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September 22, 2016

The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Sept. 6

2101 - Verbal warning issued to AINA MARIA ROSSELLOSEGUI, CA OLN, While driving GZN502 on Seward Hwy at Sea Lion for driving with headlights off after dark.

2109 - Citation issued to HUNTER RILEY KRATZ, AK OLN, while driving FDP849 on Seward Hwy at Coolidge for failure to carry proof of insurance and verbal warning for driving with headlights off after dark.

2329 - Verbal warning issued to Chinese National While driving JBN230 at 2nd Ave and Adams for failure to maintain lane. Passed FST’s

2334 - Verbal warning Issued to DANIELLE JEAN MARIE DEER, AK OLN, while driving JAK625 on Ballaine near Williams Tent Campground for inoperable break light.

Sept. 7

0016 - Verbal warning issued to MISS KAVITA GHANSHIM MANIAR an India national while driving AK/LIC KAK197 for speed.

0347 - An earthquake 4.3 magnitude occurred 60 miles west of Homer. No Tsunami is expected.

0627 - Ambulance needed at the Inn at Tern Lake.

0746 - Officer advised of an MVA-D at the bridge on Bruno. Officer stated that the vehicle is not drivable and the driver will be contacting AST. SAST advised.

0817 - D81 issued burn permit to the Transfer Facility for today and tomorrow.

1131 - Seward Community Health Center requested an Officer for female that was screaming at people and jumping at cars in the parking lot. Officer responded and advised she had left the area.

1133 - Parking citation issued to FREDERICK GILBERT, IL OLN/, AK LIC/GTR910 in front of the Holiday Inn Express for improper parking.

1238 - RP reported an illegal campsite in the trees at the end of Airport Road. Officer advised.

Sept. 8

0001 - RP advised that his girlfriend is very intoxicated and he doesn’t know where she is. Officer spoke with RP. RP called later advising the girlfriend had returned and was ok.

0226 - Verbal warning given to CHRISTINE ADAMS IA/OLN, JDP194 at Harbor View Inn parking lot for failure to dim high beams.

0244 - 911 call received from (907) ******* at Seward Hwy. Spoke with subject on callback. She advised all ok, bakery staff hit the button on the elevator.

0424 - Officer requested a case number referencing a possible fraud case.

0614 - RP advised of a stack fire. MPVFD dispatched.

0704 - Parking warning left on JEJ869 near the Van Gilder Hotel on Adams St for parking against flow of traffic.

0839 - HMO found a baggie which may have contained drugs under one of the park benches outside the HMO. Officer responded.

1039 - Mountain Haven conducted a fire drill

1147 - RP reported seeing a black bear behind LBMA travelling southbound. Officer advised.

1158 - Officer left parking warning on AK LIC/DXH340 on Adams Street for parking against flow of traffic.

1302 - 911 misdial from PSMC. Callback revealed all ok. Officer advised.

1305 - 911 misdial from the elevator at Senior Center. No sounds distress. Officer advised.

1632 - RP advised of two teenage females and one teenage male trying to break into a window at Kimberly Court Apartments. Officers responded and contacted the juveniles, who had locked themselves out by accident. The manager was contacted and opened the apartment for them.

1742 - Officer requested a case for agency assist.

2158 - RP requested an Officer to the establishment in reference to a male who refuses to leave. Officers responded, but the male had already left.

2204 - Verbal warning given to AWAN KASHIFA, OLN/FOREIGN, AK/LIC JES630 for speed at Seward and Airport.

Sept. 9

0043 - Verbal warning given to QI MING TN/OLN, GYH742 at Seward and Sealion for following to close.

0119 - Verbal warning given to THOMAS SUN CA/OLN, JDP192 at Seward and Van Buren for speed.

0643 - Parking warning left on AK/LIC FMLYMN at 5th Ave for parking against flow of traffic.

0712 - Ambulance requested to 3rd Ave.

1331 - Ambulance requested to Tressler. BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1629 - Police were requested to the apartments above Cristo’s for an unruly female who has sustained injuries from breaking a window. RP advised she had been fighting with her boyfriend. Officers contacted ASHELY RABACA, CA/OLN and male. RABACA refused medics. The owner of the building did not wish to press charges for criminal mischief and the Officers determined that no other crime had been committed. RABACA was advised that she is criminally trespassed from Cristo’s indefinitely.

1718 - Received reports of a blown transformer at mile 20 of the Seward Hwy. The on call electric personnel were dispatched.

1832 - Magnitude of 4.2 at a depth of 11 miles, located 105 miles SW of Kodiak City. No Tsunami expected.

1845 - RP advised of a black dog running loose in the Safeway parking lot. The dog had a collar with tags, but would not allow the man to get close. The dog was last seen crossing the street towards AVTEC industrial. Officer located the dog, but was unable to capture it.

1854 - Magnitude of 4.3 at a depth of 14 miles, located 110 miles SW of Kodiak City. No tsunami expected.

