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By Tommy Wells
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Tipping the old rack to the U-10 Moose


As a young couple, She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Made-Mad and I were pretty poor. I mean, I worked at a newspaper and was going to college type of poor. Honestly, there were days that ramen noodles looked like caviar.

Then, just like the old saying, "Don't say it can't get worse," it did. Not really evil worse, just tougher worse. You see, right about this time SWMNBMM picked up this odd habit of wanting to visit hospital emergency rooms. Really, we must have visited every emergency room in West Texas at one point or another. I know: It's a weird hobby, right? I was, like, "Babe, why can't you collect stamps or steal coasters from bars?"

Nope, she had to go to the ER.

Just so you know, getting to know all of the doctors and nurses can get very expensive, too. In fact, after a while, they knew we were so poor they stopped sending bills home. Really, they'd just send infants home with her. I guess the hospital figured we were going to pay one way or the other.

When she came home with the youngest, Bobby, I had to put my foot down. Four kids was enough, you know. If we had brought any more home, one of us would have had to move out into the yard.

So what is a poor sportswriter to do? Well, here's your answer. ... Since we now had plenty of bodies, we played sports! We played football. We played basketball. We played hide Bobby in the clothes hamper. We played telling Kayme that her real family called and wanted her to come home. The last two games ended pretty quickly when SWMNBMM was made mad and turned into the Red Hulk.

So we went back to playing games. Having grown up the son of a dyed-in-the-orange fan of the Houston Astros, it was only natural that I would love baseball. When I was younger I played. Now that I'm older, I just sit around and tell my two sons how wonderful I was. And let me assure you, when it comes to telling my two sons stories, I have improved over the years to all-star status. Just ask them ... they'll confirm it.

So, as the kids grew, we joined teams and the All-Star became their coach. We did OK, I think. With Bubba (that's what we call our oldest son) and Bobby in tow, we finished third in the Big Spring Little League City Championships-despite having played much of the tournament with seven players. Every third inning we were assessed two outs ... that wasn't fun.

Later, Bobby starred as a catcher/pitcher for a Colorado City team that advanced to the teenage state baseball tournament.

After the boys had grown, I found I missed coaching baseball. So this past spring, with my two boys as assistants, I took over as coach for the Coleman Moose. Yes, I named them the Moose because of my love for Alaska. A 10-and-Under team of 12 extremely fun and intense athletes, the Moose won their first three games before the call came for us to return to Alaska.

Even though I have been working here for the past two months, I have kept up with the team. The new coaches, Derek Barnett and Dennis Penny, have the Moose rolling along. The team finished the regular season at 11-1 and won the Bangs Little League Association championship. With that win, the Moose qualified for the district round of the state playoffs.

Way to go, Moose. Those are my kids ... although, can we please not tell SWMNBMM because I don't want her to start visiting the ER again.

(Tommy Wells is the editor of the Seward Phoenix LOG)


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