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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

June 5

0802 - Citation issued to MEGHAN MOELLER, while driving at Seward and South Harbor for speed.

0848 - D81 issued burn permit to Phoenix till June 7th.

0908 - Citation issued to MANOP CHINRATANA while driving at 3rd and B Street for speed.

1102 - Verbal warning given to JOHN DAVENPORT while driving at 3rd and Jefferson for speed.

1108 - 1ST National Bank requested an Officer reference counterfeit money. Officer responded.

1306 - Officer responded to Pacific Park Apartments for civil standby.

1326 - ASLC turned in expired medications for destruction at City Hall.

1409 - 911 caller looking for vet for dog with porcupine quills. RP given info on location of vet.

1446 - Citation issued to AMBER COILA while driving at 3rd and Van Buren.

1546 - RP reported a tan and maroon Ford Bronco at mile 7 Seward Highway heading into Seward passing vehicles on double yellow. Information given to Officer.

1549 - AST requested an Officer at 3rd Ave and Washington St for report that luggage had been sitting on the corner for a few hours. Officer responded and collected the luggage.

1605 - 911 open line received (907) ******* in the Boat Harbor, no sounds of distress. Unable to leave callback message. Information given to Officer.

1842 - RP reported a Nissan Sentra swerving on 3rd Ave heading north. Officer could not locate the vehicle.

1920 - RP reported a child standing on a chair near a railing at Pacific Parks Apts. Officer responded no kids were seen on any of the railings.

1954 - RP reported that two subjects had gone fishing on a small raft in Resurrection Bay down Nash Rd at 3pm and had not returned. Officer responded found the truck parked at Lowell Point public parking and notified RP.

June 6

0113 - Officer confirmed comfort one status on a home expected death.

0505 - The campground host reported seeing 5 or 6 people mid-twenties stumbling and being loud near the intersection of Railroad and Ballaine. Officer saw a small group of people watching the water but not being loud.

0713 - Parking warning left on AK/LIC JGW662 in front of Tony’s Bar for parking against flow of traffic.

0747 - Officer placed written citation on an abandoned vehicle in the alley behind Essential One.

0809 - 911 misdial from SCCC. All ok. No sounds of distress. SAST advised.

1034 - RP requested an Officer to the parking lot across from the Breeze Inn for an MVA-D. Officer responded and both parties given PAR Form and one subject was issued a citation for expired registration.

1336 - Officer placed written warning on vehicle parked against flow of traffic in front of Kayak Adventures.

1352 - Officer placed parking warning on vehicle parked against flow of traffic in front of Thorne’s.

1358 - Ambulance requested to Seward Highway. MPVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1630 - CAROL BARDARSON requested an Officer to speak to her husband ROLF BARDARSON about a civil matter. Officer determined no police action was required.

2042 - RP requested an Officer to check on her husband who had not checked in after launching his boat. Officer found him at Resurrection North Campground. He contacted RP to let her know he was alright.

2248 - Verbal warning given to CHRISTINE GRABOWSKI at 3rd Ave and Madison St for speed.

2339 - Verbal warning given to JACK BROUGHTON at 3rd Ave and Van Buren St for driving without lights on after dark.

June 7

0007 - Citation issued to ANITA MICHELE TREAS at Third and Jefferson for speed.

0122 - Officer stopped KADEN COLE SMITH at Fourth and Madison when he was parked on the sidewalk. SMITH backed off the sidewalk.

0150 - Verbal warning given to SAMRA MIKAELA ASRAT at Seward Highway and North Harbor Street for speed.

1033 - Verbal warning given to THOMAS ROWAN while driving at 3rd and Van Buren for speed.

1101 - Citation issued to MICHAEL KUZMINSKI while driving at mile 1 Seward Highway for speed.

1400 - HMO reported a passerby saw a male trying to gain entry into a vessel. Officer responded and made contact with subject, who is confirmed by HMO to be partial owner of the boat.

1458 - Verbal warning given to DAVID SOPER while driving at Seward and the Breeze Inn for defective taillight.

