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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

July 21

0031 - RP reported that she found a black an orange 10-speed bike across from the ball fields on Fourth Avenue. The owner had reported it stolen on 07-16-16. Officers recovered the bike, put it in safe keeping and left a message on the owner’s phone.

0309 - RP requested a welfare check on subject on Swetmann Drive as her lights were on and she is never up this late. An officer made contact with subject and found that the porch lights are on a motion sensor and everything was okay.

0533 - RP reported an assault at the three bridges.The suspect was last seen heading north bound on the Seward Highway. Officer located and spoke with two subjects at Ben’s Country Store on Nash Road. Both stated they were cooking fish and deny anything happened. Officer did not observe any marks or bruising on subjects.

0618 - RP made a 911 call by accident. No sounds of distress were heard.

0646 - A 911 call came in with shouting/arguing but no one answering the phone. One of the people involved was called by name and identified and was located at Swetmann. An officer responded and spoke with both subjects who agreed to separate for the day.

0715 - A 911 call with loud noises came over the phone for the first few seconds. Then a child talking. No sounds of distress were heard. Upon call back, no one answered and a voicemail was left on the phone. (JUV) called back to state she was okay, on a Kenai Fjords Tour Vessel and had dialed by mistake.

0742 - RP called 911 by mistake while getting a sandwich at Safeway.

1736 - Citation issued to HARSH UDESHI, while driving at 3rd and Madison for speed.

1757 - Officer from the Cutter Mustang reported a disturbance on a sail boat “Catabac” parked next to the Cutter Mustang. A male and female were screaming at each other. Officers contacted two subjects. Verbal argument only, No crime committed

1850 - RP reported that one of the tour buses hit her GMC Sierra, vehicle 2 near the Harbor Masters Office. PAR forms issued.

1935 - Verbal warning Issued to KRISTI PARKE-MOREHEAD while driving at 4th and Ballaine for speed.

1935 - RP from Stoney Creek Rd, reported that his neighbor was burning construction debris. BCFD responded and found a hot tub in the woods that was heated by burning wood. Fire was put out.

2039 - Verbal warning issued to MANICHE VIRADIN while driving on Seward Highway at Sea Lion for speed.

2128 - An anonymous caller reported juveniles at the skate park throwing trash everywhere. Officer had juveniles pick it up.

2143 - RP requested a check of A Dock to see if a boat was in port. Her husband and others are overdue in returning from fishing. Officer located the vessel and owner. All okay.

2153 - Harbor 360 advised the alarm on a vehicle in the parking lot is going off and no one has checked on it. Officers were unable to locate any alarm sounding.

2314 - Verbal warning given to LIVIA LAMB for inoperable headlights.

2314 - RP flagged down an Officer for a Reddi report. RP advised that an intoxicated person was entering a vehicle behind Zudy’s Café. Officer contacted subject who was not intoxicated. Subject advised the Officer that a white car left the area recently. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

July 22

0001 - Officer located an open door at Seward Properties. Officer cleared and secured the building.

0041 - Verbal warning given to ROBERT FORD at Mile 1 Seward Hwy for failure to stop at stop sign.

0059 - ANNA PHOMMALINH at 3rd and Washington for speed. Advised subject to update OL.

0104 - RP advised that someone is trespassing in a fenced area behind Bear Mountain Apts. Officer contacted subject who advised that he was not behind the building but there was a trail leading behind the apartments. Officers were unable to locate anyone else.

0135 - RP advised of an intoxicated person sleeping on the street somewhere near the Library. Officer contacted subject and transported him to 2nd Ave. Officer left him in the care of his roommate.

0154 - RP advised that two men were in her yard and one of them stole a bicycle. Officer advised RP that the bike was on the sidewalk near her home. The subjects didn’t take the bike.

0628 - RP flagged down on officer and reported he lost his wallet. Last time he remembers having is was a Safeway 07-21-16.

0654 - RP turned in a wallet

0741 - An anonymous caller reported a silver ford hatchback parked in the utility easement behind Pacific Park Apartments. Caller advised that he is up there all the time and makes a mess with trash all over the place. Vehicle was unoccupied and unable to locate owner.

