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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Sept. 14

1440 - Yukon Fire testing at the Senior Center.

1554 - Wells Fargo reported a silent hold up alarm at their branch. Officers responded. Was a false alarm.

1557 - Yukon Fire testing at TelAlaska.

1601 - Verbal warning given to DAVID AGNESS, NY/OLN, AK/LIC JEE954 for speed at Third and B St.

1710 - RP called advising of two males who are carving into a pole at the fish cleaning station near M Float. Officer responded and contacted (JUV) and (JUV). Their parents were contacted.

1712 - RP advised of a male walking down the Seward Hwy passing Terry’s Tires who appears to be the suspect in a case. Officer responded to the area. RP called back advising that the male had walked into AVTEC on Third, and may not be who he thought he was.

1908 - Officer assisted a Trooper at a residence on Bear Lake Rd in reference to a possibly burglary. Officer assisted in clearing the residence. No clear signs of a burglary were discovered.

2013 - Citation issued to KENNETH MURRAY, PA/OLN, AK/LIC JEC501 for speed outside of Essential One.

2111 - RP requested law enforcement to the Breeze Inn Lounge in reference to a fight in progress. Officers responded and contacted three suspects, KAYAN NICHELE-RAMALHO, OK/OLN; RYAN FARRINGTON, AK/OLN; and JACOB LANE, AK/OLN. The three suspects were given disorderly conduct warnings.

Sept. 15

0433 - RP advised that someone tried to start a fire at the KFT bunkhouse at Phoenix Rd. Fire department investigating.

0447 - On-duty fire dispatched to Phoenix Rd to investigate arson.

1533 - AST arrested JAMES KEITH JR, AK OLN for possession of heroine and intent to sell at Bear Lake Road and transported to SCJ.

1738 - Verbal warning given to KRISTI PERKO, HI/OLN, AK/LIC GWX924 for failure to stop at a stop sign at mile 1 of the Seward Hwy.

1745 - An Officer was requested to Mountainview Sports in reference to a theft which occurred yesterday.

2021 - RP advised of thick, grey smoke coming from the side garage of the KFT bunkhouse / warehouse building located by the Seaman’s Mission. Officers and SFD responded and found the source to be a laundry exhaust. Response form sent.

2029 - A woman request an ambulance to Phoenix Rd. Response form sent.

2139 - Officers responded with Troopers to a residence on Meridian in reference to a DV Assault in progress. The victim was contacted, but the suspect was gone upon arrival.

Sept. 16

0119 - Verbal warning given to KAYLEIGH PAULIN HI/OLN, GPW159 at Seward and South Harbor for speed.

0832 - Verbal warning to the driver of AK LIC/FRX903 at Mile 62 Seward for passing in a no passing.

0938 - Yukon Fire testing alarms at Washington

0945 - Trooper responded to MVA-D at Mile 5 Seward Highway.

0950 - Postmaster reported fire alarm sounding that Post Office. SVFD/SVAC dispatched. D81 advised that alarm unable to reset and maintenance notified.

1211 - Verbal warning given to KATELYN KALLIO, AK OLN, while driving AK LIC/JBV163 at Seward and Sea Lion for inoperative headlight.

1302 - Yukon Fire testing alarms at Washington.

1330 - Yukon Fire testing alarms at Midtown Apartments

1422 - Received a 911 call from subject located on North Star Crcl. He advised that the call was accidental. Information given to Officer.

1459 - Received a 911 call from (907)****** located at Seward Hwy and Bear Dr. No sounds of distress were heard. A message was left for subject upon callback. Information given to Officer.

1549 - An ambulance was requested to Post.

1630 - Citation issued to BRANDIN BARTLEY, AK/OLN, AK/LIC CWP383 for expired registration at Third and Monroe. Verbal warning given for speed.

1702 - RP called to report that his large, black bird cage worth approximately $300 was stolen from outside of 4th Ave about a month and a half ago. Officer was advised.

1733 - RP AK/LIC MUNCH requested an Officer to the Safeway parking lot where someone had hit her vehicle. Officer responded and contacted the RP and other driver. No PAR forms were issued, as the vehicles sustained no damage.

2110 - RP advised of a vehicle on Second Ave just south of Monroe which was sounding it’s horn continuously. Officer responded, but found nothing in the area. A second call came in shortly afterwards from subject who said she saw suspicious activity through the window of the house which the van honking it’s horn was parked in front of. Officer contacted RP who pointed out the residence, which is across from 2nd Ave. The Officer was unable to contact anyone at the residence.

2116 - Troopers arrested THOMAS PEARCE, AK/OLN at Marathon Apts.

2211 - Officers issued a summons to LANE SPRADLIN AK/OLN for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Officers were assisting a Trooper with a domestic violence incident, see Agency Assist at 2116 hours.

