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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

June 15

BRIAN WEIMAR called to report a possible disturbance issue at Spring Creek Campground in the SMIC area. Officers were unable to locate the subjects at the Campground. Officers issued disorderly conduct warnings to KRISTINA JENSEN and WEIMAR after locating them at 2nd Ave.

June 16

0102 - Verbal warning given to TIMOTHY WILLIAMS at Mile 1 Seward Hwy for speed.

0122 - Officers arrested JAYME RATLIFF at 4th and B St for DUI. Verbal warning given for driving without headlights after dark.

0629 - Parking warning issued to FLOYD AND SONS INC at 5th Ave and Washington for parking against flow of traffic.

0632 - Parking warning issued to UNION LEASING TRUST at 3rd and Adams for parking against flow of traffic.

1539 - KAREN STURDY turned in a Samsung cell phone, which was found at the ballfields on 06-13-17. The item was logged into lost and found.

1607 - A 911 misdial was received from the Seward Harbor area. No sounds of distress were heard on the line. No voicemail had been setup. An officer was advised.

1608 - RP called to report hearing a single gunshot from the area of 201 3rd Avenue. She believed it came from around the Orca Building parking lot. Officer responded and street workers in the area believed the sound came closer to the Alaska Sea Life Center. Officer spoke to construction crewmembers by the Sea Life Center who stated they heard the sound as well and saw teenagers run away from the scene. Officers were unable to make contact with anyone matching their description in the area.

1719 - A 911 misdial was received from the Seward Harbor area. No sounds of distress were heard on the line. No voicemail had been setup. An officer was advised.

1728 - A non-emergency transport was requested by Mountain Haven, Eagle Lodge for a 68 year old female who had jaw pain and dehydration. The patient was transported to the hospital.

1742 - A verbal warning was given to MAURICE RAMIREZ at the Seward Highway and Sea Lion Avenue, for improper lane usage.

1754 - RP advised that there was a group of six individuals that were drinking in the Harbor in front of Captain Jack’s. Officer was advised and responded to the area and no individuals matched the description were in the area.

1929 - A verbal warning was given to FLOYD SCOGGINS at the Air Force Rec Camp for trespassing.

1937 - A verbal warning was given to GEORGE STILLWELL in front of NAPA on the Seward Highway for failure to stop at stop sign.

June 17

0017 - RP Monitoring center advised of a burglary alarm at Seward Marketplace. Officers checked all outside doors. The manager responded and advised that there is a glitch in his alarm system.

0036 - Verbal warning given to LOUELLA CRANE at 3rd Ave for inoperable taillights. The vehicle has expired plates with a temporary tag good until August 4th.

0115 - Verbal warning given to JOHN HANNON at 3rd and Madison for speed.

0121 - Officer contacted female near Starbird Studios. She was intoxicated an left in the care of a relative and both were advised no more bars for the night.

0129 - Verbal warning given to WILLIAMANDREW PINEDA at Seward and Coolidge for speed.

0138 - RP GUARDIAN SECURITY advised of a burglary alarm at the Fish House. GUARDIAN contacted the owners who advised to disregard alarm. The alarm stopped sounding as the Officer arrived on scene.

0147 - RP RESURRECTION TAXI advised of a small red car driving approximately 45 miles an hour and passing in a no pass zone near Wells Fargo. RP advised that the vehicle was parked at the Yukon Bar. Officers contacted the driver who was not intoxicated.

1139 - An ambulance was requested to Herman Leirer Road. SVAC and BCVFD were dispatched and SAST was advised. The patient declined medical treatment.

1201 - AST passed on a driving complaint regarding vehicle, FJM592, a white Dodge Caravan. The vehicle was driving southbound at Mile 4 of the Seward Highway. The vehicle was described as driving erratically and nearly caused a head on collision. Officer was advised and no vehicle was located matching the description in the area.

1213 - Officer made contact with subject an active DL suspension on his OLN in APSIN. The suspension had recently ended. Subject was advised to talk to DMV about removing the suspended status.

1225 - RP called to report an intoxicated pedestrian at 2nd Avenue and Madison Street. Officer responded and was unable to make contact with any individual matching the description in the area. Officer spoke to RP who identified the subject and ask that he also be trespassed from his residence at Madison Street.

1301 - RP turned in multiple cards and keys found in the area of Mile 3 of the Seward Highway. The cards include a TWIC ID card and Debit Card. Items were logged into lost and found.

1352 - Coast Guard Sector Anchorage called to request EMS stage at the Seward Harbor for the inbound boat. SVFD Fire Chief was advised as was SVAC. The two patients were transported to the hospital.

