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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

May 15

0402 - Parking warning left on vehicle at 5th Ave for parking against flow of traffic.

0406 - Officer left an abandoned vehicle notice on FHD692 at 3rd Ave and Washington St. Officer advised the vehicle will be towed after 72 hours.

0417 - Citation issued to JOANNE FREY at 3rd Ave for expired tags. Citation left on vehicle.

0439 - Citation issued to NATHAN SHARPE at 3rd Ave for expired tags. Citation left on vehicle.

1543 - Kenai Fjords Tours found car keys in the truck of ELX488. Officer picked up keys from KFT. Attempts to contact owner by phone were unsuccessful.

1608 - RP reported subject broke into his apartment at Fifth Avenue. Officer responded and found it to be a civil matter.

1609 - On 5/15/17 missing plates AK/LIC JHF271 were found in the mail and turned into DMV.

1911 - An automated fire alarm was received from the Military Resort. SVFD/SVAC responded, forms sent.

2028 - Ambulance requested to Seward. MPFD/SVAC dispatched.

2211 - The bouncer from the Yukon Bar reported there is a woman refusing to leave the bar. Officer arrested TINA MARIE CHRISTENSEN on petition to revoke probation.

2228 - MARK HAROLD NODEN was arrested at Caine Street for domestic violence and criminal mischief after threatening his roommate and vandalizing the apartment.

May 16

0038 - Officer arrested RON JARNIG at 4th Ave for on an AST warrant.

1530 - RP, picked up a female on Nash Road who was running and waving at traffic. RP advised she was dropped off at trailer park on Nash Rd and she was running from a male. AST advised.

1627 - An anonymous caller reported teenagers racing up and down Third Avenue on motorcycles, then turned off on Madison. Officer advised.

1649 - Officer was requested to take pictures for APD for case followup.

1739 - RP reported a woman in her mid-60’s yelling, yanking on a black lab and stepping on the dogs paws as she was going up Dora Way. Message left with ACO.

1830 - RP reported her wallet stolen from the TYC/Senior Center.

1834 - Ambulance requested to Old Nash Road.

1935 - RP reported an audible alarm at the Mariner’s Memorial bathrooms. On call harbor department notified.

2026 - Verbal warning given to JASON WADE PARSONS at Third Avenue and B Street for speed.

2029 - RP reported that boyfriend kicked off the outside passenger mirror on her car then proceeded to pour gasoline all over her car at Essential One. Event happened between 0900 and 1000 this morning. Under investigation.

May 17

0009 - Verbal warning given to JOSHUA GROVE at 3rd Ave and Madison St for inoperative taillight.

0018 - RP reported that there was someone on a dirtbike driving southbound on the highway near Stoney Creek Rd with no lights. Officer and SAST notified.

0210 - Verbal warning given to LOIS DEAN at Swetmann Ave for driving without taillights on after dark.

0502 - Ambulance requested to Maple St. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

0852 - PSMC requested ambulance to meet flight crew at the Airport. SVAC dispatched.

1100 - RP found a piece of equipment. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

1128 - Seward Resort called reference a loose black and white husky that was on their property. ACO responded.

1250 - RP reported a possible abandoned vehicle at the top of Olympia near the water tower. Officer responded and advised they were illegally camping and advised to move to a designated campground.

1902 - RP reported that there was a group of individuals that had left a campfire unattended at the Forest Acres campground. RP stated the campground is also closed and that they have been coming to the area for the past week. An officer was advised and responded to the area and found that there was no campfire in the area and that everything was okay.

1912 - RP misdialed 911 at Swetmann Avenue. She stated that there was no emergency and that her son accidentally dialed 911 and that everything was okay. There was no sound of distress or struggle heard, and an officer was advised.

2154 - RP reported that her daughter (JUV) was at her sister’s house and she wanted her to come home but JUV wasn’t being cooperative. Officer responded and transported (JUV) to the mother’s residence.

May 18

0042 - RP requested an Officer at Williams Park Campground for a noise complaint. Officer was unable to locate any disturbance.

0049 - RP requested an Officer at Harbor 360 Hotel for a disturbance. Disorderly conduct warning given to DAVID SCOTT.

0615 - Citation issued to RUSSELL KOONTZ at Seward Highway for speed.

0718 - RP requested an officer at Phoenix Rd for a disturbance. Subject had already boarded a school bus when the Officer arrived.


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