese national at Seward Highway for failure to stop at stop sign.

1816 - Citation issued to JOHN LIND at Seward Highway and Hemlock St for speed.

1851 - Verbal warning given to German National at Seward Highway for speed.

2038 - RP reported that a cab owned by Mike’s Taxi was parked in the fire lane on the south side of Bayside Apartments. Officer responded and issued a citation to MICHAEL DEAN at 4th Ave for parking in a fire lane.

2218 - Earthquake with a magnitude of 4.7 reported 45 miles SW of Homer. No tsunami expected.

2358 - RP advised she heard a small caliber gun shot in the alley behind Bayview Apts and witnessed someone running northbound in the alley. Officers were unable to locate anyone.

Aug. 11

0108 - Citation issued to REBECCA REDMON at 4th and North Harbor for speed.

0951 - RP reported the tenant in Glacierview threatened her and her dog and wanted to speak to an Officer. Officer responded and advised it was a verbal argument only and would be a housing manager issue.

1012 - Officer assisted NOAA Officer that was with a disabled vehicle in front of Safeway. Glacier Towing was called by AST.

1227 - 911 misdial from the Library as they were calling a 491 cell. All ok. Officer advised.

1412 - Icicle Seafoods requested RAYMOND CHAVEZ to be criminally trespassed from Icicle Seafoods. Officer spoke with RP.

1416 - Breeze Inn turned in a large wallet. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

1524 - 911 pocket dial from the SBH area. No sounds of distress. Officer advised.

2332 - RP requested an Officer at Tony’s Bar to notify a man that he was indefinitely trespassed from the bar. Officers responded and RP notified them that he walked into Thorn’s. Officers could not find anyone in Thorn’s or the Alehouse matching the description given.

Aug. 12

0018 - RP reported that her sister didn’t return from going outside to her vehicle. Officer later found subject walking downtown from the bars, and transported her back Murphy’s.

0644 - Ambulance requested to the airport to transport a flight medical crew.

0641 - Magnitude 4.7 earthquake detected 185 miles South of Kodiak City, Alaska. No tsunami expected.

0801 - SVAC reported that they were going to pick up a second aircrew from the airport.

0841 - RP accidently called 911 from 4th Ave. She stated it was an accident no sounds of distress were heard. Information given to Officer.

0925 - RP turned in a black wallet that was found at Boulderfield Campground. Officer logged the item. Owner picked up his wallet from the PD.

0929 - Verbal Warning given to Canadian National at Resurrection Blvd and Seward Highway for speed.

0944 - A power outage was reported at Salmon Creek Rd. The on call electric was notified. Power was restored.

0956 - Parks and Rec turned in a purse found at the Skatepark. Officer logged the item.

1014 - RP reported that a black lab had bit him at the Army Resort after he had tried to grab the dog. ACO was notified and responded.

1140 - RP reported a strong odor coming from the Sewage Lagoon. The on call Public Works Wastewater was notified.

Aug. 13

0054 - RP reported an intoxicated male having trouble walking outside of the Ale House. CHRISTOPHER ALLEN was arrested for Drunk On Licensed Premise and transported to SCJ.

0139 - Ambulance dispatched to the Seward Military Resort. Patient was transported to the hospital by SVAC.

0648 - RP found a credit card at Kawabe Bathrooms. Item was turned into the lost and found.

0859 - Written warning left on white truck with license plate 423083B at the Van Gilder Hotel for parking in no parking zone.

0902 - Verbal warning given to TROY SUTTON at Seward Highway and C St for speed.

0932 - Written warning left in silver Toyota Tacoma with license plate NOBRAS at Napa parking lot for parking on private property.

1007 - RP reported an RV parked on the bike path across from Chevron. Officer talked to the driver who said they were just checking their map and advised they would park in a parking area.

1107 - Citation issued to ZOEY SIMPSON at Port Ave and 4th Ave for failure to stop at a stop sign.

1107 - RP reported black smoke and a possible start to a forest fire near Nautical Ave. BCVFD, SVFD, and SVAC were dispatched. BCVFD determined it was a controlled burn on South Fork Ln.

1217 - RP requested an ambulance to Bayside Apts. SVAC and SVFD were dispatched. Patient refused treatment.


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