2246 - 911 openline received from (770) ******* in the SMIC area. Call ended before anything was heard. Message left on callback.

Sept. 17

0000 - Verbal warning given to KERIN CLARK AK/OLN, GPT662 at Three Bears parking lot for tag light requirement and window tint.

0025 - Verbal warning given to STEVEN JONES AK/OLN 7, JDJ707 at Seward and South Harbor for speed.

0200 - 911 hang up received from (770) ****** at 4th and Washington. Call disconnected before anything was heard. Message left on callback.

0727 - Verbal warning given to DONNA TALAMANTES AK/OLN, DWK870 at Seward and Railway for inoperable brake light.

0736 - Ambulance requested to the Airport to transport the flight crew to the Hospital.

1035 - RP requested an Officer to her residence at Third Ave in reference to her boyfriend who is intoxicated and throwing food throughout her kitchen. Officer responded and contacted both parties. It was determined that no crime had been committed, and the Officer stood by while RP gathered her things to leave the residence for the day and provided her with transport to her trailer.

1547 - SAST reported female wearing black pants and a hoody wandering into traffic on Seward Highway just South of Nash Rd. She is reportedly intoxicated and officer was unable to locate.

1642 - A citizen reported two sink holes in the parking spaces near 5th Ave.

1700 - RP , reported that her vehicle, WA BAM1423, was parked on 4th Ave near the downtown bars between the hours of 2100 and 0200 and was struck by an unknown vehicle.

1855 - Citation issued to LAUREL EUPHRASIA MILLER, AK OLN/, while driving EUR622 on Seward Hwy at Dairy Hill Rd for failure to provide proof of insurance and verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign

1937 - Verbal warning Issued to BETHANY LYNN WAGGONER, AK OLN, while driving DWK807 near Terry’s Tire for wearing headphones while driving.

2000 - Verbal warning issued to YIMING CHEN, CA OLN, While driving GYH441 on Seward Hwy at Port Ave for speed.

2013 - Verbal warning Issued to CAROL SUZANNE CROW, AK OLN While driving GWX281 at Essential One for inoperable headlight.

2355 - Verbal warning issued to CAROLE MAY PERRI AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC LPCPLP at Fourth and Monroe for speed.

Sept. 18

0008 - Verbal warning issued to MELISSA JANE SALGADO AK/OLN while driving AK/LICFEE322 at Seward Highway and Bear Drive for failure to use turn signal and failure to stop at a stop sign.

0050 - Officer performed an investigative stop on TX/LIC FBL8062 at Third and Jefferson.

0105 - Ambulance requested to Fifth Avenue. Officer and ambulance dispatched. Forms sent.

0112 - Verbal warning issued to SHAWN PHILLIPE CORN AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC FGJ749 at Fourth and Ballaine for inoperable tail light.

0139 - Verbal warning issued to SANDRA D TEAL WA/OLN while driving AK/LIC JAD475 at Seward Highway and North Harbor street for speed.

1026 - RP called advising that someone had stolen a wheel off of her dock cart, valued at $76.49. RP spoke with an Officer.

1028 - Received a 911 call from (907)***** located near the Lagoon / Harbor area. A male was reached upon contact who advised that the call was accidental. Information given to Officer.

1323 - RP called 911 advising of thick black smoke near the Brierwood Ave area. BCVFD responded and contacted a male at Myrtlewood Crcl who was burning plastic in a bonfire. He was instructed to extinguish the fire and obtain a burning permit.

1341 - Left on AK/LIC FHR751 for parking against the flow of traffic at Sixth and Jefferson.

1349 - RP advised of a camo camper which was weaving on the Seward Hwy and is now parked in the Chamber of Commerce parking lot. RP expressed concern for the driver. Officer attempted to locate the vehicle, but it had already left the area.

1619 - A 911 misdial was received from 907-******. A male subject, who sounded intoxicated, was ranting and was not understandable. Subject hung up before identifying himself or his location.

1745 - RP reported that her estranged husband was at the house, inside harassing her guest. Officer contacted subject. Couple separated for the night. The male left in a taxi en route to his brother’s house.

2001 - A citizen reported a camper parked just off of Hemlock. Caller thought they were camping in an area where camping was not allowed. Driver was advised to camp somewhere else.

2040 - Verbal warning Issued to DOUGLAS JAMES HOLLOWAY, AK OLN, While driving JBH556 (Old tag GXP409) at Seward Highway for failure to maintain lane.

2100 - Verbal warning Issued to LAREEN MAE KREH, AK OLN, while driving FFY187 on 3rd at Monroe for speed

2121 - Verbal warning issued to REGINA MICHELLE ARCHULETA, AK OLN, While driving HBE720, in 3 Bears parking lot for speed.

