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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

May 30

1000 - RP reported hitting a dog in the road by Seward Plumbing. RP spoke with Officer. Message left with ACO.

1030 - ROBERT NELSON SR, was arrested for Kodiak ABWE Warrant 3KO-16-00468CR, $500, FTA Kodiak AST Warrant 3KO-16-0473CR, $500, FTA Kodiak AST Warrant 3KO-15-0048CR, $500, FTA. NELSON was transported to SCJ.

1212 - RP requested an Officer to 2nd Avenue for a squatter that is staying in the bunkhouse. Officer responded and advised that MALEK HOLLOMAN needs to be criminally trespassed from all Breeze Inn Properties. Advisement entered in APSIN.

1357 - SAST advised that RP, reported her daughter was being assaulted by a male with her at the Van Gilder Hotel. Officers responded and made contact with male and female and advised nothing happened.

1534 - Guardian Security reported an automatic fire alarm at Seward Highway at the Crown Point Building. MPVFD/BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1605 - A burn permit was issued to the top of Vista Road through June first.

1737 - RP requested a welfare check on subject at Birch Street.

1748 - Ambulance requested Van Buren apartments.

1852 - RP stated he just received a phone call from subject and no longer needed the welfare check

1854 - RP reported an MVA-D, truck vs BMW, no injuries at the waterfront campground that happened yesterday. Officer advised her of options.

1903 - Officer stopped a motorist on Old Nash Road to inform him a net was falling off of his truck.

1908 - Officer notified next of kin of death.

1908 - RP reported that her husband was bothering her at Fifth Avenue. Parties are husband and wife that are separated. Officer spoke with RP and advised of options.

1929 - RP reported a bald eagle with an injured eye. He had tried Fish and Wildlife with no response. Sea Life Center animal rescue hotline was notified.

2351 - Citation issued to LEON ANDERSON at 3rd and Van Buren for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning given for speed.

May 31

0010 - Verbal warning given to ISAAC VALERO at 3rd and Van Buren for driving without headlights after dark and failure to carry proof of registration.

0615 - Ambulance requested to the South 72 Hr parking.

0615 - Officer responded to the scene to confirm location. The patient was transported by the ambulance.



RP, turned in a cellphone that was found near the Pavilion. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

1050 - RP called stating that her daughter went out to Johnstone Bay yesterday in a small inflatable boat and has not been heard from or is at home. RP given numbers to AST and USCG.

1120 - Electric Department advised that they will be working on Madison between 5th and 6th Avenue and the road will be closed for approximately 3 hours.

1224 - Ambulance requested to Cruise Ship Terminal. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1247 - Officer attended health fair at the National Forest Service in Crown Point.

1438 - Officer assisted PSMC with a patient.

1527 - Seaview Community Services requested an Officer to check on a subject who stated they were suicidal. Officer responded and helped tenant to the Hospital.

1608 - RP requested and Officer for a report that her 2 sons were fighting. Officer responded and found that the altercation was only verbal.

1729 - RP called 911 and stated he did not need any services. Officer was notified.

1903 - RP reported a MVA with damage only no injuries at Fourth Ave. Officer responded issued PAR forms.

1907 - RP requested an Officer because her car broke down at the corner of Sixth Ave and Railway Ave. Officer responded and informed her that the vehicle needed to be towed before the following morning.

2315 - SAST requested an officer to assist with the report of a fight in progress at Shady Ln. Officer staged at the beginning of Lowell Point Road and proceeded to location in tandem with trooper. SVAC and LPVFD dispatch to scene once the scene was safe. No medical transport required. No arrests, one person charged with criminal mischief other two parties left for the evening.

June 1

0335 - KRYSTAL NICOLE AYERS was arrested for DUI at Fourth and Madison and remanded to Seward jail.

0554 - Verbal warning given to CHAD MOBLEY at Third and Madison for speed.

1541 - Citation issued to TIMOTHY MCDONALD at Fourth Ave for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning given to MCDONALD for failure to stop at a stop sign.

1614 - Verbal warning given to JUSTIN OLLER at 3rd Ave for speed.

1626 - RP reported seeing a driver of Mike’s Taxi driving with a glass pipe in his mouth. Officer was notified and unable to find subject.

