The Seward Phoenix Log - News of the Eastern Kenai Peninsula since 1966

'Captain's Mast' - March 24, 2016


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

March 10

22:33 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Jeanette Myre at Third and Monroe. Verbal warning for head light requirement.

22:46 - Verbal warning for driving without head lights given at Fourth and Church.

23:25 - Verbal warning for speed given at Third and Adams.

March 11

00:01 - Verbal warning for speed given on Third near Madison.

01:11 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Annette Undestad Seward Highway and North Harbor. Verbal warning for speed.

09:45 - 911 caller requested an ambulance at Seward Mountain Haven.

10:30 - Officer arrested Mark Daniel Mulvehill at Seward City Hall on an Anchorage failure to appear warrant.

10:30 - Officer was issued a subpoena to appear in court.

11:00 - Individual requested to talk to an officer concerning harassment by a male.

14:12 - Individual requested an officer to AVTEC on Fourth about a hypodermic needle found in the parking lot and had video of suspect vehicle for officers to review.

17:06 - 911 caller requested an ambulance.

21:02 - Caller reported a possible intoxicated driver in a black flat bed truck. Officer contacted the vehicle near the harbor bathrooms and the owner was taking a shower. Subject was not intoxicated.

21:23 - 911 caller reported her dog was bleeding and that she had held it for the past five hours and she didn’t think it was going to make it through the night. She could only call 911 and had no transportation to take it to the vet. Dispatch attempted to contact a local vet but only reached an answering machine.

23:11 - Officers gave disorderly conduct warnings two subjects after a report of yelling and noise coming from Pacific Park Apartments. No apparent crime.

March 12

04:24 - Earthquake: Magnitude 5.5, 65 miles south of Atka Village. A tsunami was not expected.

08:04 - Seward Military Resort automated fire alarm requested response. They called and said someone was cooking and it was a false alarm. The automated alarm continued to call dispatch.

09:07 - Earthquake: Magnitude 6.4, 50 miles south of Atka Village. A tsunami was not expected.

10:10 - Nash Road was reported to be in need of sand.

11:29 - Verbal warning for speed issued in Safeway parking lot.

12:58 - Earthquake: Magnitude 4.5, 50 miles northwest of Homer.

13:06 - Individual reported a tan pickup pulled out in front of her at the intersection of Fourth and Jefferson. Officer responded to the area but did not make contact.

13:19 - Verbal warning for tail light requirement issued on Dairy Hill Road.

13:22 - Citation for expired registration issued to Mikel Corey Jones at Bear and Jesse Lee drives.

14:01 - Verbal warning for speed issued on Seward Highway at Van Buren.

15:36 - Individual reported a suspicious vehicle that backed down his long driveway, around the city vehicle and into his carport area. It stayed only a minute and then took off. Vehicle was a black ‘90s model Cherokee with a loud exhaust.

17:22 - Officer requested to PSMC to assist getting a suicidal female into the quiet room. Officer responded. Female was in secure room and hospital was advised to call back if further assistance was required.

17:49 - A clerk from Safeway called to report that she refused service to a woman who was intoxicated. The woman got into a white SUV unknown plate make or model headed toward downtown. At 18:53 the clek called again and said a male tried to come in and buy alcohol for her (she could see the woman in the car driver’s side). Clerk refused service to male.

18:03 - 911 caller had a vehicle pass him on Third Avenue going 40 in a 25 mph zone near AVTEC dorms. The caller said another car was getting ready to pass him as he was going past the Pit Bar. Information transferred to SAST for follow up as vehicle was already outside city limits.

18:04 - Erick Scott Antrim arrested at Forest Acres Campground for Theft II and Burglary II after an ongoing investigation. A search warrant was obtained to search a vehicle.

19:50 - Caller reported he saw three parachute flares – two red, one orange – south of Lowell Point. Coast Guard Sector Anchorage advised.

21:04 - Coast Guard Sector Anchorage called to request an officer do a shoreline check at SMIC as they had a picture that showed flares were not coming from Lowell Point but from SMIC. Officer did a shoreline search.

