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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Aug. 11

0748 - Fire reported at Wilma Avenue. BCVFD/SVAC/SVFD dispatched. RP reported fire to be out. BCVFD cancelled SVFD and continued to respond.

1039 - NTWC reported a 4.3 earthquake located 55 miles E of Illiamna. No tsunami reported.

1217 - RP requested a welfare check on an employee who lives at Chiswell. Officer responded and requested medics for female who is semi-conscious. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1440 - Mountain Haven turned in medications to be destroyed.

1609 - RP were trying to walk to Bayside and are being harassed by subject who keeps driving around the block and yelling at them. Officer responded and determined it was a verbal argument only.

1638 - Coast Guard requested the Harbor be contacted reference a sinking of a 30 foot pleasure craft in the harbor. Dispatch reached the Harbor Office and requested they call the Coast Guard

1646 - TANYA TOLSON, AK OLN was arrested on two SAST Misdemeanor warrants and was transported to the Seward Community Jail

1727 - An earthquake occurred with a magnitude of 7.6 about 22 miles south of Loyalty Islands

1729 - An illegal camping spot was located by a citizen in a vacant lot across the street from Woody’s Thai Restaurant. Officer made contact with AMANDA MAY GUILLEMETTE, AK OLN AND CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL TONIOLLI, ASPIN. Both were issued summons for Violation of Conditional Release.

2334 - Officers arrested DARIAN DRAPER AK/OLN for disorderly conduct. 911 x 2 advised of a fight in progress in the area of Tony’s Bar.

Aug. 12

0102 - Verbal warning given to ROISE BRITT UT/OLN, UT/LIC W23OCB at Seward and Airport for speed.

0156 - Verbal warning given to PAUL GOODMAN CA/OLN, GZD309 at Seward and South Harbor for speed.

0228 - RP advised of a loud party in Williams tent campground. Officer contacted two subjects who agreed to quiet down. RP called back advising the party had started again. Officers contacted a third person and the party dispersed.

0733 - Parking warning left on EUP692 on C St near 4th Ave for parking against flow of traffic.

0750 - RP advised of a male screaming and being aggressive near SMIC. Officers responded and made contact with subject and transported him back to his employer.

0806 - Ambulance requested to 3rd. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1006 - RP requested an Officer to check on and employee. Officer responded and advised all ok and told the employee to contact her work.

1200 - RP reported fuel theft from this boat the SBH. Officer spoke with RP.

1430 - RP came to the Police Department to report that his wife, who is living across the street from him at his mother’s house, is yelling at him and giving him obscene hand gestures. He does have Protection Order in Apsin against her. She has not made contact but has remained across the street from him.

1620 - RP reported that he lost his wallet on Phoenix Dr or at Safeway.

1732 - Officer went with the Park Rangers to employee’s residence to retrieve the office keys.

2005 - Verbal warning issued to ROLAND D SHEPARD, FL OLN, While driving GZC301 at Seward Hwy and S Harbor for speed.

2100 - JUV found a starving cat and took it to the animal shelter. Cat was left at the shelter and a note and e-mail to A/C.

2205 - RP requested an ambulance to 5th Ave. SVAC/SVFD responded.

2322 - RP advised of a vehicle, MI/LIC CNY7452, parked halfway in the street on A St between 2nd and 3rd. Officer contacted subject who agreed to move her vehicle.

2337 - Verbal warning given LORI LEE AK/OLN, JEY535 at Marina Motel parking lot for speed.

Aug. 13

0059 - RP requested an Officer in reference to an intoxicated female trying to driving away from the bar without paying. Officers contacted subject. The bartender refused to press charges. Subject chose to sleep in her car after Officers informed her of DUI laws.

0105 - RP called 911 requesting assistance with an alcohol issue. RP ended the call before receiving the information and did not answer on callback but called back numerous times requesting help with alcohol issues. Officer transported subject to the hospital.

0113 - RP requested to speak with an Officer in reference to a legal issued. Officers spoke with RP.

