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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Aug. 18

0354 - Parking warning left on KAJ970 at 5th Ave for parking against flow of traffic.

0820 - RP, turned in a pool stick that was found in the alley behind 4th Avenue. Info in Lost/Found Book.

0840 - No Sweatt Auto requested a welfare check on a male sitting in the south parking lot of Bayside Apartments. Officer responded and made contact with subject and advised all ok and he was leaving on foot.

0929 - Officer requested an ambulance requested to east side parking lot of Breeze Inn for a medical evaluation of a male. SVFD/SVAC dispatched. D80 cancelled SVFD/SVAC. Officer transported male to ER for medical evaluation.

1606 - RP requested a welfare check on a male subject walking down 2nd Ave near Van Buren. He is wearing dark clothes and wandering into traffic. Unable to locate.

1635 - An ambulance was requested to E dock

1656 - RP requested an officer to Bear Dr. He reported that BRITTANY BALDWIN, AK OLN, was at the house and she is criminally trespassed from the residence. BALDWIN was arrested for trespass and transported to SCJ.

1755 - A resident on Dora Way reported a tent set up in the woods behind the swings in the playground area. Unable to locate a tent in the area.

1832 - RP reported a Native male in a green shirt had dropped his pants in the area of the culverts. He continued walking toward the restrooms talking to himself and flailing his arms. Officer located SAM EUGENE IVEY, AK OLN in the restroom. He was given a disorderly conduct warning and given a ride to SMIC area to a camp site.

1907 - Citation issued to VICKI MARISE KLUEVER, AK OLN, While driving GTC993 on Seward Hwy at Hemlock for speed.

2024 - Verbal warning issued to MARIA ANGELES PONC, Mexican National while driving GYE540 at 3rd and B St for speed.

2157 - Officers issued a summons and charged RICHARD MCKIBBIN, AK OLN with Assault IV. JUV reported that she was on H Dock and was chased by an older man who was intoxicated.

2221 - Verbal warning issued to ROSA LYNN COOPER-TORO, AK OLN/, while driving GSC886 at 4th and Jefferson for driving with headlights off after dark.

Aug. 19

0118 - RP advised of suspicious activity involving DPR335 at Phoenix Rd. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle in the area.

0120 - Officers arrested MATTHEW WILSON MD/OLN at the SeaLife Center RV park for DV Assault IV. Officers witnessed an altercation between two subjects while on foot patrol.

0338 - Officers arrested TERRY MORASCI CA/OLN, charged with MICS IV. RP advised that a man was banging on the window to his room at the Breeze Inn. RP advised that the man was naked and attempting to gain access to a motorhome in the parking lot.

0700 - Ambulance requested to the airport to transport the flight crew to the airport.

0906 FIRE ALARM Fire alarm reported at Hotel Edgewater.

0908 - Officer requested to do a welfare check at Pacific Park.

0936 - NTWC reported an 4.3 earthquake located 35 miles North of Valdez. No tsunami reported.

1105 - Officer issued parking warning to AK LIC/GZC790 at Best Western.

1122 - Officer place parking warning on AK LIC/JDN980 on Ballaine.

1125 - Officer placed parking warning on AK LIC/GFA277 and AK LIC/JAK603 on Ballaine.

1125 - RP reported a possible DV in progress at Pacific Park Apartments. Officer responded.

1129 - Officer placed parking warning on AK LIC/GRX126 on Ballaine.

1233 - Troopers arrested VINCENT PIRO, AK OLN for DV Assault IV in Moose Pass and transported to SCJ.

1425 - A citizen came to the window to report a motorhome parked by the Pavilion that was sticking out into the lane of traffic.

1535 - RP requested extra patrol for Mt Haven Lodges. Between the hours of 0600 and 0700 two while males have been seen wandering between the lodges and following some of the employees. Suspect 1; Approx. 5’10”165 lbs with broad shoulders, dark hair and dark clothes wearing a white hat. He is in his 30’s or 40’s. Suspect 2: Approx. 6’, 170-180 lbs, with long stringy blond hair. He is in his 50’s and wears Aviator prescription glasses, black jacket and carhart pants.

1551 - Verbal warning Issued to ZACHARY TOWLE, NH OLN, while driving GRK675 on 3rd near Bayside for speed.

1715 - RP reported that her daughter kicked out the window of her car. Unable to locate the daughter. Investigation continuing.

