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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Sept. 28

1132 - Officer requested an ATN to charge via Summons to SHARI DAVENPORT, AK OLN, for MICS IV.

1155 - Officer responded to the parking lots near 2nd and Washington for a report of a male trying to go thru vehicles. Officer made contact with DANIEL J. LEIBLE, NV OLN and warned him from getting to close and looking in parked vehicles.

1350 - RP turned in a found wallet. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

1515 - SAST advised of an abandoned 911 from Safeway. No distress was heard. Officer advised.

1526 - Ambulance requested to Safeway. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1553 - SAST advised of a 911 pocket dial from a cellphone at Seward and Bear. No sounds distress. Officer advised.

1642 - SAST reported a REDDI that had turned into Essential One. GZC192 was passing unsafely and crossing the white and yellow lines from about Mile 2. Officer made contact with RICHARD DOLPHIN, UNITED KINGDOM National who denied any wrong doing.

1701 - DAVID BARTLEY, AK OLN/, turned himself in on a bench warrant.

1946 - Ale House reported a male subject making racial slurs and asked him to leave. He then told her that he was trained to kill people like her in Viet Nam. He is wearing a blue ball cap, gray-green sweater and khaki pants. Officers made contact with TOMMY MILLS, AZ, who was trespassed indefinitely from the Ale House.

2053 - Citation issued to GALEN ANTHONY BREWI, AK OLN, while driving ESS458 at mile 2.5 Seward Highway for failure to provide proof of Insurance and verbal warning for inoperable headlight.

2159 - SAST requested an ambulance to Nash. SAST is enroute.

Sept. 29

0520 - Verbal warning given to TIMOTHY MITCHELL AK/OLN, GJM543 at 3rd Ave for failure to stop at stop sign.

0525 - Verbal warning given to LORI MCCOMSEY AK/OLN, MCCADY at 3rd Ave for speed.

0825 - RP requested an Officer to the Breeze Inn Bunkhouse at 3rd Avenue to evict a subject. Officer responded.

0846 - DAVID A. BARTLEY, AK OLN, was arrested for Warrant 3SW1600204, $500, FTA Calendar Call, OC DWLR and 3SW160013, $500, FTA Calendar Call, OC DWLR while at SCJ.

1205 - Officer provided transport for prisoner to PSMC.

1231 - DMV turned in a tablet that was left at the DMV Office. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

1641 - RP turned in a cell phone was turned in that was found at 1st and Madison.

1842 - SMIC, Polar Seafoods

1954 - Citation issued to ERIC MICHAEL CHANDLER, AK OLN, while driving GRN167 on Seward Highway near the Breeze Inn for headlight requirement.

2005 - Verbal warning issued to MOHAMMAD ZEESHAN SIDDIQUI, WA OLN, while driving KAK143 for speed.

2156 - RP reported a suspicious older model reddish Chevy Blazer parked under the street light across from his residence. A male subject got out carrying a bag and walked toward Kimberly Ct. There is possible another person in the vehicle. Caller is concerned because of the vehicle ransacking in the city. Officer made contact with an unoccupied JCZ781. Citation issued to GERALD MICHAEL WESSLING, AK OLN, for parking in the roadway.

2317 - A citizen reported an open door possibly from Marathon Trust Realty in the Phoenix. The door goes out to the alley. Room was cleared. It appeared that workman left the radio on and the door open.

2343 - Officers located an open door and the Seward Brewing Company. Officers cleared the building and contact was made with the owners.

Sept. 30

0019 - RP advised that his ex-girlfriend is coming to town tomorrow and he fears for his safety. He will call tomorrow to speak with an Officer.

0940 - 911 misdial from subject at the SBH. No sounds distress. Officer advised.

1753 ROAD SIGN DOWN A “Headlights on at all Times” sign is down at Seward Highway and Airport Rd. Message left for DOT

1754 - Verbal warning Issued to GLEN WESLEY BURKHART, AK OLN, while driving GUF308 at Seward Highway at Leirer Rd for speed.

1824 - Verbal warning issued to HOWARD LAPSLEY HITCHCOCK II, AK OLN, while driving GXA856 on 3rd Ave at Madison for speed.

1944 - A 911 misdial was received from the Breeze Inn. Soldotna spoke with clerk who advised that someone from one of the rooms dialed accidentally.

2041 - Citation issued to NATHAN TYR SWEARINGEN, AKOLN, While driving GNM785 in Safeway parking lot for failure to provide proof of insurance and verbal warning for speed.

2134 - SAST requested our unit to go with a Trooper to Meridian Ave for a DV. Possibly knives in the residence and the male subject has warrants. Male ran off into the woods. Officers did not locate him.

Oct. 1

0055 - Verbal warning given to AMBER COLE AK/OLN KAN452 at 4th and Port for speed.

0145 - Verbal warning given to JOHN ANDERSON AK/OLN, EVZ558 at Essential One parking lot for speed.

0908 - An ambulance was requested at the airport to transport the life med crew to the hospital.

