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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

July 21

0007 - Citation issued to CHRISTOPHER W BARTOSZ at Third and D Street for failure to carry proof of insurance and verbal warning given for speed.

0219 - The clerk at Chevron reported a found wallet. Officer picked up the wallet and entered it into safekeeping.

0426 - Officer made investigative stop at Fourth and Railway on AK/LIC ETU442 because door was open on the vehicle. Officer made contact with subject who was sleeping in the back seat and provided transportation to the RBS bunk house.

0444 - Citation issued to HILDER GRACE OSEUK at Fourth and Railway for expired registration.

0525 - Verbal warning given to THOMAS LEO CANTOR at Seward Highway and South Harbor Street for speed.

0540 - Verbal warning given to KEITH LORING JANSEN at Third and Adams Streets for speed.

0543 - An automated alarm for the Breeze Inn South Harbor Street. No smoke or fire showing. Alarm reset.

0606 - Verbal warning given to ANTHONY MAURICE DAVIS at Seward Highway and South Harbor Street for speed.

0619 - RP reported her cell phone lost near the Mariners Memorial last evening. Report filed.

0634 - Breeze Inn reported the fire sprinkler alarm was going off with a message that a sprinkler head had water in it. RP requested assistance to reset pressure in the system. SVFD on call notified and responded.

0640 - Verbal warning given to YENNY BERNAL ROBAYO at Seward Highway and Port Avenue for speed.

July 24

0747 - RP reported a burglary at Once In A Blue Moose in the harbor area.

0807 - RP wanted to speak to an Officer reference someone using her credit card. Officer spoke with RP.

0859 - Fire alarm activation at Icicle Seafoods. SVFD/SVAC/BCVFD dispatched. D81 advised false alarm and alarm reset.

1210 - Safeway reported that subject left the store with cough syrup and was walking southbound past Seward Marketplace. Officer responded and unable to locate subject in the surrounding area. Officer spoke with RP. Charges pending.

1338 - D81 issued a burn permit to Dairy Hill till 7/26.

1432 - Safeway found a backpack with clothes and papers. Info in Lost/Found Book.

1459 - 911 misdial from SCCC. No sounds of distress. Callback revealed all OK.

1536 - Report of a structure fire at Madison. SVFD/SVAC/BCVFD dispatched. D81 requested an Officer to the scene.

1948 - A wallet found in the harbor area was turned in. The owner was contacted and picked up the wallet.

2056 - RP advised of an illegal campsite that looked suspicious. Officer located property belonging to subject and brought the property to her father’s residence.

2142 - Verbal warning given to ETHAN SILVER at 3rd and Van Buren for crossing the center line.

2349 - A citation was issued to MANUEL VALADEZ for failure to provide proof of insurance, and verbal warning for speed at 4th Avenue and Adams Street.

2354 - RP requested a search and rescue for subject who was having medical issues on Mount Marathon. Troopers were advised, and they requested an ambulance. Subject was transported to the hospital by SVAC.

July 25

0248 - RP reported her keys hat been taken by a subject and would not give them back because she had been drinking. Officer responded and subject gave RP back her keys. RP walked home.

0355 - An ambulance was requested to the corner of Port Avenue and Leirer Road. Subject was transported to the hospital by SVAC.

0535 - A verbal warning was given to DONNA RICE for speed at 3rd Street and Van Buren Street.

1212 - RP reported a vehicle in the ditch at Nash and Old Nash. AST advised.

1302 - Commerical Fire Alarm at Icicle Seafoods Cannery. SVFD/SVAC/BCVFD dispatched.

1607 - Public Works requested to speak to an Officer about a motorhome and truck that was parked on 5th Ave where they were going to be pouring pavement. Officer requested Glacier Towing to tow the vehicles with the following license plates, 6484DD and FBS605.

1635 - RP turned in a bike at 410 Adams St that was found near the Parks Playground. Officer took description and possession of the bike.

1931 - Citation issued to JOHN C KILFOIL at 3rd Ave and Van Buren St for speed.

2043 - RP reported that her van was stolen from her property this morning by a known suspect and he also stole her debit card. RP reported that her debit card was last used in Homer and she had reported that to the Homer Police Department. Under investigation.

2147 - RP requested an Officer do a welfare check on his neighbor at Dora Way because the door was slightly ajar. Officer spoke to the owner of the house and everything was fine it was just an arctic entry door and doesn’t shut properly.