1828 - A citizen reported two men fishing in 1st Lake and there is a sign that states no salmon fishing. Fishing for trout-no crime.

1916 - A pocket dial was received from 907-******. There was a lot of noise on the line but no voices could be heard. On call back subject reported an accidental dial. No sound of distress was heard.

2015 - A welfare check was requested for a female walking her large dogs up Lowell Canyon and she fell and received a cut to the head. Officer responded and located subject who was on her way home and was able to care for herself.

2020 - An ambulance was requested at K Dock

2034 - Citation issued to KYLE ALEXANDER KEELY, WA ID, While driving 4861DD at Mile 1 Seward Hwy for driving while license suspended and verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign.

2200 - Officer performed a welfare check at the Breeze Inn Hotel. Officers were unable to locate the subject.

2251 - RP advised of an intoxicated male screaming profanities and falling down near Resurrection South campground. Officers were unable to locate the subject.

2325 - RP advised that his vehicle was on fire. LPVFD/BCVFD/SVAC.

2353 - Officer transported RP to the hospital. He requested an ambulance to the Benny Benson Memorial referencing an injured shoulder. He sounded very intoxicated and refused to say what caused to pain. Officers responded to the scene while Med-3 was on location with a separate call.

Aug. 20

0226 - Officer placed RICHARD DAYTON AK/OLN into protective custody after the hospital requested the Officer assist with him.

0716 - RP advised that he moved his son’s truck, ENY745, from Kimberly Court Apts.

0727 - RP advised that WINDI SKINNER AK/OLN came to his apartment advising that she was assaulted. Officers made contact with suspect. SKINNER was trespassed from apartment on 3rd Ave. Officer Brockman advised her of the trespass.

1106 - Mt Haven Fireweed Lodge reported an alarm in their lobby. There is no emergency but can’t turn alarm off.

1107 - RP reported a minor accident that occurred yesterday, 081916. Driver stated he hit a log parking barrier and the damage was less than $500.00 . He requested a report because his insurance demanded it. Vehicle is rental car JEK606.

1205 - SAST requested an ambulance at Mile 16 for a motor vehicle accident. When the trooper arrived on the scene he reported no injuries and for responding units to stand down. The only responder who was en route was SVAC

1233 - A pocket dial was received from 907-*****. A male advised that is was a misdial and there was no emergency. No sound of distress was heard and no background noise to cause concern.

1309 - RP requested that AMANDA PENNINGTON, AK OLN, be trespassed from her home at Lowell Canyon Rd. RP reported that her behavior and her attempt to move in to the apartment against the rules of the manager, has prompted this request

1510 - A citizen reported an intoxicated female with a small child at the Railway Cantina, 4th Ave. She is wearing a pink shirt, black pants and cowboy boots. Officer on scene and requested medics for he believes it is a medical problem.

1516 - An ambulance was requested to 3 and D St for a motor vehicle accident in front of No Sweat Auto. A tow truck was contacted and the second vehicle moved off the road.

1634 - RP advised of a pallet in the middle of the Hwy near the bridges. Officer responded and moved the pallet off the road.

1644 - D93 advised of a motor vehicle accident near SBS. SAST was advised and an ambulance was dispatched. Response form faxed.

1708 - RP called advising that her prescription of Hydrocodone is missing from her apartment located at 4th Ave . Officer contacted the RP at her residence.

1800 - RP turned in a black leather wallet which she found by the ball parks. The wallet contained $23 and various credit cards. The owner came by for his wallet shortly after it was turned in.

1920 - Verbal warning given to SHAMSHER SINGH, BC.OLN, AK/LIC JEV721 for speed at Third and D.

1932 - Parks and Rec flagged an Officer down and advised him of campers at space #555 who have been asked to leave, but have not done so. Officer responded and contacted the drivers of AK/LIC FSV961. The occupants advised that they are just leaving.

1937 - RP called advising that someone had attempted to break into her residence at Bear Dr. Officer responded and documented the damage.

2006 - SAST advised of a REDDI vehicle headed southbound on the Seward Hwy passing Grouse Creek. The vehicle was described as a dark Jeep with a green canoe on top. The vehicle was swerving and crossing the center line. Information was given to Officer, but SAST called back later advising that Troopers had located the vehicle.

2136 - RP called and reported that his ZGE cellphone had been stolen last night from 3rd Ave. Item was logged into Lost/Found, and the Officer was advised.