21:19 - Coast Guard Sector Anchorage called to request an officer do a shoreline check on Lowell Point as they now have reports that flares are being shot from behind Miller’s Landing. Dispatch explained the area is out of SPD jurisdiction but gave them LPFD chief phone number.

22:06 - Coast Guard had a helicopter in the area.

23:04 - Individual reported someone near the construction equipment for the new dock was out with a chainsaw cutting things up. Officer contacted subject who agreed to leave the area till morning. He was there collecting lumber that was given to him.

23:47 - Individual reported a blue or gray hatchback vehicle speeding and driving erratically on Fourth near AVTEC dorms. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

March 13

00:24 - Citation for failure to carry insurance issued to Demian Scheratski at the Chevron parking lot. Verbal warning for speed.

00:44 - Verbal warning for speed given on Fourth, Kenai Fjords Tours parking lot.

01:10 - Officer arrested David Rogers for DUI at Dairy Hill and Seward Highway. Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance. Verbal warning for speed.

01:10 - Officer arrested David Rogers at Dairy Hill and Seward Highway for an AST Warrant

11:42 - Citation for speed issued to Harrison Allen Turner at Terry’s Tire.

11:49 - Citation for speed issued to Ira Perkins on Seward Highway at Phoenix.

14:17 - Citation for passing in no passing zone issued to Li Rouyi on Seward Highway at Bear.

16:47 - Individual found a dog at Tonsina trailhead that was wandering around for several hours and would like an officer to meet her at the animal shelter. Officer responded and put the dog in the shelter for safe keeping.

20:34 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and Resurrection Boulevard.

21:45 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Phoenix Drive.

23:52 - Officer contacted David Phillips, who was parked in a vehicle outside of the Storage Option. Phillips was issued a misdemeanor citation for driving while license canceled.

March 14

00:47 - Individual reported the door to Sacred Heart Church was open. Officer responded and cleared the building. A representative was contacted and met with the officer to secure the building.

05:56 - Caller reported his black Kona bicycle was stolen from his front porch in the previous hour. The bicycle had a rack on the back, fenders and a saltwater fishing sticker.

13:54 - Parks and Rec reported one of the trash cans in the Branson Pavilion had been on fire. The bear-proof can was scorched and the interior can missing.

14:30 - Warrant on David Rogers was received in the afternoon and officer served it on him.

14:38 - GCI made several test calls to 911 from First National Bank Alaska.

17:40 - Guardian Flight requested an ambulance to the airport.

22:37 - Officers gave disorderly conduct warnings to three subjects. Subjects agreed to keep the noise down.

March 15

00:25 - Verbal warning for head light requirements given at Third and Van Buren.

01:23 - Verbal warning for speed given at Mile 1 Seward Highway.

08:22 - Trooper requested an agency assist with two prisoners at PSMC.

09:23 - Caller reported she was receiving threatening and pornographic phone calls and text messages from a subject. Officer called and found both subjects were out of SPD jurisdiction and transferred information to troopers.

09:52 - Individual called to find out if her purse had been turned in. She called back to say she found her purse.

13:36 - Simplex Grinnell called to report a burglar alarm at Seward Community Library Museum. Officer responded and found the library closed and locked with a light on upstairs. Supervisor was contacted and said that maintenance was working on the alarm system trying to get it rerouted directly to the police department.

14:55 - Earthquake: Magnitude 4.5, 60 miles southeast of Atka Village. A tsunami was not expected.

19:04 - Citation for speed issued to Wesley Mooty at Seward Highway and Hemlock.

20:42 - Verbal warning for crossing center line given at Third and Railway.

20:58 - Officers arrested William Gage for disorderly conduct. Officers gave disorderly conduct warnings to two individuals.

March 16

00:08 - Individual reported a suspicious vehicle parked behind AVTEC on First and requested an officer patrol the area. The vehicle was described as a small, gray SUV. Officer found no vehicles in the area.

07:35 - 911 caller from Pacific Parks Apartments reported a woman fainted, but did not want medics to respond. The patient was given the phone and confirmed that she did not require medical assistance.

08:00 - Parks and Rec found a spray painted bike. No brand name with the words “Sea Life” spelled out on the side.