1649 - Citation issued to ROBERT GAUSSOIN at Seward Highway and Iron Dr for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning given to GAUSSOIN for failure to stop at a stop sign.

1703 - RP reported a theft at Essential One. Officer responded and found that no theft had occurred.

1759 - NANA Management reported a general activation alarm at First National Bank. Officer responded found all doors and windows secure no suspicious activity. The general manager was notified and stated everything was normal.

1820 - Cruise ship terminal employee requested an ambulance. SVAC and SVFD responded. The patient declined medical treatment.

1949 - RP called 911 to report a fire at Brownell St. SVFD/SVAC/Officer responded. When SVFD arrived on scene only smoke remained, fire was out. SVFD said no medics needed SVAC returned to quarters.

1951 - Subject lit tires on fire at Brownell Street, and caused them to create smoke underneath the stairwell at Bear Mountain Apartments. Subject’s father, removed the tires from the apartment and received burns on his hands. He did not want to press charges.

2035 - RP reported that there was a loud party from a residence at the corner of MONROE STREET and BALLAINE BLVD. Officer responded and found that there was no noise noticeable from the roadway.

2055 - Verbal warning given to EDWARD PEDI for speed at the intersection of 4th Avenue and A Street.

2122 - Officer conducted an investigative stop on vehicle, 6796DG, at the Jap Creek Water Tower. Officer made contact with driver, and passenger. FSTs were conducted on driver who provided a PBT. Passenger did not feel comfortable driving and both parties agreed to call a cab.

2326 - RP reported that a white van had been following her since she had pulled into Safeway. Officer responded and met with RP in front of the Telalaska building. Officer was unable to find the van.

June 2

0047 - Verbal warning given to SHAWN FUGGS at 3rd and Madison for speed.

0350 - Verbal warning given to WA YANG at the Safeway parking lot for speed.

0522 - Citation issued to BRIAN MORRIS at 3rd and Madison for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning given for speed.

0659 - RP advised that an intoxicated individual was sleeping on the steps at Bayside Apts. Officer contacted subject who was able to care for himself and agreed to leave the area.

0740 - Parking warning left on Official Use Only, Government vehicle, at 5th Ave for parking against flow of traffic.

0743 - Parking warning given to JANA PERRINS on 5th Ave. Warning was left on the vehicle.

0816 - Grinnell reported an automatic fire alarm at Hotel Edgewater. SVFD/SVAC. D81 advised false alarm and alarm reset due to toaster.

0932 - D80 issued a burn permit at Alder Street thru Sunday.

1218 - Abandoned 911 call from City Hall. Unknown which department it came from. Officer advised.

1236 - Officer responded to Afognak off of Nash Road for report of illegal camping on private property.

1305 - Officer placed abandoned vehicle notice on AK LIC/JFB904 in the alley behind Essential One.

1339 - Chinooks reported an intoxicated male that was staggering on 4th Avenue heading towards Napa. Male wearing black pants and camo hoody. Officer responded and made contact with subject and provided transport back to Glacierview Apartments.

1430 - NTWC reported a 6.9 earthquake located 115 miles NW of Attu. No report of a tsunami.

1520 - RP requested an Officer to the Skate Park reference TOM PEARCE being intoxicated and yelling at kids. Officer responded and gave PEARCE a Disorderly Conduct Warning and to leave the area.

1650 - RP found a wallet near Leirer Rd and turned it in at the Police Station.

1707 - RP requested an Officer at the Skatepark for a drunk pedestrian that wouldn’t leave the area. Officer responded and arrested THOMAS PEARCE for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. PEARCE was transported to SCJ.

1802 - Seward shuttle driver requested an Officer at the Ferry Terminal for 2 intoxicated subjects. Officer responded and provided transportation for NICOLETTE ARNOLD and MARK EDWARDS to Salmon Creek Rd. ARNOLD and EDWARDS were advised not to go back to the Ferry Terminal today.

1942 - RP reported that a green Subaru Forester backed into her car and then sped off. Officer contacted two subjects and determined that it was a misunderstanding and issued both parties PAR forms.

