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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Sept. 1

0428 - An earthquake occurred with a magnitude of 4.2 100 miles SW of Talkeetna. No tsunami is expected

0838 - An earthquake occurred with a magnitude of 7.2 99 miles of North Island, New Zealand.

1119 - RP reported several people at the Benny Benson Park with open containers and drinking alcohol. No one was located in the park.

1218 - RP dialed 911 by mistake. He had been talking to the Troopers and was waiting for a call back. No sound of distress was heard.

1252 - RP dialed 911 to make threats against the Native Office. He advised that he would be there in about an hour and was going to take a bat to their computers. He is highly intoxicated. Mgr was notified but is in Anchorage and he warned the Native Office.

1252 - RP reported that AMANDA PENNINGTON, AK OLN, was living in her apartment and she wants her to leave. Pennington has been advised that she is trespassed from two Bayside Apts and one Glacierview.

1444 - A citizen reported a disturbance inside a very old flat black Ford truck parked between J dock and Chevron. One subject was inside the truck beating on something or someone. That person then walked away. Unable to locate.

1940 - RP requested that the trespass on subject be lifted. RP spoke with an officer and stated the other person that had been living there is gone and RP is moving out of state.

1950 - RP dialed 911 by mistake. On call back subject is with a friend on the runners down trail of Mt. Marathon and everything is okay.

2014 - Verbal warning issued to DEEPAK GUPTA CA/OLN while driving AK/LIC KAE149 at Seward Highway and Leirer Road.

2033 - Citation issued to XUN YIN NJ/OLN while driving AK/LIC GKF476 at Third and Madison for speed.

2055 - While on an investigative stop on GGW473 at Seward and Hemlock, officer interviewed driver DAKOTA RILEY SCHLOSSER AK/OLN, EVAN LEE WILSON AK/OLN and EVEREST CHRISTIAN HAYNES AK/OLN and cited all three for MICS 6.

2106 - JACOB JAMES PHILBIN AK/OLN called to request an officer to Forest Acres campground space 34, his girlfriend is throwing things at the TV. The girlfriend called the troopers too stating she had locked herself in the bathroom and that PHILBIN had cut up her ID’s and was going to have her arrested. Officer responded and arrested JACOB PHILBIN for DV Criminal Mischief.

Sept. 2

0214 - Verbal warning given to KACY BURKE AK/OLN, GXP431 at the Chevron parking lot for speed.

0725 - Verbal warning given to JANE PHILIPPA AUS/OLN, AK/LIC DRYBAY at 4th and D St for passing in no pass zone.

0428-1208 - RP reported that her husband has her baby at the Van Guilder Hotel and won’t give it back. He came to the Police Department to talk to an Officer. Parents resolved dispute.

1553 - The on duty fire officer responded to an alarm sounding at 6th Ave after he was notified by a civilian. The fire officer advised the source was a single smoke alarm. The cause for the alarm was unknown.

1730 - Ambulance requested to the cruise ship.

1922 - Verbal warning given to RICKY COCHRAN, MO/OLN, AK/LIC JDY621 for speed at Third and A.

1951 - SAST advised of a disconnected 911 call from a male advising of a possible forest fire in the Exit Glacier area. BCVFD was toned out to investigate.

Sept. 3

0005 - RP is concerned for her niece, (JUV) has not been to school and the RP believes the parents are drug users. Officer advised.

0156 - RP advised of an intoxicated person in the tent campgrounds. Officers contacted subject and left her in the care of her son at campsite .

0226 - Verbal warning given to ANQI PANG IL/OLN, GZN653 at 3rd and C St for speed.

0255 - RP advised that subject was back at her campsite causing a disturbance. Officer located her at site 474 and returned her to site 515.

0511 - RP advised of suspicious activity in the alley behind the Library. RP advised he suspects the driver of FSA924 may be intoxicated. Officers contacted 4 (JUVs).

0547 - Citation issued to SCOT GILLILAND AK/OLN GFM249 at Seward and Leirer Rd for operating a vehicle with expired registration. Verbal warning for inoperable headlight and failure to carry registration.

0657 - Officers issued a summons to (JUV) for minor consuming. RP advised that someone was having sex in a truck, FSA924, behind the Library.

0657 - Officer issued a summons to (JUV) for minor consuming.

0848 - At the 0800 test for Moose Pass, responders only heard a BONK but no tones or voice. Issue reported to ALMR help desk.

0849 - RP stated that TX/LIC BNF9452 was weaving in and out of traffic and now parked in handicapped parking spot in 72 hour lot behind Subway. Officer responded and didn’t locate the vehicle.

0857 - Officer presence at the local car show at Bear Creek RV Park.