2232 - Verbal warning given to ZHONG ZHENG, NY/OLN, AK/LIC JAT425 for speed at Third and B St.

2300 - Officer requested SFD respond to Suds N Swirls after discovering that the building had caught fire during a security check. The owner was contacted. Response form sent.

Aug. 21

0543 - Ambulance requested to the cruise ship dock

0620 - Ambulance requested to the airport to pick up life flight in 20 minutes.

0939 - RP reported a maroon Mazda CX7, FUR866, weaving from lane to lane at varying speeds inbound to Seward from Mile 10 Seward Highway. Unable to locate.

1012 - General fire alarm at Beach Dr. LPVFD responded and found it to be a false alarm.

1023 - North and South 72 hour lots and the Jetty.

1025 - Campgrounds requested an Officer to Resurrection South Campground reference a camper, FSV961, who is refusing to pay. The subject moved from the camping spot and is set up along Ballaine.

1345 - RP came to the Police Department to speak with the Animal Control Officer reference a dog bite that occurred at Phoenix Rd. E-mail sent to Animal Control. D6/A/C

1310 - A wallet was found in the grass near NAPA. Officer responded to pick the item up and delivered it to owner.

1513 - A REDDI of a maroon Mazda CX7, FUR866, weaving from lane to lane at varying speeds inbound to Seward at Sea Lion on Seward Highway.

1539 - Verbal warning Issued to STEPHEN D. MITCHELL, CA OLN, while driving GYG112 on Seward Hwy at Coolidge for failure to stop at a stop sign.

1554 - RP advised of person who stole several bundles of wood from the store and drove away in AK/LIC FUR866, a burgundy Mazda. RP advised the vehicle was heading northbound. SAST was advised of the call. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

1733 - SAST advised of a second REDDI on the vehicle originating from mile 13 of the Seward Hwy. The vehicle was located at the Trail River Campground and driver SEQUOYAH SCHOLZ, AK/OLN was arrested for DUI Drugs. Safeway was contacted and did not wish to press charges for theft. SCHOLZ was transported to SCJ

1851 - Ambulance requested to Oak St.

1852 - Verbal warning given to SATYAJITH BOBBA , WA/OLN, AK/LIC KAK152 for speed near the Chamber of Commerce.

1853 - RP requested an Officer to his residence at 4th Ave reference his downstairs neighbor, who is intoxicated and verbally harassing his family. Officer responded and contacted BETH RIGG, AK/OLN who was given a disorderly conduct warning.

2139 - Ambulance requested to the corner of 4th and Washington. Response form sent.

2354 - Mother called to state her daughter was supposed to fly out of Anchorage back to Washington. Locate entered.

Aug. 22

0017 - Harbor View Inn Employees stopped an officer stating they saw someone trying to get into a building behind Wells Fargo. Officers responded and couldn’t find anyone in the area.

0044 - Citations issued to ROMAN T HIGMAN NABONG AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC FGX176 at Fourth and Jefferson near AVTEC Dorms. Citation 7870003 issued for DWLS and 7880003 issued for speed. Verbal warnings issued for expired tags, no insurance, unsafe vehicle.

0127 - A bouncer requested an officer for a fight in progress in front of the Yukon Bar. Officers responded and found four crew members from the cruise ship. Crew members were transported to cruise ship dock by the Seaman’s Mission.

0148 - Verbal warnings issued to JOSEPH DARYL BERRY MI/OLN while driving AK/LIC EYY872 for speed and no headlights.

0215 - Verbal warning issued to JOHNATHAN ACEVEDO FL/OLN while driving AK/LIC JDS741 at Seward Highway and South Harbor street for speed.

0611 - Parking warning issued to GYF875 for parking backward on Fifth Avenue at the Seward Hotel.

0921 - PSMC requested an Officer for a patient that was assaulted at the bar last night downtown. Officer responded.

0955 - D81 issued a burn permit for today and tomorrow.

1210 - Anonymous RP turned in a Debit Card. Info in Lost/Found Book.

1220 - RP spoke with Officer reference being threatened with a gun. Officer spoke with RP.


1356 - Postmaster requested an Officer to the Post Officer for a person refusing to leave. Officer responded and made contact with the people.

1600 - RP advised of a loose dog causing a traffic hazard on the Highway near the pedestrian tunnel. Officer was unable to locate the dog.

