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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Sept. 21

1207 - PSMC requested an Officer to speak with a patient that has a firearm at their camp. Officer responded.

1643 - RP called advising that two batteries were stolen out of his commercial Street Sweeper located in the vacant lot at 4th and C St. The batteries were valued at $140 each.

1756 - RP called advising of a young black bear in his yard which won’t leave. Officer spoke with the RP before heading to the residence to scare the bear off the property.

1822 - Citation issued to MILJAN PAVLOVIC, AK/OLN WA/LIC AXX5054 for speed at Hemlock and Seward.

2030 - Verbal warning given to LANCE ALLEN, UT/OLN, AK/LIC GZR286 for inoperable taillights at Seward and Dairy Hill Ln.

2239 - An Officer was requested to AVTEC dorms to assist the dorm manager while she searched a student’s room for alcohol.

Sept. 22

0409 - Multiple power outages reported in the Old Exit Glacier Rd/Wilma Ave area. On-call electric notified.

0815 - D81 issued burn permit to the Transfer Facility for today and tomorrow.

0841 - 911 pocket dial from the SMIC area. No sounds distress. Officer advised.

1000 - The bridge that crosses the Lowell Canyon waterfall has been partially compromised. Vehicles are permitted to cross, but traffic is down to one lane, and crews are on site directing traffic. The City’s Public Works Department and Metco are working on repairs. City personnel will continue monitoring the situation and updating the public as necessary. Please direct any inquiries to the City Clerk’s office at 907-224-4046.

1227 - Hotel 360 reported that they may have seen a wanted person walking down 4th Avenue in the harbor. Officer responded and advised that it was not him.

1828 - RP called advising of a loose, white dog on Bear Dr. Officer responded, but was unable to locate the dog.

1933 - RP requested an Officer meet him at the animal shelter in reference to a stray dog found near Second and B St. Officer met with the RP and left the dog at the animal shelter with food and water.

Sept. 23

0008 - Providence Hospital advised that subject left the hospital and is on a court ordered 24 hour hold. Officers located subject and transported him back to the hospital.

1015 - RP accidentally dialed 911 from 3rd Ave. No sounds distress. Officer advised.

1055 - 911 pocket dial from North Star Circle. No sounds distress. Officer advised.

1153 - Elevator Maintenance did test on the Senior Center elevator. All ok.

1250 - Ambulance requested to the Airport to meet LifeMed. SVAC dispatched.

1424 - Ambulance requested next to Salmon Creek not too far from Buffy and Nautical. BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1550 - RP spoke to an Officer in reference to abandoned vehicles which were left in the Bayside parking lot.

1555 - Citation issued to MICHAEL BWOKER, MI/OLN, AK/LIC JEC640 for speed at Seward and Lierer.

2023 - Ambulance requested to the AVTEC Dorms.

Sept. 24

0756 - Officer contacted JAMES BALLARD JR OR.OLN near mile 3.5 on the Seward Hwy. BALLARD JR was arrested for DV Criminal Trespass I, and DV Criminal Mischief III, and transported to SCJ.

1034 - RP came to the PD to speak with an Officer in reference to his vehicle, AK/LIC NOBRAS, which was vandalized last night in the parking lot outside of SMAF. His girlfriend witnessed the event and will contact the PD later today. At this time, there are no suspects and the damages are estimated between $1,000 - $1,500.

1100 - RP called 911 to advise that her mother-in-law, gave away her therapy kitten. Officer contacted the RP and subject at the residence and determined that the case was civil.

1241 - Ambulance requested to Seward Hwy.

1329 - An earthquake occurred with a magnitude of 6.8 in the Fiji Islands region. No tsunami danger is expected.

1450 - RP came to the PD wishing to report a possible switched at birth case. RP spoke with the Officer, but left after she was questioned further.

1635 - Citation issued to ANNA OTTO, MA OLN, While driving GZG206 at 4th Ave and Port for speed

1701 - Verbal warning Issued to JENS GUDMUND JULIUSSEN, AK OLN, while driving JEM676 on Seward Hwy at Coolidge for speed.

1709 - Verbal warning issued to JOHN AUGUST CISAR, AK OLN, while driving “NKISKI” at 3rd and A for speed.

1715 - A citizen from Glacierview Apartments reported a yearling bear in the yard two houses up from the apartments. Bear was chased into the woods.

1628 - RP requested that subject be trespassed from her apartment in Bayside.

1830 - Verbal warning issued to MONA KATHLEEN MCPHEE, WA OLN, while driving GZM830 at 3rd and Madison for speed.1

1932 - Citation issued to ELAN MCLEOD EDGERLY, AK OLN ,While driving GSG156 at 3rd and A St for failure to provide proof of insurance and verbal for speed.

