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By Lisa Jarvis
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Finding 'Seward Love' after the holidays


January 19, 2017 | View PDF

Finding “you” after the holidays: I love the holidays; you hear from people you haven’t heard from all year whether it’s a special holiday card or a phone call or party. This is the time when families come together. Now that is all over, everyone has gone home, and we are left with “blue Monday” according to several articles on the internet. This is the day our bank accounts are low and the scales are high; combined with darkness and bad weather and going back to our regular schedules makes for a perfect storm of depression.

“Blue Monday” is the third Monday of January. Now let’s turn this week around and balance you with love. Take a walk and see the beauty that is around us, put healthy foods into our bodies, go to exercise class, do art or crafts or just get out in the community.

Seward has a “Love” of its own that I never even realized when I grew up here, but being away for 30 years and living different places in the United States I learned that we have something special here in Seward. This might be aging me, but there used to be a television show “Cheers” about a bar where everyone knew your name when you walked in. That is how the town of Seward is: you walk into the Safeway or the post office and everyone knows your name and is talking and greeting each other with warm welcomes. Sometime I talk so much I forget what I have gone to the store for and then I get home and have to go back for what was forgotten and talk some more.

This little town has more than lovely conversations. It also bands together to help each other in need. I have a family example of my own. My mom had back surgery a couple of years back and I came home to help. You would not believe how much food was in this house. We have two refrigerators, and both were full of home cooked meals that people had taken time to provide, so my mom and dad had food they just had to slip into the oven. This is just one account of how loving this community is. There are countless ways people from this town band together to help each other.

In Seward we see the mountains or the ocean all around. Put on your boots and warm clothes, take a walk, and enjoy the beauty around us that is so breath taking. In our little town there are so many things to do if you just look. You can be doing something different every day of the week if you put your mind to it. Right now just little old me is working out at the gym, doing crafts with friends, and taking a painting class with a local painter. That doesn’t even include what I do with my kids like watching high school sports. It is not only summers that are crazy busy; it can also be in the winter months. If you have a particular interest, I am sure there are many here in Seward that have the same interest and would love to join you and or have you join them.

When you are feeling those “Blue Monday” type of days, be a Sewardite and join in the “love” we have to give even if it is just to go say hello to everyone at Safeway. This will be sure to brighten your day.


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