2124 - Verbal warning issued to SANKISA PRASHANTH, WA OLN, While driving GZD824 at 3rd Ave and Van Buren for speed.

Sept. 10

0041 - Verbal warning given to JASON RODRIGUES IN/OLN, GZN569 at 1206 4th Ave for speed.

0111 - Verbal warning given to FARON MCHONE AK/OLN, JDX165 at Seward and Phoenix for inoperable taillight.

0807 - Report of a commercial fire alarm sounding at Beach Dr. LPVFD advised the alarm was false.

1004 - RP requested a welfare check on five children who are possibly living in a tent in the woods with their parents. RP advised that the children are not attending school, and relocate to an abandoned van when it rains. RP could not provide further information regarding the specific location of the campsite, but advised that the family dresses in Amish clothing. Officer spoke with the RP, who does not wish to contact OCS. Officer will attempt to locate the family.

1226 - RP requested an Officer to the Safeway parking lot in reference to a toddler who was left inside of a vehicle, AK/LIC GAJ133, and is crying to get out. The vehicle had left Safeway as the Officer arrived. Officer contacted the RP.

1237 - RP called advising of a young, dead swan underneath a power line just south of mile 1 Nash Rd. Messages were left with the electrical department, on call electrical department cell phones, and Fish & Wildlife.

1418 - Ambulance requested to meet a flight crew at the airport.

1458 - Received a 911 call from (907)******* located near the corner of Sorrel Rd and Delphin St. No sounds of distress were heard. Message left upon callback. Information given to Officer.

1604 - The managers at Ray’s came to the lobby with photos and movies on his phone of a male subject looking into car windows in Ray’s and Chinook’s parking lot last night.

1645 - Burn Permit issued today and tomorrow for LaTouche Ave.

1828 - RP requested an officer to standby while he picked up his dog at Bayside Apts. Dog was returned to owner.

2008 - RP reported that the power was out at one of the two houses at Briarwood.

2041 - Verbal warning Issued to JASON ROUCH, OH/OLN, while driving TN 0485MY on Seward Hwy at South Harbor for speed

2105 - Verbal warning Issued to JAN W PIJPERS, A HOLLAND NATIONAL, While driving KAE247 ON 3RD Near Van Buren for driving with lights off after dark.

Sept. 11

1157 - RP called advising of a dispute she had with her neighbor over noise coming from her apartment. Officer spoke with the RP and the landlord was contacted.

1354 - Ambulance requested to the Windsong Lodge. Response form faxed.

1621 - Two vehicle MVA-D in front of Woody’s Thai Restaurant.

PAR forms issued.

1843 - RP called from Phoenix requesting a welfare check on her daughter because she is unable to reach her. Moved out a couple of days ago per apartment manager. Her car was located at Bayside.

2155 - A citizen advised dispatch that the waterfall is flowing black

2340 - RONALD LARRY KOMAKHUK AK/OLN was arrested for being drunk on licenses premises, disorderly conduct at the Ale House and SAST warrant arrest for failure to appear for calendar call on an original disorderly conduct charge.

Sept. 12

0102 - WOLFGANG V KURTZ AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC GTX430 on Coolidge Drive near the ball fields was stopped on an investigative stop.

0234 - Anchorage weather service has put out a flood advisory for Resurrection and Salmon creek rivers through 0830 today.

0416 - RP reported a man assaulting a woman in Resurrection CG site 516. Officer responded and spoke with female and male and found it was a verbal disagreement.

0618 - Ambulance needed at the cruise ship dock.

1035 - RP reported a male and female yelling at each other at Ballaine and Adams. Officer responded and advised no one in the area yelling.

1055 - RP dropped of expired medications to be destroyed at City Hall.

1209 - Ambulance requested to the ARR Terminal. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1341 - Citation issued to MARK JACOBI, TX OLN/, while driving AK LIC/JDS749 at Seward and Hemlock for speed.

1550 - Verbal warning issued to DOROTHY EDNA BARDARSON, AK OLN, while driving FBZ680 on Seward Hwy at Sea Lion for headlight out.

1604 - Subject left her driver’s license at the Police Department. It was put into safe keeping.

1615 - RP reported that her Pentex binoculars were taken out of her unlocked car at the Sea Life Center Parking Lot.

1719 - A woman in a dark van, GEK737, was parked by the rest rooms by the ball field. Officers contacted SHEILA ARLENE JACKSON, AK OLN AND VICTOR DAVID SHINCKE, AK OLN. Both parties given a disorderly conduct warning and told not to move the vehicle until a licensed driver was available to do so. Verbal argument only.

1800 - An ambulance is requested at the airport for a crew transport to the hospital.

1933 - Citation issued to KORI LYNN GOERTZ, AK OLN/ while driving JDA145 on Seward Hwy and Hemlock for speed

2057 - A pocket dial was received from 907-*******. No one was on the line. It sounded like someone walking and wind in the background. On call back there were the same sounds but no one there.