1835 - Verbal warning given to ROBERT SHAFER at 3rd Ave and Monroe St for failing to stop at stop sign.

2034 - RP requested an Officer to North Star Cir for report of about 4 dogs barking and making a lot of noise. Officer talked to owners of the house and they agreed to bring the dogs inside.

2037 - RP requested an Officer at 4th Ave for the report of a man arguing on the phone and possibly bleeding. Officer could not locate the subject or anyone matching his description.

2140 - RP requested an Officer at 4th Ave for a group of people on the sidewalk drunk and possibly smoking pot. Officer responded and did not find a group of people standing on the sidewalks in the area.

2351 - Verbal warning given to NORMAN MASNERI at 3rd and Madison for inoperable headlight.

June 8

0003 - Officers arrested MATTHEW BOOTH at 4th and Jefferson for DUI. BOOTH was also charged with BTR. Citations issued for speed and open container.

0447 - Citation issued to JOHNIE RORRER II at Seward and Dairy Hill for speed.

0600 - Ambulance requested to Laughlin Way. SVAC/BCVFD

1621 - RP turned in a MasterCard debit card found at Boulder field.

1712 - A burn permit has been given to the resident at the end of Vista Ave good through Sunday evening.

1715 - Ambulance requested to transport the flight crew from the airport.

1736 - RP requested an Officer to assist with subject who is talking about suicide. Officer transported subject to the hospital.

1807 - Verbal warning given to JEANNETTE BUCKLEY at 3rd and Adams for speed.

1840 - Verbal warning given to CHRISTINE WERNER at 3rd and Van Buren for failure to stop at stop sign and failure to carry proof in registration.

1848 - Verbal warning given to ERIN DOWNING at the Napa parking lot for failure to stop at stop sign.

2050 - RP requested an Officer referencing her husband who is overdue from fishing. The overdue fisherman was located.

2330 - Officer spoke with 2 subjects regarding a civil issue.

June 9

0007 - Verbal warning given to MICHAEL ALAN HOOPER at Seward Highway and South Harbor Streets for speed.

0029 - Citation issued to JORDAN ALEISES HARGREAVES at Seward Highway and Bear Drive for failure to carry proof of insurance, verbal warning given for headlight out. Also interviewed, LUKE JOSEPH SPIERS. LUKE SPIERS was advised of his criminal trespass from The Yukon Bar permanently.

0043 - Verbal warning given to KAELAN MATHIAS RAYNES at Mile 1.75 Seward Highway – Safeway for headlights not turned on.

0051 - Citation issued to HENRY GRADY HESTER at Third and D Street for speed.

0118 - Verbal warning given to JAMES MICHAEL BURGESS at Seward Highway and Aspen Lane for speed.

0140 - Citation issued to DANIEL MICHAEL THEW at Seward and South Harbor Street for failure to carry proof of insurance, verbal warning given for speed.

0840 - AVTEC will be performing flare exercises in the SMIC area.

1230 - tion order for case # 3SW-17-0045CI. Effective from 6-9-2017 until 6-29-2017.

1308 - RP reported seeing a woman hitting a child on the hip with a closed fist in the Seward Library parking lot. Officer responded and could not locate subjects or vehicle matching the description given.

1345 - RP called 911 from 4th Ave. RP advised it was an accident a new employee was using phones and accidently called 911. No sounds of distress heard. Officer was advised.

1406 - A burn permit was given to owners of Nash Rd good through Sunday evening.

1602 - RP requested assistance at Seward Hwy and Iron Dr. Officer transported subject to the hospital.

1626 - Citation issued to BARKLEY NASH at Seward Hwy for speed.

1705 - RP reported a lost IPhone.

1803 - RP advised of a vehicle passing in a no pass zone on the Seward Hwy near Hemlock. Officer located the vehicle, unoccupied, on 6th Ave.

1822 - Verbal warning given to MARK FISH at 3rd Ave for speed.

1841 - RP reported a pistol and other items were stolen from his vehicle at Safeway. Officer spoke with RP.

1915 - Ambulance requested to the Cookery. SVAC/SVFD.

