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By Lisa Jarvis
Holistic Health 

Are you ready for a 'New Year, new you?'


January 12, 2017 | View PDF

So how many times have you heard the statement, "New Year, new you? Well each year is different, each year brings a physical, emotional and spiritual journey sometimes that take you by surprise.

Take me for example, I came to help my parents while my dad was sick so I left my wellness center in San Diego and headed home. To wonderful Seward, Alaska where I grew up, it had been 25 years since I had lived here. So for fun I took a small job at Kenai Fjords Tours thinking I could have adventures on the boats with all the wonder of Alaska had to offer. During the first couple of weeks of working there I got hit by a passenger that had luggage in his hand and he hit my knee. I fell and the man just looked at me like, you stupid woman and walked away.

That small act that the man probably never thought about again in his life has changed the last four and half years of my life. With this one small brief moment in time I tore my A.C.L. in my left knee and had a surgeon that put my A.C.L. in the wrong place so after four surgeries and four years later I had to have a total knee replacement. I went from massaging 10 hours a day, having my own business in San Diego to not even being able to walk let alone massage. Within a couple of seconds my life has changed, the whole course that I had planned out has been altered. How life can change by a blink of an eye! So it has taken me four and half years to stop being mad and turn this mishap into a positive so I am not angry. It has been a process but I have found that in these four years I have gotten to spend more time with my children and parents. It has been a Blessing! This is the greatest joy in the world for me at this time of my life, instead of working twelve plus hours a day trying to run a business and getting home and seeing them a few minutes before bed.

Now I get to see them, I really get to talk to them, be there for them, and see them grow to be good young men. We might be poorer then church mice but we were happy just to be together. This is a gift I was given, it makes me so happy to come to the conclusion that even though we never know what life has to give us from year to year, day to day or minute to minute. We can live in being mad at the world, which in truth only hurts ourselves and the people around us. Or we can find the silver lining through the struggle and pain. Learn from it and be better people in the future. Help people that have been though times like ours. Give back and see that you make a difference because you have been through things that have humbled you and made you stronger.

So in this time of "New Year New YOU" be the best you can possibly be, find the silver lining, and see the magic that every day has to give you, love you, and love your fellow man. Because you only have one life, so enjoy every minute of your time here on Earth. Every morning you eye open is a "New YOU" so why not makes the most of it. Don't wait until Next New Year to see the joy that life has to give you.

By the way if someone hasn't told you today, "I love you!"


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