1046 - RP with the Seward Ships Chandlery and Ace Hardware reported that people from Seward Fisheries Bunkhouses were trespassing on their property at night and breaking into boats. The boats all have individual owners. Some have lost fishing gear and others advise that people are sleeping in their boats. Owners will inventory losses and contact police. Investigation continues.

1107 - Officer received a flag down from an employee of the Harbor 360 reference an elderly female using a walker that wandered off alone. Subject was located at the Cruise Ship Terminal.

1143 - The burn ban will be lifted at noon today.

1143 - A burn permit was issued for property on Mill St. for tomorrow only.

1530 - Animal Control Officer took two shelter dogs to Mountain Haven for an hours visit

0915 - Animal control received a complaint of a black and white lab cross at large in the campground at the Rec Camp tent camping area. Officer drove through area and did not locate dog or reporting party.

1045 - Animal control received a complaint of a stray cat on the porch at Dora way. Cat was taken into custody and housed at the shelter.

1635 - Ambulance requested to 3rd. Response form sent.

1711 - RP advised of a white Chevy, AK/LIC KAE114 driving on the bike path across from Three Bears. Officer responded and contacted the vehicle driver, from Israel who had gotten confused over the roadway.

1826 - RP SIMPLEX advised of a zone two general fire alarm sounding at Third Ave. Response form sent.

2128 - Ambulance requested to Laughlin Way. Response form faxed.

2210 - Trooper arrested JOSEPH WILSON for Felony DUI at Mile 66 of the Seward Hwy and transported him to SCJ.

2249 - RP called 911 advising that subject has barricaded herself in a room with a knife at Third Ave and is threatening suicide. Officers responded and were able to enter the room with subject where she was secured for her own safety.

July 23

0025 - Officers place AJACK MOU into protective custody. RP advised that a female who was too intoxicated to walk was near the south side of the building.

0159 - An earthquake occurred 20 miles SE of King Salmon with a magnitude of 5.1. No tsunami is expected.

0230 - RP advised that two men were trying to enter guest vehicle outside of the hotel. Officer provided transport for two subjects to the Seward Military Resort.

0342 - RP requested an ambulance to Mile 24 Seward Hwy.

0545 - SAST requested an ambulance to Mile 3 Seward Hwy.

0831 - RP purchased a netbook laptop with a value of $230.00 on July 6, 2016 on E-Bay and never received it.

1048 - A bike was turned into the Police Department. Bike was found near Williams Tent Campground.

1144 - A pocket dial was received from 831-*****. No one was on the line and the sound of machinery was heard. On call back a message was left on voice mail.

1235 - A citizen reported a couple of 4-wheelers running on the road and crossing Ballaine in the area of the Motorhome dump station and the children’s park. Officer contacted subject who was advised of the city laws and she put her machine in a trailer to go to another area to ride.

1348 - An ambulance was requested at Resurrection South.

1600 - Vebal warning issued to JULIE CHRISTENSEN for failure to provide proof of insurance on Seward Hwy outside of Metco. Verbal warning given for speed.

1612 - RP advised of a girl sitting up above the waterfall on Lowell Point Rd. RP was advised that it is common for people to sit up by the waterfall. Officer was advised.

1724 - RP called 911 requesting an Officer to the harbor area where her vehicle was just struck by another vehicle. Officer responded and contacted victim driver and at fault driver. The damage was minimal and no PAR forms were issued.

1845 - Citation issued to BARRY FISKE, for speed at Fourth and Ballaine.

1901 - Received a 911 call from (928)****** located near the B Float. No sounds of distress were heard. Message left upon callback. Information given to Officer.

1905 - Verbal warning given to KARL BITUIN for failure to stop at a stop sign at Fourth and C St.

1910 - Citation issued to JESSICA WITHAM for failure to stop at a stop sign at Seward and N. Harbor St.

1923 - Verbal warning given to JAMES STRASSBURG for speed at Seward and Lierer Rd.

2000 - Verbal warning given to JYLLYN AYERS for speed at Seward and Airport Rd.

2134 - Received a 911 call who advised that her baby accidentally hit the phone and dialed 911. Information given to Officer.