1108 - RP reported a motor vehicle accident involving AK/LIC KAL258 and AK/LIC CKR788 near the ballfield bathrooms with minor damage. Officer spoke with both drivers. No injuries reported. PAR forms to be filled out online.

1122 - RP while driving AK/PERSONALIZED LIC AKPA reported that he was rear ended by another driver while driving AK/LIC FED943 near the Resurrection south campgrounds. Officer responded and found no injuries, no damage to AK/LIC AKPA and minor damage to AK/LIC FED943. Par forms issued.

1134 - Fairbanks Police Department dispatcher called to state that they had made contact with missing person who was in a campground inside Fairbanks city limits and able to take care of herself but doesn’t want to contact her family. TWIX received and locate removed. Phone number updated.

1659 - RP called advising that subject may be breaking his conditions of release by contacting another subject. The first subject left his residence with the second subject in AK/LIC EZJ692. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle and current conditions of release could not be verified.

1708 - RP requested a security check on her sail boat located on F Dock after she received a text message from someone regarding the vessel. Officer responded and found the boat to be secure.

1924 - RP advised of an intoxicated female stumbling northbound down Second Ave. Officer contacted the RP on scene, who advised the female walked into the woods. Officer proceeded on foot, but was unable to locate her. The RP spoke again with the Officer and advised that the woman may have gone into a residence.

Sept. 4

0027 - RP requested an Officer to the gravel ball field three separate RV’s running generators. Officer contacted the owners of the three generators. All agreed to turn them off.

0332 - Ambulance requested to the Trail Lake Lodge. SVAC/MPVFD dispatched.

0340 - RP advised of an intoxicated male sleeping in their van. Officer placed WILLIAM KANE WA/OLN into protective custody.

0545 - Ambulance requested to the Cruise Ship Terminal

0548 - Parking warning left on FGD646 at 5th and Adams for parking against flow of traffic.

0548 - Parking warning left on T678661 at 5th and Adams for parking against flow of traffic.

0548 - Parking warning left on GZD691 at 5th and Washington for parking against flow of traffic.

0548 - Parking warning left on GTN337 at 5th and Washington for parking against flow of traffic.

0548 - Parking warning left on JDP103 at 5th and Washington for parking against flow of traffic.

0548 - Parking warning left on JED101 at 4th and Washington for parking against flow of traffic.

1453 - RP from Chevron advised of a male in a brown SUV, AK/LIC JBL133 who was drinking out of a flask as he drove away in an unknown direction.Officer attempted to locate the vehicle, but was unable to. Officer contacted the RP.

1647 - RP requested to talk to an officer regarding her ex-husband, calling their daughter (JUV) stating that RP better meet him in the small boat harbor at 1700 or he was going to call the cops on her. Officer spoke with RP and instructed her not to meet him and if he called the police station the officer would speak with him.

1903 - A phase 2, 911 call was received. There were no sounds of distress. A message was left on call back.

2103 - Citation issued to AARON DANIEL FOWLER AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC JES613 at Seward Highway and Phoenix Drive for speed.

2215 - RP reported an intoxicated pedestrian near campsite that was looking to pick a fight and requested an officer patrol the area. Officers responded and made contact with DANIEL JOHN LIEBLE NV/OLN. LIEBLE was placed in protective custody.

2250 - Verbal warning issued to KOTA RAVALI FL/OLN while driving AK/LIC GZN609 at Seward Highway and South Harbor Street for speed.

2254 - RP requested the fire department to Marathon campground space for a carbon monoxide detector going off in JDP678. SVFD and SVAC responded. Forms sent.

2338 - Verbal warning issued to CATHERINE ELIZABETH ODONNELL TX/OLN while driving CUBS20 at Seward Highway and South Harbor Street for speed.

2352 - Citation issued to LANCE A ALLEN UT/OLN while driving AK/LIC GZR286 at Seward Highway and Airport Road for failure to carry proof of insurance, verbal warning for speed.

Sept. 5

0018 - Verbal warning issued to ALEHANDRO VALDES FL/OLN, FPC129 at 4th and Port Avenue for speed and failure to use turn signal.

0029 - Verbal warning given to IVAN KODER MA/OLN while driving AK/LIC GWD673 at Seward Highway and South Harbor Street for speed.

0037 - RP reported that female took her wallet from the Ale House and stated she would give it back at the Chevron. When RP got her wallet back it had $130 missing from it.

0105 - Verbal warning issued to LARRY ALLEN UNREIN AK/OLN, DVB938 at Mile 1 Seward Highway for headlight and tail light requirement.

0118 - Verbal warning issued to ASHISH SACHAN WA/OLN, JBL136 at Mile 1 Seward Highway for speed.