1506 - An ambulance was requested to the intersection of Herman Leirer Road and Exit Glacier Road. The patient was transported to the hospital.

1510 - An ambulance was requested to Phoenix Road. Officer also responded as this was the third ambulance call at the time. The patient was transported to the hospital.

1548 - AST requested responders stage at the Caines Trailhead for a search and rescue. LPVFD, BCVFD, and SVAC were dispatched and AST coordinated the response. The patient was found on the trail and was conscious. SVAC transported patient to the hospital.

2103 - Relatives of the people involved in case 17-1291 was escorted up the Seward Providence Hospital by an Officer.

2315 - Officers arrested STEVEN BROWN for Assault DV. RP requested an Officer at Brownell St for report of a woman and man yelling and possible struggle.

June 18

0021 - RP advised of noise and children running through the Forest Acres campground. Officer was unable to locate any disturbance.

0227 - Officer provided transportation for subject from AVTEC to Bayside Apts.

0254 - Citation issued to NATHANIAL SMITH for parking where posted prohibited.

0533 - Verbal warning given to NGOC-VAN DUONG at 3rd and A St for speed.

0621 - Officer investigated the buildings on the Air Force Rec Camp property, finding evidence of trespassing. A message was left with the Parks and Rec department about who is responsible for the property.

0841 - BRAD SNOWDEN completed a citizen’s arrest form at the police station, in regards to a theft from his residence at, 430 4TH Avenue. Officer responded and was unable to make contact with the suspect, SEAN JONES. A case jacket was created for the case.

0958 - FIRST STUDENT reported that there was a boat parked in front of their bus stop in front of the Breeze Inn. An officer responded and found that there was no longer a boat parked in that area.

1225 - Citations were issued to WILLIAM HARRISON for expired registration and speed at Jefferson and 3rd Avenue.

1240 - RP reported that there were four to five males fishing in the south end of the Lagoon. Officer made contact with multiple individuals and advised them that only children ages 15 and below may fish. No adults were fishing on scene.

1249 - RP turned in a cell phone found behind Thorn’s. Item logged into lost and found.

1454 - RP called 911 to report that there was an individual at 4th Avenue stealing beds from his residence and was loading it into a truck. Officer responded and made contact with subject and it was determined that it was a misunderstanding and no theft had occurred.

1516 - Public Works advised that the road is closed from Adams Street to Railway Avenue down Fourth Avenue for construction for today and tomorrow.

1736 - Anonymous reported a green Subaru passing people in no passing zones near the Pit Bar heading southbound towards Seward. Officer and SAST notified. Officer could not locate the vehicle.

1744 - RP reported seeing a man passed out at the Benny Benson Memorial. RP said that this wasn’t the first time that person had been asleep there. Officer responded and provided transportation for subject to the Hospital.

1854 - RP reported a man stumbling behind the Marina Motel possibly intoxicated. Officer responded and located subject near the Coffee Cup. Officer determined he was only mildly intoxicated and close to his campsite.

2046 - RP reported seeing a man in a red Subaru taking pictures of her daughter in the harbor area. Officer responded and was unable to locate the man.

2333 - RP advised that the Electric Pole at Mile 1 Nash Rd was on fire. BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.

June 19

0157 - Citation issued to SARA STACK at 3rd and Railway for speed.

0237 - RP advised that someone broke into the Moby Dick Hostel and assaulted two of the foreign employees. Officer contacted employees who advised they were attacked by two white males. Officer contacted CHASE GOULD and JAKOB WINSTANLEY at 4th and Jefferson. Both subjects denied any involvement. Officer advised them they are trespassed from the property indefinitely.

0432 - Citation issued to UNION LEASING TRUST at 4th Ave for parking where posted prohibited.

1620 - Verbal warning given to MAX MAEDER at mile 1 Seward Highway for speed.

1636 - RP reported a vehicle parked on the corner of Jefferson and Ballaine obstructing his business. Officer responded and left a written warning on the vehicle.

1829 - RP requested a welfare check on her mother at Birch St. Officer responded and found the mother was okay and advised her to contact the daughter.

1859 - 911 pocket dial was received from 907 ****** in the harbor area. No sounds of distress. No answer or voicemail on callback. Officer was notified.

2034 - RP reported that a fire alarm was on at Glacierview Apts. SVAC/SVFD/BCVFD dispatched. SVFD determined it was a cooking incident no fire was on scene. BCVFD and SVAC were told no assistance was required.

2115 - Citation issued to SCOTT PERSCHBACHER at Sea Lion Ave and Seward Highway for speed.

2229 - Citation issued to JARED VEGRZYN at Seward Highway for speed.