2319 - RP passed on information about either a bonfire or campfire in the wooded area behind Pacific Parks Apartments. The on call fire officer was dispatched. Response form sent.

2348 - Verbal warning issued to TREVOR WESLEE BROWN while driving AK/LIC VGB739 at Third and AVTEC Dorms for inoperable tail lights.

July 24

0025 - RP reported that he lives on Bear Lake Road and shot two rounds with a 30-06 at a bear that was getting into his chicken coup. He believes he hit the bear but the bear has left the area. Information was forwarded to SAST Dispatch as there is no Wildlife Trooper on in the area. RP stated he would call the troopers in the morning but wanted to let us know in case anyone reported shots fired.

0056 - Verbal warning issued to STEPHEN V MATUZA while driving at Seward and South Harbor for speed.

0519 - Parking warning left on AK/LIC JDY713 for parking against flow of traffic on Fifth Avenue.

0756 - RP with campgrounds requested an Officer to Boulder Field, in the Bus Zone for an irate camper who is refusing to pay. Camper left the area.

1115 - A pocket dial was received from 907-******. The sound of machinery was heard but no voices. On call back someone answered but never said anything and the sound of loud machinery was heard in the background. Caller hung up.

1209 - AVTEC 1st Lake audible fire alarm was reported by Fire Chief and several 911 callers. Everything appeared safe and the alarm will be reset when someone from AVTEC responds to allow access to building.

1258 - A concerned neighbor requested a welfare check on a female at 2nd Ave. She could hear an argument coming from inside the residence and was concerned for the safety of the residents. Officer responded and did not hear any disturbance and no one would answer the door.

1704 - RP called requesting to speak to an Officer reference a dispute she was in with her ex-boyfriend who she said left bruises on her after they met earlier this morning. Officer spoke with RP on the phone and in person, as well as the ex boyfriend. After interviewing both parties it was determined that there is not enough probable cause to assume a DV crime was committed.

1937 - SAST requested an Officer to mile 3 Seward, where a Trooper has someone stopped and is conducting FSTs. Officer responded. Trooper arrested GABRIEL FLETCHER, AK/OLN for DUI and transported him to SCJ.

2116 - Citation issued to MICHAEL DIVENTI, NJ/OLN, AK/LIC GYH610 for speed at Third and Monroe.

2129 - Officer contacted a group of three females who were loitering in the pedestrian tunnel while he was conducting a security check. The three were advised they cannot loiter there and agreed to leave.

2134 - RP called 911 requesting an Officer to Third and Adams where her vehicle was just hit by another vehicle. Officer responded and contacted the RP and at fault driver and issued PAR forms.

2221 - RP turned in a hand gun which was left in one of her rental properties. Item logged into Lost / Found.

July 25

0116 - Citation issued to JESSE EDWARD CANTRELL-LARSON AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC GYT897 in the 72 hour parking lot for driving while license suspended and verbal warning for speed.

0124 - RP spoke to an officer and reported a white, four door truck doing about 40 mph past AVTEC possibly intoxicated. Officer observed the vehicle and found that the driver was not intoxicated.

0403 - Officer checked a vehicle AK/LIC GUS921 at Fourth and Jefferson that had its lights on. There was no one in the vehicle and the vehicle was secured.

0700 - Parks and Rec turned in a credit card found at Resurrection Campground.

0916 - Kenai Lake Work Center will be working on fire alarm systems today.

1149 - NTWC reported a 6.5 earthquake located near the Admiralty Islands. No tsunami for AK/BC/WA/OR/CA.

1212 - 911 pocket dial from (786) ****** at SBH. No sounds of distress. Officer advised.

1245 - 911 misdial from the Senior Center Elevator. No sounds distress. Officer advised.

1258 - RP reported that an older male on a skateboard with two dogs followed her daughters for about 2 blocks on Jefferson. Officer advised.

1346 - Report of an electric pole on fire at Bear and Swetmann. SVFD/SVAC/Electric dispatched. 1519: Power fully restored.

1634 - Officer requested a case for vehicle theft after locating a stolen vehicle, WA/LIC AHD1952 which was left in the parking lot of the Chamber of Commerce. The suspect is known. Investigation continuing. Charges pending.

