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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

April 9

0001 - RP AVTEC dorm attendant, requested assistance for an intoxicated student at the dorms. Officers transported student to the hospital.

0321 - Officer transported RUDOLPH HOOTCH to his room at AVTEC after the hospital released him. HOOTCH was given a disorderly conduct warning.

0322 - Officer contacted LAWRENCE EDMUND at AVTEC. The dorm attendant advised that EDMUND was intoxicated and attempting to enter rooms at the AVTEC dorms. EDMUND was given a disorderly conduct warning.

0407 - RP advised that a woman was banging on his front door. Officer contacted subject who was intoxicated and confused about where she was. Officer transported her to a residence and released her into the care to a friend.

0424 - RP, AVTEC dorm attendant, advised that RUDOLPH HOOTCH was out of his room. Officer arrested HOOTCH for disorderly conduct.

1125 - A citizen reported an intoxicated pedestrian walking down 2nd Ave from Adams St. Male was wearing a green vest. Officer responded and was unable to locate.

1135 - An anonymous caller advised of drug activing at *****. Caller could not advise who was involved. Officer responded and found the area vacant.

1216 - RP requested a welfare check on the male in at Glacierview Apts. Officer responded and requested medics.

2144 - Providence requested an ambulance to transport a flight crew from the airport.

2228 - RP reported that she had received vulgar messages on social media and text from her ex-boyfriend. Officer spoke with RP and advised her on getting a DVPO.

April 10

0101 - Citation issued to MATTHEW RYAN LESTER at Mile One Seward Hwy for failure to carry proof of insurance, verbal warning for speed.

0900 - Anonymous RP turned in a wallet. Message left with AVTEC Dorms to notify owner

1251 - RP complained about the Safeway dumpster being over capacity. Officer advised.

1400 - Middle School requested an Officer to speak with a student. Officer responded.

1915 - Citation issued to COREY POTTER for expired registration at mile 2.5 of the Seward Highway. Verbal warning given for speed.

1936 - Citation issued to MILES MCCAULEY for speed at 3rd Avenue and Van Buren Street. Verbal warning given for failure to carry license.

2127 - RP called 911 to report a disturbance at her neighbor’s apartment, 6TH Avenue. RP stated that she heard banging and arguing but wasn’t sure who it was. Officers responded and made contact with resident.

2242 - Officer furnished transportation for subject from the hospital to her residence at 6th Avenue.

April 11

0101 - Citation issued to ABRAM WILSON ORTEGA at Third and Madison for failure to carry proof of insurance, verbal warnings given for speed and failure to carry registration.

0930 - SAST dispatched Cooper Landing Fire/EMS and MPVFD for a MVA at Mile 69 Seward Highway.

1013 - RP reported an older male with a walking stick that was walking on Jesse Lee Drive toward the cemetery was at a residence trying a door. Officer responded and unable to locate anyone in the area.

1014 - Alarm company reported a burglary alarm at Old Nash Road. Troopers advised.

1042 - Officer placed abandoned vehicle notice on AK LIC/JCN354 at South 72 Hour Lot.

1157 - RP reported a young white male with tattoos on neck got out of a GMC Jimmy with a handgun at Subway. RP advised driver yelled at male who put the gun in the vehicle and then male got into vehicle and drove off towards Safeway. Officers responded and made contact at The Cup. TODD BOWEN JR, was arrested for Felony ANC AST JS Warrant 3AN144282CR, No Bail, FTA OC Theft II/PTRP and transported to Seward Community Jail.

1455 - RP reported a female in a brown Nissan Juke, AK LIC/GEH496 drive across the grass at the USPS. Officer responded and made contact with driver and advised all OK.

1537 - RP reported a male and female arguing in the alley behind 4th Avenue. Officer responded and unable to locate anyone in the area.

1619 - An ambulance was requested to 3rd Ave. The patient was transported to the hospital.

2206 - RP called from the Breeze Inn to report that an alarm was sounding at the Fish House. She stated it was an audible alarm with flashing lights. Guardian Security confirmed that it was the 2nd floor showroom motion alarm. Officers responded to the scene with the RO. It was determined that there was no disturbance and that everything was okay.