2047 - Verbal warning issued to ERIC MATTHEW BARBER, WA OLN, While driving JDE963 at 3rd and Jefferson for speed.

2000 - A sports bike was reported speeding on 3rd Ave at approximately 100 MPH. Officers searched the area around Chevron, North and South to the Airport and did not locate.

2109 - Citation issued to SAMANTHA ERIN GREGORIO, AK OLN, While driving GXB561 at 3rd and Jefferson for speed and MICS V

2119 - Verbal warning issued to MARSHALL JOSEPH BROTHERS, AK OLN while driving EVH638 on Seward Hwy at Hemlock for crossing center line.

2215 - MARK QUINN, AK OLN, was advised of his trespass from subject’s apartment

2223 - COLTER ELIAS WOLFE, AK OLN, driving “NOBRAS” on Port Ave near Seward Fisheries was arrested for DUI.

2359 - RP requested an ambulance to the Harbor 360. Officers responded to provide assistance.

Sept. 25

0030 - Verbal warning given to MICHAEL MURRELL WI/OLN, FDD899 at 4th Ave near Boat Launch for speed.

0044 - Verbal warning given to CRAIG CANNON AK/OLN, JEY832 at Seward and North Harbor for speed.

0047 - Officer arrested TYLER HENEGAN AK/OLN, GMG700 at 3rd and Madison for DUI. Citations were issued to HENEGAN for speed and open container. Verbal warnings given for white light to the rear and absorption device to rear.

0136 - Verbal warning given to KACY BURKE AK/OLN, GXP431 at 4th and Port for speed.

1137 - MATCOM requested an Officer do a death notification. Officer complied.

1515 - RP came to the PD to report that his friend has been separated from him. Officer took the friend’s information and will search for him. RP advised that he will contact the PD if he locates his friend, but will return to Homer without him after 1700 Hours.

Sept. 26

0019 - WESTON PHILLI HUARTE CA/OLN, was arrested while driving AK/LIC EKV912 at Seward and North Harbor Street for DUI, Assault on a police officer X2, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Citation issued for speed.

0024 - Verbal warning issued to TANNER J ROLLINS AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC GTV311 at the Breeze Inn on Fourth Avenue for headlight out.

0153 - SAST called to request an ambulance but could not give the address. The patient was housesitting and didn’t know the address. Ambulance requested to Johnson Rd

0246 - SAST called to state that there was a phase II 911 open line from Brownell Street. No sounds of distress heard.

0715 - The US Forest Service will perform a fire drill approximately 0800 at Seward Highway.

1111 - ERICK ANTRIM, AK OLN, was advised that he is criminally trespassed from 3 Bears indefinitely. Advisement entered in APSIN.

1631 - RP found a gun on Mt Marathon and turned it into the Officer at the Police Department. Owner came and picked up the weapon.

1805 - Citation issued to KADEN COLE SMITH, AK OLN, While driving JBZ775 in Safeway parking lot for speed.

1938 - AVTEC reported that there was a person asleep on the couch and she can’t wake him up. Officer contacted subject who was intoxicated but he is over 21 and was walking and talking.

2045 - A citizen reported suspicious activity at a residence across 5th Ave from City Hall. She could see someone walking around with flashlights and thought the resident was not home. Officers contacted the resident but she is without power at this time.

Sept. 27

0328 - Ambulance requested to Phoenix Road.

0656 - Officer requested a case for suspicious circumstances.

0732 - Officers responded to a domestic disturbance at Swetmann, ANDREW COURSER, AK OLN/, was arrested for DV Assault IV, MICS IV and transported to SCJ.

0915 - D80 issued burn permit to Vista for today only.

1203 - Ambulance requested to Pacific Park. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1243 - Report of power outage at Nash Road. RP transferred to Electric Department.

1915 - Citation issued to JACOB DIJKSTRA AK/OLN, JEP745 at the Chamber of Commerce parking lot for passing in no pass zone. Verbal warning given for failure to acquire AK operator’s license.

2218 - RP requested an Officer in reference to two individuals with flash lights who are loitering near Suds n Swirl. Officers contacted two subjects who advised they are looking for a lost earring. Officers advised for them to come back in the day light.

Sept. 28

0019 - MATTHEW LYNN CURTIS MT/OLN was arrest while driving MT/LIC BND428 at Third and Jefferson for DUI. Citations issued for DWLS and no proof of insurance.

0738 - SAST requested an officer drive by 6th Avenue to see if GYB808 was in the area. SAST has a report of an overdue female motorist.


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