1810 - 911 open line received from (907) ****** in the harbor area. Callback message left. No sounds of distress.

1821 - RP requested an ambulance to Caines St.

1837 - Parking warning left on DEVOCN at 4th and Railway Ave for parking against flow of traffic.

1837 - RP advised that he found subject deceased in his vehicle, 9303CK, at the Polar Seafoods processing plant.

1941 - RP advised that an intoxicated male drove away from Thorn’s in FTH588. Officer advised.

2023 - Officer performed a welfare check on GGX601 in the area of the Seward Hwy and Hemlock. The vehicle has a blown tire, Officer attempted to contact the owner.

2049 - RP requested a civil standby at Bayside Apts to retrieve some personal belongings. Officer advised RP to make a list of her things and that a civil standby must be done during business hours.

2154 - Verbal warning given to JESSICA DAVIS ID/OLN, CZA716 at Seward and Hemlock for headlight requirement.

2223 - RP advised that her daughter was found safe.

2318 - RP advised that an unknown person attempted to enter the Saltwater Safari Lodge manager’s apartment. Officer spoke with subject.

Aug. 23

0002 - Ambulance requested to Fourth Avenue. Patient refused treatment. Officer took patient to hospital for evaluation.

0034 - RP called to request an officer to check to find out if letter from the city manager allowed for cleaning grocery carts at Safeway anytime of the day or night. Officer advised.

0116 - RP reported that someone is slamming doors and it woke her up. She requested an officer do a drive by for presence.

0705 - RP reported a rock slide on Lowell Point Road with large boulders. On-call street department notified.

0730 - RP reported that there was a tile down off the ceiling and water dripping near the front emergency door. Post Master was notified.

1425 - Search Warrant served at 3rd Avenue.

1628 - RP called 911 advising of screaming and crying coming from the William’s tent campground. Officer responded and contacted a family. One of the small children had gotten hurt and was the source of the sounds.

1717 - RP turned in a WA.ID. The ID was found outside of Three Bears and entered into the Lost/Found book.

1727 - RP requested an Officer to Safeway in reference to a theft. Officer responded. MATTHEW KALLIO, AK/OLN was positively identified on a surveillance camera. A criminal trespass notice from Safeway was entered into APSIN. Officer forwarded charges for Theft IV.

1756 - RP requested an Officer to Forest Acres campground in reference to CRYSTAL CHURCHILL, AK/OLN, who is possibly under the influence of methamphetamine, and has locked herself inside of his motorhome. Officer responded and contacted both parties. CHURCHILL was given a disorderly conduct warning.

2024 - RP called back advising that CHURCHILL is now throwing items out of the motorhome and breaking them. Officer responded and arrested CHURCHILL for DV Criminal Mischief V and Disorderly Conduct. She was transported to SCJ.

2017 - Received a 911 call from (443)****** located in the harbor area. No sounds of distress were heard. Message left upon callback. Information given to Officer.

2147 - RP requested an Officer to the back of the bar in reference to a group of people loitering near the loading dock while the bar is being restocked. Officer responded and contacted a group of people who left upon request.

Aug. 24

0102 - RP reported that JENNIFERLYNNE HARREN AK/OLN was banging on the door and ringing the doorbell trying to gain entry to the residence he was house sitting at Pacific apts. RP also states that he believes JENNIFER HARREN had slashed tires to a vehicle that didn’t belong to him. Officer responded, gave JENNIFER HARREN a disorderly conduct warning and found all four tires on AK/LIC 2296DB had been slashed. While investigating the tires officer observed another subject fleeing the scene at a high rate of speed in AK/LIC DPR335.

0945 - Officer provided Civil Standby at Bayside Apartments.

1023 - RP reported seeing smoke just south of the AVTEC Gym on 4th Avenue. D81 responded and advised it was a woodstove starting up. D81 did not want a run sheet.

1227 - Ambulance requested at the Lighthouse Gift Shop behind the HMO. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1445 - Anonymous RP turned in a wallet. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

2209 - A motorhome was parked where parking prohibited near 4th and Washington. KAH320 returned to Great Alaskan Holidays, Inc. which was parked where the Taco Stand usually parks. The Taco Stand was given permission to set up across the street.

Aug. 25

0102 - RP reported that JENNIFERLYNNE HARREN AK/OLN was bang


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