Sept. 19

0800 - Verbal warning given to Japanese National, HAJIME TABATA, while driving AK LIC/JDG318 at Seward and South Harbor for speed.

1104 - RP reported losing her black Sony Experia cell phone on Mt. Alice trail. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

1358 - Elementary School will be doing a fire drill

1420 - Case number added for warrant arrest on RONALD KOMAKHUK, AK OLN, for SAST Warrant 3SW15146, $250, OC DC on 9/11/16.

1735 - Verbal warning Issued to KATRINA BOGAN-BROWN, NH/OLN, driving NH 3565342, on Seward Hwy at Hemlock for speed.

1737 - RICHARD DAYTON, AK ID, called 911 to request that he be PC’d due to being intoxicated.

1928 - RP reported that two subjects were doing drugs at the airport. Officers checked the area and did not locate the subject.

1952 - Citation issued to AMANDA BRAUN, CO OLN, While driving KAE334 on Seward Hwy at Nash Rd for speed.

2210 - AVTEC dorm attendant requested an officer for an accident that happened in the AVTEC parking lot. Par forms were issued.

Sept. 20

0026 - Citations issued to BRANDAN LEE WOELM CA/OLN while driving CA/LIC 7PBP284 at Seward Highway and North Harbor Streets was arrested for DUI and issued citations for speed and no insurance.

0150 - Verbal warning issued to MATTHEW EMANUEL EMILIO AVITIA CA/OLN while driving AK/LIC EBK971 at Seward Highway and North Harbor Street for speed.

0516 - Verbal warning issued to MELANIE KAKIACULI SMITH AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC GMW408 at Third and Van Buren for brake light out.

0517 - The driver from Mikes Taxi came to the police department when his fare refused to pay for taxi fare and left on foot. Officer located subject at Fourth and Adams. A driver from Resurrection Taxi paid the fare for subject and took him home. No charges pressed.

0523 - Officer issued a citation to RUSSELL LLOYD JOHNSON CA/OLN while driving GRK763 at Third and Monroe for DWLR. Officer confiscated the license plate as it had a P-tab P119440 from another vehicle. Officer issued verbal warnings for no license plate lights, expired tags and expired registration. Officer confiscated driver’s license.

0649 - RP reported that there was someone trying to break into Pacific Park Apt. Officers responded and DEAN AARON LOHMAN AK/OLN, was arrested for Attempted Burglary I (Domestic Violence), Possession of Burglary Tools, Criminal Trespass (DV) and Criminal Mischief (DV) and Unlawful Contact (DV) and transported to SCJ.

0822 - P&R reported a possible abandoned RV, AK LIC/FSV961, at the 400 block of Ballaine. Officer advised.

1058 - RP requested an Officer to the culvert for a male wearing a gray coat, blue hoodie, jeans and is soaked holding a baby under the foot bridge. Officer responded and advised it was two subjects who were holding their dog.

1257 - RP reported a female in a red Ford Explorer, AK LIC/JCZ781 that appeared to be intoxicated and was seen speeding northbound on Ballaine. Officer responded and unable to locate anyone in the area.

1312 - Seaview Community Services requested an Officer to transport subject to PSMC to be evaluated by Seaview Clinician. RP spoke to an Officer.

1352 - Ambulance requested to meet LifeMed at the airport. SVAC dispatched.

1429 - Ambulance responded to PSMC for ground transport to Anchorage.

1738 - A citizen was watching a wind surfer at the mouth of the harbor trying to get back up on his board. Tug Jr came along and the caller thought the subject was picked up. Tug Jr called and said they found the kite but no surfer. D91 was notified and located the surfer at the beach near Ballaine and Jefferson and no distress was noticed.

2018 - An ambulance was requested at 3rd . Officers enroute also. Refused treatment.

2149 - RP reported that her boyfried broke her phone. Officers unable to locate the phone. RP will stay in the camper tonight.

2200 - AVTEC reported a minor under the influence. Officers contacted SIGFRED M BROWN, AK ID

Sept. 21

0026 - Citations issued to BRANDAN LEE WOELM CA/OLN while driving CA/LIC 7PBP284 at

0043 - Citation issued to KURT GARY ROSENQUIST AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC FLY531 at Nash Road and Seward Highway for no proof of insurance, verbal warning for speed.

0333 - Breeze Inn reported suspicious circumstances in connection with an employee. She was later found in one of the hotel rooms.

0823 - Anonymous RP turned in a Seiko watch found on the beachfront camping area.

0835 - State DOT advised that the long runway, Runway 13/31 is closed due to flooding. Kenai Flight Service has been advised.


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