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The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

June 30

0735 - Individual advised that an intoxicated male was sleeping behind the church on 5th and Washington. Officers contacted subject who agreed to leave the area.

0900 - Parking Department impounded vehicle at the SBH. Owner of vehicle made contact with Parking Department.

0930 - Individual reported two pan handlers that are at the HMO. Officer responded and did a foot patrol of the area and unable to locate anyone pan handling.

1013 - Citation issued to Margaret Burchinal while driving at 3rd and Wells Fargo for speed.

1220 - Fire alarm testing at Seaview Community Services

1247 - Verbal warning given to Kristine Tudor while driving at Seward and Resurrection for speed.

1255 - Citation issued to Dawn Stiles while driving at Seward and Hemlock for speed.

1345 - Individual turned in expired medication to be destroyed at City Hall.

1440 - Citation issued to Tanya Keeney while driving at Seward and Airport for speed.

1443 - SAST advised of two females that were stuck on the rocks on Mount Marathon and requested rescue. SVFD/SVAC dispatched. SAST advised that SVFD/SVAC could cancel as the two people were able to get down the mountain on their own.

1523 - Officer responded for a report of person doing a business and not having a business license on J Dock.

1600 - Individual accidentally hit redial and called 911. He had reported an accident several days ago and did not mean to dial 911 again. No sound of distress was heard.

1633 - Individual reported a male subject covered in mud sitting in a pull off by the waterfall yelling at people. Ambulance was requested and subject was transported to the hospital

1707 - Public Works closed Adams from 3rd to 5th, Washington from 4th to 5th and Jefferson from 3rd to 4th.

1645 - Individual reported that subject had stolen her bike from the Library. Bike was returned to her and suspect was transported to hospital.

1729 - Individual reported an intoxicated male passed out in a yard across the street of 4th Ave. Officer contacted subject who was transported to the hospital but did not stay.

1743 - Individual reported that yesterday she got into a verbal dispute with an subject. Issue was resolved.

1922 - Verbal warning Issued to Kelli Jones while driving GBV288 on Seward Hwy and Airport Rd for speed

1936 - Verbal warning Issued to Susan M. Doering while driving JDU512 at 4th and Madison for speed.

1959 - A pocket dial was received from 907-******. No sound of distress was heard and the caller advised that there was no emergency. Accidental Dial.

2128 - Breeze Inn requested a patrol in the alley behind the bar for a group of people passing a liquor bottle around. They have been asked to leave but have not gone. Officer contacted subjects who agreed to leave the area.

2244 - Officers made contact with Buddy Hall at Tony’s and he was advised not to buy any more alcohol.

2248 - Harbor office reported that they could hear someone in the Male bathrooms pounding on the money machine trying to get money out. Officers contacted subject. No crime committed.

2324 - Individual reported that she received a phone call asking for credit card information and she gave the information to the caller and now has charges on her credit card.

2337 - Officers arrested Megan Vagts at Williams tent campground, for DV Assault IV. Parks and Rec employee reported a disturbance in Williams Tent Campground.

2344 - Officer arrested Buddy Hall for failure to register as a sex offender. Male laying up against the guard rail on the 2nd bridge, Officer contacted Hall.

July 1

0231 - Officer found vehicle parked on the Airport property. Officer contacted subject who advised he was camping in his vehicle. He was advised he could not camp there and agreed to leave.

0425 - Parking citation left on vehicle at 3rd and Washington for parking to close to fire hydrant.

0745 - Individual reported a food truck on the boardwalk near Ray’s. Officer contacted vehicle and driver and advised there was about $750.00 damage to city property.

0835 - Individual reported that subject was stalking her. She was advised to get a restraining order.

0940 - Individual reported illegal camping at 4th of July Beach and also near the day fishing area. Verbal Camping warnings given to six vehicles,

1101 - Concerned citizens notified the 360 Hotel of a dog locked in a cargo trailer pulled by a Ford Explorer. Animal control notified. Dog is locked in a tin trailer with no windows and has been there since last night. Note left on vehicle by A/C Officer.

1045 - A small male dog was picked up by animal control in the Resurrection Rental yard and taken to the shelter

1216 - Individual reported a Forest Service Vehicle, she was a passenger in hit another vehicle in the Sea Life Center parking lot. Par Forms issued

1240 - Individual turned in 6 357 shells that are approximately 30 years old. They do not have that type of gun anymore.

1337 - The jail requested an Officer to transport a Correctional Officer to the hospital.

1359 - A burn permit was issued for Alaska Waste for today and tomorrow.

1413 - A pocket dial was received from 907-******The sound of metal equipment could be heard in the background. No sound of distress was heard. On call back there was no voice mail set up.