April 12

0834 - Ambulance requested to Icicle Seafoods Bunkhouse. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

0958 - SAST advised of a vehicle fire at Mile 20 Seward Highway. MPVFD/SVAC/BCVFD dispatched. F-8 advised no vehicle fire. SAST advised and gave RP info. SPD called RP and found out fire is at Portage. SAST advised they gave wrong location.

1220 - Seaview Community Services requested a welfare check on subject at Phoenix. Officer responded.

1235 - Anonymous RP wanted to complain about the trash in the alley behind 4th Avenue. Officer responded and gave written warning.

1808 - A 911 call was received from subject requesting medical care for her husband, who is incarcerated and having trouble breathing and having anxiety attacks.

1925 - Citation issued to MONIKA GOLDSMITH on the bridges for speed.

2028 - Seward Providence Hospital reported that a patient turned herself into the emergency department stating that she felt she was overcome from toxic fumes from her apartment building at 3rd Ave. Officer checked the area and did not find anything suspicious.

2045 - Verbal warning Issued to VAEVA SANELE UMU for speed and improper display of tags.

2202 - A carbon monoxide alarm was going off at 6th Ave. Seward Fire Department on-call responded. No carbon monoxide was found and it appeared to be a battery problem.

April 13

0309 - Officer provided transportation for subject to Gateway Apts from SCJ.

1139 - Middle School requested an Officer for a student causing a disturbance. Officer responded.

1144 - Anonymous RP turned in a wallet. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.



An anonymous caller reported to male subject dumpster diving behind the Ucanuseit store. Subjects were advised to leave.

2103 - Citation issued to RONEN COHEN in the Coffee Cup Parking lot for speed.

2206 - Verbal warning Issued to CHRISTOPHER K. DAVIS on Seward Highway at Sealion for speed.

April 14

0035 - Citation issued to JEFFREY SEWARD at Mile 1 Seward for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning given for speed and failure to carry registration.

0144 - Office found an open gate and door at Resurrection Rentals. Officer secured the outer gate.

0752 - 911 pocket dial from the High School. Unable to call back. No sounds of distress. Officer advised.

0917 - Citation issued to LINDSAY HOOKER at Mile 1 Seward for speed.

0919 - 911 pocket dial from the High School. Unable to call back. No sounds of distress. Officer advised.

0948 - Officer left parking warning for motorhome at 4th and Washington for parking.

1200 - Officer transported prisoner to PSMC for medical evaluation.

1204 - SAST reported a black F250 pickup at Mile 6 southbound was crossing the center line and almost hit a guardrail. Officer responded.

1210 - ALEXANDER KURYLO was issued a warning for speed at Seward and Sea Lion.

1517 - RP requested an officer to Gateway Apartments for an unruly tenant. Officer spoke to both parties and found nothing criminal

1719 - Verbal warning Issued to BLAIZE CABANA on Seward Highway at Aspin St for speed

1824 - Verbal warning issued to owner of JEV818 At 3rd and B St for blocking the sidewalk with a vehicle and a boat.

1917 - The Yukon Bar reported that female was in the bar and presented an ID without a red stripe even though she was not to buy alcohol. Officer responded but subject had left the scene.

2231 - A 911 call was received from subject abandoned the call before he stated what the emergency was. Officers responded and found the patient to be suicidal. The patient was transported to the hospital by SVAC.

2233 - RP called 911 to report that a female was saying suicidal comments. Officers responded and transported subject to the hospital for psychological evaluation.

2359 - Verbal warning given to LISA HARTMAN at Seward and Bear for inoperable headlight.

April 15

0023 - Officer arrested ANGEL SANABIA at WASHINGTON ST for DV Assault. RP requested an Officer to her apartment stating that her boyfriend was hurting her.

1438 - RP requested a civil standby to pick up his belongings at Washington St.

1445 - AVTEC dorm personnel requested an Officer to the office for PAUL WOLF who is a minor consuming. WOLF was issued a citation for minor consuming alcohol. WOLF’S PBT was .160.

1518 - RP requested an officer in regards to her restraining order against subject she claimed was following her throughout town during the day. Officer responded and spoke to RP about her options.

1817 - Citation issued to SEBASTIAN ECHAVARRIA-ARROYAVE for speed at the Seward Highway and Bear Drive.

2005 - RP turned in an America First Credit Union debit card. Owner was contacted and stated she would pick up the card on 4/16.

2228 - Verbal warning issued to HOPE KIMBERLY QUINN at Third and Madison for inoperable headlight and taillight.