0239 - RP advised of loud noise and arguing in Williams tent campground. Officer contacted subject who advised that the disturbance was verbal and agreed to quiet down and advised he would move his vehicle from the ditch in the morning.

0431 - RP requested an Officer to assist with illegal camper in HBR291 in the parking lot. Officer contacted subject who agreed to leave the area.

0509 - RP advised that an intoxicated person was walking in the roadway near the three bridges. Officer was unable to locate the subject.

0912 - An ambulance was requested at the Waterfront RV Park across from the dump station.

1120 - RP reported that he was having trouble with adult children who came to visit and are now refusing to leave. Two subjects are staying in the home against the homeowners wishes and are taking property belonging to him.

1148 - An ambulance was requested at Salmon Creek Trailer Park.

1256 - An ambulance was requested at 6th Ave.

1415 - A bright yellow ID wallet was turned in

1413 - An ambulance was requested at the airport for a crew transport to the hospital.

1917 - Officer contacted subject at the N. side of the Air Force Rec Camp and advised him that there is no camping in the area.

1923 - Verbal warning given to LLOYD SCOTT II, NC/OLN, AK/LIC GWN604 for speed at mile 1 of the Seward Hwy.

1945 - Verbal warning given to NANCY KNAPP, AK/OLN, AK/LIC JCM176 for speed at mile 1 of the Seward Hwy.

2138 - RP HARBOR advised of a small blue vehicle which has been running in the parking lot near Z float for the past four hours. Officers responded and didn’t find any vehicle(s) running.

2153 - Verbal warning given to SHALABH MOHAN CA/OLN while driving AK/LIC GYL727 at Third and B street for speed.

Aug. 14

0036 - Verbal warning given to ESTER DENI ITALY/OLN UNKNOWN while driving AK/LIC KAE380 at Third and North Harbor Street for driving without lights after dark.

0105 - Citation issued to MARK CARLO DEFENSOR PORTILLO AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC FBC243 at Third and Jefferson street for speed and verbal warning issued for obscured plates.

0228 - Verbal warning issued to CARLOS INGRAM MARTINEZ AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC FBA741 at Seward Highway and Sea Lion Drive for white light to the rear.

0419 - RP Pit Bar manager called to report a male that fell off the bar stool, hit his head and was unresponsive. Upon arrival pt. was sitting up and responding appropriately.

0510 - Verbal warning issued to KATRINA DAWN KEESE AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC SKIPOW at Seward Highway and Aspen Lane for inoperable headlight.

0525 - Verbal warning issued to JOSHUA LEPHON BRADLEY AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC GDZ354 at Third and Railway for speed.

0532 - Verbal warning issued to ANDREW WEST REYONLDS AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC FGR321at Third and Washington for speed.

0602 - Parking warning for parking against flow of traffic left on GLV906 at Third near AVTEC.

0712 - RP called to report her boyfriend lost his brown leather wallet with initials HAP engraved in the leather, at Essential One yesterday about 1700.

0753 - A verbal warning was issued to SATHYANARAYANA M KARANAM, TX OLN, while driving GZY437 at 3rd at 3rd and C for speed.

0829 - An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.5 occurred 30 miles SE of Amchitka. No tsunami is expected.

0841 - RP reported that a window was broken out of one of their vehicles, GTV307, at Captain Jack’s Seafoods. Officer responded and found that it was a hit and run motor vehicle accident.

0935 - An ambulance was requested on the Cruise Ship

1104 - RP reported an RV parked on 4th Ave between Madison and Jefferson that is taking up north bound lane. OK tag 4053 returns to an Indian Tribe registration, VIN/5B4MP67G083432798, returns to Mr T’s RV and More in Meade, Oklahoma. Citation issued to Driver, KEVIN DEAN TOWNSEND, OK OLN for stopping in the roadway

1654 - Ambulance requested to meet a boat at slip D2. Response form sent.

1804 - Ambulance requested to the cruise ship. Response form sent.