1418 - Individual turned in medication for destruction.

1447 - Verbal warning Issued to Thomas William Maness while driving at Mile 3 Nash Rd for speed.

1527 - Citation issued to Robert Bernton while driving KAF815 at 3rd and A St. for speed.

July 2

0003 - Verbal warning given to Dakota Blagg at Seward Hwy near Safeway for driving with headlights off after.

0009 - Verbal warning given to Troy Bullock at Mile 1 Seward Hwy for failure to stop at stop sign.

0014 - Individual advised that two male subjects were fighting in Williams tent campground. Officers contacted Anthony Dalton and Richard Osterhaus. Both parties were given disorderly conduct warnings.

0019 - Individual advised of a loud party at Resurrection South Officers were unable to locate any parties being too loud.

0021 - Individual advised of loud music in the area of Alice campground. Officer was unable to locate any disturbance.

0050 - Officers conducted a foot patrol near 3rd and Van Buren and found a large camp in the woods just south of the lagoon. Officers advised that the area was not for camping and the subjects agreed to leave the area.

0053 - Parking citation issued to Robert Ekstron II and left on vehicle for blocking a private drive of the parking lot belonging to Kenai Fjord Rangers on 3rd Ave between Washington and Adams.

0053 - Individual advised that a group was camping in the empty lot south of Woody’s Thia. Officer contacted the subjects and advised them to find a different place to camp.

0119 - Officers observed a verbal dispute in the pay parking lot near Red’s Burgers. Officers gave disorderly conduct warnings to Norman Boerger and Sherlyn Mullins. Both parties agreed to go to bed.

0139 - Individual advised of loud music and a strong smell of marijuana in Thorn’s parking lot. Officer contacted the subjects in a vehicle who agreed to turn the music down.

0125 - Individual advised of more noise coming from Resurrection campground. Officers were unable to locate any noise. RP called back stating he spoke with the party and they agreed to quiet down.

0205 - Citations issued to Krystina Witaschek at Seward and South Harbor for speed and driving with expired tags. Verbal warning for failure to carry registration.

0205 - Individual advised that two subjects are intoxicated and causing a disturbance between the Van Gilder Hotel and 1st National Bank. Subjects were entering a cab when the Officer arrived.

0212 - Officer arrested Michelle Pedersen at Seward and Sealion for DUI. Verbal warnings given for expired registration, speed, driving without operators license and driving on center line.

0230 - Verbal warning given to Kelli Hatfield at Mile 1 Seward for headlight requirement.

0245 - Verbal warning given to Kathryn Adams at Seward and Coolidge for speed.

0252 - Individual advised that a large group near the Wellington Pavilion have been asked multiple times to quiet down. Officers spoke with the party who agreed to quiet down.

0316 - Officer placed Keaton Lauder into protective custody after being unable to locate his camping party. RP advised of an aggressive male subject causing a disturbance in the lobby of the Breeze Inn Hotel. Officer provided transport for Lauder to the Elementary school to find his camp. Lauder was indefinitely trespassed from the Breeze Inn Hotel.

0327 - Verbal warning given to Jorge Holguin at Seward and Aspen for loud exhaust. Investigative stop for erratic driving.

0338 - Officers arrested Ronald Matheson for DUI at Boulder Field on 4th Ave.

0441 - Ambulance requested to Phoenix Rd SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

0530 - Verbal warning given to Jed Wilde at 3rd and Jefferson for speed.

0540 - Citation issued to Charles Hoff II at Seward and Sealion for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning for speed.

0641 - Verbal warning issued to Kimberly A. Jonas while driving at Fourth Avenue and Port Avenue for speed.

0742 - Verbal warning issued to Katrina Booth England while driving at Aspen Lane and Seward Highway

0750 - Citation issued to Edward Klein while driving at Seward Hwy and S Harbor for passing left of center and verbal warning for speed.

0847 - Kenai Fjords National Park advised that vehicle was still blocking their driveway. Officer responded and found people sleeping in the boat that was attached to the vehicle. Robert James Ekstrom was giving a warning about sleeping in the boat and agreed to move the vehicle.

0908 - An AK OLN along with some credit cards were found along the waterfront.

1021 - Citation Issued to Sameul Joseph Boullion while driving in the S 72 Hour Parking Lot for expired registration and verbal warning for failure to carry proof of insurance and registration

1033 - Citation Issued to Gabriela Margarita Serrano while driving 3rd and C St for speeding.

1048 - Citation Issued to Roberto Mendez while driving GBV303 at 3rd and Van Buren for speed.

1124 - Citation issued to Cade Weston Morgan while driving on Seward Hwy and Dieckgraeff Rd speed.