2202 - Verbal warning given to PAUL ZHENG at Resurrection Blvd and Seward Highway for speed.

July 26

0001 - Homer Police Department located stolen vehicle and arrested LAFAELE LAFAELE. Vehicle was towed and impounded by Ace Towing. Vehicle owner to be notified by Homer Police Department.

0634 - Seward Parks and Recreation reported that the shower house coin machine in Resurrection Campground had been broken into.

0815 - PW advised that a blue Ford Explorer was parked on 5th between Adams and Jefferson and needed to be moved or impounded for road work. Officer responded and vehicle was impounded by Glacier Towing for Parking where Posted Prohibited.

1015 - D81 issued a burn permit to the Transfer Facility till 7/28.

1133 - Verbal warning given to SAMMIE CHUMLEY for parking in the fire lane at J Dock.

1239 - Report of a smoldering fire on the island at Bear Lake on the SW side. BCVFD/SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

1314 - Citation issued to JOSHUA GOLDSTEIN while driving at 4th and Van Buren for fail to carry license and expired registration.

1327 - 911 pocket dial near the Chamber of Commerce. No sounds of distress. Officer advised.

1430 - ASLC turned in an Alaska ID. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

1506 - Officer assisted AST in performing search warrant on a vehicle at PSMC.

1540 - Officer received updated information from AST reference 17-0793

2216 - Citation issued to DAVID HORTON at Mile 1 Seward Hwy for speed.

2334 - Verbal warning given to MICHAEL LISOWSKI at Mile 1 Seward Hwy for speed.

July 27

0144 - RP reported that he heard an intoxicated female at the tent campground making suicidal statements. Officer responded and contacted two subjects who were not suicidal and officer advised them to quiet down.

0156 - RP reported subject was refusing to give back her car keys at a downtown bar because she was intoxicated. She was advised to have someone else drive. Officer spoke with subject, but was unable to contact RP.

0312 - RP reported subject was driving while intoxicated from Tony’s Bar, and possibly heading north on 3rd Avenue. Officer found no vehicle matching the description.

0605 - A warning was left on the vehicle GTM245 at 5th Avenue and Washington Street for parking against the flow of traffic.

1347 - Citation issued to LUKAS ALTAMIRANO while driving at 5th and Adams for Fail to Stop for stop sign, expired registration and a Summons for driving with no insurance.

1458 - Parking warning left on AK LIC/EWL943 at City Hall for parking in no parking zone.

1503 - Officer left note for HANNAH DOTY at campsite above the waterfall on Lowell Point Road and found information related to prior case.

1620 - A 911 call was received from the Railroad Dispatch Center for an ambulance. Dispatch Center advised that they would be stopping at milepost 29 and SVAC/MPVFD were dispatched. The patient then said that he did not want an ambulance and the call was canceled.

1653 - Officer arrested HANNAH DOTY at Adams Street for theft II and burglary II in regards to previous case.

1713 - RP requested and ambulance to the cruise ship terminal. The patient was on the train and would be pulling into the cruise ship terminal. SVAC and SVFD were dispatched and patient refused medical treatment.

1738 - RP requested an Officer meet him at the Animal Shelter because there was a cat that would not leave the apartments on 4th and Madison and it did not belong there. Officer met with party at the Shelter.

1813 - Parks and Rec Staff requested an Officer at Ballaine Blvd for the report of a woman screaming for the past 10 minutes. Disorderly conduct warning given to MICHELLE MEGANACK.

1813 - RP spoke to an Officer about his son having suicidal ideation. Officer made contact with the son and provided transportation to the Hospital. Officer waited until Seaview arrived.

2239 - SAST requested an agency assist and an ambulance at Nash Rd. SVAC/BVCFD/SPD were dispatched and staged down the street. Patient refused treatment.

July 28

0025 - RP advised that his brother was very intoxicated and acting aggressively at 4th Ave. Officer requested an ambulance to transport the brother to the hospital for protective custody.

0032 - Ambulance requested to 4th Ave. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

0232 - RP advised that two males were fighting in the lobby of the Harbor 360 Hotel. Officer gave disorderly conduct warnings to ERIC COLLINS and RAYMOND CHAVEZ.

0321 - RP advised of a suspicious person near the SeaView Plaza. Officer contacted subject who advised he was waiting for a friend to pick him up.

July 29

1012 - RP requested an Officer at Safeway for the report of a man that had been trespassed from the property and came back on to the property. Officer arrested CHRISTOPHER TONIOLLI for 2 counts of Criminal Trespass II.