1945 - Verbal warning given to JULIANA COSTA, NY/OLN, AK/LIC GYU958 for speed at Seward and Airport Rd.

2218 - RP requested an Officer to First and Second Lake park in reference to a group of loud people. Officer responded and advised that the party had already dispersed.

2329 - RP requested a welfare check on (JUV).

2337 - Verbal warning given to ESTER DINI, ITALIAN/OLN, AK/LIC KAE380 for speed at Seward and Port Ave.

Aug. 15

0033 - Verbal warning issued to JACOB RYAN LODZINSKI AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC ERG862 at Second and C Street for failure to maintain lane and expired registration.

0035 - Ambulance requested to Fifth Avenue. Requested the ambulance be cancelled.

0045 - Providence Hospital requested a welfare check on subject who had called for an ambulance previously and then cancelled it.

0048 - Ambulance requested to Fifth Avenue.

0211 - Verbal warning issued to OLGA VASILYEVNA CLEMENZ AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC GWP810 at Sixth and Adams Streets for driving without headlights on.

0517 - Ambulance needed at the cruise ship dock at 0545.

0624 - Parking warning placed on AK/LIC KAK952 at Fifth Avenue in front of the Cookery for parking against flow of traffic.

0651 - Citation issued to HEIDI BREON NIKOLAI HI/OLN while driving AK/LIC JAD837 at Third and Jefferson for failure to provide proof of insurance, verbal warning for speed.

0736 - Verbal warning issued to SONYA REBECCA ESPINOSA AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC GVP666 at Third and A Street for speed.

1058 - AST arrested KATHERINE SIMPSON, AK OLN, at the Farm B&B for SAST Warrant 3SW16118, $500, OC Assault IV and transported to SCJ.

1140 - ARR requested a Trooper to check the ARR Crossings north of Nash Rd for a camper that is stuck on the tracks. SAST advised.

1317 - Verbal warning given to ARTHUR MAIORIELLO, AK OLN, while driving unknown vehicle at Port and Northwestern Circle for fail to stop at stop sign.

1356 - D1 placed parking warning on FL LIC/Y30EDY at 4th and Best Western.

1356 - 911 misdial from PSMC. Callback advised no emergency. Officer advised.

1401 - AST received a report of a loose dog near Dimond and Birch. Message left for ACO.

1417 - Anonymous RP reported an 18 wheeler is stuck on guardrail at Seward and Dieckgraff Rd. Officer responded and made contact with driver. AK LIC/6296SS, not stuck anymore.

1457 - 911 misdial from SCCC. No sounds distress. SCCC trying to call PSMC. Officer advised.

1617 - RP called requesting an Officer speak to his ex-girlfriend reference child custody paperwork. Officer spoke with subject and found that the custody claim was not being violated.

1630 - Received multiple calls advising of an intoxicated male walking in traffic near Seward and Port Ave. Officer responded and contacted subject who was able to care for himself and walking home.

1714 - RP requested an Officer to the skate park reference a group of kids who are lighting things on fire. Officer responded and contacted the RP, who advised that the group left shortly after the police were called. Officer attempted to locate the group, but was unsuccessful.

2013 - RP came to the PD to speak with an Officer reference domestic violence. The Officer spoke with RP but had to forward him to SAST.

2256 - Citation issued to COPHIA STROIK, CA/OLN, AK/LIC GWN632 for speed on the Seward Hwy near Safeway.

2314 - RP advised of an alarm sounding in the bathrooms near S. Resurrection Campgrounds. The on duty parks and rec personnel was advised.

Aug. 16

0107 - RP requested an officer to Williams Campground for loud music and loud talking. Officer responded and interviewed (JUV), (JUV), (JUV), (JUV) and DOUGLAS CHARLES DICKINSON AK/OLN. MCA’S were issued to JUV,, DICKINDON and JUV. One JUV fled the scene and MCA and MICS6 charges will be forwarded. Another juvenile was not intoxicated and was left at the campsite.