1144 - Verbal warning issued to Kai Wang a Chinese national, while driving at 3rd and Van Buren for speed.

1214 - Individual reported a 3 or 4 year old child knocking on doors trying to gain entry. Reporting party believes the child stays with the grandmother. Child returned to father.

1249 - A Doberman is loose near the South Boat Ramp. Animal control responding.

1253 - Minor MVA at Essential One. Less than $500.00 damage, par forms issued

1259 - Citation issued to Mary Beth Koster while driving at 2nd and B St for failure to provide proof of insurance and verbal warning for speed.

1300 - Citation issued to Anna Lidia Marques while driving EWS245 at 3rd and Madison for speed.

1418 - Individual reported a motor home blocking parking spaces at Bayview Apartments. Vehicle: CA/7JUL930. Vehicle gone on arrival.

1458 - Citation Issued to David William Chesney while driving on Seward Hwy at Sea Lion for expired registration and failure to carry proof of insurance and verbal warning for speed.

1518 - Citation issued to Andrew Philip Koster while driving on Dieckgraeff Rd and Seward Hwy for speed.

1523 - Citation issued to Xi Shijin while driving in Seward Hwy at Resurrection for speed.

1547 - Port agent reported that the cruise ship NOORDAM with be docking around 0500 tomorrow and they have had a death on board. State Troopers notified.

1607 - Citation issued to Allison Megann Devine while driving near the Pavilion for speed

1621 - Citation Issued to Callie Ann Roth while driving at 3rd and Madison for failure to carry proof of insurance and verbal warning for speed.

1640 - A driver’s license was found and was turned into the Police

1640 - A driver’s license was turned into Police

1643 - Citation issued to Mariateresa Tapangan Davis while driving at the Chamber of Commerce for speed.

1701 - Verbal warning Issued to William Vann Walker while driving at 3rd and Monroe for speed.

1732 - A rescue crew was requested to the back side of Fox Island for an injured hiker approximately 1 mile up the trail. 4 person response requested to meet a boat at the S Harbor boat ramp.

1834 - Citation issued to Aaron Reichner while driving GHY657 at Seward Hwy and Madison for speed.

1934 - Verbal warning issued to Jason Michael Fisk while driving, at Seward Hwy and Chamber for speed.

1956 - Citation issued to Shanon Elizabeth Stallard while driving at Jefferson and Ballaine for expired registration. Verbal warning for speed and tail light requirement.

2008 - Citation issued to Jeri Jana Pilgrim while driving at Third and Monroe for speed.

2010 - Citations issued to Patricia Deglee Linville while driving at Seward Highway and Iron Drive for failure to stop at stop sign and failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning for failure to carry license.

2036 - Citation issued to Thomas Michael Ball while driving at Chamber of Commerce parking lot for speed.

2043 - 1E42 requested an agency assist at Seward and Sea Lion driving for 1E45 for warrant arrest on Shawn Michael Ferreira for probation violation after DUI.

2126 - Verbal warning issued to Jordan Tonga Faleola Ulukivaiola while driving at Third and D street for speed and failure to carry registration.

2132 - Verbal warning issued to Scotland Rylee Fling while driving at Seward and Resurrection drive for failure to stop at a stop sign.

2137 - Verbal warning issued to Nelson S. Tovichak while driving at Fourth and Jefferson for speed.

2145 - Verbal warning issued to Joshua Zuber while driving at Third and B street for speed.

2205 - Parks and Rec called to state that a vehicle was back in Williams campground, then left. Officers located Dana Scott Rough in vehicle at Second and Vista and advised him that he is trespassed from all city campgrounds until after September 30, 2016.

2219 - A vendor at Third and Washington flagged down an officer for a vehicle blocking the stall. A parking warning was issued.

2220 - Ambulance requested to Phoenix Drive.

2222 - Verbal warning issued to David A.Durham while driving at Third and Monroe for speed.

2227 - Received several calls reference noise from the concert being too loud at McDonald’s camp. Officers responded and spoke with McDonald. McDonald agreed to keep the noise down.

2230 - Occupants of illegal campsite were advised to move. Occupants agreed to leave.

2243 - Citation issued to Manuel Alejandro Alcantarachegaray while driving at Seward Highway and Aspen lane for speed.

2244 - Verbal warning issued to Prasad V. Tota while driving at third and Adams street for speed.

2314 - Verbal warning issued to Bryan Michael Fink while driving at Mile 1 of the Seward Highway for speed.

2324 - Verbal warning issued to Randy Chet Wells while driving AK/LIC JCA247 at Seward Highway near Nash Road for driving without headlights.

2333 -Verbal warning issued to Sheng F. Huang while driving at Seward Highway and Bear for speed.


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