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'Captain's Mast' - March 10, 2016


The following is from the journals of the Seward Police Department. Those who have been arrested or summoned are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Feb. 22

04:20 - Ambulance requested to Lowell Canyon Road. SVAC/SVFD dispatched.

16:16 - Ambulance requested to the airport at 16:45 to pick up Guardian Flight crew for a transport to the hospital. Guardian unable to land. Ambulance returned to quarters at 17:36.

17:25 - Individual reported a dog, terrier-border collie mix, had been running around Pacific Apartments for about two weeks. Officer responded but didn’t find the dog. Animal Control would be notified.

21:01 - Ambulance requested to Fourth. SVAC/SVFD.

21:09 - Verbal warning for speeding without blue light at Safeway parking lot. Driver was responding to a medical emergency call.

21:14 - AST requested an officer to Laughlin Way to assist an off-duty trooper with a traffic stop until an on-duty trooper could get to the scene. Troopers arrested Carole Perri for DUI.

Feb. 23

00:48 - Officer arrested Martin Rios for DUI at Third and Monroe. Verbal warning for failure to maintain lane.

02:45 - Individual flagged down an officer at Fourth and Adams. Officer spoke with her and another subject about a dispute between the two of them. Officer gave the second subject a disorderly conduct warning and he agreed to go home.

05:11 - Troopers arrested Branden Ramoth on two counts of Assault IV domestic violence.

07:20 - Ambulance requested to the airport to transport the flight crew to the hospital. Flight was scheduled to land at 05:50.

09:53 - Seward Fisheries would do a fire drill at 10:00. Simplex Grinnell had been advised. Fire Department was advised.

09:56 - Hamilton Construction would blast at the rock quarry at 11:00. Fire Department has been advised.

11:39 - First National Bank Alaska requested an officer to standby while interviewing subject regarding a Permanent Fund Dividend check he was trying to cash. Subject had already cashed one PFD for the year at another bank. PFD check was retained by the bank and subject left the bank. No criminal charges filed.

12:09 - Individual reported a theft from his storage locker at the Storage Option on Alameda. Officer investigating.

19:39 - Caller from PSMC reported a possible assault on female. Officer and trooper interviewed the victim at the hospital. Two subjects were also involved. Under investigation.

20:34 - Individual reported power was out at Seward Highway.

21:57 - Front Point reported a commercial fire alarm at Beach Drive. Before responders were dispatched, Front Point called back advising of a false alarm. Dispatch contacted the owners who advised burnt toast was the reason for the alarm.

23:28 - Citation for failure to carry proof of insurance issued to Rhett Sieverts at Seward Highway and Leirer Road. Verbal warning for tag light out and driving against provisional license.

Feb. 24

04:35 - Bivins Security reported a residential burglary alarm at Fifth. Officers searched the house and were unable to locate anyone, wind suspected as the cause of the back door opening.

10:58 - Individual reported that someone was taking medicine off the shelves in Safeway. They would like an officer to view a video.

10:58 - Hotel Seward reported a false fire alarm that was set off during construction. Dispatch did not receive a call from an alarm company. Dispatch spoke with the Fire Department.

13:18 - 911 caller requested an ambulance to Thorn’s Showcase Lounge.

16:19 - Ambulance requested at the airport to transport a crew to the hospital.

17:16 - Troopers arrested Amy Sue Campbell for Assault IV and took her to SCJ.

20:21 - Officer contacted Erick Antrim behind the Storage Option and advised him that he was criminally trespassed from the area per the owner.

20:30 - Verbal warning for tail light requirements given at Mile 2.5 Seward Highway.

22:08 - Individual requested an officer to the AVTEC dorm office for an intoxicated 19-year-old male. Officers contacted Robert Leibbrand, issued a misdemeanor citation for Minor Consuming and gave a disorderly conduct warning. At 22:46 the reporting party called again and said Leibbrand was causing a disturbance. Officer returned, arrested Leibbrand for Disorderly Conduct and took him to SCJ.

22:36 - Officer issued a misdemeanor citation for furnishing alcohol to a minor to Cobin Latimer at AVTEC dorms.

23:46 - Verbal warning for speed given in Safeway parking lot.

Feb. 25

00:30 - Before disconnecting 911 caller reported she was at AVTEC dorms and could hear a woman screaming. Officer advised. Upon callback, the reporting party said everything was all right, refused to provide further information and disconnected. The AVTEC dorm manager called shortly thereafter and requested an officer about possible domestic violence in progress. Officer contacted the dorm manager and accompanied her to apartment where two subjects were contacted. Officer advised that one subject had been notified of a death by telephone and that no domestic violence took place. Subject provided with crisis line number.