1544 - Citation issued to WILLIAM RICHARDSON TALLEY, AK OLN, while driving JBF242 near Old Food Bank for speed. Verbal warning for failure to carry proof of insurance and registration.

1618 - Citation issued to BLYSS ANN ROBERTSON MA/OLN while driving MA/LIC 717SY1 at Seward and North Harbor Street for speed.

1653 - RP reported a passed out intoxicated male at the Benny Benson Memorial. Officer provided transportation to Old Ben’s Country Store on Nash Road.

1822 - Ambulance needed at Seward Highway approximately mile 3 of the Seward Highway. Trooper also responded.

1900 - RP reported he had to shoot a black bear in his back yard getting into his chicken coop. Charity contacted.

1930 - RP reported several four wheelers racing up and down Oak Street and into the long term care facility. Officer advised.

2059 - Officer made a public appearance at the high school dance.

2353 - RP advised that BRONSON BERG AK/OLN is being aggressive and may have punched another customer. Officers gave disorderly conduct warnings to BERG and ADAM WOODSIDE AK/OLN and advised them no more bars for the night.

Oct. 2

0223 - Verbal warning given to KEITH KNIGHTEN AK/OLN, EWC303 at the Hospital parking lot for speed. Medical emergency.

0705 - Officer located VFD363 with hazard lights on the Bridges. Officer assisted owner with moving the vehicle out of the roadway. Officer provided owner transportation to Essential One.

1440 - An earthquake occurred with a magnitude of 4.1, 25 miles SE of Anchorage. No tsunami expected.

1451 - A huge bull moose was running through downtown from the Sea Life past the Seward Hotel to 6th Ave. Caller advised that it was running like it was terrified. Soldotna also received a 911 call stating that a dog was chasing it in the parking lot near the Edgewater Hotel. Unable to locate.

1642 - RP reported a lost black leather wallet to an Officer.

Oct. 3

0707 - Parking warning issued to EVP392 for parking backward in front of the Ranger station at Fourth Avenue.

1104 - RP reported a white Chevy Equinox, AK LIC/JDY517, that passed in a no passing travelling southbound at Seward and Airport. Officer advised.

1145 - RP, driving AK LIC/JCF965, reported a two vehicle MVA-D at Essential One with one vehicle that is not drivable. Officer responded and made contact with RP and the other driver, Driver 2, driving AK LIC/FNR718. Both parties issued PAR Forms.

1357 - Officer requested a case for DVRO in reference to subject violating conditions.

1359 - SAST advised of a 911 pocket dial that was on Port Avenue. No sounds of distress. Officer advised.

1530 - SAST advised of a 911 pocket dial from the Elementary School. No sounds distress. Officer advised.

1655 - RP advised that an intoxicated male crashed his bicycle into the ditch on 3rd Ave near Napa. Officer requested a medical response.

1703 - Officer on scene requested an ambulance to approximately Mile 1.5 Seward.

1825 - Citation issued to SHARON ERCHINGER AK/OLN AK/PERSONALIZED SERCH at 3rd and Jefferson for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning given for speed.

2043 - Providence requested an ambulance response to the Airport for a crew transfer.

2109 - SAST requested an ambulance to 5th Ave. A short time later AST cancelled the request.

2133 - SAST requested a welfare check on subject. She had requested an ambulance and then decided to take a personal vehicle to the hospital but hadn’t made it there. Officer contacted subject and she was feeling better.

Oct. 4

0144 - Citation issued to ALDACIR C FREITAS FL/OLN while driving AK/LIC KAC973 at Seward and Bear Drive for speed.

1031 - RP requested an Officer to the High School for a student that made threatening remarks. Officer responded.

1058 - RP reported a male wearing khaki pants, green jacket and a beard was checking doors at the storage units next to Resurrection Rentals. Officer responded.

1124 - Ambulance requested to the Subway parking. SVAC/SVFD dispatched. Officer advised subject is at the South 72 Hour Lot. SVFD/SVAC advised.

1350 - Officer requested case number for Animal Cruelty Investigation at Pacific Park.

1415 - High School called reporting a brown bear was hunting a moose in Questa Woods at Stoney Creek. AST advised.

1519 - Officer requested an additional case number for summons service to SHARI DAVENPORT, AK OLN for MICS IV.

1840 - Verbal warning given to BRITTANY RUMOHR MN/OLN, GWL842 at Seward and Hemlock for speed.

1842 - Verbal warning given to YASMINE RENAUD YT/OLN, YT/LIC HLA27 at 3rd and Jefferson for crossing center line.

1910 - RP MNT HAVEN requested a medical transfer to the hospital.

1915 - BCVFD OC requested a fire response to approximately 1.5 Nash Rd for a debris fire.

1931 - D80 requested an Officer to Mountain Haven to assist with a patient being transferred to the hospital. The patient went to the hospital willingly.

1956 - Citation issued to MATTHEW HALL AK/OLN, AK/LIC DRDOG at 3rd and Jefferson for headlight requirement.