0224 - RP reported that there are several people fighting in the apartment above her at Third Avenue and one of them asked her to call the police. Officer responded and the fight broke up. ZACHARY THOMAS BARRETT AZ/OLN was arrested on DV Assault 4. Several people were also interviewed.

0655 - Verbal warning issued to ANDREA GARAVAGLIA ITALIAN/OLN UNKOWN while driving AK/LIC KAC260 at Third and Van Buren for speed.

0859 - Ambulance requested to 3rd Avenue. SVFD/SVAC dispatched.

1041 - RP reported seeing two males possibly drunk or on drugs near mile 1 Nash Road. AST advised.

1209 - P&R turned in a marijuana pipe that was found at the campgrounds. Officer met with RP.

1306 - ACO requested a case for a dog barking and charging at the Seward Resort.

1306 - ACO requested case number for animal abuse

1322 - Officer left parking warning on AK LIC/EJG654 at the Best Western.

1443 - Officer performed civil standby at the Parking Shack.

1456 - Verbal warning to ANDREW BROUGH, AK OLN, while driving AK LIC/BRONY at 4th and Van Buren for speed.

1500 - RP reported that someone went into his loader behind SMIC and discharged a fire extinguisher, broke window and drained the battery. RP did not want to file a report.

1529 - RP requested an Officer to Bear Drive in reference to being assaulted. Officer responded and contacted JOSEPHINE TOLSON, AK/OLN and a second subject. J. TOLSON was arrested for DV Assault IV and transported to SCJ.

1931 - Trooper requested that an Officer interview female and her father regarding a DV which occurred approximately one month ago. Officer met the pair at SPD and conducted the interview.

1944 - Received a 911 misdial from (JUV), AK/OLN 7595899 located at the Military Resort. Subject advised that the call was accidental. Information given to Officer.

2027 - Ambulance requested to Wolf Trail Lane. Response form faxed.

2123 - RP advised of a red Subaru heading southbound on the Seward Hwy from Essential One. The driver and passenger were reported to have been smoking marijuana. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

2125 - RP called advising that his dog is missing from his home. He and girlfriend had locked the dog inside of the house and returned to find it missing. Officer responded to the residence at Third and A St to speak with the RP. The dog was found inside of a vehicle.

2138 - Ambulance requested to 5th Ave. Response from sent.

2147 - A first responder called in AK/LIC JDS898 for failure to yield. The vehicle was heading southbound on Third Ave passing A St. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

2200 - Officer requested a case number for DV Assault IV and DV Criminal Mischief IV.

2235 - RP called 911 advising of a male passed out in the middle of the sidewalk across from Essential One. Officer responded and contacted subject who was provided with transportation to his Icicle Seafoods bunkhouse, and advised no more bars for the night.

2215 - Officers were called back to Bear Dr for a disturbance and JOSEPHINE TOLSON, AK OLN, was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

2303 - RP, reported seeing two people huddled in the doorway of Terry’s Tire turning the door knob. Officers contacted subjects who were dropping off their vehicle for service tomorrow.

Aug. 17

1022 - Electric Department advised they are aware of the power outage in Camelot and are responding. The estimate could be a few hours for it to be done.

1117 - Mountain Haven Lupine Lodge had a scheduled fire drill today.

1600 - Citation issued to JAMES WILLIS, CA OLN, While driving JDN949 on Seward Hwy at Airport Rd for speed.

1812 - RP reported that her step-mom was being verbally abusive to her. She could be heard screaming in the background. Verbal only. They were advised to give each other space and not talk to each other.

1944 - Officer returned to Bear Dr. and gave both TANYA TOLSON, AK OLN, AND JOSEPHINE TOLSON, AK OLN disorderly conduct warnings.

2130 - A 911 call was received from 307-******, at Essential One. No sound of distress was heard.

Aug. 18

0354 - Parking warning left on KAJ970 at 5th Ave for parking against flow of traffic.


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