2018 - RP advised that he lost his dog near the SeaLife Center.

2115 - AST advised of a fire at the runway near Mile 24 Seward Hwy. The fire is spreading into the wildland. MPVFD cancelled BCVFD after arriving on scene. MPVFD/BCVFD/SVAC.

2302 - Ambulance requested to City Express. SVAC/BCVFD.

June 10

0901 - RP reported that along with the items stolen a Cabela’s six person tent was also stolen.

0951 - RP requested an Officer at Resurrection Campground for report of a person moving next to him with an aggressive dog. Subject was contacted by the Officer and Seward Parks and Rec. Officer found that the report was unfounded and subject agreed to move to a different spot.

1015 - RP requested an Officer at Safeway parking lot for report of a person parked halfway in handicap parking possibly intoxicated going into the liquor store. Officer could not find any vehicles matching the description.

1224 - RP called 911 on her cell phone. She advised she was at subway and it was a misdial no sounds of distress. Officer was advised.

1239 - RP reported a power outage at 4th Ave. On duty electrician and on duty water was advised. Power was restored.

1420 - RP called to report a black and maroon GMC truck keeps peeling out of the driveway at First Ave. RP said that the truck was not currently at the residence. Officer was advised.

1456 - RP reported being passed on Leirer Rd by a maroon caravan going over the speed limit. Officer was unable to locate any vehicles matching the description.

1651 - RP at Harbor 360 Hotel requested an Officer to pick up an ID card found in the parking lot.

1804 - RP advised that a suspicious male was attempting to enter vehicles at the Upland parking lot. Officer was unable to locate anyone.

1921 - RP advised that subject is drinking and driving near Kimberly Court Apts. Officer located the vehicle in the area, the vehicle was unoccupied.

1924 - 911 open line received from (907) ******** in the small boat harbor. Spoke with subject on callback, all is okay.

1930 - Citation issued to IWAO SATAKE at 3rd and Monroe for speed.

2003 - Verbal warning given to KIM CARGILE at Seward and Hemlock for speed.

2112 - Officer arrested COLE HARREN at Seward and Nash for DLWS, failure to insure vehicle, and Avoidance of IID device. Citations issued for driving with license suspended, no motor vehicle liability insurance, avoidance on IID device, and failure to register vehicle.

2119 - RP requested assistance in serving legal paperwork to subject at E-Float. Officer spoke with RP.

2351 - Verbal warning given to TRISTAN LANE ACKELS at Seward Highway and North Harbor Streets for speed.

2355 - Anonymous RP reported a little white car going right at the Peking off of Fourth Avenue and then heading north on Ballaine Blvd with no headlights on. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

June 11

0115 - Citation issued to SAMANTHA ANNE GALLAWAY at Seward Highway for expired registration, verbal warning given for headlight requirement.

0141 - Citation issued to SARA YVONNE TOLSON at Seward Highway and Iron drive for failure to carry proof of insurance, verbal warning given for speed.

0147 - Verbal warning given to MICHELENE JOYCE EDENSHAW at Seward Highway and North Harbor Street for headlight requirement.

1619 - RP requested an Officer to 5th Ave Apt 4 in reference to a possible break-in. Officer contacted RP.

1620 - RP reported a lost Samsung phone. The phone was last seen at the playground on the beach.

1700 - RP requested Officers be on the lookout for subject who needs to return to Evergreen Group Home.

1742 - Ambulance requested to the Harbor 360 Hotel dock, M/V Spirit of Adventure. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

1746 - RP reported a lost ID and credit card.

1943 - RP requested an Officer to 1st Ave near the hospital. RP advised that two individuals in a red Ford Explorer appeared to be using drugs. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

2124 - RP requested an Officer to assist with her father at Seward Hwy and Sea Lion Dr. Officer assisted RP.

June 12

0321 - Ambulance requested to pick up the medivac crew at the airport, ETA is 0405

0527 - Ambulance requested to the cruise ship dock. Forms sent.

0541 - Citation issued to BRIAN E HEGLUND at Third Avenue and Madison Street for speed.


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