1012 - CHRISTOPHER TONIOLLI was arrested at Seward Highway for Criminal Trespass II and Theft IV from a previous case on 7/17.

1600 - Officer contacted BRUCE ALLEN LUND at the harbor, and advised him that he was criminally trespassed indefinitely from the Seward Military Resort at the request of the resort manager.

1802 - RP reported that he was parked near the dump station near the Uplands Parking Lot, because his boat was disabled. He was trying to reach the Harbormaster’s office. On call harbor was notified.

2142 - RP at the Breeze Inn reported that she saw subject walking through the Breeze Inn parking lot, and that he had been trespassed from the property before. Subject was walking toward Subway. Officer responded, but could not make contact.

2144 - A wallet was reported lost at the SMIC beach.

2200 - RP reported three individuals and a dog at Lowell Creek Beach causing a disturbance and drinking alcohol. RP reported they were antagonizing him with their dog. Officers responded and determined the group was just playing fetch with their dog.

2258 - RP reported an obnoxious and possibly intoxicated male outside of Pacific Park Apartments yelling and speaking loudly. Officers responded and spoke with the complainant. Officers found no one matching the description.

2333 - A verbal warning was given to LANDON REEVES LESCHPER for an inoperative headlight at Seward Highway and Sea Lion Avenue.

2338 - Troopers arrested MARSHALL ALLEN BYERS for assault IV and criminal mischief IV, and transported him to Seward Community Jail.

July 30

0147 - RP advised that the change machine at the Resurrection campground shower house was open. Officer removed the change holder and left it in dispatch for the campground department to retrieve.

0241 - Citation issued to TRAVIS SNYDER at 5th Ave for failure to register vehicle.

0914 - Subject reported that he found his wallet.

0902 - Officer retrieved drugs from Icicle Seafoods.

0929 - Parks and recreation reported that someone had broken into the change machine at the Resurrection Campground shower house and requested an officer to file a complaint.

1243 - USCG reported subjects and two juveniles are overdue. If located have them contact USCG sector Anchorage.

1309 - RP requested a welfare check on a male near the ballpark overflow campground – just outside the fence who is intoxicated. She observed him trying to crawl up a nearby hill to his light green tent. Officer made contact with subject and found he was able to care for himself.

1347 - USCG notified via Marine 16 that Overdue motorists/boaters have been located at Lost Lake and are not in distress.

1359 - Providence Hospital requested an ambulance to pick up the medivac crew at 1425.

1542 - RP reported that a medium size dog bit his daughter on the head in front of the Alaska Starfish Co., Fourth Avenue. Message left on ACO cell. Officer responded and spoke with subject about her dog. Minor scratch to one year old child, otherwise the child was unharmed.

1610 - RP reported he witnessed a hit and run at Seward Highway. The suspect vehicle JHD990 left the Safeway parking lot headed north on the Seward Highway. Officer spoke with RP and the owner of the victim vehicle. There was no damage to the vehicle and no charges forwarded.

1620 - A female reported a possible assault in FMN245 leaving the Safeway parking lot. Officers made contact with the vehicle and report was determined to be unfounded.

1626 - RP reported several vehicles speeding near No Sweat Auto on Third Avenue with children in the area. Officers were unable to locate any speeders and didn’t see any children in the vicinity.

1652 - SAST dispatch requested a unit at Third and Washington across from the Orca Building for an unknown problem. Later cancelled response.

1700 - RP reported subject is working at Icicle Seafoods and has a $5000.00 felony warrant out for her arrest.

1703 - Troopers arrested AARON THOMAS HENDERSON on a $250 warrant for failure to appear at Third and Washington.

1821 - RP reported the Anchorage location of male subject wanted on a $50,000 Palmer felony warrant. Information relayed to Anchorage dispatch.

2023 - Verbal warning given to HEATHER JACOBSON at Seward and Resurrection for speed.

2031 - RP advised that an ex-employee is refusing to leave the Polar Seafoods Property. Officer was unable to locate employee on the property.

2206 - Verbal warning given to DIAZ ALEJANDRO at Seward and North Harbor for speed.

July 31

0130 - RP reported that his girlfriend was belligerent and intoxicated in front of Once In A Blue Moose downtown. Officers contacted both individuals who went home in a taxi.

0359 - Agency assist requested to Nash Road for an intoxicated and belligerent female threatening to kill her boyfriend. Officer transported female to Harbor 360 hotel.


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