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By Lisa Jarvis
Holistic Health 

Rediscovering and becoming an improved you


January 5, 2017 | View PDF

Winters in Seward can be hard for some people- they are darker, colder and slicker. So you're anything like me, you go inside like the ground hog that goes into his hole until winter is done. We can take this time hating Alaska or we can take this time for self-reflection, and discover new things about ourselves.

Imagine the best possible you! When we were children we had imaginations that didn't see the world as black and white, but saw all the colors of the world and we didn't let that scare us. We could do anything when we grew up, did you want to be a fireman and fight fires or a dancer or a teacher or even a Life Coach/Holistic Health. Our passions were raw and untamed as a child. We were drawn to things and didn't have any assumptions, expectations or analysis. We were young and the whole world was ahead of us and our dreams were attainable, within our grasp just like one of our favorite toys.

As we got a little older we are influenced by the outside world be it out family members, friends or teachers that "knew" us best and" what was best" for us. It may be that everyone's intentions were good, but we were young and impressionable and this allowed their beliefs about what was best for us take us away for the passions that we had embraced. We were given advice, much of which stemmed from our own fears within ourselves.

... You can't do that; you can't make enough money to live.

... can never make it in that field, there is too much competition.

... That is not a job for a boy/girl. People are going to think you are strange.

... You're not attractive enough. You're too fat, not smart enough.

... You need a job that suits someone like you.

Often believing what people told us, and lacking the self-confidence that comes with experience, the unnurtured spark never has a chance to light the fire. So those raw passions of youth get lost over the years of being told what we can't do.

Many people blame their childhood for not going after their passions, but what you wind up missing is that you're only cheating yourself- you're completely capable of pursuing your passions if you just let go of the past, and search to find what you would really like to do. It doesn't matter what stage of life you are in there is always time to grow to live with your passion.

When I was a child I loved crafts, dancing, and to prove to the world that the impossible was possible. Funny enough looking back I didn't know what all this truly meant. I just knew I wanted to knock down barriers and help people while helping myself. I had a high school English teacher that told me I could never finish college or I could never write. Look at me now World! Not only did I finish college, I have a lot of other degrees under my belt and, here I am, writing this article right now!

When growing up I was programed to go to college and find a man to take care of me. I got married, finished college and this was still not my true happiness. I had adopted others' passions as my own, I was not happy.

To find my happiness, I started school to be a Holistic Health Practitioner, and this is where my journey to happiness started. This is where I started to rediscover who I really was and lose the many personas that I believed to be real, but they really weren't mine at all.

Sometimes we don't think about how we affect the lives of others, but the truth of the matter is just one smile to someone can change that persons day. One small act of kindness to tell them they are smart or pretty when they did not believe in themselves and encourage them to be the person they want to be can really help.

The truth is that when we allow our real selves to shine and are willing to share our thoughts, experiences and our life lessons in a raw and human manner, we can't help but be an inspiration to others.

When you allow yourself to just "be" without any expectations, you won't find just "thank you's," but rather in a place deep within your heart that is overflowing with a peaceful sense of awe. This is when you realize that you do contribute to humanity just by being you- authentically!

And that is something so priceless.


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