2347 - Verbal warning issued to CHRISTOHER JAMES MONNIER AK/OLN while driving AK/TEMP T681636 at mile one Seward highway for speed.

2356 - KEVIN ENNIS LAHAIE AK/OLN was arrested for DUI while driving AK/LIC MDM290 at Seward Highway and North Harbor Street.

Sept. 13

0414 - The dorm attendant from AVTEC dorms requested an officer to patrol in the alley behind the dorms for a suspicious male that seems to be checking doors. Officer responded and found the individual. The dorm attendant knew the individual.

1056 - Fire alarm testing at the SCJ

1332 - Old Seward Library

1341 - Seaview Community Services and properties.

1448 - Ambulance requested to Lois. SVAC/BCVFD dispatched.

1543 - Seaview testing fire alarms at Seaview Plaza

1616 - 6TH AVE Seaview Apartments

1719 - Citation issued to IAN THOMAS ELMER, AK OLN, While driving EGH847, at Seward Hwy at Resurrection for failure to stop at a stop sign.

1812 - RP reported that she lost her brown leather wallet with AK OLN and Credit Cards.

1848 - A citizen reported a male on a skateboard going down 4th Ave into oncoming traffic. Officer contacted subject and advised him to stay out of the road and he agreed.

1918 - Verbal warning issued to DANIEL COY SWAIM, NC OLN, while driving JED101 at Oak St and Dimond Blvd for speed.

1931 - Citation issued to MICHAEL OWEN READ KENT, AK OLN, while driving 3973TD in Mt Haven parking lot for failure to provide proof of insurance, verbal warning for parking in a handicapped space and no having the proper license. Driver was still on private property.

2007 - Troopers requested a Stop and FI on an 80’s model black Ford flatbed x-cab truck with a single occupant. Subject suspected of slashing tires in Bayview Trailer Park. Male driver, skinny, and unshaven is on the Nash bridge looking at the river. Did not locate.

2020 - RP from Chinooks reported subjects going through vehicles in their parking lot. EKT363 was described as green in color left the area in an unknown direction. Did not locate but do have a suspect.

2300 - RP reported a small white car in the ditch around Seward Highway and Phoenix. Officers contacted JONATHAN DANIEL PRADO, CA OLN, driving AZ BSV7758. He was arrested for DUI.

Sept. 14

0131 - Verbal warning issued to MARLA KAY HIATT AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC FFL746 at Seward Highway and Resurrection Blvd for speed.

0200 - Verbal warning issued to HOLLY ELIZABETH SHIRK AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC FFP704 at Fourth and Port Avenue for inoperable tail lights.

1300 - Seaview and ASLC requested extra patrols of reports of people checking vehicle doors in the parking lot at the RAE Building. Officer advised.

1333 - RP requested an Officer to check on subject at the Senior Center. Officer responded.

1333 - RP reported a male in a red Dodge was driving recklessly. Officer responded and made contact with (JUV) who advised he was not driving recklessly.

1347 - RP reported a male and female arguing at the pavilion at the south end of the lagoon. Officer responded and made contact with two subjects and advised it was verbal only.

1400 - Officer advised that CARA OSENGA, AK OLN, was issued a summons for Criminal Trespass II.

1440 - Yukon Fire testing at the Senior Center.

1554 - Wells Fargo reported a silent hold up alarm at their branch. Officers responded. Was a false alarm.

1557 - Yukon Fire testing at TelAlaska.

1601 - Verbal warning given to DAVID AGNESS, NY/OLN, AK/LIC JEE954 for speed at Third and B St.

1710 - RP called advising of two males who are carving into a pole at the fish cleaning station near M Float. Officer responded and contacted (JUV) and (JUV). Their parents were contacted.

1712 - RP advised of a male walking down the Seward Hwy passing Terry’s Tires who appears to be the suspect in a case. Officer responded to the area. RP called back advising that the male had walked into AVTEC on Third, and may not be who he thought he was.

1908 - Officer assisted a Trooper at a residence on Bear Lake Rd in reference to a possibly burglary. Officer assisted in clearing the residence. No clear signs of a burglary were discovered.

2013 - Citation issued to KENNETH MURRAY, PA/OLN, AK/LIC JEC501 for speed outside of Essential One.

2111 - RP requested law enforcement to the Breeze Inn Lounge in reference to a fight in progress. Officers responded and contacted three suspects, KAYAN NICHELE-RAMALHO, OK/OLN; RYAN FARRINGTON, AK/OLN; and JACOB LANE, AK/OLN. The three suspects were given disorderly conduct warnings.

Sept. 15

0433 - RP advised that someone tried to start a fire at the KFT bunkhouse at Phoenix Rd. Fire department investigating.

0447 - On-duty fire dispatched to Phoenix Rd to investigate arson.


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