2227 - RP reported excessive noise coming from Safeway parking lot from ground maintenance.

2344 - Citation issued to BOMI RA at Third and Jefferson for failure to carry proof of insurance, verbal warning given for speed and failure to carry registration.

0015 - RP requested a civil standby at Sweatman.

April 16

0124 - Officer stopped subject near Safeway and found she was unplugging water on a truck for her father.

0418 - NMS Security out of Anchor Point requested an agency assist.

0627 - RP spoke with an officer with regards to subject and machinery in the Safeway parking lot. Officer spoke with subject who agreed to cease until 0700.

0830 - RP called 911 from the Harbor 360 Hotel. She stated that it was a misdial.

0852 - Seward Harbormaster’s office reported that patron reported watching a vehicle back into the utility box in front of Aurora Charters and then left the scene. On duty electric was advised and stated that there was no damage to the internal components in the box.

0931 - A verbal warning was given to RONALD GATEWOOD JR at the 3 Bears parking lot for speed.

0942 - An investigative traffic stop was conducted on rental car, KAK219 in relation to case: 17-0605, in the Harbor 360 parking lot. There was no damage on the vehicle and driver claimed he didn’t realize he hit the utility box.

1024 - An automated fire alarm from Tyco Fire was reported at Oak Street, Seward Mountain Haven. It was a general activation smoke alarm. The staff at Seward Mountain Haven confirmed it was a false alarm and no fire or medical response was needed.

1310 - RP spoke to an officer regarding an exchange of text messages that she had been receiving throughout the week from subject. Officer gave RP information and discussed her options.

1605 - RP requested an officer at Seward Highway to assist with notification of an MVA in the parking lot. Officer responded and found it was non reportable, no damage.

1625 - Simplex Grinnell reported and automated alarm at Sixth Ave. Officer responded and found building secure, no smoke no damage.

1751 - RP reported a grey pickup with a camper shell had been following her for the last 15 minutes. RP drove to the police station where an officer spoke with both parties and found no crime had been committed.

1846 - RP clinician for Seaview requested a welfare check for (a vulnerable adult) after his direct service provider was not able to make contact by phone. Officer responded and spoke with the subject who had been asleep on the couch. He made contact with provider and informed the provider that a friend was staying with him and he also agreed to take his medication.

2036 - RP called 911 to report a suspicious white male trying to break into a first floor apartment at Bayview Apartments, later updated to Bayside and finally determined to be at Harbor View Inn. Officer responded and found the owner of Harbor View Inn to be performing window maintenance, no crime committed.

2211 - RP reported a white RV next to red truck trespassing in the RV parking lot. RP requested that both vehicles leave. Officers responded and subject in control of vehicles agreed to move to city campground.

2242 - RP father of subject called 911 for his son thought to be at mile 20 for heart problems. Son requested that ambulance be cancelled and is driving himself to the hospital.

2252 - RP called 911 to confirm ambulance had been cancelled. RP called at 2317 on non-emergency line to state he was at Bear Lake and doing fine.

April 17

0658 - Verbal warning given to RICHARD ADELMANN at 4th and Van Buren for failure to stop when entering a roadway.

0817 - RP requested phone number for PSMC. RP did not want an ambulance. RP given number for PSMC.

0828 - Elementary School did a scheduled fire drill.

0930 - Seward Highway is closed due to an incident between south of Portage and Girdwood. 1035: Subject in custody and road is open

1015 - RP reported his vehicle was hit at 5th and Washington. RP spoke to Officer.

1242 - AST requested an Officer to assist Trooper in locating female at Tonys Bar, reference a disturbance between her and a male. Officer responded and advised neither were there. AST advised.

1313 - RP reported a truck with a boat parked on the sidewalk on 3rd Avenue advertising a charter fishing business. Officer responded and advised they will move.

1325 - Officer responded to the Middle School for a child that was causing a disturbance.

1502 - RP reported two males fighting in front of Marina Motel. Officer responded and made contact with 2 subjects and MICHAEL MARTONE. MARTONE was criminally trespassed for 30 days from Marina Motel.

April 18

0445 - Officer left a parking warning on JBM596 at 5th Ave for parking against flow of traffic.

0718 - 911 misdial received from (907) ******. Spoke with subject on callback. Advised that all was okay. No sounds of distress.


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