2236 - RP ANONYMOUS reported a woman yelling and throwing her things outside Seward Marketplace. Officer responded and witnesses said she got into a truck and left.

2250 - Verbal warning given to ANTONIO SANSONE at 3rd Ave and Madison St for speed.

2259 - RP requested a welfare check for a woman yelling she is disabled and needs help outside Safeway. Officer responded and provided transportation for subject to Williams Park Campground.

2315 - Officer issued a summons to PATRICK WILLIAMS II at Seward Highway for NVOL and driving without insurance. Verbal warning given to WILLIAMS for driving without headlights after sunset.

2337 - RP requested an Officer to Resurrection campground to deal with loud campers. Officer contacted two subjects who agrees to keep the noise down.

June 20

0043 - RP stopped an Officer to advise of a strobe light blinking in the harbor. Officer located the light on M/V Winddancer. R/O was notified.

0153 - Verbal warning given to CHARLES HARRIS at Chamber of Commerce parking lot for inoperable taillights.

0442 - Citation issued to CAMILLE DEVRIES at 5th Ave for failure to register vehicle. Citation was left on the vehicle.

0525 - Citation issued to VERONICA LAMBERT at Seward and Dairy Hill for failure to provide proof of insurance. Verbal warning given for inoperable headlights.

0552 - Verbal warning given to GREGORY LAFELDT at Seward and Resurrection for speed.

1225 - AVTEC will be doing flare training today near SMIC

1321 - PW put up street closed signs for Washington between 3rd and 4th Avenue.

1331 - Ambulance requested to meet the flight crew at the Airport. SVAC dispatched.

1357 - STEVEN JACOB was arrested on Bethel AST JS Warrant 4BE-17-00042CR, $25000.00, OC SAM II at City Hall and transported to SCJ.

1412 - P&R reported that Resurrection Rental was spilling wastewater into the playground. Officer spoke with RP.

June 21

0039 - Verbal warning given to CHELSEA REYNOLDS at 3rd and Jefferson for speed.

0135 - Citation issued to AMY SAKURADA at 3rd and D St for speed. Verbal warning given for failure to dim brights.

0456 - Glacier Towing impounded a vehicle at Washington St near 3rd Ave for parking where posted prohibited.

0449 - RP advised of a male lying in the roadway near SBS. SVAC/BCVFD dispatched.

0546 - Hospital Staff requested an Officer to assist with a combative patient. Subject calmed down as the Officer arrived.

0800 - Seward Resort advised of a fire alarm sounding and advised all ok. Fire Alarm notification kept dialing though. D81 responded.

0927 - Simplex Grinnell reported a smoke alarm at the Trail Lake Hatchery. MPVFD dispatched. Grinnell called before BCVFD/SVAC could be dispatched and advised to cancel due to false alarm. Trail Lake Hatchery called 911 to advised false alarm also. MPVFD advised.

0947 - NTWC reported a 4.2 earthquake located 70 miles west of Kodiak. No tsunami reported.

1117 - Officer responded to Mile 3 Nash Road for a vehicle off the road. Officer advised that AST took the case yesterday.

1121 - NTWC reported a 5.5 earthquake located 30 miles northeast of Amchitka. No tsunami reported.

1239 - 911 misdial from tourist downtown. No sounds distress. All ok.

1336 - RP reported that subject harassed him at Resurrection Rentals. Officer spoke with RP and went to speak with subject at Harborview Inn.

1410 - AST advised of an injured hiker on Mt. Marathon with a possible broken ankle. AST requested SVFD/SVAC be dispatched. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

2333 - RP advised of a loud group of campers at the south tent campground. Officer was unable to locate any overly loud campers.

June 22

0055 - AST requested an Officer to Nash Rd to assist with a domestic violence incident.

0448 - Verbal warning given to LANDON LESCHPER at Essential One parking lot for speed.

0554 - Ambulance requested to the Cruise Ship. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

0603 - Verbal warning given to DAWN KNAPP at Seward and Resurrection for failure to yield for a vehicle with a flashing blue light.

0608 - Parking warning given to KELLY DAUGHERTY at 4th Ave for parking against flow of traffic. Warning was left on the vehicle.

0906 - Officer assisted PW and DOT in removing barricades on Nash Road.

0917 - RP reported there was a large white box truck that was parked at the Airport and white SUV kept stopping at it. Officer responded and unable to locate the vehicle in the area.

1023 - Ambulance requested to pick up flight crew at the Airport. SVAC dispatched.

1359 - 911 pocket dial from out in Resurrection Bay, no sounds distress.

1500 - RP reported a red pickup that was driving erratically at the upland SBH parking lot and heading southbound on 4th Avenue. Officer advised.


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