09:29 - Automated alarm from Seward Military Resort. Canceled by the resort. Steam set off the alarm.

13:50 - Individual reported a 4 door, flat bed truck behind the Coffee Cup on the Seward Highway that was loaded with telephone poles and the poles were extending way beyond the end of the bed of the truck with no flagging.

14:02 - Individual went into SPD to talk with an officer about illegal entry to her garage.

14:38 - Individual reported a maroon mini van with a small child (4-5 years old) hanging out the window as the car drove into Essential One. Officer responded and made contact with subject and found the child buckled in and charges unfounded.

14:54 - 911 caller reported an intoxicated male in her apartment who didn’t belong there. Officers responded, found the subject and removed him from her apartment and the made him leave the area. No charges filed.

22:07 - Individual reported she was in Hawaii and checked her web cam and a subject was in her apartment at Pacific Park and she wanted him to leave. He also had an AST warrant for FTA. Officers responded and no one was in the apartment and the door was unlocked.

March 17

00:26 - Verbal warning given for driving with tail lights off.

01:11 - Individual reported load noises coming from Swan Nest Inn. Officers contacted the subject who said that he was picking up his belongings from a room. No crime committed.

01:25 - Officer placed a written warning on a vehicle for parking against the flow of traffic on Third.

02:09 - Individual requested an officer to assist with an intoxicated patient. Officer spoke with the subject and transported him and two others to the Breeze Inn for the night.

11:05 - SPRD reported two more trash cans in the Branson Pavilion looked like the inner liners were burned.

11:59 - Individual reported that a female who is the girlfriend of another subject was knocking on the door. The legal occupant does not want anyone other than the reporting party there.

13:07 - Individual reported Lucas Mcalary was at the door at Pacific Park with a machete. Officers arrested Mcalary on an SAST warrant for FTA

13:29 - Harbormaster’s Office reported that the 40-foot commercial long-line ship Kasatka was chained to the dock for non payment of fees.

14:02 - Individual tested an alarm system for the new water plant that will ring into dispatch by phone.

14:36 - Individual turned in medications for destruction.

18:26 - Citation for speed issued to Alana Vilagi at Seward Highway and Airport Road.

22:17 - Individual requested an officer the to AVTEC dorm office in reference to David Walker who came into the office upset and appearing to be under the influence. Officers placed Walker under arrest for disorderly conduct and cited him for minor consuming. He was taken to SCJ after being treated for a head wound at PSMC.

March 18

07:55 - Caller reported large pieces of insulation were blowing in the road at Third and Jefferson. Officers spoke with worker on a construction project nearby. Subject said he would keep the debris weighted down to keep from blowing around.

08:45 - Instructor with AVTEC called to say the marine class would do training with flares and fire during the day.

10:14 - AVTEC dorm attendant requested an officer to take report of tampering with fire alarm or life safety device. Officer responded and Trevor Allen Fox was issued a summons to for criminal mischief.

11:05 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward and the Coffee Cup.

11:10 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and the recreation camp.

11:17 - Citation for speed issued to Teresa Opalka Bisnett at Seward Highway and the recreation camp.

15:12 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and the Chamber of Commerce.

17:31 - 911 caller reported a subject was pounding on the door and the children inside were frightened. Officer responded and the subject was no longer there. The subject is trespassed from the caller’s residence on Fourth.

17:42 - Burn permit issued to Harold Foutch for March 19 and 20, weather permitting, for an address on Vista Drive.

18:14 - Citation for speed issued to Woosuk Seo in Safeway parking lot.

19:01 - SAST requested an officer to look for a red Toyota pickup and to detain the driver for the troopers. The subject returned to the residence on Excalibur before located.

19:43 - Individual reported two puppies at the corner of Birch and Dimond. One looked like a boxer and the other a husky only a few months old. Officer located the husky but it would not let him near it.

19:56 - Individual went into SPD to report that there was a female in his vehicle and she would not leave. Female subject was given the number to SeaView to obtain safe housing for the night.

Abbreviations: SPD, Seward Police Department; SFD, Seward Fire Department; SVFD, Seward Volunteer Fire Department; SVAC, Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps.


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