2003 - A 911 call was received from Safeway. Caller advised that son accidently called 911 no emergency, no sounds of distress. Officer advised.

2318 - RP called to report that her dog was stolen at trail lake campground transferred to SAST.

June 3

0000 - Officers were waved down by subject while on foot patrol. Officer arrested ALANA KAUPU at Pacific Park Apts for DV Criminal Mischief.

0003 - Officer responded to an alarm at Essential One. Officers cleared the building and a message was left with the manager. She responded and spoke with an Officer.

0130 - Citation issued to ANDREW REGNER at Seward and Iron for speed. Verbal warning given for improper display of tags.

0306 - RP advised that JUSTIN MILES became physical with her. Officer spoke with the RP and another subject. Officers arrested MILES at Cedar St for DV Assault IV.

0449 - 4.1 magnitude earthquake located 40 NE of Homer. No tsunami expected.

0730 - Resurrection Taxi driver turned a credit card over to an Officer.


1300 - RP requested an Officer to Mile 2 Nash Rd for complaints of trespassing on his property. Officer responded unable to locate subjects. Officer left his card on vehicles.

0947 - JAMES HANSON contacted the Seward Police Department and was advised he was permanently trespassed from Mile 2 Nash Rd.

1257 - RP requested an Officer for civil standby to get her belongings from Caines St. Officer provided transportation to residence.

1347 - RP requested an Officer at Ballaine Blvd for an intoxicated pedestrian that wouldn’t leave the pavilion. Officer responded and informed RUSSELL JACKSON that he was trespassed from the pavilion for the day.

1608 - RP requested a welfare check on a person sleeping near the Chamber of Commerce. Officer contacted subject who was waiting for the bus.

1711 - Officer responded to Essential One to confirm a report of a female who fell and injured her ankle and head.

1717 - Ambulance requested to Essential One for a female who fell and injured her ankle and head. SVAC/SVFD

1721 - RP advised that someone was listening to loud music at the corner of Ballaine and Railway. Officer was unable to locate anyone in the area.

1844 - RP advised that a male suspect attempted to use counterfeit money at the Frontier Trading Post. Officer spoke with the staff and received a description of the subject.

2109 - RP advised of an intoxicated male near the culverts. Officer transported subject to Ben’s Country Store.

June 4

0010 - RP requested a drive through at South Resurrection campground for a large group that was being loud after hours. Officer drove through the campground and found conversational talking but no loud noise.

0538 - Ambulance requested to Seward Highway. Forms sent.

0556 - Ambulance requested to Port. Forms sent.

0827 - Citation issued to LEAH LEVINTON at North Harbor St and Seward Highway for speed.

0939 - National Park Service requested an Officer at 3rd Ave for the report of a truck towing a camper blocking the entrance of their parking lot. Officer issued a citation to TODD DUDINSKY for failure to register vehicle and gave a verbal warning for parking in front of a parking lot entrance.

1018 - RP requested an Officer at 4th Ave because the suspect had returned. Officer made contact with subject and forwarded case to Secret Service.

1221 - RP requested a phone number for the Seward Hospital no emergency no ambulance needed.

1429 - Ambulance requested at Phoenix Rd. SVAC/SVFD responded.

1535 - Ambulance requested to the Airport to transport the aircrew.

1628 - RP advised that she hit the stop sign at Seward and Port Ave. Officer responded to the scene.

1647 - RP advised of an argument at Marathon Apts. Officer transported JEFFERY CLANCY to the Harbor Area. Officer advised CLANCY that he is trespass from Marathon Apts indefinitely.

2025 - RP turned in a purse found at Sweet Darlings.

2323 - Ambulance requested to the Pit Bar. SVAC/BCVFD dispatched.

2328 - 911 open line received (907) ***** near SMIC. Unable to leave a callback message. Information given to Officer.

2354 - RP called 911 to do a welfare check on her family at Monroe. RP was provided transportation to the hospital for evaluation.

June 5

0705 - RP reported a person sleeping in a sleeping bag next to the Japanese Pagoda on the waterfront. Subject was leaving as officer arrived.

0720 - A parking warning was left on MI/LIC DGK4004 at Fourth Avenue across from Christo’s.


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