08:02 - PSMC requested an ambulance to the airport for medical transport.

08:20 - SCCC was working on the alarm system and an alarm may be received.

09:58 - Individual reported a break-in to her unit at Storage Options.

10:30 - Officer Brockman made a public appearance at a daycare.

14:06 - Individual reported an altercation at Essential One near the bathrooms. Two males were screaming at each other.

16:39 - Seward Community Health Center requested an officer to visit a patient who reported abuse by his caregiver.

20:23 - Officer issued a summons to Daniel Coghill, Jeffrey Van-Rooyen and Roland Mackey for a Theft IV that occurred Feb. 24.

Feb. 26

00:41 - Summons for reckless driving issued to Evan Joeckel at Seward Highway and Port Ave.

08:07 - 911 caller at Swetmann reported a large gray pit bull loose in the neighborhood. It did not seem aggressive but it did run up on the children waiting for the school bus and scared them. Caller believed the dog lived next door to her.

12:21 - Individual reported someone was trying to open credit accounts in his name.

13:16 - Officer Brockman assisted serving papers outside of the city near the SMIC area on Barbara Walker and John Davenport Jr. for animal abuse in the valley.

19:29 - Mike’s Taxi reported a huge rock half way down Lowell Point Road. Public Works notified.

19:42 - Mike’s Taxi called back to say that someone shoved the rock off the road. Public Works advised.

Feb. 27

08:37 - DOT was requested to plow the roads because a caravan of fire trucks was coming to Seward.

11:14 - Seward Military Resort was having trouble with their alarm panel and they said if an alarm comes in, it is false.

17:16 - Individual reported they lost their Washington state identification.

20:06 - Verbal warning for head light out issued in Safeway parking lot.

20:36 - Glacier Towing called to report a Catalyst Marine truck was in the ditch in the northbound lane at Mile 18 Seward Highway with no injuries. No emergency vehicles were needed.

21:00 - Citation for speed issued to Anna Marie Ferntheil at Essential One parking lot.

21:39 - 911 hang up from the senior center elevator on Third. There was no response on callback. Officer responded to the senior center, and found no one in the elevator and nothing suspicious.

Feb. 28

00:07 - Summons for driving while license revoked issued to Bektu Tharjiath at Seward Highway and North Harbor. His vehicle was parked at Chevron and he was advised not to drive until an IID device was installed. Verbal warning for open container.

08:02 - SAST requested backup for a trooper on Meridian. The 911 caller spoke Spanish and SAST dispatch did not know the problem. The caller was assaulted and a shotgun pointed at him prior to call. Assailant was unknown. Complainant was dropped off at the Marina Motel.

17:22 - Caller reported a male who looked like he was having trouble and might be intoxicated was in front of Bayside Apartments on Fourth. Officer contacted the subject, placed him into protective custody and took him to SCJ.

18:31 - Citation issued for speed to Samuel Croker at Seward Highway and Safeway.

19:16 - 911 caller from SCCC requested an ambulance. The hospital called and apprised of patient status.

20:03 - Caller from SFD requested an officer for a possible DUI vehicle, silver in color, four-door, traveling down Third. Officer was unable to locate.

20:34 - Felicia Francis Cubley remanded herself to SCJ for an SAST warrant.

23:56 - Ambulance requested to PSMC to transport a patient to the airport to meet an awaiting Life Guard helicopter.

Feb. 29

00:47 - Verbal warning for speed given at Seward Highway and Airport Road.

13:00 - Individual turned in a suitcase they found on 4th of July Beach.

13:55 - Individual wanted to talk to an officer about being threatened and run off the road on the Seward Highway between Hemlock and Dieckgraeff Road. Officer spoke with them.

14:07 - Seward Mountain Haven did a scheduled fire drill at Fireweed Lodge.

15:11 - Extra Security Checks requested at downtown.

18:52 - Individual requested a welfare check on his son at Fourth. Officer attempted contact at that address and found no one home.

20:42 - Verbal warning for crossing the fog line issued at Fourth and Adams.

21:37 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and South Harbor.

March 1

07:59 - 911 call of female screaming at Gateway Apartments. Officer, SVFD, SVAC dispatched. Attempted to contact managers. Responders had to force entry.

09:17 - Burn permit issued to Vista for the day.

19:30 - Guardian Flight requested an ambulance at the airport in at 19:55 to meet transport crew.

19:32 - Verbal warning for speed issued at Seward Highway and Iron Drive.

Abbreviations: SPD, Seward Police Department; SFD, Seward Fire Department; SVFD, Seward Volunteer Fire Department; SVAC, Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps; SCJ, Seward Community Jail.


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