2111 - RP requested a welfare check on an intoxicated female in the alley behind Thorn’s. Officer place DONNA NORBERT AK/OLN into protective custody

2212 - SAST advised of a 911 open line at Safeway. No sounds of distress. Spoke with employee who advised that all is ok.

Oct. 5

0118 - JUSTIN DAVID MILES AK/OLN was arrested for DUI while driving CA/LIC 6XEW740 at Fourth and Jefferson.

0848 - RP wanted to speak to an Officer reference fraud. Officer spoke with RP.

1215 - Seward Middle School requested an Officer for a fight that occurred between two students. Officer responded.

1428 - AST advised that subject was requesting an Officer to 4th Avenue in reference to a male in a white van that was there to take items. Officer responded and advised all ok and it was a misunderstanding.

1827 - Verbal waring issued to KACY JULES BURKE, AK OLN/, while driving GXP431 in the NAPA parking lot for speed.

1830 - Citation issued to JANINE ANN NIEBRUGGE, AK OLN/ while driving JEP727 at 3rd and Van Buren failure to carry proof of insurance and verbal warning for failure to carry driver’s license and for speed.

1934 - Verbal warning issued to WILLIAN ANGUS CLARK, AK OLN, while driving FHL532 on Seward Hwy at Bear Dr. for no tail lights after dark.

1938 - An ambulance was requested at the airport to transport the flight crew to the hospital

1951 - A 911 misdial was received in Soldotna from 907-******** from around Delphin St. No sound of distress was heard. On call back a recorded message was reached stating this number cannot be reached.

2210 - The Post Office was advised by an automated call that the alarm was not set at the Post Office. RP was the last one out and did set the alarm herself. She requested officers to meet her at the loading dock to check the Post Office. Building was secure.

Oct. 6

0815 - Verbal warning given to HEATHER FLYNN, TX OLN, while driving AK LIC/GYG124 at Terrys Tire for speed.

1050 - RP reported missing a men’s large half skull ring, with the inscription somewhere between the Waterfront campground and the Breeze Inn. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

1055 - Officer responded to the High School for report of students may be smoking marijuana. (JUV) was charged with MICS V and turned over to his mother.

1110 - KPB did a test on the High School Elevator.

1231 - ACO served a letter to subject at Pacific Park Apartments.

1250 REDDI REPORT RP, reported that subject swerved at RP travelling northbound of Seward Highway just outside city limits. AST advised.

1456 - HMO requested an Officer to the NE Boat Launch for a possible intoxicated boater. Officer responded and made contact with Driver, RICHARD BRIAN BAKER, AK OLN and Passenger. BAKER was arrested for DUI and transported to SCJ. Vehicle DCA190

1548 - RP reported a bicycle that someone left in her yard at 4th Ave. Officer picked up the bike and placed in L&F.

1703 - Soldotna dispatch received a 911 hangup call from the land line at Providence Hospital. Nurse’s station advised that everything was fine. No sound of distress was heard.

1753 - Soldotna dispatch requested a welfare check on a male subject on the walkway by the Lagoon who seems intoxicated and hanging over the rail. Male is wearing a green tank top, in his 20’s or 30’s and between 5’10 and 6’ tall. Officer made contact with subject who was given a ride home.

1919 - Verbal warning issued to MALIA OKALENA ACOVAK, AK OLN, While driving FDR560 on 3rd at Monroe for failure to signal and for speed.

1923 - Verbal warning issued to JULIA ANN DAVENPORT, AK OLN, while driving FSW956 for inoperable headlight.

Oct. 7

0910 - Captain Jack’s requested to talk to an Officer reference a burglary that occurred. Officer spoke with RP.

1009 - Senior Center requested fire department for an exit alarm door activation. D80 responded.

1724 - RP requested an Officer check on a customer located at the corner of Hemlock and Spruce. Officer contacted the customer, who was okay. RP was notified.

1807 - Ambulance requested to Crown Point Mine Rd

2005 - Verbal warning given to JOSEPH FROMMER, AK/OLN, AK/LIC VPH940 for speed at the Essential One parking lot.

2015 - Verbal warning given to KRISTINA LONG, AK/OLN, AK/LIC GUG604 for speed at Fourth and Monroe

2022 - SAST advised of a 911 open line from the area near Chamberlain Rd. No sounds of distress had been heard. Seward Dispatch called the number, 907-****** back and was unable to leave a message. Officer drove around the area and found nothing unusual.

2029 - SAST advised of a 911 medical call. Caller requested an ambulance but was unable to provide a specific location, advising only that he is in the Harbor near the F/V Captain Sam. SAST lost contact with the RP and was unable to reach them upon callback. SFD, SPD, and SVAC were able to locate the patient on I Dock after several attempts. Response form sent.

2105 - SAST advised of a 911 call received from RP who reported that the first aid kit on the research vessel Norseman, located on Z float, had been rifled through. Officer spoke with RP.

2203 - SAST advised of two 911 calls from 907-********, located near Third and Harbor St. Non-distressing sounds were heard in the background. The phone went straight to voicemail upon callback and no message could be left. Information given to Officer.


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