1959 - Officer contacted subject who was rummaging through a business vehicle, AK/LIC ECF181 at mile 2 Nash Rd. Subject advised that he works for the company. The R/O of the vehicle was contacted and confirmed that subject does work for him. He advised he will pick up the vehicle, as he does not know why it is on Nash Rd.

2049 - Verbal warning given to YELETI RAMBABU, GA/OLN, AK/LIC GWN705 for speed at Third and Van Buren.

2125 - Citation issued to TIMOTHY KING, OH/OLN AK/LIC JDS743 for speed on the Seward Hwy near Metco.

2214 - Ambulance requested to Resurrection Campground. Response form sent.

2219 - RP advised of a large amount of white smoke coming from the wooded area behind Phoenix Rd. An on call fire officer investigated and contacted a group of people with an illegal campfire. SFD assisted them in extinguishing it.

2307 - PATRICK SULLIVAN, AK/OLN was contacted by officers at the Yukon Bar and advised no more bars for the evening.

2326 - Officer contacted several subjects in the woods behind Pacific Parks Apartments. The group advised that they are exploring, but agreed to leave after they were informed they were on private property.

2338 - RP requested an officer respond to Third Avenue for loud noise keeping her kids awake. Officers made contact with subject who agreed to keep the noise down.

July 26

0032 - RP requested an officer for two men that were shoving each other and looked about ready to fight. Officers made contact with NOEL JAMES FISHER AK/OLN and PATRICK LAMAR SULLIVAN AK/OLN in front of Eureka pizza. FISHER AND SULLIVAN were given disorderly conduct warnings and told if further contact tonight, the next time they would go to jail.

0120 - Verbal warning issued to RONALD GARY EWING AK/OLN while driving AK/LIC JDU481 at Seward Highway and North Harbor Street for speed.

0143 - JACOB MICHAEL TOWSLEY AK/OLN was arrested while driving AK/LIC 1383DK at Seward and North Harbor Street for DUI and DWLR. Verbal warning was given for speed.

0525 - RP no last name given dialed 911 by mistake. She was trying to get the room next to her at Murphy’s Motel. No sounds of distress were heard.

1151 - NTWC reported a 5.0 earthquake located 80 miles South of Dutch Harbor. No tsunami reported.

1200 - 911 pocket dial from (907) ******* from Dairy Hill. No sounds distress. Unable to call back. Officer advised.

1303 - KPB Borough Maintenance performed a test on the High School Elevator.

1306 - Officer requested a case number for the ACO in reference to a loose dog by Seaview. Officer unable to locate the dog.

1455 - RP reported missing his Michigan ID at Denali. RP advised to contact AST.

1456 - Ambulance requested to pick up LifeMed crew at the Airport. SVAC dispatched.

1521 - Officer requested case number for abandoned vehicle on AK LIC/ERX604 at 3rd and Jefferson.

1612 REDDI RP advised of a dark Jeep passing vehicles in the turn lane and speeding southbound down the Seward Hwy. The vehicle was last seen passing Safeway. Officer responded, but was unable to locate the vehicle.

1628 - RP called 911 advising, KASHEENA RADNER, AK/OLN is outside apartment at 4th Ave screaming and yelling. Officer responded and contacted both parties, K. RADNER was given a disorderly conduct warning and advised to go home.

1651 - RP advised of a white male who smells of alcohol, and just left in a U-Haul pickup truck. RP advised that the truck parked in the center lot near Ray’s. Officer contacted the vehicle and driver who showed no signs of intoxication and provided a PBT of .000.

1802 - Officer left an abandoned vehicle notice on AK/LIC ERX604, located at Third and Jefferson.

1838 - Citation issued to PATRICK SCHOUT, IL/OLN, AK/LIC GYF879 for speed on the Seward Hwy near Metco.

1917 - RP reported that her gray, pleather purse was stolen out of the back of her vehicle between 1400-1700 hours. The vehicle was parked in front of the SFD.

1947 - Citation issued to CURTIS ANDERSON, OH/OLN, AK/LIC GTP352 for speed outside of Safeway.