0208 - Verbal warning given to CHRISTOPHER NARYAEZ AK/OLN, GVZ729 at Seward and South Harbor for speed.

0225 - JESSE CANTRELL-LARSON AK/OLN, GYT897 given citations for Reckless Driving and Fail to Provide Proof of insurance after a MVA. Other charges pending. Patrol vehicle also damaged.

0445 - Off duty officer witnessed suspicious activity at the Shoreside carwash. Officer contacted subjects who agreed to leave the area and the Officer secured the building.

0954 - Alarms advised of a fall detection alarm at Oakwood St. Accidental- responders were cancelled.

1028 - Providence requested an ambulance at the airport to transport the crew.

1324 - A pocket dial was received from 907-*******. No one was on the line and there was no background noise. On call back a message was left on voice mail.

1348 - An ambulance was requested at Thorn’s Lounge.

1404 - RP reported finding subject deceased.

1638 - RP requested an Officer to assist with. male who is very intoxicated. Officer transported subject to his campsite, he was able to care for himself.

1710 - RP advised that his wife lost her driver’s license somewhere near the waterfront.

1753 - Citation issued to ZHENG YANG CA/OLN, GYM511 at 3rd and Monroe for speed.

1941 - Citation issued to JESSE APOSTOLOS AK/OLN, FPB330 pulling 9816SF at Seward and Sealion for speed.

2001 - Ambulance requested to the Harbor Master. Officers contacted subject. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

2019 - Verbal warning given to KATRINA PICKUP NB/OLN H13806026, JDE382 at the Safeway parking lot for speed.

2033 - Investigative stop, contacted LANCE ALLEN AK/OLN, JBY777 near Mile 1 Seward Hwy who advised of malfunctioning lights and vehicle alarm.

2036 - Verbal warning given to MICHAL SPLAWSKI (POLISH NATIONAL), GZN629 at 4th and Van Buren for failure to stop at stop sign.

2041 - Verbal warning given to COAN TAMAYO FL/OLN, JDS278 at 4th and Ballaine for driving with just parking lights/

2050 - Ambulance requested to 4th Ave.

2050 - Verbal warning given to AARON REYNOLDS AR/OLN, GYX846 at Mile 1 Seward Hwy for driving with headlights off.

2128 - RP advised that his wife’s license was found.

2158 - Verbal warning given to SHLOMO BLUM NY/OLN, KAC223 at Seward and North Harbor for driving without headlights.

2227 - RP advised that 3 male subjects are attempting to fight pedestrians outside of the Yukon Bar. Officers gave disorderly conduct warnings to JACOB LAUMBATTUS FL/OLN, JUSTIN LAUMBATTUS IL/OLN and JORDAN LAUMBATTUS IL/OLN who agreed to leave and no more bars for the night.

2312 - Officers arrested Officer stopped JORDAN LAUMBATTUS IL/OLN, CWT664 at 4th and Van Buren for DUI. RP, advised that guests at the hotel cancelled their reservation and drove from the hotel intoxicated. Officer located the subject along with the other subjects from the earlier incident.

Sept. 6

0004 - Providence Hospital requested a welfare check on female. She had been up at the hospital to be seen and left before nurses could get to her. Officer located her at Third and Jefferson and provided a ride back to the hospital.

0100 - Officer arrested JUSTIN D LAUMBATTUS IL/OLN for being drunk on premises at the Breeze Inn Bar.

0100 - Officer arrested JACOB D LAUMBATTUS FL/OLN for being drunk on premises at the Breeze Inn Bar.

0139 - Officer arrested TONI BISMARK AK/OLN for DUI while driving AK/LIC GRK763 at Seward and South Harbor Street. Citation E7900003 was giving for speed, Citation E7910003 was given for failure to provide proof of insurance and verbal warning given for expired tags.

1120 - PSMC requested an ambulance to meet Guardian Flight crew at the Airport. SVAC dispatched.

1337 - RP turned in a FL LIC found on the bike path. Info entered in Lost/Found.

1347 - Officer requested case number for MVA-D on SPD patrol vehicle.

1447 - RP reported that AARON HENDERSON, AK OLN, was screaming profanities outside of Swetmann. HENDERSON was arrested for SAST Warrant and transported to SCJ.

1842 - A citizen reported the possibility of a squatter’s camp at the end of airport road in the woods.

1925 - Welfare requested on a female in an old station wagon spray painted blue that is parked in the 1st Lake Trail off of Dairy Hill. Caller wanted to remain anonymous advised that the male in the vehicle was getting in the females face. Officers contacted INGRID ELIZABETH WHITAKER, AK OLN and male in CET172. Citation issued to Whitaker for failure to have insurance.


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