1958 - Left on MT/LIC 423083B for parking against the flow of traffic on Jefferson St near the Van Gilder Hotel.

2003 - Citation issued to CRISTAN MCLAIN, AK/OLN, AK/LIC GAJ133 for failure to provide proof of insurance at Third and B. Verbal warning given for no rear license plate.

2023 - RP reported that someone has broken into his boat and appears to have been staying there. Officer met with the RP.

2144 - Citation issued to TIFFINEY MERRITT, FL/OLN, FL/LIC 809ISA for speed at Third and D St.

2305 - RP called requesting an Officer to 1st/2nd Lake in reference to a group of noisy people. The group left after the Officer advised them that the area closes at 2300.

July 27

0740 - Anonymous RP stated that he loaned his reel to a friend and the friend said he lost it a year ago. Today the friend is at the culverts with his reel. RP states he has the original box. Officer responded and advised that it was not the fishing rod or reel.

0814 - Anonymous RP turned in a wallet that was found in front of the Post Office. Info entered in Lost/Found Book.

0935 - Burn permit issued to the Transfer Facility for today and tomorrow.

1234 - MPVFD was dispatched to Trail Lakes Hatchery for a fire alarm. SAST advised that Trail Lakes Hatchery called and advised it was a false alarm.

1416 - RP reported AK LIC/EGH695 that was swerving in their lane travelling northbound just passing 3 Bears. Officer advised.

1420 - Citation issued to JENNIFER MEJIA, AK OLN, while driving AK LIC/DXA593 at Coffee Cup for speed.

1441 - Anonymous RP turned in medication to be destroyed at City Hall.

1528 - Report of a fire alarm at Trail Lakes Hatchery by Grinnell. Trail Lakes Hatchery called 911 to report false alarm.

1548 - Manager of Bayside apartments, requested an officer to speak with a juvenile who was carrying a BB gun and threatening other children. Officer responded and spoke with the child’s father and the gun secured.

1612 - Verbal warning Issued to CARL LANDON HARNISHFEGER, FL OLN, While driving Government Plate 0695L at the Shell station for failure to stop at a stop sign.

1701 - An automated fire alarm was received from Seward Military Resort. Employees called and advised it is a false alarm and that they have a message on their screens that they do not understand. SVFD on-call notified.

1810 - RP reported a large rock missing from his front yard at 3rd Ave. He estimated that the rock weighed 3,000 pounds and would cost $300. To replace.

1820 - Providence ER requested an officer for an unruly patient. Patient had left the building and officer did not make contact.

1832 - RP advised that his boat was vandalized while parked at Slip.

1921 - Anonymous caller reported a group of people in the street by Bear Mountain Apartments drinking and intoxicated. Subjects left in a cab.

1935 - RP reported that her dog is stuck in a culvert on Ash St. near Mt Haven. Water/wastewater on-call came and lifted a man-hole cover and got the dog out.

1946 - Citation Issued to CHRISTOPHER CECIL CLAY, AK OLN, while driving ECU527 at Seward Hwy and Airport Rd for speed.

2146 FIRE ALARM Icicle Seafoods received a duct alarm activation. Management called and advised that is was due to cooking and that they did not need the fire department dispatched.

2235 - Troopers arrested BRANDON BREWER, AK OLN/, for Criminal Mischief IV and transported him to the SCJ.

2301 - RP requested a former employee be trespassed from the business. Officers advised BRANDI KIRK, AK/OLN that she is trespassed from Cookery.

2325 - JUAN MOLINA CA OLN reported a disturbance at the Breeze Inn Lounge and his phone and charger were stolen. Office spoke with employee who requested MOLINA be trespassed from the Breeze Inn Lounge for the next two weeks. Officer advised MOLINA.

July 28

0056 - Citation issued to RAFAEL JAUREGUI CA/OLN, JEU672 at 4th and Madison for speed. Verbal warning given for failure to carry registration.

0143 - Verbal warning given to SAGE FERGUSON AK/OLN, EML616 at 4th and D St for speed and driving in violation of provisional license.

0143 - Verbal warning given to the driver of GTC907, an Israeli National, at Seward and South Harbor for speed.


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